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I read Guénon, Debord and Camatte and it made me schizo. I was in rehab for 2 months and I have to take antipsychotics

How do I reverse this? My therapist doesn't believe that reading French Communists caused it

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french commies don't exist fag

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Camattefag here. Sorry if I was the one to introduce you and it caused this.
If you want my non-Medical advice, read myth, go for walks in the woods, listen to folk music. You need to reintroduce calm and simplicity so that you don't get caught between worlds.
Don't take the pills if you are capable of this, instead take a break from reading, connect with some people or at least some traditional activity.

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>I was in rehab for 2 months and I have to take antipsychotics
This is the intended result. You did well anon

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your first mistake was going to some jew psychologist instead of your parish priest

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More like Perish priest, amirite.

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take the orthodoxpill

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Read RAW and turn your scary schiz into the good variety.

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I also went to deep, with Guenon and Nietzsche mainly, and I almost snapped. I've sworn completely off philosophy/religion/metaphysics/occultism etc. I only read fiction and poetry now, and I feel great.

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>“my therapist”
>French Communists
Nice try, subverter.

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Guenon is the final red pill of western philosophy. There is no one worth while that came after him. If you don't like him, you are either coping with the fact that you are too lazy to ever accomplish anything of spiritual value, or too entrenched in your modern biases to see beyond to the traditional. If you felt yourself becoming mad after reading him, you are probably in the first category and are desperately trying to set your soul to higher things

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Were you also doing drugs? Even just marijuana? It can cause schizophrenia (-like) mental states. Try to get back to normal life routines. The world will start seeming real again in time. Take it easy on the occultism. None of that is important here. I mean that's the point and beauty of here.

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>an African monkey found mainly in forests, with a long tail and typically a brightly colored coat
"Never read what is endlessly shilled on /lit/."
I have already surpassed al-Wahid.

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I'd have more respect for Guenon, if he'd picked Hinduism instead of Islam. The problem of evil in Islam is too ridiculous.

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Go read some Robert Pinget.

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Unironically get into empiricism and use it to anchor yourself to reality, it'll help lead you out of the maze

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Where can i start with those three? I havent really studied philosophy at all though I read alot

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Do not do this. This is just low-IQ schizophrenia.

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Ugh don't start philosophy in some backwater of /pol/, my kampf. Start with the Greeks!

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One of these:
If you do not have an understanding of Capital then you may want to read some of "Capital and Community" or at least the introduction.

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How many people here understand the Greeks? The answer, zero, will tell you how reliable that meme is.

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What are talking about plenty of people understand the Greeks. Myself for example. I've even seen posters who understand koine greek. Not myself unfortunately.

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you clearly don't understand islamic esoterism

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Look, let me put it this way: just because the gods are constantly speaking to me doesn't mean they're real

t. actual schizo

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Yeah me and a billion Muslims. I see you didn't actually offer a theodicy.

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Neither did you for as to why Hinduism would be better. You and a billion Hindus :^)

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what is so esoteric about rejecting a "prophet" who raped a little girl? if you're going to start a bullshit religion, you should make its prophet a person of good moral character like jesus or Siddhartha to make it credible.

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There is a spiritual kingdom in the universe, and also a temporal power; above the throne light,
and below darkness; both these principles He bestowed at the creation, when He spread His
shadow over His handiwork. The temporal world He has given of His bounty to the body, the
spiritual world as a glory to the soul; that so both inner and outer man may receive food, the
body from the lord of this world, the soul from the Lord of the spirit-world; for through all His
creation God keeps a benign grace for the benefit of the noble soul.
The acute thinker knows that what He does is well; it is thou who namest some things evil and
some good, otherwise all that comes from Him is pure kindness. Evil comes not into existence
from Him; how can evil subsist with Godhead? Only the foolish and ignorant do evil; the Doer
of good Himself does no evil. If He gives poison, deem it sweet; if He shows wrath, deem it
mercy. Good is the cupping-glass our mothers apply to us, and good too the dates they give.

Be thou contented with God's ordinance; or if not, then cry aloud and complain before the Qâzî,
that he may release thee from His decree! A fool is he who thinks thus! Whatever it is,--whether
misfortune or prosperity,--it is an unmixed blessing, and the evil only transitory. He who brings
the world into being with 'Be, and it was,'--how, how shall He do evil to the creatures of the
world? Good and evil exist not in the world of the Word; the names 'good' and 'evil' belong to
thee and to me. When God created the regions of the earth He created no absolute evil; death is
destruction for this one, but wealth for that; poison is food to this, and death to that.
If the face of the mirror were black like its back, no one would look at it; the usefulness belongs
to the face of the mirror, even though its back be stuffed with jewels. The bright-faced sun is
good, be its back black or white; if the peacock's foot were like its feathers, it would shine
splendid both by night, and day."


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The religious manifestation in the exoteric plane has nothing to do with the esoteric initation which it supports. I am not Muslim and do not care much for the religion myself. You are simply confusing modern western conceptions of religion to be universal.

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The Master Game by DeRopp

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>never publish anything on how a sacred science is actually practiced or on the applicability of the symbols you lavishly analyze

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Because it's all explained in the voluminous writings of people like Śaṅkarācārya and Ibn ʿArabi, whom he references frequently throughout his books as a way of letting his readers know that if they have a thirst for details and really want to see how far the rabbit hole goes that they can find it in their writings

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That hack and Gurdjieff are the most embarrassingly misleading charlatans in the whole "/x/ Canon".

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which of their works did you read?
Are you just a christfag or is this an actual thought-out opinion? I'm willing to read if you're willing to write.

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Sorry for the polemical, my contact with Gurdjieff desu has been through Ouspensky. With RAW I've read the illuminatus trilogy and PR.

With Gurdjieff, my issue is that like a lot of people referenced by the new age movement he tends to collect ideas from places like gnosticism and hindu/Buddhist esotericism, and masticates them into a more palpable form. Except he seems to take only the entry level ideas, and keeps harping on them, and what's more uses analogies that seem deliberately misleading. Ouspensky talks about him in the same worshipful way as Casteneda does about Don Juan, but Gurdjieff seems to be leading him on with the same ideas over and over, as if he just craves the authority or the attention. Imo if you want another secondhand source for the material Gurdjieff borrows from but with more helpful explanations read Samael Aum Weyor or something.

As far as RAW he falls into the same issues but he's so couched in his smug 1960s bubble of his outdated vision of progress it would be outright cloying or funny if it wasn't so typical of the writers of that generation. Discordianism frankly seems to be a misreading of the less useful ideas of chaos magic and alchemy, but all this wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't the first author almost everyone interested in this stuff gets referred to. He, McKenna, and Watts, I think have stuff looking into but they should NOT be the first places people look. There's too much info to sort out.

Oddly enough I am a christfag, but a lot of the spiritual mental exercises I do come from looking into occultism or esotericism. Partially, short of Ignatius, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of resources comparatively for that sort of thing accessible in writing in Christendom.

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Sorry for the atrocious grammar and missing words, it's late and I rarely post from my phone. Fucking sausage thumbs don't help either.

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Well I don't really know how to respond. I really see a lot more in them.
You say Gurdjieff draws from older traditions, but he explicitly talks about how they are all subsets of, and therefore inferior to, his teachings. And he backs that up in a very convincing manner! So I don't see him as a mere modern distortion of Buddhism or Hinduism. I've read the Gita, and for all it's depth it still seems less complete than Gurdjieff's system, which is much more focused on the methods and techniques to achieve those transformations, spiritual growth, consciousness expansion, whatever you call it.
As for Bob Wilson, I enjoy and appreciate the hippie mannerisms, the irreverence, the utopian politics which seem to irritate you. A matter of taste. You say he and his gang might have their places as secondary sources in this field, but not as introductions. Who do you recommend in their place? I find Prometheus Rising a great introduction. Levity is an important quality of any introduction, I believe, and he gives you tons of leads you can chase down when you're done with the books. Also, once again, the emphasis on practice, on methods, which is excellent.

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>not being an overmedicated overeducated ur-fascist pomo commie chaote schizo-occult deleuzean nietzschean lacanian hegelian catholic hermeticist traditionalist entheogenic shaman

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we really need to come up with a shorter title for our little club

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I call it being myself

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Prove it. Post something you've written.

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God isn't good. Brahma doesn't give a crap about you. Brahma also doesn't case about your worship. Problem solved

>axshually, evil is good. Or maybe evil is your fault. Whatever, here's some flowery gibberish.
No, evil is evil or humans can't be moral actors so it doesn't matter what human do. Or if humans commit evil, maybe God should have made them better? Instead of trying to stuff in illogical things like free will. Christians have tried these solutions too you know.


You want an old term paper or something? If you really think no one here understand the Greeks, you should lurk more.

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>The author identifies some 25 historical solutions to the problem which are then reduced. Beginning with the problem of evil in the west professor A.L. Herman traces the history of one of the most fascinating of all perennial philosophical puzzles. The author identifies some twenty one historical solutions to the problem which are then reduced to eight quite distinct solutions. Prof. Herman then turns in the second part of the book to the history of the problem of evil in Indian thought. The author then joins the analysis of the problem of evil (taken from the first part of the book) to the Indian doctrine of rebirth in order to attempt a solution to the problem. By careful analysis the author shows that the doctrine of rebirth can satisfy the conditions already set forth as adequate for a solution to the problem of evil.

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>You say Gurdjieff draws from older traditions, but he explicitly talks about how they are all subsets of, and therefore inferior to, his teachings.
Wow I guess that settles it then

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Remove lacanian and hegelian (which don't goes well with deleuze) and at least we are two.

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Neither the story nor its correlation is incredible. The causal explanation, however, is really the last 5% of contributing factors.

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kys and cringe

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like I said, he makes convincing arguments. I am inclined to believe him. I'm not enlightened myself so obviously my judgement doesn't mean much.
I thought I was being fairly humble there, I don't think I was stating anything as though it were "settled".

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Can we all just admit we are larping? As the bard says, the whole world's a stage... course as flux boy says character is fate.

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Hegel and Lacan make a lot of sense in a way. Deleuze and Nietzsche also make a lot of sense and challenge their basic presupposition. The question is how to go beyond both without ignoring one set or the other.

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Genetics. Those it is possible for gene therapy to occur. Either through the physicak or occult sciences. Or destiny. In certain cultures, there is a period of shamanic sickness before shamanic initiation. Even when no drugs are involved.

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What's the difference between larping and acting authentically? As a another guy said, "we are what we pretend to be"

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what is it about reading these authors that have caused you to become anxious, moody, paranoid, or otherwise seperated from reality?

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>If you don't like my guy, you are X
the pathetic mental framework of an adolescent

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>Brahman doesn't care about worship
But he still created this shitty hellworld matrix prison illusion that you have to escape. One of those ways, Bhakti Yoga is devotional worship. Atheism is still true redpill even if fags are cringing away from it due to trends. Although I guess you can speculate endlessly when feeling agnostic.

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> he still created this shitty hellworld matrix prison illusion that you have to escape.
"escaping the matrix" is a process of growth. Did you want to live in a universe with no growth? Created by a boring unimaginative God? To not have opportunities to grow is to be dead.

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Ya. Gurdjeff is new thought. RAW is new age. Antiquated avant-garde books. Fun but light. Kinda culty. But hell I've even read Masonry and Golden Dawn and Theosophy and Thelema and all that garbage. Whatever piques your interest is best to start with. Hopefully you end up with academic secondaries and primary authors eventually if you delve deep enough. Get into Neoplatonism and Hermeticism and Prisca Theologia and Sophiology and Nag hammadi and Sefer Yetzirah and shit. But you can't (or most don't) start there immediately.

Ignatius is good. Have you ever read Meditations on the Tarot? I think you'd like it. Really developed my noetic intuitions.

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>doesn't understand political theology
Many such cases. Sad.

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What growth is there if you grow into what you were previously and the cycle restarts? It's just Nietzsche but with extra lives. Or Plato. I think you just want a feel-good crutch. Shit I've thought about marriage for the same reason.

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Reality is boring. Choose your own adventures are fun.

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If esoteric religion cannot deal with such an immoral exoteric aspect then perhaps the exoteric hyrda heads should be chopped and the esoteric schools combined.

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>you grow into what you were previously and the cycle restarts
you need to read more my man.

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>You want an old term paper or something?
Whatever you think will prove it. Even a good post will do.

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>wut is kalpas and shite?
Advaita is basically like Heinlein's retarded multi-person solipsism.

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To pretend I actually do the thing therefore I have only pretended to pretend.

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>white teenager shitposts about exotic religion

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I kind of started down the schizo road after reading "Reign of Quantity" basically the part where he talks about Number got me. It fucking clicked. I started to understand where we went wrong since the middle ages, God, atom theory, "individual", time, etc. It hit me hard and i was not ready. Some time after that i had a dream where a fucking valkyrie came and gave me a jug full of mead and i drank it and then i woke up and started to really freak out. I went to some discord channel where a schizo guy was chanting mantras about Hyperboreans with blue blood every 5 minutes (He did this throughout several days).

After that it got a lot better, I'm still reading Guenon and Evola and i don't feel "schizo" any more but at one point i really started to think i was "le chosen one" or some shit like that. Currently reading Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach, highly recommended for esoteric Anons who didn't flunk their "initiation" so to speak.

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Advaita Vedanta is the final truth of non-dualism literally btw) and it was my "support" so to speak which helped me achieve inner realization of the true "I" (in the Advaita tradition this is "jivanmukta" which means a person who has achieved deliverance in this life). I became a jivanmukti at age 26.

Also just to clear things up i stopped hanging out in the discord channel with that crazy chanting guy (from /x/, if I remember correctly), and i stopped believing that I am some kind of "chosen one". Currently researching the Grail cycle (like i mentioned previously) after having read twice Evola's "Mystery of the Grail" i felt like diving into Wolfram's version of the tale and it is a true wonder to read. Stupid Parzival should have asked the question the first time.

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Oh, so you're not even worried about losing your progress on the cycle of rebirth, you're one of those ultra-neurotics afraid of losing his progress billions of years from now. ok.

Here's my take on that. What has been revealed to us is merely all the we can comprehend, or all we need to know on this leg of the journey. Someone who attains perfection is said to, among many other things, transcend time itself. This could be interpreted as a confirmation that in your process of growth you can escape the reset of the universe at the end of this kalpa.

This is a cosmology where the universe isn't merely cyclical, but comprised of many fractally nested cycles, where attaining perfection in one cycle leads you into a new class of universe, Where, once again, all beings have infinite cycles in which to grow and ascend to the next universe.

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What the hell do you mean by "flunk their initiation." Besides, it doesn't seem you understand Guenon, since esoteric knowledge isn't to be found in simply reading le cool exotic books and delving into European occult charlatanism, but rather in devout orthodox practice. I love Guenon, but I usually detest the people who read him and that think Esoterism should be for everyone; that is the exact opposite of what he says. Narrow is the way, and pearls are not to be cast before swine. If you don't have a spiritual father to guide you in the practice of metaphysical realization, you are just going to be deluded at best, and become schizo at worst. I say this, not just to you, but to myself and everyone in this thread. Too many people fail to see the entirety of what Guenon's thought entails.

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The secret to Gurdjieff is Sufism. If you make a combined study of Idries Shah and Gurdjieff, you can find out some very interesting things. Gurdjieff wasn teaching some bullshit he made up by himself, he was teaching formerly pretty esoteric ideas from Central Asian dervish monasteries and Naqshbandi Sufis.

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And what if You flunk the initiaton...?

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But I did not say it is for everyone. I also meant by "flunk their initiation" not a true initiation, but rather their entry into the occult. You can achieve moksha through reading and meditation, you don't need to be face-to-face with a guru (watching one on youtube works).

You go crazy essentially. Not everyone is prepared to deal with occult knowledge.

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>Gurdjieff wasn teaching some bullshit he made up by himself
right, neither does he claim to be. Thanks for the refs.

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You are so hopelessly beyond help if you think watching a guru on youtube and practicing on your own will allow you to attain moksha. The entire purpose of a guru or spiritual father is to discuss your personal process, not some step by step guide. Spiritual development isn't like following a recipe book. You clearly have not read Guenon's perspectives on itiation and and going down the path of psuedo-initiation that he describes in the Reign of Quantity. If you don't have exoteric supports and are trying to jump right into the highest metaphysical teachings in Hinduism, there is nothing I can say at this point that would come close to even beginning to convey the stupidity in doing such a thing. Humble yourself and begin to process of purification before any metaphysical ventures. "Munda Cor Meum" as it is said in the west.

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Well, there's proof you haven't reached moksha, which is fine by me but you ought to cool down and stop acting as if you know everything. I don't act as if I do, even if I do know what it means that Atman is the true "self" of every living being.

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Here is a quote from Bhagavad Gita which pretty much summarizes the whole message. You know the Lord, you are instantly liberated from sin.

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I have just told you the most basic of spiritual truths that would be comprehended by anyone with half a brain doing more than just cherry picking Guenon for some hippie escapist fantasy. No one spiritually adept would spend time on 4chan, hence why I never made such a claim. Guenon didn't convert to Hinduism because he realized it was too large a jump in knowledge to understand for a westerner, yet you think that YOU can become initiated from your room watching Youtube videos. How naive...

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Anyone that translates any Hindu concepts into "sin" is once again, hopelessly lost and will never attain anything of value in Hinduism. The mere act of translation is nothing short of a nigh insurmountable hurdle for transmission of any sort of metaphysical knowledge.

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>No one spiritually adept would spend time on 4chan

Stay around here for some time longer and you will be surprised at how wrong you are. I also don't claim to be "initiated" but i can see how you may have thought so because how i used that word before, which was stupid of me. I've never been in contact with a master in person but I have had a spiritual realization which I will always affirm that you can have without contact with a master, definitely.

You're wrong. But "sin" is obviously not the perfect translation. Anyway feels stupid to argue with a wall such as yourself.

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I think this is happening to me. I even feel physically sick, like I'm perpetually on the verge of barfing because everything stinks. Should I stop before its too late? I think my brain's already permanently damaged

>> No.12869578

>you're wrong
>provides no reason why
I've seen enough here. You don't provide any reason for anything you say beside for "muh spiritual realization" and are just another dime a dozen hippie with no serious intent on purification of the self before entering the esoteric plane. Ultimately you will just end up hurting yourself. It is laughable that you are so prideful as to think you are capable of receiving profound metaphysical knowledge (without a master I may add) when in this same thread you write how you were having delusions just a short while ago. Clearly this is another instance of it. You will either learn the hard way or put away your childish escapism.

>> No.12869582

so you find the notion of self determination confusing, and are afraid of it?

i suggest
JBP and those 12 rules
DBT therapy
Tony Robbins and other similar speakers and writers.
getting rid of bad habits
picking up and starting good habits.

it seems you are reading a bunch of material that suggests that you can
"create your own adventure"
and they even offer you options
but your more interested in day dreaming.
except wheb you day dream too much you get anxious.
and you realize you've done nothing but listen to other people instead of writing your own story.

you need to learn still how to make right decisions
how to turn philosophy into action
and plan and execute your next moves.

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I wonder where all of your hatred comes from? I've only told the truth ITT about my experiences. You are very ignorant and have a know-it-all attitude. You've also never backed up any of your claims but only said that i was wrong, prideful and cannot possibly have attained moksha, for reasons known only to you. You must be having some personal difficulties, God help you get through those.

>> No.12869635

Again, I never said I attained Moksha, I don't know why you keep on using this strawman. It is sad that you think that anyone criticizing such an obviously delusional spiritual practice is somehow angry and and a know-it-all. The fact that you even use such a term as know-it-all elucidates your anxiety with spirituality that is inherently not egalitarian. You would do better if you could actually describe as to why you believe you are not deluding yourself. After all, you admitted it occurred a short time ago. Neither have you been able to explain why you believe your western mind to be better suited to the reception of eastern doctrines than Rene Guenon, and how exactly you plan on forming a personal progression to higher states without the guidance of anyone outside of a mere Youtube lecture.
You are describing esoterism like it's some child's play with no risk involved. You want it to be all good things with no personal sacrifice or triumph over the bodily passions. Nothing could be farther from the case. The arguable founder of modern western occultism himself, Agrippa, said that in hindsight he should have never written what he did.

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I think Debord is based and I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.

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I... Hope things work out for you Anon. I'm going to bed, farewell and God bless your soul.

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Once again, you run away from any serious discussion. Such is to be expected. Trying to take the moral high ground won't change your spiritual incompetency.

>> No.12869745

That's just like your opinion man.
But yes Vedic traditions are a complicated mess with many bad parts. But at least they don't require the unintelligible mess that is abrahamic free will.

Some westerners grew up in Hindu cults with their hippie dropout parents. So I don't know about that anon but it left me a little unsure what my traditions should be.

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lancelot should be wearing headphones staring at a galaxy with his cock in guinevere's mouth

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>he still created

You have no idea what Brahman is, do you?
It is not anthropomorphic nor is it creative in the sense of a carpenter.
Everything always already was, is and will be, and everything is Brahman.
It's just not, no matter how much you try, not a Father God with a beard and a rulebook.

>> No.12870635

Objective truth.
And what praytell of needless suffering if reincarnation be untrue? Ironic how a religion of love creates an entire caste of slaves.
I'm merely anthropromorphosizing for poetic effect. Even so especially if reincarnation be untrue it's ironic how a religion of love and unity can be supported by an underclass of slavery. Such is more Straussian than I expect from a sage...

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Just brain chemicals. Were they different the worst task could be heaven. Try ecstasy then realize some people are just naturally like that. It's not the world that is hell, just bad luck.

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How happy are you?

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There are no souls to transmigrate and no bodies to migrate into.
There's no you to be injured by any other things.
There's numerically only one thing, including null. There's appearances. Like how you get invested in a movie and forget yourself and feel the story as if it were your own experience. Only when you snap out of it, there is no you.
Good/Bad, Pain/Pleasure, these arrangements are polar. To make that clear, on a magnet there are two ends, but they are not separate, they are the extreme ends of the same object.

I can freeze water, thaw it, make it into steam, but despite these very different appearances and activities, it's fuckin h2o.

Similarly, you have a book, when you read it, the characters exist in a world with linear time as you imagine it. But all the time every action always already happened, no matter what the characters think in the story. It's all you in play starring yourself as all the characters and events and places.

>> No.12871718

Very. I feel a deep connection to the humans I talk with, if not more distant ones. (Which is probably a slight excess amount of oxytocin, which I'll have to tune down. ) I end most days exhausted and sore, having sacrificed bodily and my pleasure for the sake of others. But I am fulfilling my obligations to the universe as I understand them, so this is not a repugnant conclusion but honorable duty.

>> No.12872077
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this tbqh

>> No.12872088

Imagine starting your philosophical education with 19th century economists lmao. Start with the Greeks you mongoloids

>> No.12872093

its implicit in being French

>> No.12872126

Come on, dude. The Traditionalists had some interesting stuff to say but to say that anything of any real significance came out of them... There was some Evolian-inspired terrorism in Italy and a weird little overeducated cult that had no problem rubbing their daughters' and wives' chests against Frijthof Schuon's wrinkled penis. Guenon was the most interesting and insightful of all of them, but the you can't just gloss over the fact that a lot of what he wrote about was based on misunderstandings. Cool guy, but he's hardly the final boss of Western philosophy. He's just obscure and weird.
>t. former trad

>> No.12872145

>he was unable to breakthrough and is now on inhibitors

ya blew it op, you were so close!

>> No.12872156

he converted to sufism which is BARELY islam at all, it is on the very fringe and has more in common with zoroastrianism than anything.

>> No.12872273

Guenon is soft as hell dude

>> No.12872581

How many victim of abuse in public schools?
Come on commie faggot. Give me a number.

>> No.12872584
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Nice painting btw. What do you mean that it made you schizo? What are the symptoms and effects? I have been reading now and then some occult/trad knowledge (Guénon) for 5 years and I feel perfectly fine, apart from muh depression. It probably helps that I talk about it to a group of friends every week end. But its true that in the beggining I had a weird phase. It happened when I started reading some Lovecraft; i started to see Nyarlothopet in my dreams and shit was getting weird in my house for a couple of days.

>> No.12872927

OP, everyone is this thread is lying to you

>> No.12873026

Demonstrate your knowledge. Otherwise I will continue to look at the state of the board as proof that Starting with the Greeks is a meme.

>> No.12873031

Not a commie. And not an either/or problem.

>> No.12873078

t. delusional french

>> No.12873486

>t. Jason Jorjani
Sufism is heavily on predicted the Quran and the Hadith which they cite constantly in all of their most important writings as the basis for their ideas and claims. That there was some sort of esoterism from the beginning is also supported by evidence from the Hadith such as: 'I have memorized two kinds of knowledge from Allah's Apostle . I have propagated one of them to you and if I propagated the second, then my pharynx would be cut' - Abu Huraira, Sahih al-Bukhari 1:3:121

>> No.12873968

So you'd be okay with being tortured since you are not real? Sounds schizo to me

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