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Something anti life anti human and pro suicidal

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What does that mean?

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Try Chris Korda and the church of Euthanasia sermons


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The conspiracy against the human race is exactly what you're looking for.

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I reread it 100 times

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On the Heights of Despair

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My twisted world

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I read it too. A lot

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I read it too

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God loves you

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Stig Sæterbakken is good. Don't know if it's been translated though

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Gravity's Rainbow

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I will check it.thank you

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you want anti-life? read vegan cook books, get a vasectomy, become effeminate, wear drag makeup and start a youtube channel like james charles. also there's some gay antinatalist philosopher people meme once in a while

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lol touchy

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pic related

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It looks like Siamese is translated. I tried reading it, but tapped out pretty soon. I think it's just what you're after

>Edwin Mortens is almost blind, but has good hearing; his wife Erna is hard of hearing, but has excellent eyes. Paralyzed from the waist down, Edwin sits locked in his bathroom all day, every day, trying to liberate his mind from his body. The experiment is going relatively well: nearly all his bodily functions have ceased, his limbs are in a state of decay, and his digestive system is in the process of breaking down. This body, he says, is a sewer. To pass the time, Edwin dedicates his days to chewing gum and screaming at his wife, on whom he is, nonetheless, entirely dependent; while Erna's life, despite Edwin's constant abuse, revolves around her hideous husband. Edwin and Erna live in a state of perfect equilibrium-fueled by habit, cruelty, humiliation, and quite possibly love-until a young maintenance man is called to replace a lightbulb in Edwin's bathroom, and the Siamese twins find themselves embroiled in a new and vicious struggle for power.

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there's a book that has never been translated from german to english afaik. i don't remember the name. its immensely dark and the author kills himself after writing it. does anyone recall this?

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he used a stack of his own books as a platform to hang himself IIRC

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The book was very disappointing to me. He spends 90% of it building a flimsy pseudo-Kantian system to justify his conclusion that "bro what if God wants to kill himself?", and then there's an annex of vaguely Buddhistic rambling.

Michelstaedter was much, much better.

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My secret diary.

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thanks for alleviating my fomo germanophonebro

now i just need a norwegger to tell me that zapffe is shit

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Die Philosophie Der Erlösung (The Philosophy of Redemption) by Philipp Mainländer is the book you're thinking of.

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Communist Manifesto

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zappffe wrote a book called "how I became so skilled" and wrote his M.A in law in verse. he was based

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Was he referencing Ecce Homo?
The M.A. story is ridiculously based.

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The great replacement.

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t. has never read the communist manifesto
The manifesto isn't a book. It's a 30+ page manifesto Marx wrote for some German expats in London that summarizes some of his ideas. Does anyone here actually read anything?

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>he was based
that was what i feared and suspected. please get to translating lads.

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Not so extreme but Niebla by Unamuno

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Why don't you just kill yourself?

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why don't you eat my relentlessly shitting asshole you fucking detriment

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>manifestos arent literature
kys discordian faggot

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>The Michelstaedters were an Italian-speaking upper middle class Jewish family of Ashkenazi origin.

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