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Can we analyze this?


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Fuck breeders and their dooomed economic model

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Zoomer/Millennial autism caused by the environmentalist subversion of Christian values.

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Reminder that the term "cultural marxism"reentered public circulation because of the Breivik manifesto. Don't give those people any attention.

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>it's the birthrates
Stopped reading right there. Pozzed garbage.

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Eco fascism is esoteric tier ideology.

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But he was based and redpilled, he saw the wrong in his world and took concrete steps to fix it.

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what would your mom think about what you just said?

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He has a point there.

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He should've read Dostoevsky

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week men bad
strong men good
but only white
strong black men bad

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>strong black men
Nice meme you've got there

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projecting. he clearly said he had no problem with different races living in their own separate nations away from his.

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If you actually read it, he supports all peoples in their self-preservation and self-determination. He would probably support African-American nationalism.

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Sure. That's why he quotes the 14 words. Go radicalize people elsewhere, jew.

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Why not address the retarded "perpetu growth" economic model behind the idea of importing third worlders instead of trying to outbreed them?

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>analyzing 8 schizo chan

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All cringeworthy stuff aside, he does raise a good point right here:

>Expecting immigrants to assimilate to a dying, decadent culture is laughable. Who would willing leave their own strong, dominant and rising culture to join an elderly, decaying, degenerate culture? What culture would entice a man, one of traditions, beauty, architecture, art and prosperity, or a culture of decay, self-hatred, childlessness, disorder and nihilism?

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People still think immigrants give a shit about Europe when they all would rather go back. Except you know, those westerners bombed their entire country and they have no home now.

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>A white man wanting to have children with a white woman is radical

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nice demagoguing skills, got them from your rabbi?

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They give a shit about Europe when they get free gibs and a functional economy, not a shithole that can't even produce a functioning political system.

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I am a mutt. So I think there should always be a place on earth where people can mix. but at the same time 99% of physical and cultural things i care about in life come from either japan or white people so i want them to be left alone.

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not surprising

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>I am a mutt.
>So I think there should always be a place on earth where people can mix.
Do you find any intrinsic value in you being a mutt? For example, I grew without a father and for this very reason I don't think destruction of family values is in any way commendable.

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Solid bait, mate.

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it's shit and a complete mess
he writes like a child
fuck him and fuck what he did

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I've only read 5 pages so far and I'm liking it. He clearly puts out his ambitions and what he wants in a logical manner, I hope the rest is as good as the introduction

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It's okay for an uneducated person to have written, not as full of memes as people here led me to believe

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Yeah, his writing is surprisingly lucid and witty.
I liked the FAQ part too.

It would be cool if mainstream media brought it up seriously, but they almost certainly won't, there's no profit to be made.

The "people" here who were quick to bash it are mostly redditors.

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>The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People's Republic of China

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Those are not contradictory at all. Is there any other nation you would say is closer to eco-fascism than China?

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What does he mean by group "x" :)

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Read the whole thing. He's almost certainly not talking about the Jews there, but about people who enable this system in general.

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the cringe

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reminder that everyone knows what it means and that despite your notable and constant asshurt you amorphous effete faggots can be labeled
Brievik is a freemason

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Is this from his manifesto?

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why do all marxist want to change culture though? look at the rise of rap music

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>when people racemix only white people are "replaced"

does /pol/ actually believe this? Also with their logic wouldn't that make Jews and the other ethnic groups the strong men?

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Can you people fuck off back to /pol/ already

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No because Jews believe that too. Only blacks consider everyone mixed their color.

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source on this please?

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>(((black culture)))

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Yes he changed the tempo very fast there

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Not a source

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Great literature thread, my fellow mayo gentlemen.

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>"your" people
>muh soil

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he needs glasses a beard and to be balding and then he can be one of those onions guys

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i feel in agreement to some of what he wrote there, but he should have seen that shooting some muslims in NZ will not change any of that. Our problems lie much deeper and desu i dont even know if they can be solved

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This psycho has no issue killijng children. He even says it will kill your soul but still wants to go through with it. Hard pass

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wow he is not anti-gay

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such weak bait faggot

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Is this from Goblin Slayer?

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"eco-fascism" is just fascists who feel bad for the environment

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if msm was to bring this up, we would see the largest clashing of "meme ideology" and meatspace probably ever

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Why do fascists always blame others for problems? They never want to admit that nothing will change if you got rid of every Xscapegoat person

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>They never want to admit that nothing will change if you got rid of every Xscapegoat person
Why would they admit something they dont agree with?
>Why do fascists always blame others for problems?
Seems they are starting to take things in their own hands now

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please stop giga nigga

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I fucking knew it.

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I mean, he openly says Europeans are the main problem here>>12765755

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Exactly. Its a total sham

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>It's all about the BIRTH RATE
>N-no I don't have children.. i-it's because I needed to get rid of the invaders first
>Is 28 years old, didn't start planning until he was 27

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Throwing a tantrum isn't taking things into your own hands it's just spergy

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Cringe retarded psycho, but it does irk me that people are referring to him as white supremacist. This isn’t the lynching blacks tier KKK kind of stormfag. But people don’t really want to “engage”, which is understandable, but haughty, myopic. I thought we all learned the virtue of “engaging” after 9/11. Trying to understand what Mohammed Atta’s grievances were. Not just undiscriminating ridicule and rejection.

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>we need to enforce environmental regulations because companies produce the majority of emissions and waste to maximize profits

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The thing about manifestos like this is that they provide the illusion that the people who carry out these slaughters are more reasonable than they actually are.

This guy was not a reasonable man. He literally came to see reality as some sort of giant meme. I bet you he unironically posted NPC pictures on wheelchan.

Reality is not a meme. People are not "targets" to "dab on." To the people he killed, his obscure, electro-magnetically-implanted ideas were nothing more than the dark illusions put into their killers head because he was too ignorant to be able to separate a screen from the living world.

Mass violence like this is no joke. It's not some "hilarious game" to see who gets the "high score." If anyone reading this thread found themselves actually being shot at by a mass shooter with the intent to kill, they would in an instant regret every snide joke or "redpilled point" they put onto the internet.

For the love of God, take your lives a bit more seriously anons. You are in this bitch. Keep it humble.

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>writes a marxist screed in his attack on conservatism
two paragraphs later:

>rails against the culture of individualism

>he writes, while sitting in australia



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That's because engaging could lead to some "undesirable conclusions". Imagine if people came to the conclusion that ethnically homogeneous societies are safer, with less trouble, less violence and less racism. How would immigration work then? Scary stuff.

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There sure are a whole lot of spooks in that image.

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Annoying post. Unobjectionable diagnosis of the dissimulation at play, but lecturing tone is stupid.
>If anyone reading this thread found themselves actually being shot at by a mass shooter with the intent to kill, they would in an instant regret every snide joke or "redpilled point" they put onto the internet.
Would they? It would depend on the person. A person who believes in karmic superstition, and connects unconnected things, maybe. I dislike your moralistic insinuation, because there’s nothing unnatural in dark humour and all people suffer, inevitably many people have made jokes about the sort of thing that afflicted them. None of that should be considered retributive.
And also, there is really no solid vantage point from which to critique this sort of thing’s verity. I’d like to say the mental representations of other human beings that existed in the killer’s mind were sick and pathological, but I can’t really say an attitude which imbues humans with moral or emotional value is more “real” either. It’s a more pleasant kind of dissimulation, it certainly possesses more gravity and humility, but that doesn’t make it truer. Maybe it’s more conscious of certain attributes of other people which his perception overlooks. I don’t know.

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I'll ask you this anon, what do you think would have to occur for you, anon, to actually get in a car, loaded with weapons scribbled over with memes, and upload your mass-murder of people to the internet, like some sort of internet joke? And I don't just mean that as an idea, I mean for you to ACTUALLY do it, in real life, without a hint of hesitation or regret.

If you can't genuinely imagine it, then it means you have a greater sense of reality than this man. Wherever he was, it was no place that calm, conscious people inhabit.

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those two are not mutually exclusive.

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I was thinking that while watching the video. I want to inhabit his mind space just for a second, some Vulcan mind meld shit. One of the most striking things about real violence is the normalcy of it. No melodrama. No real warning. No “we are now inhabiting a violent mental space and are acting acccordingly”. Hits you out of nowhere.

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Was this shooting the purest act of surrealism ever done?

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Just another spectacle

>> No.12766454

giga nigga noo

>> No.12766458

He wasn't an anti-semite so thankfully he was not from /pol/ or 4chan

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>One of the most striking things about real violence is the normalcy of it.
It seems "normal" on the outside, but I guarantee you within his head it was anything but. At the very least, I guarantee you that even if he magically got everything he wanted without any sort of bloodshed (all Muslims to leave the West, increased white birthrates, etc.) he would STILL have the urge to find someone to blame and lash out at. I don't remember who it was, but I once heard a quote along the lines of "even IF the Nazis were right about the Jews, their response STILL would've been unwarranted. Their hatred was not a rational response to actual threats, but an invented need for revenge and violence."

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What is so surreal about it? It's not like human history isn't completely riddled with violence

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>Shoot a girl in the face
>Then run her corpse over while playing Manuel - Gas Gas Gas
>Finish it by saying subscribe to PewDiePie

it's pretty surreal.

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Can I post anti-fascism now?

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>strong men shoot little kids
I hope his entire family is raped and then killed before his eyes

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how is that song related to the shooting?

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he spends a page justifying the murder of non-white, immigrant children (as a tool for deterrence) later in the text.

out of curiosity, did brevik have a section like that in his manifesto?

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He played it during the shooting, or rather during the roadrage afterwards

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there are genetic and cultural pros and cons to being a mutt.
I also grew up without a father and that led me down the path of learning that the traditional stem family is the foundation of any self sustaining functional society.
i made a copypasta a few days ago to refute that here you go

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so because he tried to be funny its surreal? I don't think its the first time its ever happened

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How exactly do you reach this point? This guy completely lost his grip on reality and basically let memes dominate his consciousness to the point that he made a fucking GoPro video of himself shooting up a mosque while spouting memes. Like I know plenty of people who like memes but at the end of the day, they still have a strong enough understanding of reality to know that you can’t go kill a bunch of innocent people just because your retard friends at cripplechan would laugh. Was he a verified NEET? I can’t imagine any other way he could become so isolated as to reach this point.

>> No.12766513

Probably just unhappy with life. Look at how crazy /pol/ is and think about how many of them are actually happy people.

>> No.12766516

shit, it sounds ridiculous, are there any VODs that still haven't been taken down?

>> No.12766535

>muh reality
You sound spooked as fuck. Go read some books.
Or maybe reddit would be more up to your speed.

>> No.12766536

This is a good point.

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he didn't seem angry by his post.
Of course the face value normies will say it's mental illness but i think this man was just deeply in love with his people and cultures and nations. He was just dedicated to what he believed in.

>> No.12766558

>I also grew up without a father and that led me down the path of learning that the traditional stem family is the foundation of any self sustaining functional society.

i wonder what it's like to think and write things like this without the slightest bit of irony or self-awareness.

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>They were an obvious,visible and large group of invaders, from a culture
with higher fertility rates, higher social trust and strong, robust traditions
that seek to occupy my peoples lands and ethnically replace my own
nigga is making the case for white genocide sound good in his manifesto

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Je viens de le lire et on dirait un manifeste pour l'indépendence de la corse ahaha c'est magique

>> No.12766586

>strong men wish innocent people are raped

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It's difficult to say from this distance. I don't think his mental state was necessarily a swirling cauldron of chthonic and rage. Emotional inadequacies almost certainly played a role, but they might not have been particularly spectacular. They might not have anything more complicated or intense than the sort of troubles that make others commit petty theft. Just channeled through a different medium. You think about the 'banality of evil'; a completely polite, "generous", average person like Hoess could oversee the deaths of hundreds of thousands under his tenure as the commandant of Auschwitz. But then again, Hoess and are Himmler are the inverse of the Tarrant situation, because while they planned the deaths of millions, they couldn't stomach watching people get shot or beaten. There's an anecdote about Himmler screaming and nearly fainting while watching a firing squad.

Humans are very variable. The ease of killing, and the impact it has on someone's conscience, probably differs substantially from person to person, situation to situation, culture to culture. Not that anything goes and that there is no such thing as human nature, but that subjective scruples are often mistaken for natural law. Pathology is dictated by the norms it transgresses; norms which may be more particular than universal.

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refute me then

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This one is losing it. Keeps tabs on this loser.

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What the fuck is this even about? Quick rundown?

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Thanks for your illiterate trite that just proves my point.

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They’re almost as guilty as him. I pray to God above they’re brutally murdered.

>> No.12766615

i'm good, thanks.

>> No.12766616

Honestly don’t even read about it. The horror that comes with the fact it was all on Go Pro is unironically going to drive people insane.

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The psycho that shot people in NZ wrote this shitfest of a manifesto that is typical, run-of-the-mill fascist neurotic hot garbage doused in identitarian euphemisms. Nothing to see here.

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A /pol/ autist shot up a mosque

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Just marathoned this. Elliots manifesto was way better desu.

>> No.12766711

manifesto posting is just an excuse for people to have faggy pol arguments here. turds up the place and shouldn't be allowed

>> No.12766716

Stop giga nigga :3

>> No.12766732

so should white people in the US go back to europe?

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a /pol/ autist shot up a mosque while playing meme songs

>> No.12766769

He killed a bunch of innocents. He's got this sick nihilistic embrace of morally ruining himself.
He thinks he's preserving European culture but all he's doing is propogating that those who care about white people are violent and evil, and destroying any remnant of western civilization that may have existed in his fucked up, twisted soul.
It's fucking sick. I partially hold those who spread panicky far-right propaganda responsible.

>> No.12766776

is this a motherfucking Deleuzian argument?
What a fucking retard holy shit

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