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take the blackpill

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Name some authors to read and I will.

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Read Parmenides

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wrong chart. guenon and all the traditionalists are charlatans.

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>he hasn't synthesized Guénon with Bataille

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Bottom left is Maxim Gorky. Not sure about the others. I'm not OP. Gorky is worth reading if you like Russians

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take the austriapill

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No Hitler?

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he is bluepilled i made a serious none meme list

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>Not Schoenhauer, Zappfe, Cioran, Mainlander, Cabrera, Ligotti and the other antinatalists.

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Too cringe

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Who are these ppl besides bataille baudrillard guenon

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>communist jews
What did he means by this?

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bottom middle kinda looks like andre breton maybe? center right is junger

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>(1) The case of Freud himself, founder of ‘psychoanalysis’, is quite typical in this respect, for he never ceased to declare himself a materialist. One further remark: why is it that the principal representatives of the new tendencies, like Einstein in physics, Bergson in philosophy, Freud in psychology, and many others of less importance, are almost all of Jewish origin, unless it be because there is something involved that is closely hound up with the ‘malefic’ and dissolving aspect of nomadism when it is deviated, and because that aspect must inevitably predominate in Jews detached from their tradition?

Source: the footnotes to Guénon's essay 'The Misdeeds Of Psychoanalysis', it applies to many of the people in your """blackpill""" mosaic

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he doesnt say anything here. ive tried reading guenon before and the majority of his writing is complaining. he has nothing meaningful to say.

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imagine being this dumb

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>hurrr durrr jews
wow such insight. he was nothing but a dumb reactionary islamaboo larper.

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who's the guy with the cat in the middle row?

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Sharia law or the Hindu caste system are both unironically better visions for society than anything Whitehead, Marx, Benjamin, Nietschze et al ever proposed.

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nice larp

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>be born a shudra and live in literal shit
Oh yes that is much better than becoming the Soviet rep in your tenement block.

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>ive tried reading guenon before
Let’s be real here, you’ve never read Guenon. It’s so obvious when people haven’t read him but pretend to know his work. So just stop, it’s embarassing.

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he meant the BLACKEDpill

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lets be honest here. ive read him and you are a larper. guenon, evola, etc are retarded memes.

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Please shut up or be honest. At most you tried to read one or two chapters of a book by him. Stop lying, and be real with me. That’s really all I’m asking.

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> why is it that the principal representatives of the new tendencies, like Einstein in physics, Bergson in philosophy, Freud in psychology, and many others of less importance, are almost all of Jewish origin

Because they're being memed and you don't know enough about the history of those disciplines to see otherwise.

t. Maxwell


>conflating jewishness with nomadism
>meawhile jews settle as sendentary nearly everywhere they go and keep practicing rituals grounded in agricultural way of life

now we're entering serious retard territory

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>Because they’re being memed
Wow, what an earth shattering statement. They’re being memed??! I definitely believe whatever you have to say on this subject over the academic who spent his entire life studying it.

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names? know rilke, bernhard, wittgenstein, zweig

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1. musil
5. broch
6 kraus
8. trakl
9. hofmannsthal

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how long did that reverse image search take you? Thanks for the effort, at least

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i made that image

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>implying there weren't people with awful disgusting jobs for most of their lives in both the Soviet Union and in the West
Shudras were only ever a tiny percentage of the population and were vastly outnumber by farmers, craftsmen, traders etc. They just did the tasks that would be done by people of equivalent status in every society. Furthermore for much of history any of them were free to become warriors or ascetics, and they were free from much of the stringent obligations placed on the upper castes, mostly being limited from associating and getting close to the Brahmins, but they weren't slaves forced to live in certain locations; they were free to leave and travel /move to other cities, and were free to convert to other religions. Last but not least, if they didn't want to be in that position then they have their own actions in their past lives to blame, they themselves are responsible for their position in life.

So, yes; the Hindu caste system is infinitely better than communism and other meme modern ideologies

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Bataille, Blanchot, Klossowski
Guénon, Schmitt, Jünger
Jarry, Artaud, Baudrillard

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