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Dragon edition.

Monthly Reading for March: - The Black Company by Glen Cook


Science Fiction:

NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

SF&F author listing with ratings and summaries:


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I'd like to find some more low action court intrigue/mystery similar to Bujold's Memory (Vorkosigan Saga) and Curse of Chalion (Five Gods), Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor or parts of Robin Hobb's Fitz books.

Preferably more upbeat/positive like the former. Hobb likes to torture her protagonists too much.

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I'm finding it impossible to find some of the Malazan books' epubs. Any suggestions?

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Be less dumb.


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There. All 10 books in one epub.

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Maybe I should've been more specific. I'm missing the following:
>Fall of Light
>Dancer's Lament
I've already checked the typical places such as TPB.

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I have replaced the majority of large terrestrial mammal niches in my setting with birds, amphibians, and reptiles, so you will get your wish for this.

Honestly I am still ashamed of my writing so my main focus right now is improving my craft. I will show my work when I believe it is not entirely embarrassing.

>Dear birdboi, do you also do drawings and the like? I want to see proper slaverbirds.
I have a friend who is an artist who has said she will draw things for me, so perhaps at some point art will be in the picture.

Also the Vulkur are not the slaves but the slavers.

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I swear to god I'm going to filter "Malazan" and "Sanderson"

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Fall of Light


Dancer's Lament
http://www.megafileupload.com/ampU/Dancer_s_Lament__Path_to_Ascendancy_Book_1_-_Ian_C_Esslemont.epub (if it works)

By the way: these were all found on mobilism. I suggest you sign up to that site.

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fuck i have an obligation now

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>I've already checked the typical places such as TPB.

For ebooks you kinda have to go past the usual torrent haunts. Mobilism, libgen, etc. Oddly enough simply Googling can sometimes find you what you need because someone uploaded it on their blog or whatever.

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>Black Company

I wonder how many expect it to be an edgefest.

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Absolutely based, thank you anon. I'll try mobilism myself from now on too.
Thanks for letting me know, appreciate it. libgen seems to work well for me when I'm trying to find textbooks and manuals over novels though, which is odd. I typically use google's filtype: command to find what I need. If those come up short along with torrent sites I'm usually lost, but I'll give Mobilism a try.

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>I swear to god I'm going to filter "botns" and "conan"

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I loved this book as a kid, are the sequels any good?

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For libgen be sure to click 'Fiction' on the front page THEN search for whatever fantasy or sci-fi you're looking for.

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who else here team /birdboi/

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Thoughts on The Worm Ouroboro?

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>Every moment of a science fiction story must represent the triumph of writing over worldbuilding.

>Worldbuilding is dull. Worldbuilding literalises the urge to invent. Worldbuilding gives an unneccessary permission for acts of writing (indeed, for acts of reading). Worldbuilding numbs the reader’s ability to fulfil their part of the bargain, because it believes that it has to do everything around here if anything is going to get done.

>Above all, worldbuilding is not technically neccessary. It is the great clomping foot of nerdism. It is the attempt to exhaustively survey a place that isn’t there. A good writer would never try to do that, even with a place that is there. It isn’t possible, & if it was the results wouldn’t be readable: they would constitute not a book but the biggest library ever built, a hallowed place of dedication & lifelong study. This gives us a clue to the psychological type of the worldbuilder & the worldbuilder’s victim, & makes us very afraid.

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who got assmad enough about worldbuilding to write this?

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>I will spam this shit every thread for (you)s
>my narcissism was feed last thread and I wish for it to continue

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Dust of Dreams is whatever so far, only a whopping 5% or so. At least we see the Bonehunters early on and that is always nice. I can stomach the obscene book length as long as I actually enjoy the characters--the writing carries most everything in this series.

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Fuck, there's always something I'm forgetting. Thanks again anon, it worked.

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Is the Mistborn original trilogy better than latter books?

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Yes and it's not even close. The Second Era is enjoyable, but doesn't hold up to the original. There's a new cast and a genre shift, which I'm not a fan of. I do recommend you read it though as they are decent and it'll let you read Secret History right after, which is fantastic.

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I didn't like Mistborn, dropped it half through the second book. Should I give Way of Kings a chance?

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>genre shift

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I personally like Era 1 more than Stormlight, but they're different enough so that if you didn't like Mistborn then you can still enjoy TWoK. Just know that it's fairly lengthy and follows three POVs unlike Mistborn.
Turns into a Western-esque Fantasy some 300 hundred years after Era 1

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I'm right now on chapter 2 of the first book, the protagoinst Vin, is she a good protagonist? The book has showed Kelsier is fantastic in the prologue. Also, are those the two PoVs for the first trilogy?

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My spoiler free response is that there are other POVs sprinkled throughout the trilogy, but it mainly focuses on Vin, who is a good character. She has her ups and downs, but develops well. Mistborn has great characters, from Kelsier to Vin to others you haven't met yet.

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We knew that since near the start. Era 3 will be '80s-era with Allomancer SWAT teams and Era 4 will be far-future space. Does this make you upset?

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Is the love interest cancerous like it is in many other fantasy books that can't keep it out?

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is this confirmed?

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No, I have less issue with the time skip then I do the genre shift. Not a huge fan of westerns or mystery, which Era 2 has a lot of. I'm more interested in the larger scope of Scadrial and the Cosmere.
There is so romance involved, but I think it's handled well. Romantic interest actually plays a key role in how the story pans out, both in the relationship and outside it.
Not him, but it is confirmed.

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>There is so romance involved
Did you mean to say "There is so [much] romance involved"?

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Sorry, meant to say "some romance". Enough so that it's plot relevant, but not too overbearing or poorly done.

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Anyone who has read Malazan or Sanderson.

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>3 books behind schedule for the year because of fucking Malazan
fuck at least I've two books to go and my lonely depressed life of solitude allows me to get through a Malazan in a week and a half at a time

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Not him but the romance between Vin and her love interest, while not garbage tier, got me rolling my eyes a few times. That's the issue with a fantasy romance written by a mormon: extreme case of oneitis.
However there's another romance between two supporting characters that is much more interesting and leads to pretty good char development later.

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Sheesh anon, that's fast even for a dedicated reader.
You're right, but it's definitely the best romance between main characters that he's done throughout his works. Though Spook's was better done.[\spoiler]

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>: extreme case of oneitis
Man, that sounds bad, I'm really not looking forward to this.

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I read in bed at night and since I have horrid sleep issues, this leads to a lot of reading--also if I'm too drowsy or uninterested to do anything else while I wind down since I have to sleep early most nights. I wish I could find the optimum reading position but I 'toss and turn' often.

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Actually I was thinking about Sazed and how his waifu's death impacts him. But spook is a pretty great character.

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I'm the opposite. Can't find myself reading late on my bed because I fall asleep midway, no matter how engaging the piece is. When I do try, I usually read on my back with the text on my chest or on my stomach with the text propped up on the headboard/pillow. Another position I like is to lay on my side, and have a Kindle/iPad lying on the bed parallel to my face. Peak comfort IMO, but I imagine you've tried these all.
See, I was going to mention that too but I felt that the fallout of her death was more impactful then their actual interactions when she was alive. If we're including that, then I think it's fair to bring up Kelsier and Mare too, as I find it beautiful how far he goes to make her dream come true.

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Welp, if you don't like it, you can always drop it. No one's gonna blame you for that.
I personally wasn't really invested in it as it's not something that happens on screen and doesn't develop character, but on the opposite is used to define the character. So as a reader we don't really interact with it But to each their own.
On the other hand I really like the romance in Alcatraz even tho it's just a pretty standard tsundere
On that note, I've always wondered if Alcatraz actually performed in the children market. Always seemed to meta for that to me.

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Are "bad" books more or less bearable in audiobook form? I couldn't make it through the first book in Chronicles of Amber in print; just kept comparing it mentally to Lord of Light. Wondering if I should pick it up as an audiobook and try again.

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What I read of Mistborn is amazing. But I do not like romance, it sometimes a diversion, others it is a detriment and regressive to character growth. In others authors show that characters love someone else by doing something opposite to their motivations, or just by doing something really stupid.

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You should be okay then. The romance has its importance in that it influences the characters, but there's no actual subplot devoted to it, it develops the characters correctly and they never do something completely stupid or out of character because of it. I just found it a bit too soppy.
Anyway, as Sanderfattie would say: read and find out.

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Those are fair points. In regards to Alcatraz, it's been so long since I read it that I basically forgot all the details. I don't have time to read it again so I'll take your word for it.
The best and worst thing about audio is how much influence the Narrator has over your enjoyment. They're obviously not going to fundamentally change the story in any way so if you didn't enjoy the print then you probabaly won't enjoy the audio either. But it'll either add or remove a crucial element to how the story is presented. I'd say give it a shot, but if you feel like it sounds weird because of the voice actor drop it immediately, as your intuition is usually right.
None of that really happens in Mistborn so you should be okay.

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How a skilled author worldbuilds:
>The Council had appointed his house for the holding of this feast; the convalescents lying in the temple of Eschmoun had set out at daybreak and dragged themselves thither on their crutches. Every minute others were arriving. They poured in ceaselessly by every path like torrents rushing into a lake; through the trees, the slaves of the kitchens might be seen running scared and half-naked; the gazelles fled bleating on the lawns; the sun was setting, and the perfume of citron trees rendered the exhalation from the perspiring crowd heavier still.

>Men of all nations were there, Ligurians, Lusitanians, Balearians, Negroes, and fugitives from Rome. Beside the heavy Dorian dialect were audible the resonant Celtic syllables rattling like chariots of war, while Ionian terminations conflicted with consonants of the desert as harsh as the jackal's cry. The Greek might be recognised by his slender figure, the Egyptian by his elevated shoulders, the Cantabrian by his broad calves. There were Carians proudly nodding their helmet plumes, Cappadocian archers displaying large flowers painted on their bodies with the juice of herbs, and a few Lydians in women's robes, dining in slippers and earrings. Others were ostentatiously daubed with vermillion, and resembled coral statues.

>They stretched themselves on the cushions, they ate squatting round large trays, or lying face downwards they drew out the pieces of meat and sated themselves, leaning on their elbows in the peaceful posture of lions tearing their prey. The last comers stood leaning against the trees watching the low tables half hidden beneath the scarlet coverings, and awaiting their turn.

>Hamilcar's kitchens being insufficient, the Council had sent them slaves, ware, and beds, and in the middle of the garden, as on a battle-field when they burn the dead, large bright fires might be seen, at which oxen were roasting. Anise-sprinkled loaves alternated with great cheeses heavier than discuses, crateras filled with wine, and cantharuses filled with water, together with baskets of gold filigree-work containing flowers. Every eye was dilated with the joy of being able at last to gorge at pleasure, and songs were beginning here and there...

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>Afterwards the tables were covered with meats, antelopes with their horns, peacocks with their feathers, whole sheep cooked in sweet wine, haunches of she-camels and buffaloes, hedgehogs with garum, fried grasshoppers, and preserved dormice. Large pieces of fat floated in the midst of saffron in bowls of Tamrapanni wood. Everything was running over with wine, truffles, and asafoetida. Pyramids of fruit were crumbling upon honeycombs, and they had not forgotten a few of these plump little dogs with pink silky hair and fattened on olive lees,--a Carthaginian dish held in abhorrence among other nations. Surprise at the novel fare excited the greed of the stomach. The Gauls with their long hair drawn up on the crown of the head, snatched at the water-melons and lemons, and crunched them up with the rind. The Negroes, who had never seen a lobster, tore their faces with its red prickles. But the shaven Greeks, whiter than marble, threw the leavings of their plates behind them, while the herdsmen from Brutium, in their wolf-skin garments, devoured in silence with their face in their portions.

Night fell. The velarium, spread over the cypress avenue, was drawn back, and torches were brought.

>The apes, sacred to the moon, were terrified on the cedar tops by the wavering lights of the petroleum as it burned in the porphyry vases. They uttered screams with afforded mirth to the soldiers.

>Oblong flames trembled in cuirasses of brass. Every kind of scintillation flashed from the gem-incrusted dishes. The crateras with their borders of convex mirrors multiplied and enlarged the images of things; the soldiers thronged around, looking at their reflections with amazement, and grimacing to make themselves laugh. They tossed the ivory stools and golden spatulas to one another across the tables. They gulped down all the Greek wines in their leathern bottles, the Campanian wine enclosed in amphoras, the Canabrian wines brought in casks, with the wines of the jujube, cinnamomum and lotus. There were pools of these on the ground that made the foot slip. The smoke of the meats ascended into the foliate with the vapour of the breath. Simultaneously were heard the snapping of jaws, the noise of speech, songs, and cups, the crash of Campanian vases shivering into a thousand pieces, or the limpid sound of a large silver dish.

>In proportion as their intoxication increased they more and more recalled the injustice of Carthage...

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And how a "worldbuilder" would write that scene:
>The Council in charge of the feast (elected representatives from the heads of each of the many nations present) had appointed his fine kartan stonework mansion for the location of this feast; and impressive amounts of people had already arrived. There were lots of them, of every type the city had to offer. Many had the fair skin of a grocer's daughter, others had the tanned skin of a farmer's daughter.

>Men of all nations were there, Lig'urians, Lus'itanians, Ba'learians, Ne'g'roes, Vampy're, Do'rians, K'elts, I'onians, Greek's, Egypt'ians, Kant'abrians, Ka'r'i'a'ns, Kappadoci'ans, Lycans, and people from all the other nations of E'arth, over fifty in all, at least as far as the sage Knosit had been able to determine in his celebrated Library of Knowledge of E'arth which had been the culmination of the Ba'learian's long life of discovery. He was like many Ba'learians in that respect, though equally as unlike many others. The only thing that you could say for sure about Ba'learians was that they all wore white hats to honour their god To'ke, a mischevious water god who granted them powers over the element of water, but at a heavy cost. Some would say too heavy.

>They ate, and drank, and agreed that the Baddu'gai were a problem and that someone should probably do something about it.

>K'thn stood and cleared his throat: "Guys, look, this needs to be sorted. Going forward, I'm going to be actioning an Ooolat."

>The crowds gasped, not at his chiseled features or his toned muscles, although more than a few maidens had been blushing beneath their fine outfits, but at the words he had just spoken. An Oolat was a form of war invented by the Do'rians in which one side did everything they could to beat the other side. As such, it was a rarely invoked power, and had not been invoked since the war of 1206BC when the Egypt'ians had a war with the Ne'g'roes that was incredibly damaging for both sides and left them both severly weakened. Neither side had fully recovered, as was evident from their dependence on corn imports from nearby K'eltland, a trade which had fattened the purse and the belt of many a K'eltish trader, and led to a corresponding increase in piracy. Piracy led by the Baddu'gai slavers.

>K'thn knew about piracy. Knew it's evil. Born an orphan in chains to galley-slave parents, his second birthday present had been a miniature oar chained to his miniature wrist, and a birthday lashing from captain Baddu'beard the Bloody.

>K'thn knew about piracy, and knew he would stop at nothing to stop it.

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Is he wrong though? He has a point, it really feels like a lot of fantasy writers have a word count they need to hit and/or a certain amount of ' need to be included to make it needlessly convoluted.

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>bad writing is a thing that exists
More news at 7!

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>I don't know the difference between world building and exposition
>also long lists of things are great writing

>> No.12711183

Can anyone recommend a series with a huge vast world? Absolutely tremendous to an absurd degree, with the author attempting their best to flesh it out? Love the feeling of being in a setting so large that it's almost mysterious and overwhelming.

>> No.12711271

makes me scared i'm not worldbuilding right, but then again I'm not trying to do so much, just sprinkling information in while focusing on the plot for the protag

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Worldbuilding either is or is not "necessary" depending on the effects the writer is hoping to achieve. Of course Harrison would say that worldbuilders, such as myself, are trying to achieve the wrong effects. Detailing a world beyond the technical requirements of the story, the implication is, simply turns readers into literary shopkeepers with inventories to keep and no meaningful choices to make. Thus the frightening psychology: apparently the worldbuilder’s goal is to cretinize their readers, keep’em dumb and distracted so that they can be better exploited by the powers that be.


When it comes to worldbuilding, I'm simply trying to tell a story that happens in a fantasy worldbigger than that story. And there’s meaning-effects aplenty to be explored here, believe you me. Profound ones.

In fact, the very thing worldbuilders are probing is the selfsame power of words to spin realities, a power which is intensified when the writer approaches the world and the storyas separate works- when the writer is also a worldbuilder. I personally think this is one of the keys to Tolkien's elusive magic: imagineThe Lord of the Ringswithout a separately crafted Middle-earth! And because it resonates with a broad cross-section of readers, I think epic worldbuilding provides a powerful opportunity to communicate, one which "literary minded" writers are less likely to explore because of incredibly narrow "literary virtues" like those espoused here and elsewhere by Harrison.

But I imagine Harrison would thinkthispower to spin realities, which is the one we regularly confront on the evening news, holds no "real" literary interest for "good" writers. I'm guessing it focuses too much on the pernicious representational aspects of language, and so numbs readers into forgetting all the ways language dupes and deceives - which is why they vote Bush (and why we should be afraid, I'm supposing).

(from https://fantasyhotlist.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-r-scott-bakker-q.html)

>> No.12711309

oh fuck I was just thinking earlier today of the movie to this. Seconded, but I also want to know if the literature in the first book holds a candle to The Hobbit?

>> No.12711323

ah yes the guy who couldn't even finish a PHD in, heh, philosophy.

>> No.12711326

Stopped reading here.

>> No.12711327

is world building for the sake of it bad or not

>> No.12711337

Of course it's bad.

>> No.12711360

Sorry, maybe I should've been more specific. I'd like something less comedy orientated and more so serious. Epic Fantasy would be nice, maybe something with national/empirical conflicts? Think Malazan.

>> No.12711458

DoD is pretty boring after the first half. The Crippled God will be worth it though just pull through. I also agree about the writing. If it wasn't Erikson's voice carrying the series, I wouldn't have gotten into it.

>> No.12711460

is the left hand of god typical YA shite?

>> No.12711462

Prince of Nothing is dark, huge, & complex as shit.

>> No.12711470

have you read any of the Bauchelain & Korbal Broach stories or Esselmont books?

>> No.12711475

Fitting with all the talk of Bakker in this thread right now, appreciate the recommendation. If you have any more I'm all ears.

>> No.12711533

Ill suck his dick desu and im not even gay.

>> No.12711600

what about worldbuilding inside additional book materials

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File: 85 KB, 453x620, Aliens-Colonial-Marine-Technical-Manual-Titan-Books.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can be good if executed properly.
loved the technical manual.

>> No.12711703

Count to a Trillion, the world Wright builds is vast across both space and time. The series is largely about the implications of such scale.

>> No.12711769

That's something else entirely.

>> No.12712065

The only two fantasy authors whose work I've managed to actually enjoy while reading have been Robert E. Howard and J.R.R. Tolkien. Howard for his ability to paint vivid pictures seemingly effortlessly, and Tolkien for his ability to write a story that genuinely feels like an ancient text has been passed down, translated and revised for generations.

Every other author within the genre that I'm familiar with comes across as a cheap imitation of one of these two, and often only manages to imitate surface elements anyway. They make up things as they go and try to write these exiting sword & sorcery adventures, but they're never as gripping or vivid as Howard's stories. They get autistically obsessed with inane details of their world building like their magic system and miss that Tolkien was very sparse with world building in his books and often writes as if the reader would already be familiar with what is mentioned (which is what you'd expect from a medieval text written for a medieval audience).

Is there any works that might change my mind on this?

>> No.12712094

Fantasy focuses too much on magic systems and the like. It gets boring and takes away the mystery of magic.

>> No.12712100

The only reason to visit a thread and announce how much you dislike (half of) its content is because you are bored and seeking attention. Go and do something else. Possibly suicide.

>> No.12712105

game of thrones, gormenghast and book of the new sun sound like the books for you

>> No.12712111

No, I'm genuinely looking for more reading materail.

>> No.12712121

There's plenty of reading material in the OP. You can look them up and see if they interest you like a normal human being.

>> No.12712127

>Is there any works that might change my mind on this?
Of course, >>12712105 already mentioned two (Gormenghast and BotNS). Neither are anything like Tolkien, or Howard for that matter. They are both very "literary".

>> No.12712147

I read ASoIaF in the early 00's after several friends had recommended it to me and I did not like it. I haven't read the others you mentioned, but if they are similar to ASoIaF I am hesitant to pick them up.

I'm not gonna base what I read on a cover.

>> No.12712152

Are you sure you can read books if you can't even read one liners on 4chan?

>> No.12712157

Sounds like "bored" to me. And asking the thread instead of looking up popular books yourself despite giving no particular details on your tastes that might help someone customise a recommendation suggests "attention seeking" to me.
In any case there is no benefit to anyone in an /sffg/ that panders to people that don't like SFF. Fuck off.

>> No.12712162

I have not. No interest.

>> No.12712166

>instead of looking up popular books yourself
That's what I already have been doing, and it hasn't resulted in me finding anything that I like other than Howard and Tolkien.

>despite giving no particular details on your tastes
But I did in the very first post you responded to.

>suggests "attention seeking" to me.
Are you projecting or something?`I'm not gonna respond to you any further at the very least.

>> No.12712174

Not that anon who rec'd it but Wurms of Blearmouth in the Bauchelian and Korbal Broach novellas is Erikson's finest work. Genuinely didn't expect any of Eriksons writing to make me laugh as much as it did in that novella. Dark humour at it's finest.

>> No.12712193

>I'm not gonna base what I read on a cover
You know, the title is usually on the cover. You can look the book up.

>> No.12712219

That's a recipe that leads to you looking up books that do not interest you while overlooking ones that might. I would never have picked out Gormenghast, which another anon recommended, based on a cover and name alone, for example, but reading up on it it does seem somewhat interesting.

>> No.12712226

lmao gormenghast and botns are nothing like game of thrones

>> No.12712236

Is it by now a cliche to write a book called "The ______ Company?" Should I change the name at all costs?

>> No.12712242

>Europeans go to bed
>/sffg/ starts praising Sanderson

>> No.12712244

naming your book is the real cliché

>> No.12712270

Dropped book two when mc couldnt get over his oh so difficult romance
the problem of your partner no longer finding the relationship magical hit too close to home
Is it worth reading?

>> No.12712300

Stay mad europoor. Sanderson is great and America is the greatest country of all time.

>> No.12712312

yeah i wouldnt say its so much cliche as it is already taken. just like if you named something "___ of thrones" or "lord of _____".
The ______ Company should be changed to something else. try "Band of the _____" maybe?

>> No.12712318

Read Children of Hurin

>> No.12712420

Already did, as well as Beren and Luthien. Looking forward to reading Fall of Gondolin once I finish reading the Mistborn series. You guys shit on Sanderson but it's pretty entertaining.

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>> No.12712432

Why are you shilling Sanderfag so much? He fucking sucks dude

>> No.12712443

It's refreshing to read a fantasy novel that doesn't describe absolutely everything in minute detail. The bluntness is a nice change of pace.

>> No.12712529

>tfw my son i finally old enough where I can read him LotR as a bedtime story

>> No.12712953

>but it's pretty entertaining
Many things are entertaining. Doesn't necessarily mean they are good.

>> No.12712959

Sure it does. It means they're good at entertaining, might not be the kind of good you're looking for but it's still good.

>> No.12712971

Fiction is supposed to be autistic and boring!

>> No.12713015

Unless your talking about entertainment. Not even a sander apologist. Mistborn is mediocre at best, a teenage power fantasy at worst
Its not even exceptional enough to be worth calling bad, just bland in all categories. I have no idea how its sparked so much discussion recently

>> No.12713091

Entertaining things are always good.

>> No.12713133

Appreciate the suggestion, but I've heard of it and haven't heard many positive things. Poor characterization seems to be a big issue. Would you say that's true too?

>> No.12713161

It’s great. Read it.

>> No.12713182

Like this anon >>12711769 said; that's something else all together. Focus on the story first THEN the characters THEN the world-building.

>> No.12713220

Just because your writing a fantasy setting doesn't mean you should get rid of basic fundamentals of writing
Writing is meant to be consumed, not measured. You should give the feeling of a vast and intricate world, not explain in detail how deep and complex your world is
No reader is going to give a shit if you didn't explain the tectonic plates justifying your mountain range, but they will if your writing of the mountain doesn't convey a sense of scale

In theory a skilled writer shouldn't need much world building for their setting but thats like saying a baker shouldn't need a recipe. Use the tools you have to do a good job but having the tools won't improve quality on their own

>> No.12713226
File: 182 KB, 928x1080, complete-kane-karl-edward-wagner_1_131226733a79881b6bc0120bdc72b1bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a REH fan myself I'd say Karl Edward Wagner probably comes the closet to reaching REH's level. I still have yet to read his full length novels, but the short stories collection called Night Winds is fantastic. If you really like REH's more darker and horror-oriented stories then I highly recommend you read Night Winds.
>tfw you will never own pic related

>> No.12713421
File: 32 KB, 356x499, 64EC1AB4-D25C-4FCD-B1F2-B54A08797102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf?! Elf mom is barely in this and when she is he treats her like shit.

>> No.12713522

I guess, although that depends on what you mean. "Characterization" strictly speaking is actually good -- characters have distinct voices and personas, although they don't develop much. When most people complain about the "characters" what they mean is that the protagonist is pompous and talks in a Yosemite Sam accent laced with made-up disease-based swear words.

The biggest problem is that the setting is so huge that Wright can't show you all of it, and some of his choices on what to show the reader and what to elide are questionable.

If you read it, you might not like it, and even if you do like what he's doing you'll probably come up with ways you could have done better. But the worst problems come from reaching too far and straining scale to its absolute limits. The series is a flawed masterpiece IMO.

>> No.12713667

Ive been rereading the Witcher series right now and ive been wondering if theres any good fantasy series similar to it? Does anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.12713684

Age of Legends by Sullivan

>> No.12713722

kill yourself. That shit is awful, on par with Brent Weeks. The plot has all the depth of my toilet.

>> No.12713748



>> No.12713794

I'm looking for S&S books to read. Something on the obscure side because I've either read or passed on the popular ones. I've read Moorcock, Wagner, Howard, Gemmell and passed on Witcher to mention a few.
Doesn't matter if it's old or new.
Any suggestions?

>> No.12713809

more like sword & bore-cery

>> No.12713811

I don't understand, what's wrong with it?

>> No.12713869

You're asking as though we said we didn't like an aspect of the book or had a problem with how the author handled a scene. No mate, it sucked in it's entirety. Bad prose, bad plot, bad characters, bad writing; it's just shit YA to be short..

>> No.12713891

Conan and the Emerald Lotus
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Nifft the Lean
Brutal trilogy by James Alderdice
Berserker by Robert Holdstock
Far Away and Never by Ramsey Campbell

>> No.12713901

You faggot, why the fuck are you reading books when you're looking for fucking Amazon erotica?

>> No.12713935

Im not the web, I wanted a wholesome mother-son relationship.

>> No.12713959
File: 11 KB, 407x378, 1407251351841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll kill you fagit.

Thanks anon.

>> No.12714485
File: 885 KB, 1684x2560, blrw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is it?

>> No.12714675

Anyone read the Traitor son cycle books? Pros and cons?

>> No.12714726
File: 553 KB, 1588x2500, starchart_roshar_color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, Fiddler did the reading and all that early on in Dust of Dreams.
>Tartheno Toblakai being the Herald of Life
Is that Karsa? I can't see it being Ublala Pang, the only other known Toblakai anything.
>X of Life
Is Life Burn?

>> No.12715199

First book was good.

>> No.12715209
File: 176 KB, 428x510, myfacewhen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pre release the book is hyped as fuck among the Goodreads crowd
>it's released
>dense as as a rock and the GRI rating is through the roof
>the review section is a huge shitstorm
I have no idea if it's actually good.

>> No.12715214

Any fantasy books that aren't so human politics focused? Something about monsters, forests, spirits, gods and the like.

>> No.12715248

The fuck's a GRI rating?

>> No.12715258

>being this new

>> No.12715280

The vast majority of fantasy before GRRM decided to shit everything up.

>> No.12715318

Lurk moar retard.

>> No.12715323

the witcher books that are short stories. i dont know about the mainline books

>> No.12715335

Check the Fantasy Masterworks by Gollancz,it's collection of 50+ fantasy books all of them chosen by old dinofags that know a shit ton about fantasy.
And maybe read books like David Pringle's "Modern Fantasy:the Best 100 Books" (published in the 80s so it's not modern anymore) Pringle gives a summary and essay (3 or 4 pages) to every book.Michael Moorcock made his own version of the book where he tries to focus on lesser know authors called "Fantasy: the100 Best Books"

>> No.12715360

Read the Sorcerer's Son and Minerva Wakes
And In my search of Sff milfs i found this list

>> No.12715427

I ship Lindon and Yerrin's blood shadow.

>> No.12715498

Reading Blood Music right now and picturing Vergel as Sam Hyde really adds something to the story

>> No.12715624

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

>> No.12715630
File: 31 KB, 960x540, denna in a nutshell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read kingkiller chronicles because I feel like I'm the only one out of the loop whenever people shit on it
>get to any part with denna
>end up having to fight the urge to just drop the book right then and there
I feel like Rothfuss is projecting a little too hard whenever Kvothe goes maximum White Knight around her.

>> No.12715663

who cares about Denna when Devi is clearly best girl

>> No.12715670
File: 30 KB, 381x578, Anathem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really late to the party but this shit is suckin' me right in. Feel like I'm reading some Bakker, but less angsty. Stephenson is ripping off of Greek thought pretty hard, but I guess that's the point if he's trying to talk about the problem of universals.

For those that read this but didn't know much about Greek thought, was it still good? Easy to follow?

>> No.12715690

>who cares about Denna
Rothfuss clearly does since the entire plot comes to a screeching halt whenever her STD riddled ass pops up in the story. Also according to that fat fuck if you dislike her you're apparently sexist.

>> No.12715713

He's projecting a little too hard whenever Kvothe does anything.

>> No.12715949

Why do most fantasy writers completely overlook their fictional world's food in favor of history, politics and mythologies that have no bearing on the plot?

It's just pagefiller to slog through. At least with food, the damn worldbuilding can have some effect on my real life if it sounds tasty enough that I want to make it myself

>> No.12716039

Someone read it and review it faggots

>> No.12716075

You write what you know, and although most fantasy authors are obese they got that way eating greasy mass-produced zogchow.

I don't really like recommending it because I grew out of the series when I was like 12 years old, but if you want some excellent food descriptions Brian Jacques was on point with Redwall.

Jack Vance occasionally does this too but it's not really a trademark of his.

>> No.12716084

>comparing age of legends to Brent Weeks
kys you piece of shit mouth breather.

>> No.12716088

I need to apply my food autism to writing.

>> No.12716097

I swear I remember we used to have a writer fag around here who was writing about food and chefs or some such nonsense. I'm actually a little sad he stopped updating us.

>> No.12716108

He is still here. You just don't read the threads.
He changed the story so fucking much. Recently he was trying to cook giant cockroaches and make them tasty.

>> No.12716153
File: 680 KB, 2500x1973, serveimage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read review from trusted reviewer who's a big fan of the writer
>says pic related isn't good
>decide to read it anyways
>4 chapters (and one long prologue) in
>it's good

>> No.12716163

>reading conan
I bet you hate magic that isn't pulled out the author's ass too
Fucking brainlet

>> No.12716176

I think you've had too much soi today, incel.

>> No.12716204

read a canticle for leibowitz's first part (fiat homo). is it worth reading the next 2 parts? (fiat lux and fiat voluntas tua)

>> No.12716215

Don't trust reviewers. Anything REH wrote is based

>> No.12716224

Is that all pol posters from redit know?
If anything I'm making girls incel, by denying them multiple times. And plant milk is nasty.

>> No.12716228

>Don't trust reviewers
>gives a review that anything REH wrote is based
You conan fags just contradict yourselves.

>> No.12716235

It was written by Karl Edward Wagner. Who's the closest any writer has ever come to REH's level in my very humble and very correct opinion.

>> No.12716242
File: 67 KB, 573x800, DON'T READ CONAN; READ SANDERSON AND MALAZAN INSTEAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12716285
File: 109 KB, 900x900, 654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i'm a gay homosexual who likes to undressed state of strong men such a conan

>> No.12716311

>being a fucking sanderson shitter

>> No.12716312

>dat projection
oof no wonder you're all in a tizzy, princess snowflake.

>> No.12716318
File: 349 KB, 446x350, 1537745189004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It takes a record breaking 3/4 of the book to get good.

>> No.12716333

I dropped it after the first chapter.

>> No.12716340

It took me two fucking years to finish this fucking book (every time the power blacked out I would read another chapter) but the last part is very good indeed.

>> No.12716343

don't you have some rallies to attend?
Do you even read?
Why are you here?

>> No.12716362

>tips pussy hat

>> No.12716384

i just read fiat homo and started the 2nd part which is confusing and doesnt seem interesting desu

>> No.12716404
File: 23 KB, 309x475, 4796E073-0BB1-4F71-8FA6-57B297F13482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very few humans, very little politics.

>> No.12716493

It literally takes until a little before Fiat Voluntas Tua to get good. I drop books/anime/manga very quickly and Canticle is the longest (relative to the total length) that I have EVER given a story before I dropped it (compared to Chronicles of Amber which took 1 book of the series, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell which took 1/3 of a book and Tigana which took quite a bit as well). A lot of other books are good from the get go, but Canticle is an excessively, well, gradual book.

>> No.12716497


okay, for clarification I did change the story a lot, but the story you're talking about was entirely different. I came up with that story because the one I'm working on now had gone 3 years without me writing a word (not anymore baby! 11k words!). However, this story is what I originally wanted to write.

I'm going to post the gist in a spoiler since I know people don't like writers here, but things have really picked up in the last three weeks.

So basically, the story's about a kid who finds himself in a world where reality broke down and things got weird. Magic has come back to the world, most food sources are corrupted, humans are nearly extinct and in their place animals altered by the shift are founding their own civilizations. This is a world where only the strong survive, and unfortunately the MC is a one-armed runt who can barely use magic and whose only exceptional ability is his culinary prowess. It's with these meager skills and a cast of equally incompetent allies that the MC begins his quest to survive.

99% of plant milk is nasty, but I tried oat milk a few months ago and it genuinely tasted like milk; and not milk-flavored water either. It was actually creamy.

>> No.12716507

Oat milk is on the same level of hemp milk: the mouthfeel is almost there, but it doesn't have the actual taste of real dairy.

>> No.12716588

It tastes a lot closer to lactose-free milk than it does to regular milk, though it's less sweet. I could easily mistake it for real milk, provided I was in a dark room and couldn't see its greyish tint

It's weird, I'm a proud carnivore and like my meat and dairy real but the same week I tasted that, I also had deep-fried tofu at a korean barbecue place and loved it. Granted it was also absolutely drenched korean barbecue sauce, which is liquid cocaine, but that was an interesting week for me.

let's be honest, Devi is a fucking psycho. Kvoth has yet to run into a single woman whom it would be wise to stick his dick into

>> No.12716702

>still no release of audiobooks that I want
Life is suffering.

>> No.12716743 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 200x261, 38550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Life summoned her awesomeness

>> No.12716749
File: 21 KB, 200x261, 38550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lift summoned her awesomeness

>> No.12716752

Life is depression not awesomeness

>> No.12716756

>can't even shitpost properly
Leave and never return

>> No.12717198

I'm reading The Final Empire Mistborn 1. It's rated incredibly highly, and so far reading the first 130 pages, it has been really slow with predictable planning "lets kill the king" thing going on. The Prologue for the book was amazing, and has the most characterization for Kell. Vin so far has been nothing but "I'm a girl, so I gotta be skeptical," and the book showed only one instance of why, and tells you about the rest. Everything I have read after, I am not as intrigued, nor have any of the plot pulled me. Does it get better? If not, I could just start another book.

>> No.12717469

What does /sffg/ picture when they hear the name "The Scarab Queen"?

human, bug, mummy or something between

>> No.12717538

I’m 500 pages in, about 80% done. It’s interesting. There’s a lot of fucked up weird and fantastical shit happening constantly. A huge amount of G and R, but very little I. There’s a scene where a pack of hyenas gangrapes the MC. The characters aren’t particularly likeable or interesting and there don’t seem to be any big ideas being explored. I think it’s worth readIng for the WTF factor, however, and I’ve been enjoying it.

>> No.12717541

Fuck, replied to the wrong post. This was supposed to be a reply the black leopard red wolf stuff.

>> No.12717554
File: 269 KB, 1536x1536, Three Body Problem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished the Three-Body Problem. It was really good and it had my attention locked in. I'm excited to read the sequel.
What did you guys think?

>> No.12717801

Hot bronzed cleopatra babe with mummies and bugs at her command. She can fuck anything.

>> No.12717812

Whats gri and what the fuck is with the hyena gangrape that aint right meyne

>> No.12717813

>There’s a lot of fucked up weird and fantastical shit happening constantly.
So... Naked Lunch?

>> No.12717818

>doesn’t know what gri is

Lurk more newfag

>> No.12717819

It stands for Gay Rape Incest

>> No.12717938

Fuckin loved it and the rest of the series
For some reason some of the hipsters here hate it but overall I think consensus is positive

>> No.12718061

Tofu is good, but not a meat replacement in the slightest. It's just a really unique protein with great texture and a blank slate for flavor. Look at this.

None of those over the others. I can think of it in the literal sense where she's queen of scarabs (or a queen that is a scarab) or in the sense that she's some sort of religious/political figure with the name being a title related to something cultural (which means she could still be a mummy or some shit) or even some sort of deity.

>> No.12718100

Tofu is highly estrogenic and is toxic for male mammals.

>> No.12718163

>he fell for the meme

>> No.12718166

Ok retard

>> No.12718362

I get the exact opposite. Rothfuss writing is dripping with such disdain for naivety and young love in those scenes that it takes me out of it. Kvothe never seems like a selfinsert to me

>> No.12718379

you wouldn't stick your dick in crazy?

>> No.12718410

Kvothe is his own self insert Mary Sue. And he still gets cucked.

>> No.12718419

Everything about Kingslayer is shit except for the Magic system. Sympathy is good and the only good writing in the books involve describing its theory.

>> No.12718420

He really isn't though.

>> No.12718426

80’s Allomancer SWAT sounds great.

Sanderson is shit at SciFi so Gen 4 sounds shit.

>> No.12718443


You can check phytoestrogen levels in sœy products. Tofu is very high. Basedsauce on the other hand contains very little phytoestrogens.

Sœy should be banned as a major drug causing endocrine disruption and homeostatic instability.

>> No.12718507

Phytoestrogen is not estrogen. In fact it lessens the effects of estrogen by blocking receptors, not that this matters since phytoestrogens in food generally gets broken down in the gut without affecting hormonal levels at all

>> No.12718532

Negative, phytoestrogen mimics estrogen and binds the same receptors, creating an hormonal imbalance as is expected by ingesting sœyproducts. It does not get broken down in the gut.

""two scoops of pure onions protein powder (56 grams) decreased blood testosterone levels by 19 percent after four weeks. T levels increased within two weeks of skipping the protein powder.""

>> No.12718541

Sœy* protein powder

>> No.12718545
File: 61 KB, 800x600, GRI APPROVED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello newfriends.

>> No.12718555

We hate it because we are not Chinese. Anyone you see praising three meme problem is a Chinese national. Chinks always support their own, even if the person made shit. It's like a hivemind mentality.

>> No.12718793

I wonder which published authors lurk /sffg/?

>> No.12718801

Camus and wolfe

>> No.12718853

Amazon authors.
Will Wight
William D Arand
A bunch of them.

>> No.12718860

Honestly can't think of any that would lurk here. Very few female authors with sffg sensibilities

>> No.12718863

Will Wight doesn't. He has his own hangouts with the Cradle fanbase.

>> No.12718935

Hmm. Kinda? I’d say it’s like a vulgar version of BotNS, at least on the surface level. Don’t think it has as many layers as BotNS, but it’s definitely got the whole guy walking through a strange landscape encountering weird and sometimes mysterious shit thing going on.

>> No.12718974

I looked up your study. Sample size of twelve with a median age of 32. No control group. Not very convincing, especially in the face of a much larger meta-study surveying hundreds of people that found the opposite result:

>Fifteen placebo-controlled treatment groups with baseline and ending measures were analyzed. In addition, 32 reports involving 36 treatment groups were assessed in simpler models to ascertain the results.
>No significant effects of onions protein or isoflavone intake on T, SHBG, free T, or FAI were detected regardless of statistical model.
>The results of this meta-analysis suggest that neither onions foods nor isoflavone supplements alter measures of bioavailable T concentrations in men.

>> No.12719160

i wouldn't call tofu a protein. if anything its a cheese.

of course, that makes me wonder why its not salted, cultured, brined or inocculated like cheese is

>> No.12719172

I love it when people fact check statements on the internet.

>> No.12719187

Because something like 90% of East Asians are lactose intolerant so can't eat cheese. Hence why tofu is a staple dish over there.

>> No.12719189

Ah yes, (((science))).

>> No.12719314

Do you think you are being funny with your only girls inhabit sffg diatribe? You are really getting spam levels annoying.

>> No.12719333
File: 66 KB, 625x475, 3t6jzx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You were appealing to science to further your pol agenda a while earlier, why are you switching now?

>> No.12719334

Death hung on the reek, choking his gasping breath. A great pyramidal mass loomed obscenely before his outstretched body. Bran caught his breath and stared at the cairn of horror before which he prostrated.
The vacant eye sockets of two thousand gory heads sightlessly returned his stare.

>> No.12719360

"science is valid evidence but only when Richard Lynn does it"

>> No.12719510

Self hating females are one of the saddest things.

>> No.12719603

I don't even think it's selfhate, just larping.

>> No.12719762

i think you misread. I was asking why, given that tofu is onions cheese, there are thousands of kinds of cheese but only like four types of tofu

>> No.12719798

A Brief History was overbloated by a few hundred pages so he should have felt at home writing fantasy.

>> No.12719819

It's almost noon in Nebraska and Brandon "The Machine" Sanderson has probably detailed out 5 blueprints for new books and written 75 pages already before his second cup of morning diet coca cola (coffee is for heathens). What the fuck are you doing?

>> No.12719824
File: 7 KB, 240x200, BrtSVeSFrg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw sf fags are always assmad because their genre is dying or already dead.

>> No.12719833
File: 151 KB, 1024x768, D0sE0QcVsAAilzr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's actually in Hawaii and just started writing the next SA book.

>> No.12719839

I'm a based sci fi fantasy centrist.

>> No.12719983

I must finished The black company. What shod I read next? Shadows linger? Or are the .x books readworthy/ relevant/ not interrupting the story?

>> No.12719998

Do I like Lord of Light?

>> No.12720005


>> No.12720010

is this a macbook?

>> No.12720015

Here's a very good review for 1.5.

>> No.12720025
File: 142 KB, 450x678, book-of-the-new-sun_by_breathing2004-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started reading Book of the New Sun after hearing so much about it from this general. Really enjoying it so far but it also makes me feel like a brainlet at times. There are some things I grasp and others I don't. I'm far from finished and will continue reading. Thanks for the suggestion. Really love Wolfe's melancholic writing when it comes to Severian and some of his prose has really hit me hard at times.

The early portion of the book that deals with the Guild and Severian's early life is great. Admittedly, I felt extremely stupid during the chapters that dealt with mirrors reflecting mirrors and the shit going on in the Botanic Garden. Now I'm at the Sanguinary Field and having fun again.

>> No.12720034

>the shit going on in the Botanic Garden
That's because there's more to come. You should never consider a plotline ended before the story have ended.

>> No.12720035

No, it's clearly windows.

>> No.12720037

It's literal curdled bean paste...
How man beans be toxic to male mammals?

>> No.12720045

>science is only valid when it enforces my point of view

>> No.12720048

Finished it last night and I enjoyed it. Two questions:
Why we're Raven and Croaker forced to accompany Catcher and the others to kill Harden? Also, do the other books explain how the Rebel forces got so damn huge?
Bout to start the second book now as it's a slow day at work.

>> No.12720051

Oh, I don't, believe me. It was only my intention to state that I felt stupid as fuck while listening to the Father himself talk about the method used within the octagonal room. Despite my confusion I'm still extremely interested in the story to come. I am trying to pay attention to every detail that I can because I am told the book is a puzzle in its own right and that the reader can stumble upon things if they are attentive, and that it becomes more enjoyable after rereading, which I think I intend to do.

>> No.12720054

what kind of fucking hack author doesn't use a mac?

>> No.12720065

Literally cuck stomachs m8

>> No.12720070

>he doesn't write 1000 page epics through text messages he sends to his editor on his flipphone
i shiggy diggy

>> No.12720071

The ones that don't frequent starbucks and aren't pretending.

Why is he showing me his belly?

>> No.12720079

Nestled in the depression in the furs where Bran’s sister had lain to sleep was a shape of horror beyond any human depravity. The young girl’s skin had been meticulously flayed from her body—cunningly sewn together again. The lamplight made the skin translucent, so that Bran could see the hollow skin had been stuffed with hundreds—many hundreds—of human eyes.


>> No.12720081

So.. that's a yes?

>> No.12720087

>Does this make you upset?
It makes me upset because I found Era 1 Mistborn to be way more engaging than Era 2.

>Yes and it's not even close
I share your opinion.
I found things to get very interesting around Book 2 and Book 3 because it introduces concepts that are important to the Cosmere as a whole and shook things up a little.

>> No.12720097
File: 82 KB, 720x479, Magic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've read the books twice and my, most likely faulty, interpretation of Father Inire's mirrors is image related. Only replace magic with extraterrestrial tech.

>> No.12720103

Quick, someone add a dick!

>> No.12720106

My degenerate audiobooks still aren't released.

>> No.12720116

Because it contains phytoestestrogens in high doses.

Also, entire rainforests are mauled to make way for sœyfields in order to feed western manchildren.

>> No.12720124

Do it yourself?

>> No.12720128

Is it sci fi or fantasty related?
I prefer fantasy but sci fi -SMUT is on another level.


>> No.12720129


>> No.12720137
File: 97 KB, 750x762, 1538086997325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12720138
File: 153 KB, 418x640, david-gemmell-books.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any oldfags know David Gemmel? I miss his pulpy books.

>> No.12720152

Fuck, I love Gemmell. Nobody does heroic fantasy better. We did Rigante for monthly reading a few months back, it was great. I'm currently doing a Legend reread.

>> No.12720172

>i only read the same old books over Ad nauseam
who would have guessed?

>> No.12720177


>> No.12720183
File: 18 KB, 350x350, Boltman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh rainforests

>> No.12720192

I liked the Jerusalem man. Basically a good gunslinger. Also the mc hated niggers.

>> No.12720202

where did I say that?
You know there are many dino books written by females and non whites right?
This just proves that you don't read, as my statement says.

>> No.12720203
File: 95 KB, 505x395, series-SPJ-triad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love Gemmell. Read all his books except for his Hawk Queen and Greek series. Pic related might be my favorite because I love the crazy blend of heroic fantasy, post-apocalypse, Western, and sci-fi. It's like Stephen King's The Dark Tower, but actually good.

>> No.12720207

Go be triggered somewhere else, incel.

>> No.12720209

So David Gemmel is for /pol/ users?

>> No.12720217

Yes. Does it upset you, princess snowflake? Maybe you should go read some Harry Potter to calm down lol

>> No.12720220

I enjoy Sanderson's works but I fucking despise Lift.

>> No.12720239

What the fuck was he thinking.
He can't write children, and he can't write witty. Why did he think combining both of those would be a good idea?

>> No.12720247

Not really, I haven't noticed anything like that in his books but admittedly I haven't read all of them.

>> No.12720256

>Also the mc hated niggers.
He did not. Though his reaction was hilarious the first time he sees one.
>Why are you black? Are you of the Devil?

>> No.12720263

stfu cuck

>> No.12720270

Make me, nerd.

>> No.12720404
File: 24 KB, 300x512, Dark_Moon_(1996).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

David gemmel started writing when he was fighting cancer and was convinced he would die. He only wrote to cope. (He beat cancer) Its infused with heroism and struggle, and those walls just wont fall against the endless hordes of barbarians that are thrown against them.

Pic related is one of my favs. Its not particularly good but the alternate dimensional trapped/escaped medieval warrior alien invasion was so comfy to read.

>> No.12720411


Needless to say, gemmel fucked those nigger-aliens up.

>> No.12720491

Gemmell was an actual campaigner for the UK labour party lol

>> No.12720492

>sariel by garth nix
>female protagonists

>> No.12720503
File: 31 KB, 500x500, 94aa0abc58da521410980259dab97b9f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just began Name of the Wind. I'm enjoying it so far, but chapter 7 when he speaks of himself as an introduction to his story is so cringy... why did it have to be so?

>> No.12720508

Big yikes. Although sir Oswald Mosley started at labour as well.

>> No.12720511

Is there such a thing as a book having too many female characters if it isn't a harem romance or whatever? And by female characters I mean real people not object-person with tits. Because I'm writing something and I think I have like twice as many female characters and I'm worried it might come across as pandering.

>> No.12720515

there's books with only female characters which work fine

>> No.12720518

Yea; porno books.

>> No.12720519

True, but I feel those are usually targeted towards girls. I'm trying to write a space opera for everyone.

>> No.12720548

Girls don't read space opera.

>> No.12720555

Trannies might.

>> No.12720562

Write what you like. Fill your book with cute girls just like my Chinese cartoons.

>> No.12720583

They do, as long as it's not hard sci-fi. Who do you think Becky Chambers' writes for? Girls eat that shit up.

>> No.12720597

>someone in this shitheap recommends Mists of Avalon
>"...the author relates the Arthurian legends from the perspective of the female characters"

fuck you faggots

you people have the shittiest taste

>> No.12720602

misogynist much???

>> No.12720607

How would you know if you haven't read it? You might love it and it could become your favorite book of all time.

>> No.12720616

"(Science Fiction) remains more interested in the glamour and mystery and existence, the survival and triumph and tragedy of heroes and thinkers, than in the neuroses of some snivelling faggot."

Man, when Poul Anderson went hard he went HARD.

>> No.12720623

Go back to playing vidya, you brain dead cucklord.

>> No.12720633

Nah,i already accepted that scifi is dead,at least we got 60+ years of content

>> No.12720640

>female author
>female protagonist

i've read enough to these to have learned not to waste my time with any more of them

>> No.12720643

Reminder the author is also a pedo who raped and abused her kids.

>> No.12720645


>> No.12720648

so it's GRI approved?

>> No.12720650


>> No.12720673

Poul Anderson believes sci-fi should be entertaining and not gay faggot shit.

>> No.12720674

Vorkosigan Saga

>> No.12720682

Poul Anderson is a mommyfag so he's based and redpilled

>> No.12720704

I don't believe you, sorry.

>> No.12720723

female characters are awful because they're either unrealistic pandering or utterly lacking in agency

>> No.12720776

>I will define science fiction, first, by saying what sf is not. It cannot be defined as “a story (or novel or play) set in the future,” since there exists such a thing as space adventure, which is set in the future but is not sf: it is just that: adventures, fights and wars in the future in space involving super-advanced technology. Why, then, is it not science fiction? It would seem to be, and Doris Lessing (e.g.) supposes that it is. However, space adventure lacks the distinct new idea that is the essential ingredient. Also, there can be science fiction set in the present: the alternate world story or novel. So if we separate sf from the future and also from ultra-advanced technology, what then do we have that can be called sf?
>We have a fictitious world; that is the first step: it is a society that does not in fact exist, but is predicated on our known society; that is, our known society acts as a jumping-off point for it; the society advances out of our own in some way, perhaps orthogonally, as with the alternate world story or novel. It is our world dislocated by some kind of mental effort on the part of the author, our world transformed into that which it is not or not yet. This world must differ from the given in at least one way, and this one way must be sufficient to give rise to events that could not occur in our society—or in any known society present or past. There must be a coherent idea involved in this dislocation; that is, the dislocation must be a conceptual one, not merely a trivial or bizarre one—this is the essence of science fiction, the conceptual dislocation within the society so that as a result a new society is generated in the author’s mind, transferred to paper, and from paper it occurs as a convulsive shock in the reader’s mind, the shock of dysrecognition. He knows that it is not his actual world that he is reading about.
-Philip K. Dick
There are actually three more paragraphs beyond this

>> No.12720793

I wonder if any of the FBI guys who were paid to spy on Dick ended up becoming his fans.

>> No.12720814

Based and dickpilled

>> No.12720847

Why were FBI guys spying on Dick?

>> No.12721191

I'll be going to grab some books on Sunday, and I want a new series to suck my free time away, but I'm not sure what to start or pick. I'm familiar with the chart and am getting more open to starting a more modern or promising upcoming series. I'll take just about anything really as long as it leaves me thirsting for more without being a cocktease with one book. Though I lean more towards Fantasy and really need to start diving into Sci-fi. Worse comes to worse I'll try starting The Black Company and Dresden Files.

>> No.12721200

>suck my free time away
>thirsting for more
I think the only books you need to read are those written by Freud.

>> No.12721239

This word gets misused a lot but I think this is actually projection

>> No.12721247

Goddamn that's funny, I didn't even realize that. Maybe I should take a cold shower and read a Calculus textbook or something.

>> No.12721267

>he doesn't get a boner from integration

>> No.12721377


>> No.12721383

His wife was a commie

>> No.12721518

>reading farseer
>just started book 3
>stumble across spoilers that molly cucks fiz with burrich
I havent't even be able to keep reading since, I can't take misery like this. Everything since halfway through royal assassin when verity leaves has just be dogpiling me with dread and this is the last straw. Tell me there is at least something to look forward to in this poor lad's life or I don't think I will be able to continue.

yes I know it only gets worse as it goes on and that nighteyes dies in the next book but please

>> No.12721591

>reading hobb
>saying she is better than breeks

>> No.12721647

does anyone know what the hell is happening in the black company? i cant keep track of who is on who's side and where anyone is. im about halfway through the first book
are they under contract with the lady? who's the Limper? and what is the ten who were taken? who the hell is fighting who here? they're in the north and sort of just traveling and fighting is all ive gathered
of someone can explain this i'd be grateful

>> No.12721682

Well I would rather experience a series first hand and form my own opinion rather than never give something a chance because of what someone on the internet says. I just don't handle this misery porn stuff very well where nothing good ever happens.

Don't really have any idea what you mean with that second thing.

>> No.12721700


>> No.12721712

Read And Find Out

>> No.12722123

Fantasy is trash either read some old fantasy novels or move on to SF

>> No.12722133

I could only ever read a few Sanderson books. I tried reading his newer ones but they're the same shit as before and I dropped them. He hasn't improved at all. Why is he shilled?

>> No.12722138

dying earth.

>> No.12722400


>> No.12722472

Which fantasy writer writes the best fight scenes / battle sequences?

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