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Can we get a list of incel writters?
loser in pic related lost his vcard at 35

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Incel is a plebbit buzzword. We don't judge writers by that metric here.

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he married with a big titty jewess, though.

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where is the supreme gentleman Kerkegor???

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lol, i do you fucking queer. go jerk off some more and cry about women being whores you god damned manlet. face up to who you are and stop projecting your anal stream at women you god fucking nigger eating coward. grow up.

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I hear the author of my diary desu is one

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>Goethe wrote that he had the feeling that all his life he had been aspiring to qualify as one of the Hypsistarians, an ancient Jewish-pagan sect of the Black Sea region who, in his understanding, sought to reverence, as being close to the Godhead, what came to their knowledge of the best and most perfect.

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how insightful of you to post, thanks tony robbins

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Borges would be shitposting in /pol/ and /r9k/ today

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no, i am, but in lit

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>During Goethe's stay in Strasburg he conceived what he imagined to be an imperishable affection for Frederike, the daughter of a village parson, a simple and worthy man... Frederike was but sixteen years of age, tall and slight, with fair hair and blue eyes, and she seems to have fallen headlong in love with Goethe, who was then only twenty-one. He addressed a number of songs to her, ten of which are found in the collection of his works. He devoted to her much of the time which he should have given to his studies, and in the winter neither storm nor cold nor darkness could keep him from riding over to the village, though twenty miles away. But when, after taking his degree, the time approached for leaving Strasburg, he felt that his love was merely a dream, that it could have no serious termination. Frederike endeavored to treat the matter in the same light, and it was only in her letters that she afterward betrayed the depth and reality of her passion.

>Passing by other attachments, we come to his lifelong devotion to Charlotte von Stein, a lady of the court at Weimar, wife of the master of the horse, thirty-three years of age and the mother of seven children. With all these drawbacks, Goethe's affection was undoubtedly sincere, and at the same time perfectly innocent. His letters to her extend over a period of fifty years; he called her by the most endearing epithets; and for years he made her acquainted with his every action and almost with his every thought. Most of his writings at this time were for the dramatic entertainment of the court, including a series of masks or ballets for the birthday of the grand-duchess Louise, two melodramas and several operettas. But his relations with Frau von Stein, though harmless, became every year more full of danger, and it was partly to escape from this influence that Goethe undertook his journey to Italy.

>While wandering aimlessly in one of the parks near Rome, Goethe was accosted by a young girl, named Christiane Vulpius, who presented him with a petition in favor of her brother. She was a comely damsel, with golden curling locks, rosy cheeks, laughing eyes and a neatly rounded figure. The poet took her to his home, and she became his wife in conscience and the mother of his children, though he did not marry her until 1806, when the terrors of the French occupation made him anxious for his eldest son. She had little education, and he could not take her into society; but she was a good and loving wife, and her quick mother-wit fitted her for an intellectual companion. To these days of his early wedded life belong the Roman elegies, which, though Italian in form, in color and sensuality, were written in German from home experiences.

Unlikely it was 35, milf Stein and him probably hooked up and that's why he went to Rome, even if he says otherwise in his autobiography. Still, hardly an incel.

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>cry about women being whores you god damned manlet
I don't, though? I like women. Stop projecting like a faggot.

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Weininger is an easy answer.

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Have you read Werther? He couldn't get near Charlotte, and he poured out his incel thoughts into a suicide fantasy that propelled him into fame, on the backs of other incels that took the book as an instruction manual.

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Have you read Wilhelm Meister, also a blatant self-insert, and the guy's a fucking chad
Have you read the roman elegies, which are literally all about fucking thots?

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Yeats and Larkin

Both got some when they were older but the incel experiences of their youth dominate their writings.

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that's an awful lot of projection going on there anon

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And had sex with her once because she forced him to and then never again

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Werther is fiction. He knew someone who committed suicide over love and he himself was still getting over Frederike. I don’t think he knew Charlotte yet.

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Nice to see a literate post /lit/ senpai

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Why are you LARPing as a redditor?

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Pressed up against your face.

Don’t worry, I’m the same person.

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t. roastie

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What the fuck are you gabbiling on about

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I remember him saying that if you didn't experience at least some of the things Werther did, then you haven't really lived at all.

Just to throw this one in while we're throwing things in the round

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Isaac Newton supposedly never got funky, though he maybe doesn't count as a "writer", since all his work is nonfiction.

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silly cunt.
>both got some etc
>falling for le literary incel meme (tm)
have you any idea of how much pussy both of those men scored?
don't make such a daft display of yourself in public.

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>being this dyslexic
Yes they got laid. When they were older. And spent the rest of their literary careers writing about how they didn't get any when they were younger.
If you'd read any of their work you might know this.

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>believing anything and everything you read
what part of meme do you not understand?

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Guys, should I give up my virginity?

I've been holding onto it and I'm a second year college student. I believe in the sexual abstinence meme and I have noticed how exponentially my studies have improved, but I do wonder what it would be like to lose virginity.

I'm definitely a volcel because I've had girls come up to me and I got over 70 matches on Tinder in my first two days, so please advise /lit/

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You have to braindead not to realize how autobiographical Larkin's poetry is.

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Right, so Dubya Bee writing about pining over Maude Gonne means he wasn't busy pounding other womyn in the meantime?
Don't be naive.

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All women are whores

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Didn't get laid till he was 31 so no.

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you believe that?
silly lad.

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Prove otherwise ya dumb faggot.

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That would make him a volcel though.

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>(((Harold Bloom)))

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kys any time

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no u

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Why should I listen to someone who's always been a spectator, and never creator? The greatest creator, Nikola Tesla, practice sexual abstinence

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why should iconoclasts polshitting on /lit/ icons go on breathing

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>astonishingly delayed
tfw even papa bloom is repulsed by incels

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This boy

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Don't do it. It's not worth it. Don't ruin your dignity for thirty minutes of temporary pleasure that will undoubtedly fade.

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Don't fall for the girlfriend meme. Only sleep with a woman you would be confortable marrying.

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Petrarch is another incel essential.
Spent his whole life waifuing a woman that barely acknowledged his existence and that was getting plowed by the local Chad.

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Don't know about petrarch but a good deal of Dante's early poetry is about wooing girls (about the actual dynamic of courtship). He later had to retcon it into allegorical poetry but he's fooling nobody.

But for both poets this was mostly poetic and/or spiritual love. Dante was also married with children (though it was political marriage).

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Holy based.... I want more!

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Imagine getting world-famous in this day and age. If people are talking about you 500 years in the future you can be DAMN SURE technology exists to find every fucking trace of what you've ever done here no matter how well you currently think you're protecting yourself. It's fucking scary

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still counts

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just write fanfic rumors about yourself on twitter, some meme-newspaper will pick them up and publish them when they see them on twitter, and once something has been published it's official, then you can add it to your wikipedia page

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Lol, he was more like volcel... He was just above the base lusts of body.

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I think it had to be more then once tho. She evne called him "satisfying as a lover"... but she basically had to make him every time lol.

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Petrarch is certainly incel, don't know what other anon was getting at with Dante who is more on the chad side of anything.

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>"satisfying as a lover"
never expected to see that face >>12695815 and that phrase together

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I WILL say the name of his cat!

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This makes me like Dante even more. The chad personality plus refined aesthetic and sensibility. Probably a excellent panty-dropping combo aswell.

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>he thought wilhelm was a chad, not a loser
Read it again

>/lit/ senpai
samefag and cringe

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*honk* *honk*

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was nietzsche an incel?

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Could he just walk into synagogue and pick any girl?

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Did he even liked girls?

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Didnt he write to girl about hating her when she was around him and being sad when she was away?

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Kierkegaard is the prime example of a volcel, with how hard Regina threw her pussy at him.

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Pair bonding deterioration is more pronounced in wamen but it’ll happen to you too. There’s no point in peepee feel good time if you’re not forging intimacy.
Going from incel to (genuinely) volcel was a huge eye-opener for me. It’s hilarious that now that I could pick up some thot with relative ease, I have no desire to.

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No one wants to hire an incel for work anon - do you want to be known as the 30 yo virgin at work?

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thanks, I was searching for this but I could not find it anywhere

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this but unironically

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unironic question
is there a word for this kind of mindset? For the the whole incel/PUA/'dude bro I'm gonna SCORE' type of thinking. It all seems like it's the same manner of thought
there has to be a word for this right? like a teleology purely based around sex? something more specific than 'hedonism', with a bit more of a negative connotation than 'sensualism'?
does such a word exist?

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How have your studies improved? I'm not seeing a baseline or control because you've never had sex and nothing has changed except your personal insistence on not doing something that wasn't happening in the first place.

The fact that you're posting and obviously thinking about sex probably means that having sex isn't going to be some radical landmark or turning point for you. Sex is an important part of intimacy in a relationship no doubt, but if you view your perfect storybook relationship as an absolute requirement for it then you might very well pollute both. You're valuing sex very highly for something you haven't even experienced, and if the act or your partner end up falling short of expectations, I can't imagine that going emotionally well given the stock you put into it.

Alternately, the fact that sex weighs heavily on your mind means that if you're trying to find some relationship breakpoint before having sex, then you might very well ignore major red flags or move too fast because there's something desirable at the end waiting for you.

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Walt Whitman

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Uhhm. No.

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Modern-day Goethe right here

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This. Literally a god.

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>ahhh yes i do consider myself part of the noble race of men known as volcels
>*opens tinder*
>never will i touch a women would it interfere with my studies
>*sets location radius to 100 miles*
>you see, woman is but a distraction from probing the deepest mysteries of life
>*furiously swipes right over 70 times*
>it may be a difficult life to live without appeasing the fairer sex, but it is a burden i must bear
>*phone vibrates nonstop as texts pour in*
>sigh, a difficult life indeed

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Nah. Boy, what you are is a goddamn faggot. You came on /lit/ to brag about how many fucking Tinder matches you got, and that you've "had girls come up to you." What the fuck does that even mean? Women "come up to me" all the time at my job, to ask me where the fucking bathroom is or if they should buy this fucking stupid toy for their dog. Tell me, you worthless and concussed attention whoring mongoloid, what was the point of this post other than to get people to say "WOW bro what a good fucking job being so goddamn good looking"? I better be getting trolled here.

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Dante's marriage was contracted by his parents, but he was really in love with a woman named Beatrice who he met once when he was 9 and dedicated The Divine Comedy too

seems autistically incel in a romantic kind of way

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> though he maybe doesn't count as a "writer", since all his work is nonfiction


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>hey anon, do you have the notes for class on tuesday?
>i beg your pardon madam, but i have chosen the life of voluntary abstinence
>ummm, ok anon but i was really just asking if you had the class notes
>please, despite your overwhelming lust for me, i cannot succumb to these advances, flattered though i am
>anon, stop, you're creeping me out
>ugh, never talk to me again
>*sobs* the impertinence of modern females!

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You are the one who needs to be older, not he

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We do but its not because we're shaming them for not having sex. We are shaming them for wanting to have sex. /lit/ is a Volcel board.

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>How have your studies improved?
My memory is considerbably better and I've noticed this in how fast i can memorize lists and retain them for longer. My friends express their surprise at how much my memory has improved (althought it's always been fairly good). Also, professors have told me they've noticed how much I've improved, even though i was already a strong student before.

Granted, I haven't had sex, but I no longer pursue girls or parties and thus no more makeouts or blowjobs.

> you might very well ignore major red flags or move too fast because there's something desirable at the end waiting for you.
what do you mean by this anon?

no bully anon pls

I was just clarifying i'm not a coping ugly incel doofus and I meant that girls come up and hit on me at bars and parties (aka I'm not repulsive)

based and redpilled

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he was literally the complete opposite of an incel

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why the fuck would you bother saving yourself these days? pretty much impossible to find a virgin girl unless you groom a 13 year old or covert to mormonism

>> No.12706304

>I got over 70 matches on Tinder in my first two days
I've gone months and about 2 matches that weren't bots

>> No.12706609

he was busy banging boipoucci

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Have you considered that the degree of degeneracy of women today is a relatively recent phenomena?
They couldn't have abortions and didn't have condoms back then my insecure incel friend.

>> No.12706652

didn't Salome let him put it in her ass as a joke?

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Retard, he's doing it for ascension - not some epic Christian meme

Cry harder incel

>> No.12707316

lmao "we"
shutup incel. you are not amongst us.

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unironically based

>> No.12707339

Very little is known of the real Beatrice, and half the time Dante use her as a figure of divine inspiration, like a spiritual guide and allegory at the same time. So hard to parse how much of it is love and how much poetic reappropriation. Like how he says he met her at 9 and then at 18 and then he died. The number 9 is obivously symbolic here (3, the number of the Holy Trinity, multiplied by itself). Dante was very autistic about this kind of symbol.

And you can't really be an incel when you're married with children, political marriage or not.

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huh, thats a mistery

>> No.12707350

*she died

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will my art be affected if i want to become a fuccboi?

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Not worth it, anon.
30 minutes of pleasure <<<<< virtue

>> No.12707519

I’m glad you’re being optimistic anon I am, but you need to accept reality and just go out and take advantage of them acting that way
t. Frat star

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Those are both pretty old technologies so try again.

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What on god's green earth was the creator of this meme trying to express? Is any of this rooted in actual comments by Nietzsche. Especially the part about black people. If someone knows more than me , please share your knowledge.

>> No.12707750

it's not a "meme", it's a quote from his letters

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File: 81 KB, 500x438, the-individual-has-always-had-to-struggle-to-keep-from-42319628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it isn't. Reverse image search brings up the original format, which was stolen from this. Searching the text brings up nothing.

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You seem much more insecure than him

>> No.12708322

gynocentric model of the cosmos

>> No.12708454

>probably virginal Keats

Hard hitting academic analysis there Bloom my man

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not true, I found a 21 y/o female virgin. She's really sweet, but also somewhat emotionally stunted cause her father left when she was 9. Regardless of this fact, shes still very independent and (unlike myself) she works part time as she persues her degree.

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>tfw already mormon but haven't found my virgin yet

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