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so here's the thing,

I've read Hidden Colors, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, and the Sea of Fertility

I liked all of them, especially Sea of Fertility, but to be blunt there are other writers I want to read

What do /lit/?

also general Mishima thread because he's awesome

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What kind of books are you looking for?

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read other writers, come back later

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OP if you like Mishima you should try Gabriele D'Annunzio

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The Bible.

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Hi Pewds

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I loaned sailor to grandma while drunk. How she gonna react anons?

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Why are there so few /fit/ authors?
Also have you read sun and steel OP?

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You broke the aesthetic combo you fucking retard. I hate people who do this.

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>Why are there so few /fit/ authors?
people use the fact they're smart as an excuse to not lift
>oh why should I care about my body considering my brain is my best feature

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This, christianity is to blame here for appropiating intellectualism.

Aesthetic /fitlit/ greek philosophy style when

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I read The sound of waves and liked it a lot.

I wanna read the sailor who fell from grace with the sea next

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I finished Confessions of a Mask today. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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so here's the thing? fuck you, asshole.

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How fappable is it?

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Nick, is that you?

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Can anyone recommend where to get an English edition of Sun and Steel that isn't a fucking billion dollars (I'm guessing it's out of print)? I got an old library copy and read it but I want my own copy now for future rereadings.

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only place I’ve been able to find it

No idea why it’s so fucking expensive


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you can buy it for about a hundred dollars but I'm not sure if that's ok since you over exaggerated the price like a teenage girl, it's out of print but can be found for free online

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>I wanna read the sailor who fell from grace with the sea next
way more grim than "waves", enjoy!

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