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/lit/ has been completely overrun by /pol/tards who seek to derail discourse via numbers and anti-discursive shitposting. This is NOT POLITICS, Nazism and fascism are not valid ideologies but the result of absolute mental sickness. Actual conservatives who want to discuss and debate are welcome here, as is anyone who wants to legitimately and honestly discuss /lit/ topics, but these Nazi /pol/tards are actively trying to destroy any constructive discourse. The mods do nothing, they let /pol/tard trolls do whatever they want, it's almost impossible to be banned unless it's outright illegal.

Is /lit/ even salvagable at this point? Is 4chan completely lost, any shred of value destroyed by weaponized hatred and despair? If so, where are decent places on the internet for true free intellectual discourse that isn't infested with fucking hyper-political dumbassery?

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We need to split. Prole lit and bouge lit. Solves literally all problems.

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We always hated niggers, newfag plebbitor.

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>Nazism and fascism are not valid ideologies
I'm not adherent of either, but those are certainly valid ideologies and we had Evola and Spengler spam before you got your first pubes, let alone discovered this epic frog meme site.

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4chan in general is lost. I only come here for the occasional laugh. It was a good social experiment to learn that the markeplace of ideas fails against people who are only using it as a platform though. At least I see more people awakening to fascist strats than I used to tho.

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4chan is /pol/ sorry. I suggesr you go to other websites more suited for your needs

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>Is /lit/ even salvagable at this point?
sorry that educated people have different opinions than you on the value of syndicalism

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All that needs to be done is to enforce the existing rules. The moderators have failed us, and the owners of 4chan have failed us.

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they're not valid philosophies because theyre absolute mysticist garbage. the literal equivalent of zodiac signs and horoscopes.

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>high school dropouts browsing pol and wikipedia 12 hours a day
>educated people

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if you're losing arguments to people you think are retarded it's time to reconsider your views

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It isn't a matter of "opinion," psychopathology isn't an "opinion."

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That's not even 4chan you gay nigger. That's cripple chan

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>you disagree with me so you're mentally ill
Truly sophisticated approach

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These /pol/have no argument, they just troll, derail, and spam, which is against the rules.

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The arguments about race differences and Jewish influence, if that's what you're talking about, are perfectly valid.

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SIEG heil Hitler
reddit RAUS

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I came back to /lit/ recently after leaving in 2014 because its a shithole. Absolutely nothing has changed since then. I'm almost certainly one of the people you're describing. Too bad. Deal with it faggot.

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i'm far more educated and knowledgable than you are

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>Absolutely nothing has changed since then.
Well, yeah, you're still an autistic retard 5 years later.

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>i hate bait threads
>better make another one

Literally just go to reddit they agree fully on your opinion of what is "valid ideology"

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>deriving normative from descriptive

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Christ, you are really dedicated to the joke

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The descriptive is implicit in all normative statements, fucking tadpole brainlet.

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Fascism is not an ideology, it is a phenomena.

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That doesn't resolve the problem in any way, angry polyp boy.

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literally the accusation every polack uses

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God I fucking hate this board now. Holy shit we need more than 1 janny to remove political threads and bait threads (like this). This thread is designed to stir up more shit just like /pol/ does as well. Making threads like these is just pissing into a huge ocean of piss. This just makes it a bit worse. Is it that fucking hard to go to /pol/ if you want to discuss politics? It's bad enough making political threads on slow boards like this because they stay up for days and janny won't bother to remove them. There are probably 100 users who regularly use this board. Half want to discuss literature and philosophy the other half just wants to fling shit at each other destroying all discussion and this board.

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you didnt even address the post in the first place

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Anon, I really admire you but sadly your cause is in vain. The change you desire will not happen. They have truly invaded, and live here now. They outnumber us too, clearly seen by the hate posts like yours and mine receive whenever left here. I plan to flee this place sometime soon, and should have done so long ago. I guess the change was somewhat gradual, and by the time we reached today I didn't realize how drastic it really was because they made sure to creep in here slowly and not all at once. Mods will probably delete your thread too because "no meta" policy. But whatever happens I love you fren, don't fall into the toxicity they have made a bed in for themselves.

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>shitting on mysticism
>implying you can see anything

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People who probably worship FDR ranting about “fascism” always brings the comedy. BTW, the cross eyed retards who complain endlessly about political nonsense being injected into debates constantly fail to notice that that sort of objection is itself a political objection. But of course, what worries them is the prevalence of OTHER opinions, as if they would complain if lit became filled to the brim with subhuman communists tomorrow.

All in all, fuck off.

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I would love to know what ideologies you prefer

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>Hurr this is a political board because I say so and I'm too lazy to go to /pol/ to discuss politics

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and aristo lit

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i think i speak for everyone when i say, shut up

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OP here, the responses to this thread by /pol/tards proves my message, but how much proof do you fucking need?

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And your inability to reply to any of the posts proves that you should indeed abandon this board for somewhere better suited to your approach to discussion, ie. somewhere that doesn't allow people to disagree with you.

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There's nothing to reply to, no argument made. Go back to /pol/ you fucking pseud.

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You mean you proved your message by making a completely shit thread yourself and contributing to the shitposting you claim to hate?

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>oh no no no complaining about my mental diarrhea is just as bad as me smearing it all over your board!
Fuck off and drink bleach, spastic faggot. When tankies were here they had the decency to stay in their dedicated containment general and come out only to actually discuss literature, and I mean actually discuss it not "books for the feel when you are redpilled and hate kikeniggers"-discuss it. Jesus, even fucking stormfaggots of /n/ and early /pol/ days brought comparatively decent and engaged discussion. Now it's just you and your gamergate-election rebbitesque basepilled double digit IQ fagtrons that think memorizing the words "refute" and "dichotomy" and injecting them in between Facebook-tier infographics and utterly incoherent autism puts them just a jot below Plato and saying "nigger" on 4chan of all places basically makes them the Prince himself. Fucking worthless cockgobbling mongrels, you are literally rebbitors in every sensibilty except for choice of ideology. Circlejerking, (ourguy/ourthing)-groupthink-approval, cringe-based up/downvoting. cookie cutter positions, endless pseudery and ignorance, commiting 10 logical mistakes in a 5 word sentence, while tipping your fedora at "facts(c)" and "logic(c)" - you're the same fucking species to the t. Fucking cancer of the balls. Get it. All of you. And fuck off my formerly comfy board.

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The purpose of the thread is to expose the problem you idiot. Go back to /pol/ you fucking NPC.

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The argument is that fascism is just as valid as any other ideology, the only attempt to respond to this has been a lame effort to paint the entire thing as mental illness

Just face it you guys are dogshit at debate, it's why every single non-censored platform ends up right wing

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Your home is a board with frequent propaganda from third parties. It's incredible how you can't see that your opinions are formed from targeted misinformation and retarded meme-based discourse.

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Not every board needs to stay political you utter faggot. /pol/ is made to be political /lit/ is not. Nobody cares if "le uncensored places become right wing" this isn't a political board.

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>The argument is that fascism is just as valid as any other ideology

Nobody but actual psychotic fascists can possibly believe this, it isn't a matter of "argument," just go to fucking /pol/ where you came from and look around. However because you are mentally ill, specifically a psychopath, you're clueless to what basic emotional sanity is - this is the true source of your stupidity, ignorance is a mere lack of knowledge but foolishness is a self-stupidity, a lack of self-awareness that comes from cowardice.

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No, you fuck off baizuo. 'Actual conservatives' who aren't at least sympathetic to reactionary fascism by now are actually cucks who will never conserve anything.

If you aren't the enemy, then realize there is no honour in being eminently agreeable and principled as your people are replaced and your ancestor's legacy is surrendered to foreigners.

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>every single non-censored platform ends up right wing
>meanwhile every topical board has been telling poltards to fuck off for almost 10 years now

>> No.12525135

You don't know what my opinions are, and I havent gone on pol since 2016 when it became entirely spam

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>Posts memes straight out of /pol/
>Thinks he made a point.
Fucking LOL.

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Please state why fascism is the result of mental illness and Marxist socialism(or whatever) is not

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>Muh whataboutism

Fucking /pol/tard botbois.

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Again, all I see is really you screeching pol at everything like they would screech about the jews

>> No.12525158

Life is political moron. If you want to avoid politics go to /ck/ or something.

>> No.12525160

Nice reddit word, but the burden is on you to explain why fascism is the result of mental illness, in contrast to other ideologies, you can pick whichever political ideology you believe is not caused by psychosis for your example. This is how a conversation works

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>complaining about genocidal people is just as bad as agitating for genocide!!1
Bravo kinolan.

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I did write some words, the meme was just garnish. If you have a counter-argument then make it faggot.

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>Is /lit/ even salvagable at this point?


>> No.12525172

>I make every single moment of my life about politics and drag them into every discussion.
Ah people like you are the ones that killed video games, movies, and 4chan whether it's left or right. Everything has to be about fucking politics
>inb4 ur a centrist
no I just don't drag politics everywhere I go.

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I agree /pol/ is our current cancer, that said I don't mind sharing the board with extremists of whatever side, but the biggest issue for me is how we have way too much people into pseuds.
Peterson posting, Ben Stiller fans, etc.

I miss the board when it was mostly IJ shilling, Pynchon posting, read the greeks, and at most the resident right winger in the making (considering the board was mostly left) would ask about reading things like Evola.

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I must have missed the news when a bunch of neckbeards set up a concentration camp

>> No.12525186

I really don't care about you, it was more of a directed comment towards the absurd idea that simply because a board is free of censorship that it wont be co-opted by third parties with an agenda. Small minded people come to these websites expecting some sort of enlightenment though free speech while the reality is that computers have made the propagation of fringe ideas by a small population more possible than ever. People will use whatever tools are available to them, especially when society at large views them as detestable.

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At some point you have to learn to live with it. Making a stink like this just encourages them even more. In a year or two it'll probably be some other group. Remember Christposters?

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> We came to realize that the Holocaust did not happen
Aaaand dropped

>> No.12525194

>promoting mass murder is okay as long as you don't do it yourself

>> No.12525196


I am not a nazi nor a fascist, but I have no problem with debating people with those ideologies. I agree that there is a problem of people derailing discussion of books into political discussion sometimes, and that there are several threads who are clearly political bait, but you have the freedom of not posting there and make your own, better threads. Also I do not understand how you can refuse discussing by dismissing them as "the result of absolute mental sickness" on a board that has a section for pony cartoons porn. What the fuck did you expect, precisely, in terms of mental health?
Also, this place is the only one I can think of that has actualized the notion of "freedom of speech". Nobody is important, everyone can say whatever the fuck they like. This is what being free of saying whatever you want looks like. It may not be beautiful, but at least it was not spoonfed to you from some plutocrat living in a fucking mansion.

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> not valid philosophies
Take your gatekeeping and stick it up your faggot ass rear end. Fascism, liberalism, nazism, communism, all that jazz draw from the same humanistic principles. They have, deep down, the same dogmas about the concept of Man.
Your shtick is just the flailing of a little fucktard, most likely enrolled in an expensive college, indebted, and trying to vent their anger of missing their last semester out on this sledge pulling Inuit igloo gathering.

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Then you shouldnt have addressed me. As for your conspiracy theory you should consider that your ideas just suck and can't hold up to scrutiny

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Exactly this. Free speech isn't letting assholes shit all over everything and derail conversation, that's a subversion of free speech. The solution? Contain the assholes to /pol/ and /b/, ban them from anywhere else. In other words enforce the damn rules 4chan already has.

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/lit/ is a leftist board. If you're not a leftist then get the fuck out. I'm not talking about American "democrat leftist" either because Americans are fucking retarded.

>> No.12525217

2020 elections are coming up. Either the board will be cleared of clutter or more redditards and /pol/tards come to this board.

>> No.12525218

>gaggle of morons is muh freedom of speech
>at least you're not conversing with someone relatively educated
Proles should be prohibited from using interent tbqhwyf.

>> No.12525219

>free speech is explicitly censoring some ideas
You guys are a constant laugh

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There are storm-front websites which actively browse /pol/ to post and populate threads concerning their ideals lmao.

>> No.12525223

> Contain the assholes to /pol/ and /b/, ban them from anywhere else. In other words enforce the damn rules 4chan already has.
>implying all of 4chan isn't a /pol/ territory at this point
Just go to /v/ or /tv/ and see for yoursefl. The only one who ought to be contained is you, little redditor.

>> No.12525224

>makes thread to complain about offtopic
>that thread is offtopic
And this is exactly why every single leftist needs to be lined up and shot, then quick cremated with napalm and erased from all records. The fucking gall.

>> No.12525228

Christ you're a drama queen huh. No I don't make everything about politics, but life is inherently political even if it's not always explicit.

The people who do the political brow-beating in mainstream media are the left and anti-whites. Don't act like there's some kind of equivalence.

>> No.12525230

Yeah and there are other websites shilling other stuff, what's your point? It's still a platform where anybody can speak their mind

>> No.12525231

>Nazi pseuds
Pound, Eliot, Lawrence and Lewis might have been pseuds but they wrote beautiful prose and "translations" all the same.

>> No.12525232

Hey, Anon, and all literary-minded lurkers that have to take aspirin to browse the average thread on /lit/ now. Just wait. 4chan saw a rapid influx or users because /pol/ was assigned blame/credit for the 2018 US election. The peak is continuing to wane. If you're like me, you have browsed /lit/ for a couple years and in the past 3 years post quality has deteriorated and general knowledge of posters has moved from: "What did this passage mean?" to "What am I in for?" Give it 5 months, by the summer all of the NYE, /pol/ posters, and anyone else who are not extremists in the literary sense (i.e. reading is a main passion for them) will fade away. Quality will improve and speed of posting will decline. Patience.


>> No.12525234

No, it's ensuring topical discussion finds its way where it belong.

>> No.12525241

Lawrence wasn't a pseud

>> No.12525244

>complaining about my shit is bad! shoot em!

>> No.12525245

2016*, jesus i need sleep

>> No.12525248

>And this is exactly why every single leftist needs to be lined up and shot

Remember folks, /pol/tardation s is totally not mental illness.

>> No.12525249

4chan is not free speech. There's circle jerking where arguments of opposition don't see the light of day because everyone just calls them a shill or posts le happy merchant. It's an echo chamber where social polarization thrives.

>> No.12525254

gives me hope to see posts like this

>> No.12525255

>My girly porn is art
Fucking pseud

>> No.12525256

> Wants to rebuke an accusation about nazis being pseuds
> Doesn't cite Heidegger as an example
The lack of philosophical culture on this board is appalling.

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Okay, wheres the example of other sites actively using 4chan as a propaganda board?

>> No.12525262

I hope you are right :) But then again we have another U.S. election coming up, and we know what that means for discourse all over the internet.

>> No.12525264

And retards like you don't have positions of power. So what do you do? Oh you just inject politics into any discussion even if it's on a topic specific board like /lit/

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>created beautiful anything

>> No.12525269


>> No.12525276

That's what they said when we had 10 Kermit threads an hour in 2016.

>> No.12525281

Nothing is really 'free speech' it doesn't exist. I still fail to see how you think banning some ideas more closely approximates the ideal

>> No.12525286

Heidegger was only a pseudonazi. You might as well count Wodehouse as a Nazi. Hell, Heidi got more Jews out than Plum did.

>> No.12525288

go away 2016 newfaggot
moot should have kept /news/ deleted forever

>> No.12525289

You think so? I tend to see more religious conservatives than vocal leftists here.

>> No.12525292

this place has gone to the dogs. your hopes are misguided and there is no sign of /lit/ slowing down. see >>12525257

>> No.12525301

I'm not for banning ideas. What my point was is that off topic discussion should be purged and it doesn't matter what ideas it's supporting and that hivemind circle jerks aren't free speech

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Then fuck off to leftypol or reddit. You've got plenty of choices for that.
And besides that, we discuss leftist thinkers and authors here all the time. I often start Adorno, Lasch and Ellul threads here, even though i'm pretty far right wing myself and yes i know classifying Lasch as left wing isn't uncontroversial. I'd never go to /pol/ to do that

>> No.12525312

Politics are for low iq trench brains
Shoo shoo

>> No.12525314

They had to dub Ekland in this old traditional for the movie because even she wasn't up to the beauty of it in this age of anxiety

>> No.12525330

*libertarian hissing in the distance*

>> No.12525341

I'm not from /leftypol/ or Reddit. I just don't see how removing off topic posts and discussion is bad. Because there's a whole board dedicated to political discussion

>> No.12525349


>> No.12525356

You mean threads like this? Yeah.
You gotta face the fact that many things are politicized these days, especially literature. Politics will just prop up more often, whether it's in literature or televsion or video games. And 4chan hasn't changed much for the past decade, it's just that people can now complain to "go back to /pol/" whenever an edgy opinion comes along.

>> No.12525367

To be fair the american "left" has always been cancerous so its not crazy there are so many dissenters and this is an american website like it or not. If you want it to stop than figure out the final solution to the american problem... nigger faggot

>> No.12525370

>complains about political offtopic
>starts political offtopic
Again the fucking gall of leftists is why they all need to be shot. This behaviour is not human. There is no other alternative really, except maybe burning alive.

>> No.12525373

>many things are politicized
>these days
>4chan hasn't changed much for the past decade
>19 year old embryo dots the i's and crosses the t's
Absolute kek.

>> No.12525376

/pol/ has changed this site. It's caused a mass migration of edgy teens from reddit who just spew bullshit all day now and politicize everything.
I'm not OP retard

>> No.12525380

You still need to be lined up and shot just to drive home message that non-humans are not welcome here or anywhere.

>> No.12525384

>people who speak up against my behavior should be shot
OP had a point about mental illness.

>> No.12525386

A general thread where everyone can congregate and express their disdain for /pol/ crossposters is the same as /pol/ newfags spamming "what books should i read to epically pwn liberals?"

>> No.12525389
File: 27 KB, 625x626, 1538165109998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really don't. This is the most nakedly political bait thread I've seen on /lit/ in awhile and it's not born of a poltard... In fact most explicitly political threads here seem to be leftist, but I guess off-topic is ok in that case?

Oh well, keep trolling if you want. It won't accomplish anything.

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File: 125 KB, 800x888, normocalypse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12525391

Holy shit you are aggressive. Whats wrong bro? Has all the psyops on /pol/ turned your brain into nothing but mush?

>> No.12525392

>implying edgy humor has changed in 10 years
>doesnt even remember habbo raids
Edgy teens have always been the main demographic of reddit, you retard. Moot made this site when he was an edgy teen, for fuck's sake

>> No.12525402
File: 928 KB, 1280x825, bd07d92296c41f2c089fabd2349b304bca19cc0f145d676d9e2c6e4195bc9168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12525403

Habbo raids was harmless fun. Not literal braindead mutts who think someone that tells them to fuck off on 4chan is a paid soros shill and must be bombarded with cookie cutter meme images.

>> No.12525409

>there's still edgy humor so everything else is exactly the same
>look I've read an article about Habbo on Know Your Rebbit

>> No.12525412

You need to be shot because of your ínhumane psychotic behaviour where you complain of thing X and then do thing X yourselves. It's you who are mentally ill beyond repair.

Latter is on topic. This is not. Don't like it, fuck off.

>> No.12525416

>it is only the intellectually lost who ever argue

>> No.12525421

I love the discussion you add to this place
Fucking phoneposters
>>implying edgy humor has changed in 10 years
>>doesnt even remember habbo raids
There's a difference between edgy humor which I'm all for and schizophrenic boomers taking their nazi larps too seriously

>> No.12525426
File: 485 KB, 600x1078, 1548967709578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trannies, trannies I say

a word please if you would *TING TING TING* if you could halt your dilations for a mere moment please

>> No.12525429

You want anon to be lined up and shot like we are under the rule of some radical communist regime simply because you dont like his opinion.
Who is mentally ill beyond repair here?
Dont bother responding.

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