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Just dropped out of STEM to pursue a writing career among other projects. Did I fuck up?

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Writers are fuck ups. The more you fuck your life up, the more likely you are to succeed.

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you did good on dropping out of the stem meme but dont try to become a writer unless you have something that you want to write about and have talent

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Depends if 'struggle' and 'failure' scare you more than a life that doesn't revolve around writing

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Don't feel bad, OP. I was kicked out of my Uni for failing too many classes and now a writing career is my only choice.

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Yes, dropping out is retarded. Unless you're from the US, in which case
>Paying outrageous sums for college

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Probably, but that's how we roll here. Fuck-ups e'ry day. Why do you think so many writers are chronic alcoholics, or drop acid, or have crippling depression?

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STEM is a meme

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Everything is a meme.

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The very fact you had to reach out to this board for an answer on this tells me that you fucked up bud.

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digital-industrial capitalist production is going to a bad place, you might as well have some fun while living through the twilight of civilization and do something amusing with the time you have left in this particular system

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>twilight of civilization
Anon the sun's only mid-life, we've still got a few billion years to enjoy ourselves.

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>dropping stem
im writing my novel on vim when im at work making STEMlord $alary

thats the way to donit

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oh, and I'm sure those years will be filled with jouissance; they just won't come from a world where the STEM field exists

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>STEM field

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Why is /lit/ so anti stem? Just because you hate your compsci peers doesn't mean everything is shit.

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Yes, sir.

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OP here. I haven't really dropped out. Just hate all my "professors" and classes and I fantasize about dropping out. Graduation seems like a distant future. I want to kill myself. How do I deal with this?

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pressure to do stem combined with a passion for art

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what's wrong with acid?

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What's your major?

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computer engineering

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because society pushes it so incredibly hard and denigrates any attempt to deviate. if you choose anything to do with the arts you get endless shit from obnoxious cunts that are looking to validate their life choices.

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Get a load of this pseud.

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It's an improvement... But you're still a duck up

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I remember my freshman year in an applied mathematics degree. I lived on the 8th floor of a dorm and the entire 2nd semester I'd fantasize about jumping out the window and landing in the daycare below. College is a fucking wasteland for the soul.

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Have you thought about switching majors? What originally drew you in?

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>see stem dropout
>it's a ee, cs, ce major
STEM is fun, computers are not.

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Not all stem makes $$ and that's all that matters.

Mechanical engineering degrees get you big $$ and are easy compared to other shit. Stick with it unless you're doing something stupid like physics.

When you get a career you have money and time to read and write what you want.

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Depends what field but, yeah, probably. There is no such thing as a writing career. Even successful writers don't make money from writing. Writing as a full-time job is an incredibly recent concept that really didn't exist for the middle and working class until maybe after WWII. I think Poe was the first writer who tried to make an actual career out of it, and he only found extremely limited success despite being a genius.

And look, this isn't the 60s anymore. It's not even the 90s. You can't just do well at a good university and get a good job for working hard. Historically literature was a luxury for the aristocracy, and as we enter a global Gilded Age it will return to our elites as their exclusive cultural property. Except this time instead of French nobles who were conversant in Latin since the age of six writing to entertain their monarch, you'll be told that the height of culture comes from middlebrow sniveling Jews who have the gall to insist they are persecuted as they hoard the planet's wealth and destroy everything meaningful in your life.

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Only if you don't love writing

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can confirm, work 9-6 desk job
>get home a little before 7
>dinner, unwind from tedious day at work
>read for 30 minutes, lose focus, fatigue, open up 4chan, surf internet
>11:30pm, crawl into bed with book, look at phone until I fall asleep

hehe, i got it gud right guys

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Sounds like the life. Should I set a reminder to wake you up when you're 60 for you to realize you have done little with your life aside from working so hard you have little time for passion just to make a few ten thousand difference in salary over 40 years?

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>Did I fuck up?
drop out of STEM, you will regret it; don't drop out of STEM you will regret it; drop out or don't drop out of STEM, you will regret it either way.

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>work 12 hour shift
>get home and sleep
>do it again
>have entire day off
>then 2 12 hour night shifts
>then 4 days off
>also spend literally 1/4 of my time at work on paid breaks
Living the life while working the same amount as you lmao, and have plenty of time at work to read in breaks

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which college did you go to?

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writing is something you do once you've learned something else

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Washington State in Pullman. Its a shit school but I've talked to people at others and it sounds about the same. I'm probably just going to go to trade school and study whatever in my spare time.

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Chaste and breadpilled

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can confirm
>gf's brother soon has PhD in biology
>if he happens to get a leading position he'll cap out with a salary I got after 3 years of experience
>gf studies financial math masters
>her starting job will be way more than what i got after 3 years
I'm a mech eng
>not having options for homeoffice/ mobile work
>not even flexible workhours
i guess you're from the US and don't even get paid vacation

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>getting paid this summer to look at birds and trap small mammals
What the fuck are y'all even going to write about that'll benefit from sitting at a desk all day?

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No, of course not. Also, could you make that large? Also add some chicken nuggets.

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>getting paid poverty wages and living off my parents

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don't give enough of a shit about stem to view it as a non-uniform entity

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Don't feel bad anon. I spent four years working on two different comp sci degrees and now I'm in a passionless school IT job.
I'm gonna get my TEFL cert soon and basically invalidate those four years of education to try and get a job teaching English in an Asian country.

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Is Computer Engineering good? My plan right now is to get my degree, work and write my book on the side until it's done and I can get it published.

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Probably, but at least you’re not going to regret not pursuing your actual dream when you hit 40.

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>parents shouldn't help their children
Quintessentially American

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One of my friends paired it with EE and got a great job. Someone who worked under me paired it with EE and had a good job.

I've never met a flat out computer engineering guy. I understand them being the bridge between computer science and electrical engineering.

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Likely. But if you like writing and your "other projects", just go for it, faggot. /lit/ believes in you

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Literature is dead. Drop the vanity project and express yourself in film. It's not only way more financially promising, it's also the superior art.

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You mean you switched majors or dropped out entirely? If you switched majors that's fine. You can still pursue STEM as a back up. Just keep your GPA as high as possible, take a few pre requisites as electives (biology, gen chem, o chem, biochem, stats, physics) and if your writing career fails you can still write the DAT and/or MCAT and pursue medicine or denistry. Alternatively you could become a fag and go to law school. Good luck hope you get published bro.

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Holy fuck

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Hmm, I've never thought about it like that before. Is the complete dismissal of artistic expression within capitalism actually a boon instead of a detriment because of the suffering it induces?

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It's not unique to capitalism. Art is a luxury good in all societies.
That's one reason there's so little real art in mainstream entertainment.

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I hate STEM so much

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if you're forced into wage slavery anyways, is a STEM degree your best option?

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this tbph

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Are you retarded?

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