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Honestly this is better than Joyce

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Jesus Christ, it's fucking good

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rupi is SHAKING

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I'd read a full novel written by him. This is just leaving me in awe.

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My jaw just hit the floor

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Post more naive poetry

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somebody give this kid

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somebody give this kid a literary agent and an instagram immediately

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Just take a look inside my diary (desu)

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much less harmful than Joyce. certainly an improvement.

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It's unironically brilliant and thats the best part, it was by total accident.

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This but unironically.

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>misspelled his own name

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You can now imagine the tiger, after days, weeks, months, who knows what undetermined amount of time of trying and struggling to break that damm cage, losing the track of time, his teeth and claws hurting from battling the steel. The bars imprinted in its retina. Now, suddenly, for some reason, it broke. The tiger in shock stand there quiet for a second.
Maybe it was a mistake of his captor, maybe the lock loosened, broke, maybe the door was rusty... but the tiger did not care about the reason, his last struggle actually liberated him from captivity... his vision now providing a barless sky...
The tiger jumps out of the cage, he remembers what it feels to be free. He wants to run, he wants to go home. He runs like a madman losing his breath under a clear sky.
The tiger is out.

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That's a yes YES from me.

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As do all patricians.

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If you told me this was a Rupi poem I wouldn’t even second guess it

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All children are consummate poets

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>the capitals spell THY YEST
what is this prophet telling us?

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>Thy yest
>Thy jest
>Your jest
The tiger is not a joke.
He's out, but you jest.

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holy shit I started by considering the tiger and now I AM the tiger

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The symbolism was a bit too heavyhanded for my tastes.

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>the capital letters spell THY YEST
Thy Yest

The tigger, this n-word
He yeeted his cage
The tigger, this n-word
He yeeted his rage
The tigger if freed

Yeet, yeeted, yought, and yust
thy yeet, thy yest,
and just thy lust
yeet thy infinite yest
yes my son
yeet on my son
yeet thy infinite jest

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how can we be certain he actually wrote in upper case

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how can we be certain that he wrote it at all?

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The Lion
by Me, age 26

The Lion

ur mom lol
(ur gay) *~


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Because it says so on the page.

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I mean it made me laugh, so that's better than most poetry.

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based schizoanalysis

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Someone post that 'Haiku by a Robot'

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Is "Nael" a foreign name or one those trendy exotic names that young moms like to give?

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Most things are better than Joyce.

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Our best source is the original printing.

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The best writings of Joyce are his letters to Nora
Prove me wrong

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objectivism af

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how are these kids so good?

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does it really matter? all that matters is that the name "Nael" makes me want to want to wait around for this kid to come of age

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And another

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You deserve one more

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Without ironic memery, this is a million times more evocative than Rupi.
The use of capital letters reflecting the growing intensity of the situation, and the brilliant fact it reads literally and evokes exciting imagery and can also be interpreted metaphorically.

There is not one poem of hers that lives up to this.

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This is better

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It helps me imagine what kind of person "Nael" is.

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Anything is

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>that indented YES
Publishers really fucked up on the reprints by leaving it out, what a shame they failed to see it as a stroke of genius.

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frankly I dislike the indent. It's too much emphasis and throws off the rhythm I have in my head.

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Damn this one is strong

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this but unironically

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>he subvocalises
Jeez, no wonder the muscular poetic cadence of a literal child threw you off

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