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Why is it socially acceptable for millions of women to read these kind of books? I get it if its private and they touch themselves and keep it hidden, but they're very loud and public about it by the millions. Do they have any shame or self-awareness at all?

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all this incel assblast in one image lmao.
also it’s because women are overemotional.

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so much layered ironic meta-humour, inspid narrator, are - dare I say it - Na-BOH-kov???

For the others though - who aren't our charming and clearly satiric Swiftean o-p - why do you focus on this rot, are you really that insecure about your own reading? Why do you read anyway, as some sort of intellectual flex? To prove yourself to other people (!!?) [Mate in ...] Is that how you are choosing to live YOUR life? As a protracted adolescent F l E X. Jeezus boys. Here are the facts: we live in an era when Men Don't Read and Women Read Schlock. The majority of personajes en este mundo have always been 'half-wits', so what?

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More images like that?

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Make more of this right now

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because most of society isn't as prude and cucked by stereotypes as you are.

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most of this image must have been created while crying

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crying for the sake of society and not something sex related off course haha

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>someone made this picture

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same opinion as these fellas

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make more

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Western women are the most privileged and entitled creatures this world has ever seen. Men move mountains for them to have such a luxurious standard of living and opportunities to get ahead. But because women are mentally children and lack imagination or initiative, they spend it getting drunk, watching television and living out their whore fantasies. This isn't even a generalization. Go speak to women who "read" and it's without variation you'll find they're overwhelming concerned with consuming and promoting worthless word porn drivel.
Fuck women and fuck the omega-tier males that subsidize their continued existence.

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:( I thought this board wasn't like this

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thats why asian women exists anon

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now, this. this is based and MGTOWpilled.

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>Men move mountains for them
>t. someone who spends 12 hours a day consuming mountain dew and epic btfoing roasting on nazi frog forums
This will never NOT be funny.

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>would you feel so comfortable shamelessly flaunting you're masturbation habits, by the hundreds of thousands with great enthusiasm
Yes. I have been posting on 4chan for more than 10 years.

Also this >>12405728

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This site is for redpilled men only. You need to leave.

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Women are stupid shallow selfish narcissistic retards by nature, and society is filled with sycophantic men who want to worship women so badly that they forget their own ulterior motives (sex) and simply worship women for the sake of worshiping women. So you have women infinitely willing to be told they are perfect and special merely by existing, and infinite men willing to tell them they are perfect and everything they do and think and say is fascinating and heroic and they never have to do anything especially difficult to distinguish themselves or work toward long term goals and distinctions at all.

So women are basically bumbling around doing anything that feels good in the moment, picking up any shallow instant gratification media that a 12 year old could process and enjoy, because that's roughly when women's brains stopped developing thanks to men clapping like seals and refusing to criticize them any time they say some stupid embarrassing shit like "I'm a big book reader, I read Harry Potter as a 31yo!!!" It's nearly impossible for women to develop real personalities or inner selves as a result.

Adult life for men is mostly negative feedback or no feedback at all. Your happiness is your own problem. Distinction and recognition by society is your responsibility. Even basic sympathy for suffering is usually kept to a bare minimum, and too much reliance on it can fatally compromise you as a man by making you look like a passive weakling who relies on the handouts of others (read: a woman). This is all unfortunate, but it ensures that men have time alone, away from gratification and away from validation of what they currently "are," to think about what they might like to be, and about ways to reach that goal. It also ensures that men won't get any phony recognition along the way, such as condescending applause for reading Harry Potter. On the contrary, the threshold for men to be recognized is really high, because you aren't distinguishing yourself in a vacuum, you are distinguishing yourself in comparison with ALL the other men out there and all the men who came before you. This guarantees that every act worthy of distinction is truly unique or at least truly, unusually high quality. For most "middling" accomplishments, men receive only correspondingly mild payoffs, which sets up a nice hierarchy of achievement and potential that most men can instinctively feel they are a part of even if they can't articulate it consciously.

Women are robbed of access to this hierarchy. They are basically big children. Think of a totally spoiled brat kid. How likely is it that the kid will be a well-rounded virtuous adult? Same thing.

The really insidious thing is that recognition of this whole situation itself must take place within the situation, so even when people start to articulate this problem, pathetic sycophantic men and narcissistic women jump on them and say "You only think that because you aren't worthy of woman's perfection! Sour grapes!"

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Anonymity plays an important role anon.

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Found the roastie feelin' toastie
Working class men are extremely redpilled on the attitudes of pampered women
Don't project your gay shit on others

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Maybe if you all went out in the world you could cure your incelitis.

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>The really insidious thing is that recognition of this whole situation itself must take place within the situation, so even when people start to articulate this problem, pathetic sycophantic men and narcissistic women jump on them and say "You only think that because you aren't worthy of woman's perfection! Sour grapes!"

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>angry failures are angry
No way.

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t. doesn't know any women irl

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It's not just Americans who fall into this cultural decadence. It's the affluent Western world in general. Anglophones abroad and all the commonwealth countries have native populations that are identical to OPs image.

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Reverse image search gives no results. Op, you sad, sad man.
Also - it's their porn. Women need emotional connection to get off, which isn't provided by porn videos.
And don't equate people's behaviour on the internet and that IRL. I doubt that a larger part of the women who read such books would talk about them as eagerly as they'd talk about more normal literature. FWIW, truly popular erotica such as 50 Shades of Grey was shat on aggressively by the general populace.

>Working class men are extremely redpilled on the attitudes of pampered women
>but they also "move mountains for them"

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coping: the post

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toasty: the roast

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back to /r9k/, please

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>how do these whores dare to consume and promote such filth?
>spends the next 2 hours pulling himself off to interracial rimbang compilations

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Back to /r/eddit, please.

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>Y-y-you can't get laid. That's why you're a misogynist.
Fuck off with this low-effort character assassination attempt. I criticize women exactly because I've been with them long enough to observe and articulate their bad habits.
I'll reiterate
>go speak with women who "read"
I've done this. That's why I have my opinions. It's derived from the lived experiences of conscious beings who freely volunteer their shit-tier literary taste.
Go read >>12405264 for a laugh
Congratulations for baiting me.

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not just redditors don't hate women, anon. i know it's hard to believe.

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You know tons of dudes only media consumption is perverted pathetic pornography, right?
A lot of guys dont read at all. I'm not saying these women are better for reading I'm just saying being a bottom feeder isnt a condition exclusive to women.

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congratz on knowing some women you didn't like.
now please spew your self-pitying made up bullshit elsewhere.
>this isn't even a generlization
the lack of self-awareness is astounding.

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Asian women are just as materialistic and status oriented but at least their cultures historically promoted the family structure/ filial duty.
Now that counties like S. Korea and Japan have laid the way for high-status female workers, their society is disintrigating because women don't want to settle for a mate that earns less than them.

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to be fair, you could probably do this with most books on goodreads, and on top of that muchh of your criticism could easily be made as fairly against as men.
But yeah, women suck. Unfortunately, this kind of low-blow thing hurts our argument a little bit. I suggest fucking off

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I enjoyed this image

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We don’t expect much from them you know that

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This isn't /r9k/, you dumb bitch
You can't shame anyone into abandoning their positions here
No one is giving you a pussy pass on this so step up with an argument or stfu
The adults are talking

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This is some actual relief for you


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Not that guy, and i'm sure you recognize, like we all do, that women tend to have some disgusting habits, but so do we men (ours are just better).
I support your righteous crusade, but images like OP's are really just low form of anecdotal propaganda that hurt your argument in the long run.

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your initital post, with all of its fallacies, generalizations, plain clichees or myths disqualified you as an intellectual adult from the beginning. it's pure bullshit and you'd know it if you wouldn't just hang around either the stupidest women imaginable or weren't a hateful mongoloid with a giant confirmation bias.

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When a girl says she loves to read, she doesn't mean Tolstoy or Nabokov. She means books about cheating on your husband with Lucifer or getting raped by werewolves.

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Vulgarity is understood as a form of "liberation" to the modern woman. It's funny, they all say sex is divorced from all its historical significance and is just a physical act, but then also insist rape is the worst thing that can happen to someone. You can't have it both ways, if they believed what they force down the throats of others rape would be no big deal.

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When a man says he reads, he doesn't mean Tolstoy or Nabokov.
He means books about slaying muh evil orcs while fucking elf pussy or having lightsaber battles.

>> No.12406224

>physical acts can't have psychological consequences

hoooly shit

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Working class men keep develpoed society comfortably afloat. The lights are on and water is running. It's men who keep these essential services maintained so that effeminate and useless people can continue their pampered lives uninterrupted.
Their absence would throw our lives into complete anarchy so give them a bit more consideration before you dismiss them so easily.

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okay, now THIS is incel.

>> No.12406230

Not that guy, but... actually, I thought his posts were quite enlightened.

>> No.12406235

Kek female BTFO

>> No.12406239

>man highlights shitty behavior of women
>white knight betas and women start wigging out describing hypothetical male losers who can't get sex and saying 'MEN WATCH PORNO!!!' non sequitur

What's that Weininger quote about men being horny, but women being entirely psychologically grounded in sex and sex politics?

>> No.12406248

I like elf pussy and all, but Tolstoy is more entertaining. Why not have both desu?

>> No.12406249

I really don't think that porn analogy is a non-sequitur retard.

>> No.12406258

but the male loser isn't hypothetical, anon. it's the guy who made that picture in OP's post.

>> No.12406259

I really enjoy that kind of autistic fit, please make more pics like that OP

>> No.12406260

fuck all women and roastie apologists itt lol

>> No.12406265

Yeah, the non sequitur retard was the one with the porn analogy. What are you asking?

It's no more or less hypothetical than that you are a pathetic white knight who gives women $100 donations on Twitch. That is, as much as I bet it's probably near the mark, it's still technically hypothetical.

>> No.12406267

We are not apologists, we are just in advanced stages of cope.
We will all end up there until incel-hitler arrives to deliver us.

>> No.12406268

and why not read some porn, too?

>> No.12406271

You are so right. There isn't a single counter-argument ITT. Everyone knows the YA-tier and romance novels (read: girl porn) women support are indefensible. So they must make personal attacks on strawmen males to feel like they're doing something back. It's pathetic really.

>> No.12406276

an analogy is not a non sequitur by definition fucknut.

>> No.12406277

pointing out obvious butthurt womanhating isn't the same as being a pathetic cuck, anon.
but read the picture in OP's post and try to find one argument for it being not from some severly retarded person.

>> No.12406279

A non sequitur analogy is.

>> No.12406281

>completely failing to understand what you're replying to
Your ovaries are showing.

>> No.12406282

If you don't see how the analogy works maybe.
But that just makes you retarded tbf.

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>some people read crap
>going full elliot rodger on those people
you get called a retard.
simple as that.

>> No.12406293

I've literally never posted on reddit.
I got the term from a black guy on youtube.

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The point is that sure most women are vapid materialists but /r9k/ loves to imply most men are thoughtful, lofty patricians when in reality they're the board that's most full of frogposting pissbottle retards.
The majority of all people everywhere are slime that I would never associate myself with, but since I'm a genuinely good person it isn't difficult for me to surround myself with the small population of others that are quality people. If you can't escape the retards, it's because you're also one and the noble people can smell it on you a mile away.

>> No.12406296

>not even understanding what you wrote yourself
kill yourself.

>> No.12406299

This parralleism doesn't work because Tolstoy and Nabokov are both men. It's self-evident that at least one man read those works. That's more than you can say about women.

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this has to be bait.

>> No.12406311

That's not phonespacing, retard.
Tbf is a 4chan thing desu

>> No.12406313

>has no psychological consequences when it's convenient
>completely 180 when it isn't

>> No.12406314

What about him makes him a loser? He put up a nice example of why he doesn't like female readers, and we are suppose to discuss it. This is an anonymous board for people who like books and anime, there is no reason to think anyone you talk to here is a loser. You don't know the first thing about anyone who posts here. Only a child or an idiot would stoop to calling someone a loser without any background info.

>> No.12406320

yeah, female readers suck, we know.
That's why we are on /lit/, to escape them.
Why drag /r9k/ shit on here and dilute the board with incels?

>> No.12406321

>You know tons of dudes only media consumption is perverted pathetic pornography, right?
True but they hide it to the world, I don't think the public reaction to a woman reading shit books like op's would be the same than the reaction to a man reading hentai or pornfics

>> No.12406322

>not being overly emotionally attached to something is the same as no psychological consequences

go to the hospital and let them treat your stroke

>> No.12406323

Can't get off with it. What is the appeal for females "reading" porn? I don't get it.

>> No.12406330

you're treating this as if this was some sort of eloquently formulated post with reasoning.
granted, i don't know the poster, he might be a decent guy. but this wasn't a very bright moment of his.

>> No.12406331

holy shit.
If you dont understand this basic concept and have the gall to insult women with blanket terms without even thhe MOST BASIC understanding of their strange ideology, you need to gtfo PLEASE

>> No.12406333

The world is full of intellectually stunted idiots. Most people who aren't don't feel the need to seek them out and mock them, kicking downward unnecessarily, because it doesn't bother us. Do you know who needs to seek out retards and pick them apart? Insecure losers.

>> No.12406336

>working class men
>angry failures

You probably pretend to be a socialist, right?

>> No.12406337

>more ad hominems
>completely unable to address the logic of what you disagree with
shut up already

>> No.12406340

it's just another form of pornography. differen tastes. have you never gotten a hard-on while reading? lol

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>objecting to lowbrow trash with muh morals of all things
ouch and yikespilled

>> No.12406347

ok you got me, nice troll

>> No.12406350

It's more complicated than that.
Women live in that imaginary feeling world, of course their strongest sexual fantasies will be triggered by it

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File: 129 KB, 1280x1004, 1485471028335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's interesting how women and feminized women both read exclusively trash.

>> No.12406357

While I agree it's low-hanging fruit to point out the weakness of women, OPs image is at the very least a creative endeavor and we should thank him for his efforts.
>Kissy books
That's just fucking funny. He's sharpening his claws here and I look forward to the next compilation no matter how autistic the author may be.

>> No.12406360

>does it yet again

>> No.12406362

I never insulted anyone. I said I don't get the appeal. How is that an insult? I don't understand why general female readers can't read hot kissy novels and enjoy Tolstoy and Dosto at the same time. If I could get off to book porn, I would. I would also enjoy great lit as well as read about elf pussy. Back to my statement, why not have both?

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>no arguments
>y-you're probably dum!!1

>> No.12406374

There are women who are into that I'm sure, but due to circumstances of life those women are probably more comfortable in the realm of men and are hardly female by most standards (read prostitutes and beat up whores).
If you leave women to their own devices, they will read when when it fancies them for the pure sake off it, likely turning to their literary pornographic wankery if they ever pick up a book at all.

>> No.12406376

Dude those books are clearly satirical in nature
They're making fun of the very genre of inane romance novels by using an absurd characters and plots.

>> No.12406379

and i should add, most men don't read at all.
Women are more likely to read, but on a low level the same way men are more likely to watch porn than arthouse films.

>> No.12406384

>not capitalizing on the fact that these books are super easy to write and women will buy them.
We are all looking at this in the wrong way

>> No.12406397

Yeah, but women brag about it.

>> No.12406398

If it was bullshit why don't you unmask him
You can't
Ergo fuck you

>> No.12406399

And it should be. But I should also be able to make posts in facebook about my recently read femdom porn stories.

>> No.12406405

women just talk a lot and no one wants to be mean to them to thier face.
Again, this is basic stuff.

>> No.12406414

>Criticizing Chuck Tingle books as smut
He makes satire of the shitty romance porn books written by an invented character named Chuck that's a paranoid schizophrenic. I've never read one but his social media makes this clear, he's developed an entire fictional backstory of this disturbed author with consistent delusions that's so fucked up his son takes care of him and the books are more about exploring that character for humor than they are about porn.

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File: 1.80 MB, 1463x1542, the absolute state of roasties.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if they don't want my used up diseased holes they must be angry failures
I invite you to look up the statistics for single people in their 40s. All that smugness dissipates as your ovaries dry up and you realize how badly you fucked up. Single people in their 40s are overwhelmingly women, because men retain their value as they age, so they date the entire category of 18-40. Women do not. They get discarded having failed to settle down.

>> No.12406431

>men retain their value as they age
Yeah, you're going to be working class trash in 20 years just as well. It's cute how many prefab cope replies you have.

>> No.12406437

If you stay in shape post-40 and have even a 40k a year paying job, you will be doing much bettter than the majority of single 40+ year old single women regardless of how much they make.
In this regard, the tables turn, which was his point.

>> No.12406445

>also it’s because women are overemotional.

>> No.12406447

wait, how is that not true?

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File: 802 KB, 500x188, Blue-is-the-warmest-color.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>more likely to watch porn than arthouse films
excuse me, i get my porn exclusively from arthouse

>> No.12406449

>equates "socialist" with "dumb"


>> No.12406450

And you'd be lucky to have that in 20 years when you're the trash's trash. It's also retarded to look down on working class people when there's a dearth of them and an insane surplus of the "educated". You have plumbers and welders making far more money than your meme degree will ever yield.

>> No.12406452

>b-but there are people even more miserable
Doesn't change you being a colossal failure. Hence all your insecurities and relentless butthurt.

>> No.12406458

women aren't over-emotional, they're just emotional - which comes across as over-emotional to under-emotional robotic autists

>> No.12406460

>oh no no no ure even poorer and dumber and meme degree!!1
Reaching levels of cope never though possible.

>> No.12406464

>trying to roleplay as some bourgeois cuck


>> No.12406465

you may not like it roasties, but this is unbelievably based and redpilled

>> No.12406467

I don't get it.
I'm not even applicable, but the point is that society balances this out.
The male incels are in the 20-40 demo, female incels in the 40-60.
There will always be failures, I'm not denying that, but every failure gets their 15 minutes eventually.

>> No.12406468

>I-I'll just keep saying c-cope, that'll prove I'm not wrong
"yikes" as you might say

>> No.12406469

that was actually the only correct part of the post desū

>> No.12406473

nah, that's semantics.
you wrong for that.

>> No.12406474

a polemic god is come among us

>> No.12406477

>prove assblasted prole reeeing wrong

>> No.12406478

>leave husband because he's a blue collar nobody
>he's better than ever a few years after you leave
>the sexual market has turned into a desert for you
>try and get him back
>he's found someone younger and prettier and wants nothing to do with you
>develop a kind of psychosis and harass his new family in your impotent frustration
It reads like a modern greek tragedy

>> No.12406483


>> No.12406485

>it’s other /r9k/shitter thread
Fuck off back to your containment board. It exists for a reason.

>> No.12406489

like those male losers who like to brag about how many video games they "own" on steam and how many hours of their lives they've wasted playing that garbage are any better shake my head
women are not the problem, it's capitalism

>> No.12406496
File: 906 KB, 2544x4000, 1503396029227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a pathetic failure, but in 20 years I'll get to provide for someone else's sloppy seconds

>> No.12406497

This man is correct and level-headed.

>> No.12406513

This, even if it upsets some people.

>> No.12406520

The whole point is you don't provide for the sloppy seconds, instead they look at you with crazed desperation as you pick up the next teen like the so many who rejected you when you were their age. It's a cycle of abuse, quite sad really, men suffer early on in life and women later, it's clearly not a good thing but it's also our reality, so.

>> No.12406524

>white women

not even once

>> No.12406531

Usually chart is good indication of persons reasoning. Pic in OPs post is a mess.

>> No.12406534

Now this is epic

>> No.12406536

basé et bas-matérialisé

>> No.12406538
File: 93 KB, 960x840, 1544593842354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a problem that solves itself, don't worry anon, these people are NOT reproducing.

>> No.12406545

>le ebin deranged marxoid false equivalence
read another book

>> No.12406546

>teens are desperate to be in a relationships with 40+ year old blue collar trash
LMAO. Imagine reaching these levels of incelitude. Life is not your incest pornos, sweaty. You'll be mopping 5/10 out of shape 30+ year olds with tons of baggage, not coed Stacies.

>> No.12406555

he may be, yeah.
But the point is that the single woman who fucked chads in her teens in 20s, has to fuck loser 30+ year old men

>> No.12406556

This thread is moving too fast for it not to be /r9k/.

>> No.12406557

Men have always peaked later in life, this is not some modern development. What do you think the evolutionary underpinning of menopause is?

>> No.12406563

The real world begs to differ, you consistently see women fucking guys twice their age in college. Older men have money, and women like money.

>> No.12406573

this reads like KickstarterTV on a thinner budget

>> No.12406574

I hate women too but I never saw any hot coeds fucking 37-year-old construction workers when I was in college

>> No.12406586

>my summer break teen comedies are real world
Yeah, no.

>> No.12406587

>construction workers
regardless of how much they make, women consider these loser men who gave up long before their peak
They want upwardly mobile 30+ year old men.

>> No.12406588

Probably because construction workers are all drug addicts, something like 70%+ are alcoholics in the US. My roommate was fucking some Navy mechanic though, it's not that unrealistic. You don't need to be rich, just wealthier than other guys in her age bracket -- which is a pretty low threshold in college.

>> No.12406591

Based and dialectic pilled

>> No.12406592

it's the same two autists shrieking at one another

>> No.12406595

the conversation was about blue collar men

>> No.12406598

oh yeah, they're doomed.

>> No.12406599

I'm not saying you're 100, but I've never met a women who hasn't read 50 Shades Of Grey or tried.

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File: 35 KB, 1145x425, Reminder that time is running out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just leave this here.

>> No.12406616

the overwhelmingly amount of single mother's today demonstrates how mistaken you are

women are not good at vetting men

or anything else for that matter lel

>> No.12406619

>it's the same two autists shrieking at one another
Like I said

>> No.12406627

holy damn you rhyming bastard, I here by raise a toast to this magnificently succinct post.

>> No.12406631

>as you pick up the next teen like the so many who rejected you when you were their age
This is the part I doubt somehow

>> No.12406638

read your own post.
They are single MOTHERS, they don't want blue collar men. They choose to be single te same way you average Incel won't fuck the obese indian woman in his math class.

>> No.12406670

>people choose to be single mothers
we're reaching levels of cope that shouldn't be possible
the only choice here belongs to the man, who clearly doesn't want to deal with the whore after he's used her
and using her is the only point of interest here

>> No.12406681
File: 796 KB, 1011x769, 1544562128485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The second artificial wombs become a thing roasties will all be up against the wall.

>> No.12406683

There's enough women who leave their husbands for one reason or another, even having had children.

>> No.12406688

that's not at all what I'm, saying.
What I'm saying is that things are worse than you could possibly imagine for single women, they are like incels without the illusion of hope.

>> No.12406691


>> No.12406702

Wrong. I want to read about fighting elves with lightsaber, and fucking evil orc pussy.

>> No.12406710

t. Woman

>> No.12406723
File: 204 KB, 741x875, 1545062707370.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, all this animosity for blue collar workers itt is hilarious, as if single mother's are the consequence of stable and intelligent people. More kids are born out of wedlock than not nowadays, never underestimate the brainless promiscuity of women. They literally fornicate their way into mental disorder by destroying the ability to pair bond riding on the cock carousel.

>> No.12406739

Judaic capitalism/NWO bread and circus

>> No.12406752

I would like to remind everyone to remember the Victorian England-tier classism that lies just below the surface of bourgeois hipster "socialists" the next time you hear one prattle on about social justice or inequality

>> No.12406753

Jesus christ, how many of you never had a girlfriend? Be honest.

>> No.12406762

>criticizing women and not hating them are mutually exclusive

>> No.12406763

Yes, the women in this picture and the book they're fawning over annoy me, but the real cringe is whoever made this image.

>> No.12406765

t. Incel

>> No.12406772
File: 62 KB, 1024x597, 1544561745819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12406783

>pointing out obvious butthurt womanhating isn't the same as being a pathetic cuck, anon
It essentially is because if you weren't triggered by the thought of potentially being the identified cuck then it wouldn't occur to you to respond with such vitriol

>> No.12406787

>bourgeois hipster "socialists"
Never once claimed to be socialist, but I can see why you'd be angry that even a söy-chugger in skinny jeans gets more action than a basepilled flyover trash from trade school.

>> No.12406798

I am a coastie professional too, anon

>> No.12406810

I've never had a girlfriend but I still fuck these brainless "book-reader" sluts
Letting woman into the humanities was a mistake

>> No.12406822

He's literally saying because some women are whores, it should be socially acceptable to rape them?
How is that not incel?
It's like saying because someone is obese you have the right to shoot them. Now that one scares you a bit huh incey?

>> No.12406824

I had one for like two months when I was 19 (she was 26) but was so autistic I literally never even touched her body and split every single bill with her

>> No.12406828

The same reason it is socially acceptable for men to play hours of vidya every day, eat junk food, and look forward to “the game”.

Those books are soft core porn for women. I don’t look at it as much more than that, I mean getting upset at a women for liking a vampire novel that panders to universally understood female lusts is moronic.

Personally I’m too cynical that anybody is perfect, but to act like the majority of me don’t suck like the majority of women is just brain dead.

Btw if you are upset about girls having the advantage of dating when they are younger, don’t fret. It gets easier as you get older (so long as you actually improve yourself over the long term). If you read every day and stay fit you are well on your way.

>> No.12406833

Don't tempt me with a good time you fat slut

>> No.12406837

Majority of men*

>> No.12406874

Men watch or play stuff about that.

>> No.12406916

Fucking kek

>> No.12406938
File: 55 KB, 750x736, 41891764_2138354012843644_7924998475149991541_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Women so much, even reading the OP's pic reminded me of what sweethearts they are. They are so innocent, so carefree, and compassionate - I just love it. If only a Woman would embrace me in her arms, and take care of me so sweetly, my entire life would come to its conclusion. For I'd need nothing else, in that moment.

>> No.12406958

i think you're deluded for even believing that nonsense, is what i think

>> No.12406967

this is so cutely written but so sad too

>> No.12406992

Friend, you are making so many posts about this in this board it's becoming pathologic at this point. I've seen it for a few days at least.
When was the last time you left your home?
For a moment snap back to reality. If you want a woman to love you maybe you should stop doing this, it's creepy.
I can talk more about if you snap about it in the next post at least momentarily.

>> No.12407029

am i the only one who both has a girlfriend and despises women

>> No.12407064

I hate these people too, but why waste so much time making this image to show how much you hate them?

>> No.12407071

This is literally everyone in modern society, not just women

>> No.12407079
File: 1.61 MB, 1296x2392, 1543690719468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right, anonfren. :( I'm just bored and broken within, wasting my days expressing my internal, unexperienced fantasies to strangers who I'll never meet. It's a way of indulging what I want, without making any plans of obtaining it. You're right anon - I need to stop. But if you knew how miserable my romantic life has been, and how sour it all went right from the age of 14 onwards, wherein I've never had a single crush since, and the one I did have one for back then has still left her imprint on me, her being the one who first initiated the mommy-son roleplay, which, either sparking it or more likely surfacing something I already had within me, has left me to continue wandering through life's winds in search of the same relationship again. Though, we were never dating, and she never even liked me like that, she merely found me adorable and initiated the dynamic based on that alone. I haven't had so much as a crush since, anon. Not a single girl has caught my affections. But yeah, it's okay, anon. If you can give me advice I'll listen, but I'll also stop these posts now. You're right that I've become pathological, and it's not doing me any good now. I should just move on with my miserable life. I'm just a stupid, broken boy, who will never see his fantasies come to be.

>> No.12407179 [DELETED] 

Execute all males

>> No.12407203

>>12406225 #
Execute all males

>> No.12407210

i dont like womens literature, but you have some issues
go get help

>> No.12407214

>it is socially acceptable for men to play hours of vidya every day, eat junk food, and look forward to “the game”.
It's not though

>> No.12407238

I just mindlessly fire the reddit word back whenever someone uses it, since it's pretty much exclusively enmployed by redditors who are just triggered by reading something that they're threatened by and thus don't deserve to be engaged in good faith

>> No.12407239

>why do trashy people like to read trash
The shitty demi-erotic romance rag is the female equivalent of the shallow self insert power fantasy genrefiction novel. Both genders can be retarded and usually are. Get over it. How many men cream their pants over brandon sanderson or gurrrm? Or even worse? Don't forget that a male wrote Eragon.
There are women on /lit/ right this moment and they have the typical /lit/ taste. Go to /r9k/ for retarded venting please.

>> No.12407574

I'm not at home right now sorry for that.
In an hour or two I'll give you a proper reply.

>> No.12407607

>There are women on /lit/ right this moment
disgusting desuu

>> No.12407658
File: 29 KB, 480x463, 2018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it isn't, unironically. it is, ironically.

>> No.12407706

I'm reading the western canon and you can't stop me! na na na na boo boo.

>> No.12407762

Oh yeah?
*Unzips dick*

>> No.12407780

>any anti-feminist is an incel
Try harder faggot.

>> No.12407787

>Western women
Non western too
And a good percentage of males too.

People, in general, are like this. It should not surprise you. Nor bother you, for that matter. If you really are so above this way of living, you would not care what the retards do.

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