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Post children's book kino

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This and the first book were fun.

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I remember checking out all the Redwall books in my library.

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Daily reminder you aren’t a true redwall fan until you read the weird books about the ship getting stuck between the two sides of the island

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Warrior Cats is better

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Honorable mention goes to the Narnia series

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im still pissed those shitty movies only spent about 10 minutes in mirkwood

what the movies got right was how funny this book was at times

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I read that book in one night in third grade. When I returned it to my friend the next morning, he refused to believe that I had really read it and quizzed me on the book's plot points and characters, which I answered correctly. But still he didn't believe

I did read it, David. It's not exactly War and Peace

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Everything by Shel Silverstein

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That book was based

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Holy shit I remember this book. Did enjoy.

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the end of hatchet made young me really fuckin mad

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what happened, I forgot

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I've looked it up and it turns out I mixed Hatchet up with another coming-of-age survival story but here's how whatever the hell I read ended.
>main character's parents show up after he's already gotten his shelter, food and water sources established and has been living there in the woods for a few months
>force him to leave it all behind and go back to his shitty home life.

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I remember it being so vivid as a kid.

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these books were actually kino

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