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Even though English isn't the most widely spoken language on Earth, it is still the most international and the closest humanity's ever gotten to a universal language. Do you believe this will continue for say, another century, or will another language such as Spanish. Hindu or Chinese take its place?

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>Even though English isn't the most widely spoken language on Earth
Did you read your own picture?

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Jaja gringo culo roto

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I believe that in some decades Chinese will take that place

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Borges once said that the future languages of the West will be English and Spanish. Seeing the graph, he wasn't wrong.

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They were already the two most spoken languages in the West during his life. Hardly a great prediction.

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I don't think so. Too hard for foreigners to learn, plus a complicated logographic writing system. I don't see English being unseated in the near future.

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Mandarin's ridiculously over-complicated hieroglyphics aren't going to edge out the good old Latin alphabet any time soon.

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No. Chinese isn't spread around the world like English is because of to the British colonial empire.

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We will see the rise of a new 'business' language, carefully and logically designed in both writing and speech, like Korean, which will be used be all international companies for its simplicity and ease of use

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That sounds like a very retarded prediction, care to elaborate?

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English is that language. I know, I went to highschool with the offspring of European billionaires, they all sent their kids not to the local non-English schools but to the English-speaking international school I attended, because they want their children to learn the international language of business and commerce. Look at Singapore. They teach children English and Chinese, neither of which are native languages for the region. Why? Chinese because they are a convenient trade hub for China, and English because it's the international language. Hollywood further establishes English as the language of not only business but pleasure and entertainment, every European kid learns English nowadays almost on accident just from TV and the radio. The British Empire's control of India and the injection of English into what will be the world's largest nation further seals the deal.

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The ammount of non native speakers is fairly small relative to English

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Why Korean? It doesn’t use the common Latin alphabet, has characters that no other language uses, and needs Mandarin to clarify the definitions of certain words. Korean here.

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I don't see French here on your propaganda chart.

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What? It's right there, on the 5th place.

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shukran habibi

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>I went to highschool with the offspring of European billionaires

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I think it will. It's a very utilitarian language. Chinese just is not practical.

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Insignificant languages spoken by asian insectoids, loos and the subhumans of the american continent. As long as China doesnt open its borders were fine.

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he meant "designed logically, like Korean was designed logically"

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He's saying English is the most spoken language by total (native + non-native) speakers. Lean to read, retarded Anglo.

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And the name of the language: Esperanto

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The moment China's air becomes too non breathable we're in for the most massive influx of refugees/immigrants that the world has ever seen. Enjoy these years while they last.

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>I don't know it, therefore, subhuman.
American education strikes again.

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>a quarter of the internet is in chinese
You never realize how segregated they are from the rest of the world. The english speaking internet is "the internet" but there's an entire chinese internet!

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Jack London was right. Read his short story about China and the future.

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Nah, the next immigrant crisis will be when Bangladesh is under water.

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The Chinese internet is huge and all its sites are different.

Chinese will not take over, but we will have 2 parallel online spheres, their interactions is going to be completely political.

Learning Chinese won't be a bad investment.

Also, the Chinese don't like foreigners and they are tribalistic, our interactions here are done under the assumption that we are all part of the English speaking world, for the Chinese they probably see everyone they talk to as a fellow Chinese person who's living in their country(this is my guess, and they probably care more if it's a foreigner who speaks Chinese that is interacting with them, here no one cares).

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Toki pona.

If we're talking universals we have to be reasonable.

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I'm not american.
>>I don't know it, therefore, subhuman.

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>As long as China doesnt open its borders were fine.
>were fine.
What does he mean by this, sentence?

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Not a complete language.

You would take the most common things and put them into a simple language. Obviously Latin alphabet would be used, probably fewer characters than English. It'd need to be explicit to allow for pronunciation discrepancies, too, as it would be nothing more than approximate, based on a given native language, without native speakers and a lot of media for others to learn from. It's lexicon would need to be familiar to as many as possible, too.

Yet we already have English and it hits a lot of these marks. Most non-natives do not speak correctly, they just use their native language's sounds and rhythm, but it works well enough. What is possible though unlikely is English spelling reforms, and lexical and grammatical simplification (by making the language more systematic and synthetic). One easy way of doing this is using affixes over separate words and avoiding using so many synonyms altogether.

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>grammatical simplification
>by making the language more synthetic
Literal retard.

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You also have to consider English fluency as a capitalist commodity, a status symbol to be bought and consumed
Look at the upper class - or more tellingly, the aspirational middle class - of any Asian/South American/African country and you'll find English speakers. At one level it is functional, as every major corporation on the planet has economic ties to America, but more than that it's a signifier for being above the proles

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China's air quality is slowly improving actually.

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Dubs checked.

China will take over the world and impose its language on everyone. They're already starting to do that in Africa.

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In which African country is a Chinese language the 2nd language?

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English in India is a very interesting case. It was kept as co-official language due to south Indians opposing adoption of Hindi as the sole official language, since it's a northern language. Being foreign, English doesn't prejudice one region over another.

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Korean wasn't an engineered language, only Hangul was engineered

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hao ge's sovereign house

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Will it improve fast enough?

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Chinese hegemony will adopt English, probably.

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>i dont know, therefore subhuman
Anglos, i...

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well, I did, google ZIS

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Based and elanpilled

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global colonization is an aberration in history, and the fact that the largest, most influential country in this aberrational time period was england, and then immediately afterwards the US, for basically 200-300 years of English superiority, is genuinely remarkable.

point being, call me when chinese speakers lead the colonization of the world, and when sino-tibetan language speakers colonize the world alongside them, and then afterwards, a second chinese nation becomes the sole economic superpower on earth.

no, it will not change

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"Haha butthurt gringo". That's some shit spanish right there.

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If you are not international/int business class your insight really doesn't matter here desu. You think your equivalent in China or Russia knows English?

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Your equivalent in europe or south america probably does

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I don't have an equivalent in Europe or South America.

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>implying Esperanto won't take the world by storm

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Jewish conspiracy

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i'd learn chinese if it didn't sound so ugly

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bad opinion

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Upper class South American here, can confirm. Proles here will even give their children names in English like "John" or retarded shit like "Lady" thinking it gives them status while it really only singles them out as proles.

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>Soon our internet will be the india-net because there's no great-firewall this time
Help help help

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any cool chinese websites? i want to get into their headspace. i've used weibo and it doesn't make sense

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American users are already outnumbered by Indians for almost half of this decade.
http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users-by-country/ (2016; 2015 and 2014)

You would notice it some places, not here though.

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English will grow in prominence for a number of reasons which have already been mentioned. Most of the developed world is more inclined to learn English than Chinese because our languages are so similar.

I think the more interesting question is what happens to English over time.

A simplified global dialect of English is already developing, where edge cases are removed from the language (uncountable nouns, separable verbs...). It is possible that we will see phonetic spellings become prominent, although spellcheck might prevent that from occurring.

Will American, British and Global English converge, or will we end up with an economic hierarchy of English languages?

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English is already widely spread throughout nearly every culture, so it seems pointless and dumb for another language to try and replace it.

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>I'm not american.
Says every american

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was your family just millionaires then?

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Yeah, millionaire expats, but only millionaires, let's say low eight-figure net worth. Dad retired early and has two lovely homes and a Porsche. But these kids of billionaires were driving Lambos to school, will never work a day in their lives, if a girl showed up to school without some 10k designer bag she'd be looked down on, etc. All my American public school life I was at the top of the economic totem pole, but going there I learned what real money is and that neither I nor my family will ever have it.
Anyway, all this discussion made me look up the cringey class video the school made. You can spot me near the beginning with the juggling autists, if you care to.

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>LARP that commited
What are you getting out of this? I live about 15 minutes from this school. There are certainly kids from wealthy families, but no "Lambos" or 10k bags. In fact you'd very much struggle to find that kind of nouveau riche Arab petrostate opulence even in places like Züriberg 'hoods. Real money is not your kitschy third world fantasies based on Hollywood movies and rap music videos, bubba.

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English isn't very easy for non natives to learn either.

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How the fuck does Punjabi have more speakers than French, Italian?

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english is the most widely spoken language though, even your chart says it is. it'll stay like this until the US collapses and somebody takes over

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Reminder that all those who are in favor of a universal language ought to be shot

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Wtf I love Tolkien now

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Graph says "native speakers," which even though french language is wide-reaching, french "people" (sodomites) are more about receiving benefit than creating or spreading it.

And besides, why do you bring up Italian?

You should look at maps objectively instead of culturally. Western Europe is nearly the size of Pakistan in itself.

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desu Korean is the ideal universal language

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But over 50 percent of Pakistan's landmass is the province of Baluchistan, which doesn't even make up 5 percent of Pakistan's population.. Punjab itself is smaller than France or Italy.

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Chink and Russian businessmen either speak English or have interpreters. That's why mandarin-english interpreter is quite a lucrative job. No one will bother to learn their ugly overcomplicated languages

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Different dude. I went to the second best high school in my county and we had millionaires, athletes, and a bunch of different types of people send their kids there. Hell, we had kids who drove Mercedes' jeeps, massive ass lifted trucks, Alfa Romeo's, and a bunch of different types of cars. These were kids who would get massive hotel rooms whenever it was Ultra weekend, and they would regularly make trips to Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

This site attracts all types of people.

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We should have all been forced as a species to learn Esperanto.

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maybe if they are retarded ig

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Absolutely based

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el yoni, el brayan

how laughable

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Have you actually gone to the school? I attended it 2011-12, was classmates with Glasenberg's son who now travels the world as a DJ. Lived in Ruschlikon at the time not far from the Lindt and Sprungli factory. No, not everyone drove Lambos, but there was one kid who did, and there was that kid whose family was Lichtensteinian central bankers who took a cab to and from school from Lichtenstein every day, and there really was a pecking order among the girls based on the quality of your designer bags and clothes (according to my sister's reports, as a guy that wasn't much of a concern).
Yes, you're right, it's very much not Dubai, but there is real wealth there and it was very palpable even if the rich kids were a bit more tasteful in their display of it than their Arab counterparts.
What country?

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Calla la puta boca, anglo ql

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