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What'd you guy's think about his book?

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Boring, monotone, overly-simplistic prose. Practically a slice-of-life story, but with a socipathic brat as a protagonist.

But even considering this I have to admit it accomplishes his function as a medium to understand Rodger's mentallity and reasoning, which is kind of silly considering how well positioned his family (and he) was, and the overall lack of real suffering that he lived outside of all the first-world problems that many people encounter (not fitting in, not getting a gf, family separation).

Not enjoyable as a literature work but more as a psychological analysis (maybe?).

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Lol i love this picture, you just know he could snap at any moment and kill every roastie in that room but he's holding himself back.

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A good example of why crazies in literature are infinitely more interesting than crazies in real life

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What a cutie

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his manifesto is disturbing

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Spotted the normie, while I don't agree with him I understand him on a fundamental level. I just wish I could've met him, we would've been great friends.

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How did you read his manifesto and still not understand that he was never going to allow himself to form any friendships with other people? You're like the women that date angry retards and expect them to magically change their ways

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Let me get this:
>rich kid
>decent looking
>was in college
>kills random people because he's never had sex at the relatively young age of 22

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It's the hapa's burden and it weighs a ton

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>we would've been great friends.
No he would have stabbed you

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If only he found a 2d waifu.

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why's burgerland so fucked?

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Being rich would probably make it worse

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Honestly he sounds dumb as shit
>wants money
>spends hundred on lottery tickets
>buys more
>shoots people

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he definetely had real problems man. He's probably the best poster boy that's ever existed for the soul crushing aspect of life in the west. Mixed race gremlin without a cultural heritage. Adrift in a hedonistic culture with no moral guidance whatsoever and no reference point for right or wrong. I'm so glad I was born lower middle class, being born rich seems like a one way ticket to insanity nowadays.

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Me and him are alot in similar ways, I would've told him the truth on women and told him the secret you're supposed to realize when you grow up in a non-divorced household.

They're inferior. And I would've told him the tricks to tame these jezabellic beasts

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i dislike him a lot. i think it would've been better if somebody had a weapon to kill him so he never hurt another person. the fact somebody didn't put bullets into him so he died screaming, crying, and wetting himself is proof there isn't justice.
all the kinds of people like you are autistic trash who only give lip service to the words you say. you're just selfish and want somebody to entertain you. somebody like elliot rodger was just a piece of trash with a god complex. if any of you losers could be each others friends and make something good happen you wouldn't think about shooting random people.

your thoughts are a reflection of how you're worthless

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Cringy cope.

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No he wouldn't. He had extreme narcissistic symptoms. I know people like him to a lesser extent, and to some extent I've acted in similar ways in the past. He wouldn't give a shit about you because he was too wrapped up in his own mental anguish. Coincidentally, the same reason borderline women stab at their friends and loved ones.

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Nice psychological insight there mate, really glad to read your nuanced and impartial views on the guy

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Was he really a descendant of British aristocracy or was that just a lie?

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You don't understand what it's like to be me. To be him. To be Dylan Klebold or Eric Harric. The shit we've had to eat because of (((modern society))). Sure everybody's eaten shit, but the shit we had to chow down? You couldn't comprehend it. Is it so bad to want to have had a friend beside you, while you ate that shit, and look for a solution or some iota of vengeance?

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He looks like a homosexual, and that feigned lip, cringe. He could've gotten pussy had he acted manly and not like a nice guy.

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Whine more, maybe that will help

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he wanted to have sex with a beautiful, popular, charismatic, blue-eyed blonde girl, and also this girl would have to be instantly attracted to him and want to suck his dick just because he was so hot

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I know your being sarcastic but it probably was quite bad for him. He obviously didn't choose to be so repulsive and psychologically weak. It was all around quite unfortunate for all involved.

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Whoa, we got an inflamed roastie on our hands.

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>waagh waagh it's all society's fault I'm an autistic socially inept moron

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Once again, you don't understand us. And because of this you unknowingly create the beasts you demonize and try pshycoanalyze from your armchair.

Watch this. If you don't understand this man then you don't understand the people on the flipside, people like and ellie


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So when is that girl going to find a bf?

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Is that the girl he was after? That's not a women worth killing for lol no woman is tbqh

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you don't have some unique experience instead you're just some random genetic dead end that wants to lash out because you're impotent, weak, cowardly, and think you'll matter if you do. typical narcissistic gutter scum. the thoughts i'm interested in are ones that you'll never begin to fathom.
he taught me i need a zero tolerance policy for random trash with god complex. he showed that while they have lips that say words they're empty vessel not worth recognizing and instead only directly stepping on.

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>I don't have the discipline or self-control to be happy so I complain about being "different" and a "victim"

Read "On the Shortness of Life" and "On Happiness" by Seneca.

Actually make an effort to improve yourself instead of whining on the internet.

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Dude you need to go back

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no you nimwit, that's just some random white girl with an asian bf. It's the type of girl he wanted though, cute, blonde, popular sorority. In the last week of his life, Elliot went to a fraternity party and sat in a corner, but was heartbroken when no sorority girls asked to be his gf

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Seems more like evidence that people write crazies poorly.

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>narcissistic dude
>narcissistic bitch
You sound like you'd be perfect together.

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It is, you think modern day culture popped outta nowhere? It's all a product of the Frankfurt school. I'm half Black and Half White. Do you know why I have to live as a sentient mule? Because of society aka juden

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>waaahhh somebody doesn't like worthless incel trash who have god complex
if you were capable of having deep thoughts that reflected you're near god i'd humor you instead you're just a dime-a-dozen loser that makes more excuse than women

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Not your safe space, faggot. The guy is entirely correct.

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I'm 90% sure they are dating

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>It's impossible for me to become smarter or passionate about something because im half black


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His father was the second-unit director of the firt Hunger Games movie.

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>Do you know why I have to live as a sentient mule?
Because you chose to, you worthless victim-complex human refuse.

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anon, the guy is asian.

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Ghost of Elliot, it is possible for white girls to date and marry Asian guys

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This is a fascinating topic. I have to imagine there are tons of hapas and mulattoes like this scattered throughout the West right now who are filled with insecurity, rage, and humiliation towards their muddled identity. Any books about the mutt epidemic?

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Why is it a bad thing to be considered an incel now? A year or two ago it was understood. Are normies psychopaths that don't understand some people don't have it as good as them?

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she got RICED

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yes but I'm talking about having sex. You know that requires a penis, right?

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very original joke

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cliches don't become cliches out of nowhere m8

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mulattoes are being touted as good dancers and singers, hapas are always associated with something weird.

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>this is the kind of woman for which Burgers are doing mass killings
Jesus Christ, that's a pedestrian or a waitress in Sweden. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but c'mon.

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No it's none of that, it's just your writing style is unbearable
Lick my anus moron

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I know a guy who is terrifyingly similar to Elliot, but with the added bonus of being an Arab that thinks everyone has to convert to Islam and who got expelled for attacking gay students at his high school

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he sounds based you should convert

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You'll never understand what it's like to have parents(influenced by society) to race mix and create trash. And now I have to wander this earth without a home or place I belong. I could've been someone great. Fuck them and fuck you

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>Never even murders roasties, just kills his fellow hapa/asian roommates

>> No.12397908

>considering marrying my Chinese gf
>remember this shit


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because everybody figured out how you say a lot of words but mean nothing; everything is an excuse instead of an attempt to improve the situation. nobody likes losers and garbage who think they're god. criticism is welcome while whining is repulsive.

you try and pretend you're normal youth who are short on your luck but instead you're insane and belong in an asylum. it's easier to lie and fool people as anonymous but even that runs of steam.

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what a fraud

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>you're just some random genetic dead end that wants to lash out because you're impotent, weak, cowardly, and think you'll matter if you do.
Wow. That showed them.

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he killed 7 people
> 3 Asian men, his roommates, slit their throats in their sleep
> 1 white man, random pedestrian
> 3 white women, random pedestrians

he didn't even target the Stacy roasties at their sorority

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Your blood has been passed down onto you by your ancestors, it's your duty to keep it pure.

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Dude wtf? Get off your high horse, some people are involuntarily celibate. Some people to fuck and some people get to watch, lest they rejected for the 100th time.

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Dude your fine. Just be black. As a halfie your basically king of your particular pond. Get the best black chick you can find, make her yours.

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your thoughts are insipid and not worth reading. prose won't make mud into ivory

>> No.12397930

Where do these hysterical roasties even come from, who let them in here

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Fuck queers

>> No.12397938

I didn't express any thought beyond that you write badly? Stop trying so hard

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This. It's insane to do the same shit over and over again expecting different results. "Incel culture" is basically bathing in your own filth and then whining your life doesn't change.

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Got em

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the future is now old man

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Just leave us alone holy shit. I bet you go to /ROBOT9001/ and preach your beliefs all day

>> No.12397953

You just proved his point you know

>> No.12397959

I only browse /lit/. See? You have a shitty attitude already. Learn to take advices from your fellow human beings.

>> No.12397961

waiting and debating really ain't my style.

>> No.12397965

>I'm a failure because of my genes, not because I'm crying on the internet about being a victim instead of doing anything
Unironically commit suicide.

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It's ENDLESSLY FASCINATING and I am presently listing up all PLACES he went to, ALL THINGS he liked or disliked, and ALL things referring to his personality, in his manifesto. Then I will collect information about all of these things to insert part of them into a novel or series of novels I am going to write, and some art work I am going to make. I understand if you are all shocked about this.

I want him to go on living in my, and other people's works, as he could not live otherwise.

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every action and word is a reflection of your thoughts. you could type anything imaginable including the meaning of life. you write nothing except insipid replies not worth reading or typing. you're dreary.

>> No.12397974

Yes, you're really a role model, especially when it comes to attitude
Braindead people like you need to be castrated, I can't believe you have the same right to have children as I do

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Here's my advice to all struggling sexually frustrated young adult incels like elliot: go to Grindr and receive Chad's thick cock in your bussy like every good white boy rightfully should, women are all mentally ill anyways.

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Your right about incel culture and /r9k faggotry. But then again it's gay af to change yourself just to get pussy beyond common sense shit like working out. Sex isn't worth changing your personality.

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Yet you keep replying, although this is more of an embarrassment for me than anything else

>> No.12397987

Jesus mate, you need to take some time off 4chan

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What an asshole. Maybe you're past the point of salvation, but I will proudly spread my seed and I hope you live a happy life as well. I'm not interested in discussing with incel drama queens. G'bye.

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Based and redpilled

Are there any mental or spiritual repercussions of gay sex or fellating a man?

>> No.12398004

i'm curious if you can ever improve or it's worthless. it's like poking something to see if there's anything really there. you pretend you've got conscious or something that puts you above animals so you should learn more quickly than a dog. it's not really the case though

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Yep, you sure got me!

>> No.12398013

Its the self righteousness.

>> No.12398015

>But then again it's gay af to change yourself just to get pussy
There are women too, who change themselves to get some cock. You know, all of those incel orbiters on YT and other places. They're all crazy or ugly, so they can not get anything better than a right wing voting incel. So they start to think that woman's place is home washing her husband's skidmarks and breeding, and cooking. And they do not even acknowledge they are doing it to get some cock, thinking that they are genuinely thinking like that. They are like those male feminists, who think like feminists to get some pussy.

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don't kys anon, you shall live to tell the story. redpill the world on racemixing.
do what you must.

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No one who looks this gay could be straight. He was in the closet and he pretending to be obsessed with girls to the point of killing them for rejecting him was a way of coping.

>> No.12398034

You could not write better self-parody. It is uncanny. I he and others were not actually dead, it would be an achievement of satire.

>> No.12398035

He killed 7 people. Two Asian roommates, one Asian friend of his roommates, two white Delta Delta girls, one Hispanic male and one Eurasian, himself.

>> No.12398044

Elliot was unironically pretty smart, if you read his manifest you would see he mastered many skills by constant grinding(hackysack, skateboarding, basketball etc.)

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I feel you bro, I had to suck another man's cock because I needed to have sexual release and it's impossible for me to be with a woman(phimosis). So even though I'm not gay here I am doing this shit because of modern day day bullshit like women not being understanding of my health issues because chad has a stereotypical 7" cut penis

>> No.12398062

bullshit if he was good at skating he would have got laid, i was always autistic but i was good at skating and managed to get laid at an appropriate age (16)

>> No.12398067

Ah yes, basketball The sport of the intellectual

>> No.12398069

I mean the kinds of mutts who accidentally redpill themselves and become self-loathing /pol/tards.
Rodger, Mercer, Jeff Weise, etc. I feel like there's some novel/philosophical potential here.

>> No.12398077

if u werent a nofap faggot you would have stretched out your foreskin and cured your "phimosis" problem

>> No.12398083

/pol/ is all miserable self-hating brown people and jews false-flagging each other, there's probably like a handful of whites lol

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Here's an excerpt that show's us how women can fuck you up as a child

>> No.12398087

or neo

>> No.12398095

My glans are fused with my skin you cheeseeater. Making love to a woman is impossible

>> No.12398100

But the cool kids welcomed him so Soumaya was right.

>> No.12398103

soumeya did that because every time she walked up to a random group of boys they took one look at her tits and started acting friendly not realizing why it might be different for a dude

>> No.12398110

What if she wasn't? What if they were girls? Women can't comprehend some peoply aren't meant to make friends. They have this "just try!" mentality

>> No.12398112

He literally mastered the art of writing like a spoiled sperg

>> No.12398114

i've heard women sometimes have really poor awareness of their own vag, but i never figured a dude could be this dumb about his own dick, welcome to 4chan i guess

>> No.12398118

I sometimes go over there to read the Australian threads and laugh at them with some other people on /sp/. The kind of Australian you get on /pol/ is almost always borderline illiterate and from some meth shithole like Logan. They even talk about how much they enjoy taking meth there. It's fucking hilarious that they genuinely think they're from a "superior race" when almost every single migrant we take in objectively benefits the country more than them.

>> No.12398120

wow what an evil stepmother, making him make frens

>> No.12398125

getting your child to be comfortable to walk up to other kids is normal you weirdos
he even says "I wanted to be their friend". you need to overcome these hurdles throughout life or you'll end up a loner on 4chan
granted there are obviously limits but nothing is wrong about this example

>> No.12398131

t. cutfag

>> No.12398133

>elliot rodger was just a piece of trash with a god complex
You've gotta be a feminist. No one else could JUDGE AND CONDEMN HIM like that, dismissing ALL facts about him speaking against what you have said, such as his multiple mental illnesses. You are probably a NEUROTIC SJW. The kind of person who JUMPS TO A CONCLUSION that the other person is a Nazi just because he does not support borderless Europe. Not asking for his other opinions. You are as annoying and frustrating as those right wing idiots who jump into a conclusion that you are a communist if you think that gay marriage is okay. PEOPLE ARE ACTING LIKE APES these days. It's fucking annoying.

Oh well, decided to put this up here as it started to bother me so much today.

>> No.12398134

Unironically all you need to make friends is just try. People are perfectly willing to befriend a shy kid who barely says anything at all.

>> No.12398135

wrong bitch, i am as the lord intended

>> No.12398140

>reee how dared she socialize her child
Literally mentally ill.

>> No.12398146

>needing to be socialized by your asian hooker mom

it's already too late by that point

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Everyone in this thread sounds like a chad who was never bullied, with how they're ragging on Elliot

>> No.12398160

holy shit his step-mom is on some reality tv show "les vrais housewives" is it only in french wtf, someone link us up a youtube so we can judge if shes bitch or not

>> No.12398164

wow that lends more credence to the gay theory

>> No.12398166

He was a bitter fuck. He wasn't interested in the porn mag because he was a repressed homosexual. That's all that was going on with him.

>> No.12398170

Maybe we got bullied, but we got over it, instead of bathing in our own traumas. It's called growing up.

>> No.12398172


>> No.12398174

I hate this argument so much, if you can even call it an argument. You completely deny everything anyone will ever say to you because "they can't understand". You've got to realise the chad lifestyle is a myth. Everyone gets bullied. Everyone has their own problems and insecurities.

>> No.12398176

That's really distasteful.

>> No.12398183

That's not how phimosis works. Literally all you need to do is stretch it and eventually you'll be able to pull it back over the head. Go to the doctor and get a steroid cream.

t. used to have phimosis.

>> No.12398184

ligma friend

>> No.12398187

His steppmother was a legit bitch. She would yell at him in front of friends and punish him and his dad would let it happen

>> No.12398190

You don't have it bad as I have it so you wouldn't get it

>> No.12398191

epic twitch meme

>> No.12398196

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. it happens to most people from their biological parents

>> No.12398202

Step parents don't have that right tho

>> No.12398204

>be gay
>you can't come out because psycho stepmother will humiliate you
>pretend you like girls
>they notice you're gay and aren't attracted to you
>snap and kill them

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Wow, no one even noticed, telling me what a bad idea that is and how I sound like I have not read much books (because my English is not perfect). Then again I guess this thread is infested by trolls, yapping about his latent homosexuality, evil stepmother and white anime girls dating Asian guys to rise in the anime hierarchy.

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>> No.12398218

oh wow this is new from 2018


>> No.12398219

Anyone in a position of authority has that right, step parents more so than many others.

>> No.12398220

He was one step away from looking like a tranny.

>> No.12398223

Did they give birth to you?

>> No.12398224

I wouldn't let my bitch stepmother yelled at me infront of my friends.

>> No.12398227

Sounds like you could have benefited from it.

>> No.12398229

How does that matter? They're your caretakers.

>> No.12398230

Imagine being so ashamed of being gay you prefer to die as a psycho loser but straight than coming out of the closet. Poor kid.

>> No.12398236 [DELETED] 

lol check out his answer at the end about having regrets "no no no regrets best thing to do is plunge forward and not think about the past" yeah u raised a murderer of course u dont want to think about the past lol

>> No.12398239

Are they, though?

>> No.12398243
File: 140 KB, 500x566, these-new-spring-cups-are-cute-youre-a-cuck-n-17215366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>letting some nobody come and fuck your parent, and proceed to boss you around
>don't even try to fight back

>> No.12398245


my bitch stepmother would always tell me off for playing wow all day. gamers rise up

>> No.12398251

do you think Melania bosses around her stepdaughter Ivanka?

>> No.12398252

How the fuck can they be so happy after what happened? I'm sure they hated that creep too but come on.

>> No.12398253

I haven't read it. Not going to lie, I just pulled it up and skimmed the first paragraph. It was not promising, but that's somewhat expected.

>> No.12398255

Why do the fathers let them get away with that? Like bitch just leave me alone, I'm not your progeny so what do you want

>> No.12398256

yeah at the end he says he has no regrets in life lmao

>> No.12398259

the reason the father remarried was to have more free labor from a wife, i'm not feminist but let's be real

>> No.12398260

>Damn them.
Oh my ever loving kek

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File: 47 KB, 558x135, Screenshot_2019-01-13-00-07-32-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Ivanka a 10 year old who is still being shaped psychologically?

>> No.12398266

>Everyone gets bullied.
Some only more than others. I personally was bullied for 9 years altogether, all through the elementary and middle school. Even after that occasionally at the streets and other public places by my peers, as I went to night high school where there were adults only who did not bully. After that I have been bullied at work places and university. I am an easy target as I am socially rejected for being sexually inactive. No friends to defend me so the wolves are constantly preying on me.

THERE'S A LOT OF BULLYING IN THE ADULT WORLD TOO. It usually takes the form of JUDGING AND CONDEMNING for no reason. Often times, people doing it are unaware of it too. They first pick their target, someone who is an outsider or otherwise in a weak position, and then start to interpret that person's behavior in the most negative manner, to be able to judge and condemn to strike one rival. But they are not aware of the process, just about the fact that the target is "bad" that is a wrong impression based on wrong, too negative interpretations. 90% of human population is doing this. It is in our FUCKING GENES.

Well, needed to put this up here in case some non-troll pays attention. It is an important issue. People should be aware of the fact that most of them bully or have bullied at some point of their lives. There's a lot of bullying in the internet too.

>> No.12398267

It's your parent's decision, not yours.

>> No.12398271

He was beautiful like a male doll.

>> No.12398272

hopefully this is a larp, just hits all the incel nails too perfectly

>> No.12398273

why is the father suppose to care if his retard son fucks up and kills himself? it was common for fathers to send their boys off to die somewhere. if society loved sons so much then they wouldn't have had stuff like world wars sending millions of them to die. if sons lives mattered then they wouldn't go off and fight the wars either.

the father doesn't have anything to regret. he has lots of asian pussy and flew around the world. he even took his tard son to like 6 countries by age 5. he probably just thinks god made his son a retard and the devil tricked him so amen

>> No.12398274

>stop judging me
Wow, incels are literal fucking tumblrinas.

>> No.12398275

I have to admit - shooting randoms is a little bit alpha and it tingles my penis in just the right way. He didn't die a loser, I would have let him empty his cum sock in my mouth desu senpai

>> No.12398278

>my parent let's my teacher hit me and that's a good thing.
>my patent lets so no namer come and tell me how I need to live and scold me for not doing it their way

C'mon bro...

>> No.12398281

There are too many women on /lit/ and I can tell by how seriously everyone is taking each other's opinions about a feeling-based topic that has no right answer to it. Bunch of cunts.

>> No.12398286

Because he raised a murderer. He's partially responsible of the death of many people including his own son. Retard.

>> No.12398288

What the fuck are you on about

>> No.12398291

yeah the people that are absolutely hysterical about climate change are also chicks or transmen, there's just no way a dude is that petrified that the atmosphere might get 2 degrees warmer during his lifetime

>> No.12398292

>strawmanning this poorly
Verbally disciplining a child isn't violence, you broken home snowflake.

>> No.12398294

t. unassertive incel

Go shoot some people, you fucking creep.

>> No.12398298

>no right answer
incel die not passing on their genes and don't leave any accomplishment so it's as if they never existed. there's a right answer and it's not the one involved incels. if they were ascetics who shunned life and found spirituality they wouldn't be incels.

being a failure within your own twisted vision of the world counts as a wrong answer.
god has the master plan. free will. personal responsibility. it's the devil who makes evil. the father only taught him love and kindness giving him lots of good things. the father wasn't putting out cigarette on his forehead. *does a praying motion and says amen*

everybody goes to heaven anyway too

>> No.12398300

Yeah I share your thoughts anon

>> No.12398305

Bullying from chads and the Stacies being vapid whores caused the death of people

>> No.12398306
File: 15 KB, 251x242, 6dBt2Oj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reee you just don't understand
>reee you're all roasties

>> No.12398314

I really want to just fucking unload on mongs like this guy, but then I'm always afraid that I'll contribute to the triggering of another Elliot Rodger meltdown

>> No.12398315

Triggered the inferior sex

>> No.12398319

>The moral failures inflicted on me by others absolve me of any capacity for wrongdoing

>> No.12398321

Mind your own business, you don't need to give the suffering your gay opinions

>> No.12398323

As long as you have an excuse to not address anything, sweatie.

>> No.12398324

Triggered the inferior sex

>> No.12398330

Better inferior sex, than none at all :^)

>> No.12398331
File: 138 KB, 500x522, consider-suicide-you-autistic-fuck-19365814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>train soldier to kill people
>soldier kill people
>bad soldier? No! Good soldier!

>train asian holden cauldfield to hate roasties and chads
>he slaughters the hedonists
> Hurr durr he bad man

>> No.12398332

what did he mean by this

>> No.12398333

Not everyone gets to fuck 10/10 models. Get over it. Like bruh.

>> No.12398335

It is not a larp. It is a conclusion I have made after being bullied all through my life. I have multiple experiences of it and I have observed it more than your usual person. That is why I am aware of things the majority of the people are not, such as 90% of people taking part in bullying and a large part of them not being aware of doing so. Also I do not know what "hitting incel nails" means.

No need to be a "tumblrina" to be able to spot judging as a form of bullying. It only requires that you are an adult and have some long-term experience of being bullied as a adult. Also, when you grow up, you will realize that JUDGING and CONDEMNING for no reason may DESTROY one's life. Just think about all of those poor men who got judged during the metoo movement, part of them for no reason. Once they are judged, there's no return back to normal, and their lives are destroyed, even if it was revealed they did not harass anyone. Same may happen at a work place or in a university, when your rivals spread lies about you being a racist, fascist, homophobe, sexist or a liar or a thief. Once you got labeled you will be spat on from that on. No one wants to know if you are not any of those, esp. if you are a loner.

>> No.12398339

I don't think I need to elaborate on how there is no logical connection between the two cases you specified.

>> No.12398342

Sorry you must be 18 to post here or you must at least pretend

>> No.12398348
File: 113 KB, 526x312, Screenshot_2019-01-13-00-25-48-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You reap what you sow

>> No.12398350

Oh boy but I do get that sugarwood, I'm all about the mushroom head scraping at my bowels, that man-milk releasing stiff tit to nibble on, you know it girl!

>> No.12398352

Not everyone gets to fuck. That seems to be the problem.
Is that really the case though?
Some men are swamp creatures, and they lack no self-awareness or willingness to improve themselves in any way shape or form.
n the case of Eliot, he was delicate and effeminate and probably somewhere on the spectrum. You can't blame women for not being attracted to him; he's not what women are supposed to be attracted to.

>> No.12398357

he didn't harm any of the people who hurt him. he only hurt random people unrelated. nobody who owned elliot got karma. his father says he doesn't even have any regrets and probably forgets he even had a son.

there's no karma there's only suffering for you.

>> No.12398362

>people judging me for being unhygienic and antisocial is equivalent to false rape accusations
>fat shaming is like fascism
Literal tumblrina.

>> No.12398363

And yeah, it's obviously VERY EASY to spread lies and wrong interpretations about a person who is a loner. I mean, that person might not even get to know the accusations made of him. He just gets to observe the outcome of them, people acting hostile and aggressive towards him.

>> No.12398366

Glad you got that flustered, boy!

>> No.12398368

Stop being such a pussy. Why didn't he just cuss that bitch out? That would have been the proper response. I walk around ready to snap necks and people sort of respect it.

>> No.12398374

LMAAAAOOOOOOOOO weak af hahaha

>> No.12398375

You got me going girl!!! All that venom in you really turned the heat up

>> No.12398382

>when someone acts like a nigger to you, be one right back!

>> No.12398385
File: 44 KB, 349x350, 1546500988070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im not your fucking dad here to teach you obvious truths

>> No.12398388

Let's relax and suck a fat chode together and get some baby puke up your wazoo, you down?

>> No.12398390

tfw no roastie gf

>> No.12398393

Who's the ones getting all the pussy?

>> No.12398397

>if someone is being unjust towards you just sit back and take it and then ruminate about it for years
You deserve everything you got, you pathetic shell of a man.

>> No.12398398

Uhhh apparently you are though (acting like it).

>> No.12398401

>Everyone gets bullied. Everyone has their own problems and insecurities.
Cope believing that everyone is as beta as they are. Not everyone is an insecure faggot and those are the ones who get pussy.

>> No.12398402

Then again don't take my advice, you incels will take it the wrong way and think that the only way you can act like a "real man" is by overcompensating and shooting up a playground full of toddlers.

>> No.12398404

Hahaha bro I'm dead af :')

>> No.12398410

Is that a yes ;)? hmu famfam

>> No.12398412

Not black men, they're the least attractive race. The BBC is a big meme pushed by media.

>> No.12398414

I can't wait for the normalfag massacre. It will be brief but memorable

>> No.12398419

What's your @ ?

>> No.12398428
File: 19 KB, 499x499, cdb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally afraid to talk back to a preteen girl cussing at him
>normalfag massacre

>> No.12398437

And you are a literal troll worth no further communication.


Bullies are a lot like trolls, when you think about it, revealing themselves with presenting completely retarded points and absurd lies. I wish I had known this during the elementary and the middle school when I was being bullied for 9 years. Bullies, and trolls, usually have low IQ.

It has also been studied that bullying is an inherent inclination in humans, a biologically determined method to gain higher position in social hierarchy. That is why bullies usually are talentless, brainless retards, who have no other means to rise but bullying.

>> No.12398445

The problem here is that a culture is being built around the wrong things. It's like the worshiping of cursed totems, a kind of idolatry.
Men who sympathize with Elliot or that van faggot in Toronto, you've got to realize how deeply inverted and accursed that manner of thinking is. It's not what will fix you, it's nihilism.

If you're so ugly, or so unpopular with the ladies, or so socially awkward that you go into a catatonic state when someone waves at you, find healthy outlets for your rage and confusion and despair. Or get help.
Not everyone wins the genetic and socioeconomic lottery. Only a tiny fraction does. But you can work toward something. There's something that you can do. And that something shouldn't be resenting others and engaging in constant social comparison.

>> No.12398447

>u-ure dum an toopid an talentless and i hate u!!11
Very powerful. Now fuck off and go cry about being a humongous pussy elsewhere.

>> No.12398448

Take up gardening.

>> No.12398449

+352 691 321 113

>> No.12398450
File: 8 KB, 292x173, 1546174175316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imbeciles you know nothing of suffering. Being rejected by everyone for being ugly makes life unbearable. All aspects of life are crushed simply for being born subhuman. It's more than just muh women. I highly doubt you guys are even robots lol.

>> No.12398461

Post face with sup or fuck off. 95% of you "too uglies" posting in /r9k/ face threads are literally just average or even above average guys crying about not being Chad Thundercock.

>> No.12398472

Is there any way to get his manifesto in print? I think it would be a very interesting book to own.

>> No.12398475

>when pitbulls attack we blame the owner
>when humans commit crimes we blame the person
>"I guess humans are magically different"
Imagine being so fucking stupid that you don't understand that humans have higher level of cognition than mutts.
>'everything is the result of chemicals in our brain and therefore everything is predetermined and there is no free will'
But then he blames other people to acting the way they act... If this is an argument about how one is not responsible for X, then it also applies to others while they bullied you or treated you like shit.
>'but if I can predict the future and it says that I'm gonna raise my left foot, then I raise the right foot and what happens?'
>'a black hole forms out?'
>'I'd be overriding the trajectories of neutrons and photons'
This guy is a fucking idiot trying to sound smart and deep.
>Once again, you don't understand us.
Everyone understands you nigger. We were all like this when we were 11-13 years old.
>If you don't understand this man then you don't understand the people on the flipside, people like and ellie
They're just low IQ and EQ people. If you're like them, you're taking yourself too serious; fucking grow up already.

>> No.12398478
File: 346 KB, 932x1920, Snapchat1545901102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have to much acne and I'm asian. Got the short stick in life.
Yes people like me exist

>> No.12398489

You're actually good looking.You need maybe a cool style.
Also, although I'm sure you don't want to hear this, you'd be desirable as a gay twink.

>> No.12398490

Oh and I just noticed his alleged girlfriend's comments in that video. So allegedly he became a normie now or something and that 'fixed all his problems'. This is another symptom of a trash person: that your self esteem depends on external validation. As I said, low IQ and low EQ.

>> No.12398493


>>u-ure dum an toopid an talentless and i hate u!!11
>Very powerful. Now fuck off and go cry about being a humongous pussy elsewhere.
Exceptionally retarded. Now fuck off and go tell your brainless lies to save your stinking, talentless ass somewhere else.

>fucking retards thinking that everyone in this thread telling how detrimental bullying is, is an INCEL defending Elliot Rodger's actions

>> No.12398496

If that's you, you look all right my man. Reminder unless you're sub 4/10 you can get a gf if you try hard enough.

>> No.12398500

>REEEEE dum dum dum toopid toopid toopid
Take your meds and switch boards. Nobody cares about your söy story of taking it like a bitch for 9 years.

>> No.12398506

Nigger, I got an acquaintance who looks about the same and also has an acute IBD, and he still managed to fuck and have a couple girlfriends.

>> No.12398540

I'm >>12398253 which has been my only reply to this thread so far. But I feel like coming in and sharing something now.

You've had a shitty time. Many of us have, to one degree or another. Apparently there are some rare people who get through life without any major trauma or grievances, but they must be a bit like unicorns, because I have yet to encounter one.

So, and keep in mind that I learned this in a psychiatric hospital with suicidal depression where I was committed for almost a year believe me I understand the bullshit that goes on, you have two options: let go, or die bitter about it.

Maybe you've been bitter and angry for a long time. It sure sounds like you have. But the thing about being bitter and angry is that it's miserable and exhausting and I don't know about you but I figured out pretty fast that holding onto my rage was a pretty good way to just spend all my time in fugue of malaise.

So: here's what you do. You don't forgive anyone. You don't forget, either, because that's stupid. You should hold onto caution. But you should let go of your bitterness and resentment, because they're just gonna make you sick, physically or mentally or both, and stop letting other people's opinions have power over you. Who gives a fuck what they care? You? Why? They're dicks, they don't know you, they don't have the right to judge. And unless you're being a dick back, then any condemnation they level at you is misdirected, unless you're being an asshole right back.

You know who the strongest people in the world are? The people who are kind in spite of what life and other people throw at them. Not the nice guys who do one or two deeds and then feel entitled for it. The people who are kind with no expectation of reward, because it's a lot easier to be cruel. Especially when you're hurting. So, you know. Think about who you want to be, while you carry around your pain and snap and snarl at other people. Because you have two choices.

>> No.12398575

>every action and word is a reflection of your thoughts.
no they're not you fucking idiot
I think that you are forgetting he was an outlier and that he probably mastered this well after it was socially appropriate to be spending much time on it. While its true that skater faggots get puss in hs and late middle school, being a 20 year old working on that skill won't do much for you as the social milieu surrounding it is either inaccessible at that point or has dissolved with those people going off to college retaining only memories and relationships from their time being useless white pavement apes.

>> No.12398615

>Take your meds and switch boards. Nobody cares about your söy story of taking it like a bitch for 9 years.
You know you sound EXACTLY like a bully. Bullies always do this. First they bully, or troll in the internet, then as the target points it out, they start to spew all kinds of shit, such as retarded accusations, lies or totally brainless imitation sessions to INVALIDATE what the target said about them bullying. I mean, take your shit you just wrote here. First you try to make it look like I am being somehow "childish" with my points, imitating me the way as if I was. You seriously think that it gets through? Anyone can see that I am not being "childish", and the ones who claim that I am are lying. Then, you present the VERY TYPICAL, unoriginal points to invalidate someone's comments, such as telling me to take my meds (as if I was ill) or switch the boards (even if there is no reason for that). Then you present a TOTALLY BRAINLESS LIE that no one cares about my "onions story", even if the thread is full of bullied people. Finally, you present another LIE that being bullied is the same as "taking it like a bitch" for 9 years. I do not really know what you are. You are either a sociopath who came here to bully, in other words to lift your ass by lowering that of others. Now you're losing it as you are so fucking retarded that you are revealing yourself by making completely retarded points. Or then you are an angry feminist or SJW who betrays her or his principles of equality to be able to attack incels, seeing them where they do no exist. Well, yeah, you are not worth further communication. Had to write this one still, as you deserve to hear what a piece of retarded, non-human filth you are. But maybe you already know.

>> No.12398659

I agree with this 100%.

>> No.12398668

>But you should let go of your bitterness and resentment, because they're just gonna make you sick, physically or mentally or both, and stop letting other people's opinions have power over you. Who gives a fuck what they care? You? Why? They're dicks, they don't know you, they don't have the right to judge. And unless you're being a dick back, then any condemnation they level at you is misdirected, unless you're being an asshole right back.
Like I said, people may cause you some serious harm by judging and condemning you for no reason. For example, they may turn your supervisor at a work place or your professors at a university against you, by spreading lies about you, so that you get fired or expelled. And there's high chances you become done so, if those figures of authority are in it too, wanting to get rid of one of their "rivals", person who they find as a threat somehow and is replaceable, That is why you need to care about what other people say about you, as they may be able to destroy all of your life. And when you are alone, you are pretty powerless against it unless you are ready to sue someone.

Also I want to take up the conclusions and observations I have made of bullying, because not all forms of bullying have been studied, such as the type of bullying where people are not actually aware of doing it.

Well, off now. This is all very time-consuming and also stressing, trying to defend myself against some internet trolls among other things, in a foreign language. Thank you for your reply anyway.

>> No.12398677

You're not ugly at all. See a dermatologist about your acne.

>> No.12398685

>"onions story",
Was supposed to be "onions story"

>> No.12398687

s o y story
söy story
såy story

>> No.12398689

I hate the bourgeoisie.
Hate this kid. Hate the presumed sister beside him. Hate the Lou-iss vitton bag. Fuck them. Fuck them and damn them all to hell.

>> No.12398692

look at this newfag

>> No.12398700
File: 182 KB, 1044x837, 1535170020899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rest with the angels

>> No.12398702

>lie lie lie lie everyone who disagrees is lying
>u're a bully an troll an sjw an feminist an liar!!!1
You were told to take your meltdown-spiced pity party elsewhere. Being a giant sensitive vagina that takes every stranger's judgment of theirs to heart, uniformly equates those to false rape accusations and finally cries on the internet instead of toughening up is the epitome of weak-willed human refuse that deserves absolutely no empathy and should only be deliberately further ostracized until they terminate their miserable existence either through changing the "miserable" or the "existence" parts.

>> No.12398703

Buy a tanning bed to UV treat the acne. Worked for my back acne.

>> No.12398710

replacing acne with skin cancer

>> No.12398717

Lad that last line was so cold ima steal it, thanks

>> No.12398735

Unless you live in some sort of dystopia, from my understanding people cannot act on hearsay with impunity. They must have evidence, and if they don't and act anyway there are complaints commissions and employment/education appeal boards you can go through, and they are generally an unbiased third party. Note that you can view going through these channels as a means of reporting actual unfair expulsion/termination as retaliatory, yes, but forcing your place of education or employment to open a discussion about bullying by bringing in a third party is beneficial to everyone including future students/employees.

Yes, bullying is a shitty, shitty thing, but that doesn't mean you are obliged to go belly up and accept it as the be all and end all.

Again, being bitter about it will just perpetuate your misery.

>> No.12398776

The chad feasts upon the roast and so came to pass that the divine pussy was once again on the pedestal.

>> No.12398786

Nobody likes being bullied not just because it's mean and hurtful, but because it signals a certain lack of status and loss of face. If bullying were just like a bee sting, hurting for a little while and then going away, it would be much less damaging.
The real damage of bullying is that it implies you're at the bottom of the social food chain.
And while commonly it is assumed that males bully more than females, that's not exactly true. Males are more prone to physical bullying while females resort to teasing which can do a lot more harm, especially since it is so important for heterosexual boys' self-esteem to receive validation from girls.

It's too much to say toughen up to some guys because some just don't have it in them. There has to be an emotional maturing in them however, that feeling of being wronged, and then generalizing it to a broad category of "normies" --people who don't even know you and have never wronged you, is literal insanity cultivated and urged along by collectively insane internet cultures like /r9k/

>> No.12398794

I gain sexual pleasure from bullying. When I was being bullied I immediately touched my boipucci and stroked the stick in front of the bully while trying to shoot my load at him. I only stopped after taking psychiatric medications.

>> No.12398800

And there you go, presenting your idiotic LIES in the lack of ANY PROPER COUNTER ARGUMENTS to what I have said.
Reply to your Lie nro.1: IT IS NOT A PITY PARTY TO TELL ABOUT THE ESSENCE OF BULLYING OR YET UNKNOWN FORMS OF IT. How fucking retarded do you have to be to present this blatant lie?
Reply to your Lie nro. 3: I only equated the RESULT of false rape accusations to the results of bullying. Missed that one, brainless retard?
Reply to your Lie nro. 4: BRINGING UP BULLYING and its detrimental effect on people's lives, is NOT CRYING, you idiot. On the contrary, fighting for you rights, such as those of bullied people, by bringing bullying up, is a SIGN OF STRENGTH.
Reply to your Lie nro. 5: NO ONE DESERVES TO BE OSTRACIZED FOR BEING WEAK only. If that is what you think, go being evaluated by a psychologist, as you most definitely are a PSYCHOPATH, who should be granted a treatment to be prevented from destroying too many lives of other people.

Well, at this point I guess you are DELIBERATELY presenting this retarded lies to stir some kind of a reaction for some reason. Maybe for your own sadistic pleasure, that would be expectable considering that you probably are a sadistic psychopath, like so many bullies and trolls. Maybe to mislead the discussion away from people empathizing with Elliot Rodger, incels or mass shooters. Maybe for some other more hidden reason. Anyway, I decided to reply to your brainless lies as if you were not deliberately choosing to act like a retard, even if you are not, as there are true retards around here, who might actually think that people believe such retarded lies. :)

I have other things to do, unlike you, so I leave you to present your retarded lies for whatever reason you want to.

>fuckhead got pissed as I revealed his tactics

>> No.12398815

HAHAHAHAHA you look that good and can't get laid

i have a mate that is balding, has acne and his eyes are crossed. he still gets more pussy then you
jezus christ get of 4chan and fix your god damn mind

>> No.12398828

he looks like the missing link between man and ape

>> No.12398836

If you'd only know what people can do these days, esp. in the academic world. You can be expelled if you actually think that there should still be borders in Europe, or that there should be full details of loose criminals published in the media, including the ethnicity or skin color (to protect people). You will be judged as a racist on the basis of those. Same happens if someone would accuse you of harassment for a wrong kind of look, boom you go, no one asks your side of the story. Also if people spread lies about you, it may affect the way that the result of your work will be misjudged as poor instead of mediocre, and again, boom you go. People do not judge even concrete things objectively, but there is always the feelings affecting their judgement. If someone lied that you are a racist or a fascist or sexist, your professors will judge your work as poor even if it's mediocre, or as mediocre even if it's good. Human mind is very UNRELIABLE.

Bye for now.

>> No.12398851

you belong in first world melting pot countries, embrace it

>> No.12398868

Only burns are associated with the development of skin cancer. UV-B phototherapy is used by many dermatologists.

>> No.12398881

It is a pity party to lament people judging you at all. Everyone always judges everyone and if you're constantly being judged negatively in every possible environment, then the answer is there's something wrong with you and you need to change. It's a very simple conclusion, but it is one you'd have to have enough willpower and wit to make. Lacking those, the only remaining strategy is of course to bawl and wallow in self-pity, build outlandish rationalizations of your own inaction and shift all the blame on the "toopid lying trolles deliberately out to get you". And no, complaining on 4chan about the vicissitudes of fate is not "fighting for your rights", it's quite literally crying. Nobody deserves to be ostracized for being weak, but every one of those who's not actively striving to become strong should. Stop writing these vomit-inducing walls of autistic tripe and go try to become a better person, you pathetic faggot.

>> No.12398883

his lack of a gf is all between his ears
i know trolls that can pull QT's with ease

but guess what they have actual hobbies and a personality that doesn't invole shit posting on 4chan

>> No.12398891

Take away the acne and shape those eyebrows and he looks just fine.

>> No.12398928
File: 67 KB, 960x540, 6e5f75d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically did nothing wrong.

>> No.12398975

>talking about narcissism

>> No.12398985

just be like everybody wants you to be, then you'll be better off :)

>> No.12399008
File: 177 KB, 1600x900, 1516246363258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12399037

Yes. Case in point: you'd be much better off if you weren't a desperate attention-seeking tripfaggot.

>> No.12399044

I think it's hilarious and incomprehensible how people can dedicate their lives to "fighting injustice" but when it comes to the natural injustice between people based on attractiveness or other innate traits they just shrug their shoulders and "life is not fair bro, stop being so entitled"

The more I listen to people, the more every ideology sounds like religion to me.

>> No.12399047

>WAAH Why can't I a rich brat get a GF.
lmao, it's just the story of a spoiled, silver spoon up his arse brat that couldn't get laid because he spent the majority of his life shagging his own arse thinking he was superior, then y'know actually trying to network and connect.

>> No.12399083

>natural injustice
Look up what injustice means, brainlet. Someone winning the lottery while you don't is not injustice.

>> No.12399093

Someone gets killed, someone kills
Who cares it's nature
Stop being a sissy

>> No.12399096

>born black in a white slaver society
Oops. Guess you lost the odds lol. Better luck next time, pal.

>> No.12399104

>girls not throwing themselves at me is equivalent to slavery

>> No.12399109
File: 23 KB, 480x360, 1547292451847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The weak deserve what they get
"the strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must"
If you got bullied it's because you are inferior so you deserve it anyway
Don't forget to kys you subhuman genetic trash

>> No.12399128

It's either hilarious or depressing that I can predict all of your responses and have this conversion better with just myself. Your silly social tricks don't work in pure logical debate. I don't care if you cant formulate a valid response so you have to mock.

Yes, there is a grading scale of unattractiveness where at one point someone will reach "more oppressed/disadvantaged" by whatever metric you like to use compared to those enslaved and this has stood for all time in probably any species of animal or plant you can think of.

>> No.12399158

There is no "oppression/disadvantage" if you are inferior you shouldn't reproduce anyway.

>> No.12399170

I don't get it. My roomie is a Hapa and he seems way more psychologically sound than most people I know.

>> No.12399180
File: 52 KB, 717x800, IMG_20180629_200132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's either hilarious or depressing that I can predict all of your responses and have this conversion better with just myself. Your silly social tricks don't work in pure logical debate

>> No.12399213

Kek. Cool it with fedoratism. Being oppressed and being disadvantaged is not the same thing and are not interchangeable.

>> No.12399228

Didn't expect this.

Expected this.

Ouch. I feel so socially shunned. I better believe what you do so I dont look "epic cringe"

>> No.12399232

As an unintentional dark comedy/satire it was great. For a look into someone's very disturbed mind it was fascinating. As an actual, serious piece of work it was dogshit.

>> No.12399239

Man, you're a genius aren't you! Predicting everything and preventing nothing.

>> No.12399241

>no arguments
Expected this.

>> No.12399244

>act retarded
>get called a retard
>aahhh but I PREDICTED it!!

>> No.12399248
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>> No.12399250

Literally Jewish lel

>> No.12399260
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>> No.12399268

>haha, you dont agree with what is common belief, you must think you're so intelligent and unique unlike myself who is so humble

>> No.12399290

>still no actual arguments
Absolutely expected.

>> No.12399296

>I can calculate 20 moves in advance what you're going to say, brainlet. How will you deal with my pure logical 3d chess skills?

>> No.12399307
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Are we actually going to see any backlash in society from men who just withdraw or can we afford it? I honestly wouldn't mind supporting any kind of opposition to status quo, even islamics or straight up fucked up individuals like rodger make more sense to me than liberal normies.

>> No.12399309
File: 80 KB, 850x400, quote-a-part-of-eugenic-politics-would-finally-land-us-in-an-extensive-use-of-the-lethal-chamber-george-bernard-shaw-60-2-0281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Didn't expect this.
I have a solution for inceldom, and for other "oppressed/disadvantaged" groups.

>> No.12399461
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>the presumed sister beside him.

>> No.12399476


>> No.12399486


>> No.12399772

>No one realizes his manifesto is actually a comedy

>> No.12399894

Sorry, but your post is full of SHIT. Or should I say NORMIE SHIT. Only a retarded normie is not aware of the fact that JUDGING AND CONDEMNING ARE THE MOST POPULAR MEANS OF BULLYING AMONG ADULTS. There are hundreds of thousands of people who JUDGE and CONDEMN others for NO REASON, TO BEAT THEIR RIVALS, IN ORDER TO LIFT THEMSELVES UP. AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WRONG TO BE JUDGED AND CONDEMNED, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO BE ALONE OR OTHERWISE IN POOR POSITION, AND PEOPLE WILL TRY TO PUT YOU DOWN, either by judging and condemning you (a lot more so than anyone else) or by using some other means (a lot more so than to anyone else). I can not COMPREHEND IDIOTS WHO ARE NOT GETTING THIS.


Yeah, it's all in caps as I feel some of you idiots won't get it otherwise but through someone yelling it to you, if even then. I am also too fucking FURIOUS about you imbeciles not getting what I say, to type it down calmly and intelligently in a foreign language.

And who the fuck said I am not actively striving to become strong and a better person you? I have been doing it for all of my fucking life. And if someone does not do it, they do not deserve to be ostracized for it. If you think they do, you clearly are a psychopath. And a retarded one at that. It is you who is VOMIT-INDUCING here.

Added is an interesting article about bullying. It is, for sure, INHERENT to humans as any PACK ANIMALS, to bully. As it rises up one's position in social hierarchy. Whereas CHICKEN KNOCK THEIR RIVALS ON THE YARD, HUMANS JUDGE AND CONDEMN THEIR RIVALS. And in BOTH cases, the ones who are somehow weak, different or alone, WILL BE KNOCKED/JUDGED MOST, a lot more than anyone else, WHICH IS BULLYING. As humans we should understand that this is wrong, as we can put ourselves in other humans' position, while chicken are not capable of putting themselves into other chicken's position. IT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY if we destroy someone's self-esteem or life via bullying, comparable to murder.


I can't help wondering that what the is the wrong with some of you idiots here not getting as simple facts as the ones I have presented here? Talking to you is like BEATING A HEAD INTO A WALL. Is it fucking possible that you deny what I say in this context JUST TO DISENCOURAGE anyone to empathize with the author of the book being discussed?

You psychopaths probably agree with this shithead too:


Ooh yeah, beating up and abusing your child makes him a better adult. HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of a non-human shithead thinks like this?

I'm done with this shit. There's no reason to beat my head into a wall for more. I will do it in some other context where it matters more.

>> No.12399971 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 537x547, 281397192873298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is all your fault bro just improve yourself
Do anyone realize that 90% of incels outside the internet actually think like this and this is why the suicide rates are increasing? Society is literally excluding people of attaining basic social needs while telling those people is all their fault.

>> No.12399973
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>is all your fault bro just improve yourself
Do anyone realizes that 90% of incels outside the internet actually think like this and this is why the suicide rates are increasing? Society is literally excluding people of attaining basic social needs while telling those people is all their fault.

>> No.12399992
File: 1.80 MB, 429x338, hih.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thousands of years of relatively normal monogamous, endogamous marriage in the west
>women's lib happens
>suddenly, hypergamy is (demonstrably) the norm again
>woman-initiated divorces are the absolute norm
>"apps" come into existence to ensure women can pick only the cream of the crop of men for meaningless sex
>social relations literally revert to pre-historic hypergamy
>real wages have not increased for the middle class since 1973
>half the country is borderline schizo and on cocktails of drugs to handle how shitty and empty life is
>"Why is it so hard for me, suddenly, as a random average dude just trying to do my best and have a family? Why are things suddenly so confusing and difficult? I'm trying here"
>meanwhile women get to be the absolute center of the universe between ages 16-30, walking around with their clits hanging out from age 12 onward, and then drop off into total childless irrelevance and become insane cat ladies and burdens on the tax system

I'm so happy neoliberalism obliterated families and culture, turned women into shrieking narcissistic erinyes, and above all, turned young men into resentful confused nomads. I'm sure this situation won't result in aaanything weird happening in politics over the next 30-60 years.

>> No.12399996

>Eric Harric

>> No.12399997

>he didn't even target the Stacy roasties at their sorority
Didn't he try? I thought his plan was to shoot up the sorority but on the day he enacted his plan their sorority was locked up and he was too weak to break a door down.

>> No.12400064

>reee dindu nuffin got judged
Well, do something, faggot. The only "important issue" nowadays is prevalence of absolute sissies like yourself, who think it's everyone else's fault that they're too fucking meek and autistic to either stand up for themselves or find adequate help in the absolute sea of it that is the contemporary Western liberal society. No, we certainly shouldn't figuratively straightjacket people and eliminate all social competition just because your clitoris can't handle it.
>And if someone does not do it, they do not deserve to be ostracized for it.
Of course they should. If you refuse to even try to help yourself, why should anyone else bother to? The only reasonable conclusion is that you don't really care and I would be absolutely justified to wipe my feet off you and abuse your position for my gain.
>IT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY if we destroy someone's self-esteem
So just as I initially said - you're a literal fucking tumblrina that thinks hurting her feefees is akin to fascism.

>> No.12400079

>it's all *****ism's fault!
Nobody is to blame for you being a worthless faggot, but you.

>> No.12400116

The reductio of your claim is that structural determination of the individual is impossible and everyone is radically responsible for their own situation at all times, which therefore also applies to feminism.

While I don't agree with parts of your claim, I do appreciate that it supports my position more than it attacks it.

>> No.12400129

>literal mental gymnastics

>> No.12400143

No, just showing you the conclusions of your own claims, which is elenchus. You're thinking of eristic, appropriate for a woman.

>> No.12400165

>it's an incel tries to feign having a counterpoint by doubling down on thesaurus
Nonsequiturs and snarky remarks don't magically turn into arguments by virtue of wrapping them into pseud verbiage, sweaty. Try again.

>> No.12400168

Whos that chick thats obsessed with him now that had those youtube vids

>> No.12400219

As in your first post, you really like agreeing with me.

>> No.12400318

Read the Invisible Man and Light In August. They're by and about mixed race men.

Get off /lit/, I'm mixed and met my mixed gf here, but we left when the teenagers started spouting meme philosophy.

We're both now published writers. Rise above the names you've placed upon yourself.

>> No.12400336

Thanks, I accept your concession.

>> No.12400399

>we would've been great friends.
Funny thing is I met my younger self at university and instantly saw that he was like me from a few years ago. Same attitude, same problems, same ideas and thoughts, same everything. He was like a toned down Elliot Rodger as was I between the ages of 16-18. It didn't take long before I realized that friendship with this person was impossible. They had to suffer in order to change. Now whenever I meet someone like that I just treat them like anyone else would (which often means the piece of shit they are).

Tldr: You can't change people

>> No.12400420

This. When white men settle down with Asian women they're doing their future children a horrible disservice. The girls might be okay, but will probably wish that they were whiter and other stuff.
Any male children, however, are liable to be borderline psychopathic oedipal fuckups with the most intense daddy and mommy issues you've ever seen.

>> No.12400439

>I'm so glad I was born lower middle class, being born rich seems like a one way ticket to insanity nowadays.
Yeah, that way you can spend one third of your life working instead of just being able to invest wisely and do whatever you want.

>> No.12400539

All edgelords wish they were aristocracy because it would validate their feelings of superiority. Most likely he was 10 generations removed from some noble which is realistic.

>> No.12400547

Become king of the niggers.

>> No.12400651

Why does Elliott threads bring out legitimately stupid people out? You may not know it anon but you are stupid

>> No.12400763

Given that we're both conceding to the points I originally articulated, I also accept my concession. Onward in friendship!

>> No.12401533

searched what his dad is up to and it seems "interesting"...
Glimpsed (2018)
9min | Short, Horror, Mystery | TV Short
A young boy experiences a powerful glimpse into a new family home before he has even seen it for the first time.

Director: Peter Rodger
Writer: Peter Rodger
Stars: Soumaya Akaaboune, David Oliver, Zack Robertson

soumaya is in this. " young boy in a new family". horror . elliot's dad wrote and direct it. it must be addressing what his son did in some way...

>> No.12401555

Is this legit?

>> No.12401570

haha just read books, half honkie.

>> No.12401616
File: 29 KB, 559x169, Screenshot_2019-01-13-13-35-42-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12401968

How'd you get a gf here?

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