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How do we purge /pol/ from /lit/?

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nigger kike chink faggot

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>What do you mean people with opposing viewpoints to mine can post here? This is an outrage!

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/pol/yps mostly post moronic, repetive, easily refutable but still forced rants about da j00s and x-files tier conspiracies, taking them far too serious and doing so with annoying penetrance.

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Sage, Report, Delete

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stop giving them attention like this, for one

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Post less about Marx and religion.

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that's not a book.

that's not a book
obviously we're all willing to tolerate people promoting stupid books and spouting asinine ideas, consider all the YA threads.

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>muh /pol/
>hurr go back to /pol/ hurrrr

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Expose them for the autistic trannies/fags they are

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Fuck off /pol/ incel

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By killing all the Joos REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Based lol

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That's not the issue, /pol/tard. Now fuck off.

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How do we purge r/feminism from /lit/, or to be fair, 4chan in general? Seems much more ingrained and people refuse to criticize it.

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Without /pol/ this board would be nothing.

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Prove it!

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>without /pol/ I wouldn't be interested in coming here
sounds good

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hilldawgs unite! /lit/ is ours.

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/lit/ is christian marxists leninist you capitalist pleb. Fuck off to /pol/

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>christian marxists leninist

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Just blend in, nigga or you will be gassed.

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How do we purge /lgbt/ from /lit/?

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Why would you want to

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Using the report filter always helps. Don't let racism stand on /lit/

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Racism, misogyny and antisemitism should never be allowed under any circumstances.

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>identity#1, identity#2 and identity#3 should never be critiqued under any circumstances
Why? And why only those 3?

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Because a rational society is past out-grouping and identity politics

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*except in /b/

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