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Which is the better poem, Nael’s work “Tiger” or Galko’s more contemporary “Leaves”?

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Hard to say. They are both sublimely contemplative works. Nael's is decidedly more masculine though, so I favor him and his.

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Obviously the Tiger.
It's a sincere masterpiece, the Leaves poem is an accidental masterpiece. I am convinced the girl didn't even really understand what she was saying.

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I also prefer Nael's. His ability to unlock primal - almost carnal - emotions in his readers is, frankly, unparalleled.

That being said, "Leaves" is still a beautiful piece.

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>accidental masterpiece
I think you aren't giving Galko enough credit there.

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It's easy to write a poem like that if you're naive and dumb, it's beauty is a wistful sort.
Tiger transcends its stupidity and is sublime.

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Sorry anon, I'm gonna have to come in here and support the other anon, and defend my girl Galko. Her piece has as much depth as Nael's, albeit of a different sort. While Tiger is a straightforward celebration of the untamable impulses of nature, and thereby the poet's reaction to an external phenomenon, Leaves is an inward examination, which bares far more beneath its surface than one may see on a first reading. Galko explores, from the inside, what it means to be herself, at this stage of her life, and specifically of her parent's perception of her. In such few lines, she captures her internal world so well, and leaves the reader wondering as to the deeper details of what they've read. While Nael seems to be influenced by Blake, Galko looks to be taking after Whitman. Regardless of our differences in opinion, I think we all agree that we look forward to hearing more from both of these poets in the future.

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Tiger is more focused and compact. Leaves is more raw but also more open to interpretation.

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For me, It's "leaves," the poem by Stefany Galko.

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fuck stefany and nael, i'm about nathan, haiku by a robot is a postmodern masterpiece

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Leaves is an accidental strike of genius.
Tiger is truly intentful strike of genius.
If you disagree you are a pseud.

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i must confess--i am not familiar with "leaves". would anyone direct me to where i may find it?

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I like this one the most.
Beifuss's mechanical sublime is a form almost independent of the others, though, and it may be unfair to compare it with the likes of Nael and Galko.

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>Leaves is more raw but also more open to interpretation.
Frankly, I find her hiding her incompetence in obfuscation. Tiger is so concrete and clearly written that it leaves the writer nowhere to hide from criticism - truly a risky piece that paid big dividends in the end.

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Post-modernist detected.

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We're all postmodernists.
This one is just sort of gay.*
*no homo

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Postmodernist confirmed.

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faggot* confirmed.
a JBP-maggot who i fucking hate.

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Wash your dick, Bucko.

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This is so good

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Im going to have to go with Leaves. The deep melancholy and loneliness unfortunately will always effect me more than the little euphoria that comes with the illusion of freedom The Tiger manifests.

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