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>tfw no one got me a book for /lit/mas

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What did you get instead?

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cok in my but :(

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>tfw parents gave me Chapters giftcard so I can just get whatever books I want

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>tfw got Aeneid for Christmas

Truly blessed.

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Just buy whatever book you want. Why didn't you ask Santa for a certain book?

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Should I get Sophie's world for my younger cousin sometime? What would be a good age to introduce her to some philosophy?

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Nick Land

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Get her a DVD of the Pervert's Guide movies.

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Sophie's Choice > Sophie's World

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get her the greatest story never told

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Gee, thanks for the help.
Also just realized Brian Eno does the music for the Guides that's cool

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I told my brother's gf to buy me Journey to the End of the Night months ago and the madwoman actually did it

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Isn't that a movie?

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>tfw got an e-book reader
>tfw can pirate literally thousands of books and academic journals now

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>just get money all the time
>probably worse than getting nothing at all

Why do rich friends do this

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>tfw spending christmas alone and have received nothing

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>tfw receive lots of kisses and love from jewish girlfriend for Hanuka

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I’m traveling to two different Xmas locations but yes I woke up alone.

Fret not, it is a consumerist holiday

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They don’t care enough or are too “busy”

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If she’s Orthodox then based

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My mum bought me The reign of quantity and the sign of the times

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My sister got me the diary of Che Guevara from her trip to cube. She thinks it's a first edition because its kinda torn on the outside and it has stains and a yellow tinge, but when you actually open the pages they re all silky smooth like they've never been read through. Anyways it's still a nice gift

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>someone gave me a book
>it's a translations
might as well just give me some socks or something

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mum got me pnin

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Whats that?

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book by nabby, lrn2google

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what's your amazon account, anon?

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Forgot about chapters until right now, great place

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>great place

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