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I want to be a knight of faith but I am not smart enough to read his writing. Can someone here teach me how please

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*blocks your path*

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Step 1: Make the movement of infinite resignation. Give up on your dream. You tried, you failed, accept it, move on, success would be absurd.
Step 2: Make the double movement of faith. Your success would be absurd, you understand that but you believe in it anyway, hoping against hope, living in the promises of God in absolute defiance of reason.
God tells you to kill your son, but also believe the contradictory position that through him you will have numberless descendants? All good. Resign yourself to losing your son and accept that God's promise will return void, that's the first movement. Then reject that, and believe God's promise anyway, despite the order to kill your son. It doesn't make sense. It's anti-intellectual. You're believing by virtue of the absurd. That's a knight of faith.

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*leaps over ur manlet ass with ur manlet philosophies*

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Why would I want to be a Knight of Faith?

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start with Buddhism first, then read anything you have in hand

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Buddhism is life denying

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>reading eastern works

Sorry my IQ is not below 100 (as in asia)

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>i am looking for this specific man to tell me what to think because he's a christian philosopher and i'm actively trying to become a christian
never gonna make it

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Asians tend to have higher iqs on average then whites dumbass. Even Race Realists like Jared Taylor admit this face

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Because the knight of infinite resignation grasps the infinite by relinquishing the finite; the knight of faith again grasps the finite, the proximal, the here and now. One lives stoically but without faith, the other lives in the realm of the miraculous through faith.

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Knights of faith are closet schizophrenics. If reading Fear and Trembling doesn't make immediate sense to you you're probably a pleb.

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You have it backwards, you read kierkegaard until you have a mental breakdown, then you kinda get into buddhism.

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*teleports behind you*
*unsheathes katana*
"Nothing personal, kid"

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Get the hong translations. I tried reading others and couldn't grasp it nearly as well.

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You don't, that's why there's only ever been so few. It takes an enormous leap to live in faith alone.

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fucking closet atheists

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Sounds like Buddhism.

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You should read Nietzsche as you read Kierkegaard silly billy.

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>stemfags with innate mathematical abilities and good work ethic intrinsically understand philosophy and theology
Cute. Give a better defense of eastshit.

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Only if you're literally retarded. One is about relinquishing all your desires, and one is about obtaining fulfillment for your impossible desires by virtue of the absurd.
Unless you meant the knight of resignation sounds Buddhist, in which case you're slightly less retarded, but that knight also doesn't relinquish desire, he just resigns himself to failure.

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Sounds like you actually believed the troll anon. No one itt has given any accurate descriptions of Kierkegaard's ideas.

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Would you mind providing one?

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Since you asked nicely, and OP seems to need stimuli, a brief introduction:
and now just read his works. It's fine if it takes you some reading ahead to understand claims such as
“The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation [which accounts for it] that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but [consists in the fact] that the relation relates itself to its own self.”
but you have to process through them, just like learning literally anything else.

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Thank you

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Haha, this definitely resonates with me as an INFP. Just last night I was having the kind of crisis of despair in relation to potential careers I might want to pursue. "I could go down this path, but is that the best path? What if this other path the is the actual one I want to take? I don't want to settle, but I won't know until I try! But I can't try everything, bc of limited time..."

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Become smart enough

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This so hard.
Math is good and all but without philosophical subtext you're just a fucking computer.

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This is only true because the upper crust of Asians get tested for IQ while all walks of white society get tested.

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