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Why do you listen to commodity music, /lit/? Don't you realize that listening to popular music is a form of cultural enslavement which leads to the loss of rational autonomy?

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I don't listen to music at all. It is a low art unworthy of attention.

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ooga booga rap sound good and the beats

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Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Kant would laugh at you.

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>rational autonomy

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>low art
A-anon why would you just out yourself as a psued like that

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Cool thread, it should go on the music board, >>>/mu/
Also I don't listen to music, I improvise to the Bay Psalm Book

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If music is so good why did they pursue philosophy instead?

>inb4 you post Nietzsche's crappy compositions

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They lacked the talent for it.

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I listen to tracker modules, chiptunes (from traditional audio chips or emulations of them, not hipster "chiptune" bullshit), and MIDI files.

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I'm currently listening to this. I don't think any of this stuff is remotely popular. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC7fWNvvwQo

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I still find it funny how much bullshit Adorno got away with because he was marxist. One of the most elitist, racist assholes out there and he would no doubt be hated today regardless.

He was correct about everything culture wise, though. Smart guy but a jackass nonetheless.

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I would start listening to classical and stuff but I frankly have no idea where to start

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hint to something you might like and I'll help

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That helps.
I like schmaltzy dramatic stuff, I guess.

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start with short stuff like Chopin's Nocturnes, or little pieces such as Bach's Air on G.

I personally got into it via Tristan und Isolde but I don't know if that is typical. The string quartets of Mozart and Haydn are what sort of solidified my understanding of what classical music is.

also this is top tier piece of music right here, one of my favorites:

in general there is an immense amount of classical music, from the past like 900 years, and it cant be easily encapsulated

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Thanks. I'll give it a go

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Listen to Chopin's nocturne for a start
and schumann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9jieJySSho
Mozart is classical and not really dramatic but take a listen and see if you like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP9KWQ8hAYk
That's exclusively piano music though

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Mozart and Haydn string quartets are a great starting point, indeed.

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Start with the Russians. Stravinsky, Mussorgsky, Shostakovich, etc. They knew how to write entertaining music. The check out Beethoven and Bach, but skip Mozart because he wrote the most boring normalfag crap. After that you'll probably have your own preferences.

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my favorite Russians are kallinikov and Rimsky-korsakov
this is a contender for my favorite ever piece of music:

Kallinikov's first two symphonies are great as well, the second movement of the first being completely unique imo

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>skip Mozart
confirmed absolute pleb. Holy shit dilletants talking about music make my blood boil for reals

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Top 40 shit is still top 40 shit even if it's old.

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Start with some theory so you can appreciate it fully. I hope you don't read poetry without basic understanding of meter, form and structure?

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Bix nood, my friend.

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top 40 stuff is fine, but Mozart is not that. If you don't see the immense depth and beauty in something like this
i dont even know what to say anon

or listen to his Requiem for something immediately striking

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but I don’t listen to pop-music. it’s trash. I listen to contemporary classical artists and film scores, music that can make me feel emotions of a more sublime and complex nature.

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>skip Mozart because he wrote the most boring normalfag crap
absolutely untrue but you will grow out of it eventually. I used to think the same and many of my friends did too

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Maybe he just needs an energy drink.

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You know him and countless other classical composers take inspiration from folk music, right?

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Hadn't heard any Kallinikov before, thanks. Good stuff.

It's just background music. 100% boring. The Requiem at least doesn't put you to sleep, but I don't like music with vocals.

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Classical music is only "elevated" by its association with wealthy and powerful patronage such as the RCC and royalty. It's not special (beyond the virtue of allowing its composers to hole up in ivory towers, which is mostly insignificant), and it's been appropriated and commodified, especially as a political tool, much more so than popular music (i.e. mass produced folk music).

There's a lot of excellent classical music, but placing the entire genre "above" the rest of music only reveals a subconscious authoritarian fetishism in the person doing so.

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BWV 525-771 masterrace

fuck off orchestral fags

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>not video game music

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Absolutely false and your soul is corrupted, son. You just gave a marxist analysis of classical music lmao. You're the type of nigger to dump bach and beethoven into the same basket, when beethoven is in reality closer to taylor swift than baroque music. Bach is almost purely metaphysical, whereas beethoven is sentimental.

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>You're the type of nigger to dump bach and beethoven into the same basket, when beethoven is in reality closer to taylor swift than baroque music. Bach is almost purely metaphysical, whereas beethoven is sentimental.
i agree with this but Beethoven is still incredibly good, levels above Taylor swift. Stuff like Bach and Handel are simply transcendental. There is also nothing wrong with Taylor Swift, she is one of the better female popstars.

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>Absolutely false
I see a truth between your position and his. There is a lot of Marxism in the snobbery that surrounds the physical presentation of perfectly legitimate classical music. It is not coming from me.

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This is so pretentious. At most you can say it's highly creative, but you can't take inspiration from nothing. If you try, you end up taking inspiration from your own mind.

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Bullshit, if they were to hear today's music, they would take back everything they said.

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Beethoven is great, yes.
The pinnacle of western civilization came with bach, and the beginning of the downfall with beethoven. So basically beethoven is the best we will ever get, according to 'modern' criterias.

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It is literally transcendent though, the point of counterpoint is the harmony transcending the individual voices. There is like a switch when you stop hearing them as melodies and it becomes just this glowing harmony

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sexual climax can also be highly creative, but these songs are intellectualizing something different as well as farther encompassing

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>philip glass
i genuinely laughed

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absolutely UNTRUE again. Music, because of its purely abstract nature, is a direct representation of the Will. So it makes complete sense that music is transcendental. That is until music is being captured by sentimentality and strips it of its metaphysical 'function'.

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is glass considered plebeian or are you just being edgy? i like einstein on the beach

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>my genetic programming is the thing in itself

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>philippe entremont real great debussy recordings btw. Try Images 1&2

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>Music, because of its purely abstract nature
There's nothing "purely abstract" about an art form that depends greatly on the biology of the human ear. The ear is a limited resolution frequency domain sensor, and consonance and dissonance depends mostly on the uncertainty of the measurements of this sensor. Helmholtz figured this shit out in the 19th century. Don't believe the mystical Pythagorean bullshit. It's just an artifact of an arbitrary product of evolution. See Sethares' work for details.

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What a shitty exemple haha but I get your point. Music is the CLOSEST to the thing in itself (but like second poster noticed, music is not PURELY abstract, but it sure is the MOST abstract thing a human can experience) There is literaly zero argument against this statement. And no evolutionary biology doesn't produce philosophical arguments of any worth lol.

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> It's just an artifact of an arbitrary product of evolution.
ah yes monsieur, hearing the birds chirp in harmony (Bb major, if my reptilian brain recalls correctly) surely was a sign of the upcoming monsoon.

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>inb4 retardandos ITT argue whether science explains consciousness

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See http://sethares.engr.wisc.edu/paperspdf/consonance.pdf
There's nothing fundamental about simple ratios in harmony.

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Good post. Shostakovich is who made me fall in love with classical

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Any good /lit/ would recommend on music/theory?

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this but unironically

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it's not real music theory but aspects of Wagner is a lot of fun to read imo
the book modern and modernism touches on a lot of music, ties it into the other arts and literature

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Music, poetry, and painting are extremely similar in their method.
I feel bad for you, son.
(fuck, i wonder if mu has an NPC wearing beats yet...)

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i feel this as well. my poems and paintings are very intertwined. I wish i could make music but i just can't sing very well, which is my favorite part of music

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>popular music

all music anon

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Since I got digits I'll even be nice and post the high-quality version:
And the singer:

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Obligatory explanation post:

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Pop production is literally so perfect it is pure art. Pop music production blows everything else out of the water. It's like watching a perfectly designed beautiful spaceship.

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p. tleb

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No, it's bad and destroys the sound. The soul is taken out of it, as a great marker of a master musician is the way in which he controls the natural noise (and non-mechanical aspects) of the instruments. There is almost a second form of time which he controls, and overproduction wipes this from the recording.
The ideal recording is a slightly cleaned up version of a live performance, and this gives us the feeling of isolation we feel within such a setting.
Note how he controls the guitar:
Another comparison would be a top-tier folk recording vs. something overproduced; or early heavy metal vs. anything after the late 80s.

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pop production has far and away the best sound design. every serious musician will tell you that

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i dont even like that sort of music but he is very good at it

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Also forgot to mention how volume wars are simply an extension of this earlier process of clearing away the vital noise of the music. Without this the volume wars would be impossible.

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What do you like?

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Perhaps you could clarify and post an example? The methods have also changed quite a bit over the years, and there wasn't as much differentiating pop production from folk back in the 60s.

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all sorts of stuff, a lot of it is trash, some of it is more respected.

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just listen to any chart topping hit. clean bandit, calvin harris, zedd, bruno mars...anything by max martin...the sound design is obviously far and away the best in pop music these days. since arrangements are fairly simple, the difference is really made in sound choice and design.

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>muh space colonies

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i like the sound design on the song Faded by alan walker. Idk if its actually good because i know nothing about production

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i hate that song

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>we live in a society

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But music recorded by a teenager in the back seat of a car on a laptop is the best kind of music

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But music recorded by a teenager in the back seat of a car on a laptop is the best kind of music

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Also based

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Adorno must not have been in on it:

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My question for Adorno would revolve around whether or not he had heard this:

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"Our music was once divided into its proper forms...It was not permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and others. Knowledge and informed judgment penalized disobedience. There were no whistles, unmusical mob-noises, or clapping for applause. The rule was to listen silently and learn; boys, teachers, and the crowd were kept in order by threat of the stick. . . . But later, an unmusical anarchy was led by poets who had natural talent, but were ignorant of the laws of music...Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong way in music, that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave. By their works and their theories they infected the masses with the presumption to think themselves adequate judges. So our theatres, once silent, grew vocal, and aristocracy of music gave way to a pernicious theatrocracy...the criterion was not music, but a reputation for promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking." -- Plato layin down the law in like 1000000 bc

catch up plebs

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Radiohead don't real

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There is no such thing as pop production. There is production which is high quality because the label's money and access to expertise.

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>but skip Mozart because he wrote the most boring normalfag crap
Mozart is the learned man's composer and simultaneously the pleb's composer -- he holds the unique position of immediately being appealing to both, there's a reason so many well known composers worshiped Mozart.

Shostakovich is also top 40 shit, anon. In art music, top 40 shit isn't in the same universe as pop's top 40 shit.

>with wealthy and powerful patronage such as the RCC and royalty
Not really the case with many, many classical composers, many of which were poor and died poor. It's true that the "classical" (speaking period-wise, here) era had many wealthy patrons, but that isn't the reason why it's elevated. There's nothing that stops classical music from being commodified, as even the most complex composers wrote compositions that are appealing to masses, but the differences between art and pop music lie in their depths. Popular music is extremely homogeneous and very unfortunately absent in heterophony and polyphony, you will find the most rigid adherence to conservative music forms (especially strophic forms) amongst them. It does not seem capable of evolving past its archaic style, and, even in that context, it fails to even stand to the predecessors it borrows so much from.
Alex Ross' The Rest is Noise is a good place to start.
It's possible. A recording does exist as early as the late 40s iirc.

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I always found it interesting how Adorno claimed Beethoven was Hegelian philosophy in music, but more true because it manages to reconcile the particular with the totality in ways Hegel's thought can't. I recommend reading Adorno's Beethoven Fragments for anyone who wants a greater appreciation of the composer.

Also, Adorno's favorite Beethoven cycle:

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what literature do you think is good

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Nice. I haven't gotten into much Beethoven but pic related was enjoyable (minus the goddamn humming)

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Gould tends to be pretty eccentric, but he does have his fans for a reason. I'm not really a fan of his Beethoven, though, it's a bit too idiosyncratic for me. I like his early Bach recordings the best.

My favorite Beethoven recording of his:

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All of Theodor Adorno's books were commodities.

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>Skip Mozart


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Music choice doesn’t matter at all. Do you take it seriously or listen to only kill time? I listen to everything, anything, I listen to Kanye West, I listen to classic rock, I also listen to disco.. Doesn’t matter. Yall can stop being snowflakes

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Define popular

>> No.11786695

only good pop is dream pop and most of that ain't even pop

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Troglodyte detected

>> No.11786747

Popular music has honestly become less interesting to me over the years. I think part of it is the way people have been treating it as something genuinely transcendent recenty

>> No.11786762

>Start with the Russians.
Don't listen to this retard/bait. Start with Baroque. Objectively the highest form of music.

>> No.11786913

Pure music, art music, music that makes sense is no longer appropriate for a confused and disintegrated age

Music can still serve its perennial function but ya just gotta seek out some nasty noisy experimental stuff, trve electronic industrial and black metal are appropriate to the postmodern west, but both still have ambition and aesthetic drive

>> No.11786980

Those are pretty boring examples of sound design desu. For me something like this comes to mind:
That underwater effect sounds amazing in the context of the song.

Or if we're talking straight pop music, then something like this:

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Honestly I think Adorno would at least give home recording artists like Ariel or Jandek a pass.

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being a nigger is fun sometimes. it's what ted would have wanted in terms of returning to a primal state. plus they actively assist in its destruction by taking gibs. hip hop is 1005 tedpilled and therefore based

>> No.11787014

*in the destruction of the technological industrial system

>> No.11787051

how about you stop being a beta and work on improving yourself instead of listening to hip music to compensate for everything you lack?

>> No.11787082

I'm doing quite fine, but thank you for the concern.

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There's a neat thing by Christian Schubert on the emotional connection to each musical key. Worth a peep I'd say.

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/mu/ is cancer. Go back and stay there, faggot.

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>Kids these days and their shit music.
Plato edition

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Equal temperament was standard well before 1917, and there is no standard unequal tuning method so there can be no standard feeling for any key. This list is 100% bullshit.

>> No.11787352

>skip Mozart
That's pretty stupid. Mozart is literally a wonderful starting point, OP, then you'll become like this anon when you're a bit more knowledgeable, and then you'll be able to appreciate Mozart again, as another anon said.

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>He likes over produced shit

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I only listen to Tibetan throat singing etc etc

>> No.11787645

>retarded phoneposter fails to read the article before posting
There is no standard well temperament. Well temperament is whole class of tunings.

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Beethoven is gay lol

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Take lessons then anon. I believe in you

>> No.11789581

How the fuck did he come up with this shit?

>> No.11790475

Masterful shitposting ability.
>If one comes to England or even America, [Sibelius]’s name begins to grow into the infathomable. He is named as often as a car brand’s. Radio and concert resound with the sounds of Finland. Toscanini’s programs are open to Sibelius. [...]His music is in a certain sense the only 'subversive' [music] from these days. But not in the sense of destroying the corrupt existing order, but in a Caliban-like destruction of all musical results of the dominion over nature that mankind acquired at high price from using the tempered scale. If Sibelius is good, then the standards of musical quality as richness of relationships, articulation, unity in manifoldness, diversity in oneness, which perennate from Bach to Schoenberg, are obsolete. All this is betrayed by Sibelius to a nature which isn’t natural, but rather a shabby photography of his parents' home. He has his part in the wearing-out in art music, even though he is easily bested by industrial light music. But in his symphonies such destruction is masked as creation. Its effect is dangerous.

>> No.11790487

continental phil is literally just a series of interrelated shitposts

>> No.11790628

currently listening to stockhausen and schoenberg playing at the same time in different tabs :^)

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literally fuck this bitter marxist cunt

>> No.11791014

At least Adorno and Evola agreed on something.

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>> No.11792295

Even the most commercialized music has SOME amount of effort and dedication put into it. There's something interesting about "genre" or "top 40" music that's so appealing to me. The formula for making something that many people will respond to and then executing it on a high level is cool to see.

>> No.11792479

How does /lit/ feel about folk punk?

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>> No.11792702

I prefer this kind of thing:

>> No.11792753

There is something there, but I appreciate it like I appreciate a public works project.and not a work of art.

>> No.11792816

>pinnacle of western civilization came with Bach
Further proof that Mozart is underrated

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Based and greenpilled

>> No.11792829

Extremely based, I like that he is basically the only person ever to realize that Schönberg was a Mozartean at heart and really a REACTIONARY rather than REVOLUTIONARY composer.

>> No.11792833

Aren't hymns allowed in Islam? And in some cases women are allowed to play drums or whatever
>t. brought up muslim by a still devote muslim family, secretly scepticpilled

>> No.11792835

Pop music is interesting to catch up on and see how the production style has changed. If you're not an audio engineer I don't see a reason to listen to it if you don't feel like dancing.

>> No.11792956

It's an extremely repetitive formula. One which kinda loses its novelty entirely once you realize how it's done. Sure, there's effort, but effort doesn't equal worthwhile content.

Well, yes, though I do think that Schoenberg himself is a bit to blame for that, as he could be quite outspoken in his youth and certainly said some things with revolutionary undertones. But, indeed, he was a romantic / classicist at heart -- all of the SVS were to some degree, and Schoenberg's efforts were really just trying to make sense of the late romantic era, which could be quite meandering and tonally ambiguous to the point of completely losing one's self. He brought back structure and form in a shattered post-Wagnerian musical world, a return to tradition.

>> No.11792961

Music isn't forbidden in Islam, they are just wary of it because they are afraid of idolatry.

>> No.11792975

Not at all, exempting his very earliest works. Romanticism is the gradual process of disintegration of form and more concrete musical elements (a sort of populism), Schönberg returns to transcendental formal music without the tendency towards mechanization as one can detect in most post-war composer.

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>Music, poetry, and painting are extremely similar in their method.
if i were to record "Coochie gang coochie gang coochie gang" over an instrumental someone else made, i'd be on par with Da vinci, and the end result would be comparable to the painting of pic related??

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Iunno squad, sure seems like the point of it was to make the tuning as standardized as they could lacking the ability to measure audio frequencies. But hell Idunno shit about music theory, learned entirely by ear because fuck reading music. Thanks for the information and insults, have a good day.

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>> No.11793172

make way for the best music of the modern age

>> No.11793269

Don't listen to Western music. It's artificial, simplistic, cultureless trash.

>> No.11793275

I know Adorno wasn't exactly caring for the electronic music in his time, but what would his reaction be towards Autechre's elseq, or Sd Laika (https://youtube.com/watch?v=i0SRhgko7VM)?

>> No.11793293

The west is LITERALLY the only culture to ever invent FORM and HARMONY you fucking idiot.

>> No.11793325

And it's simplistic because it's limited to an off-sounding, small set of notes whereas the notes of much of the music of the world are expansive and infinitely more subtle, in some cases, they're best considered as continuous than discrete. Modern Western aristocratic music ruined present-day music by rendering it bland and cultureless, and deceiving themselves into thinking their music is the only real music, the rest is non-music. Infantile. One of the many degenerations of today.

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Start with the Greeks
Ross' Rest is Noise is probably a goo primer but take it with a pinch of salt he gives a very typically journalist critic view of music

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>literally every non-western classical music tradition is monodic or heterophonic
>literally all of them exclusively use song-form or some sort of modal approach, much like the shit tier low IQ european folk music
Thinking that material = complexity is low IQ thinking, I can shove however many pitch classes or use as many odd rhythms as I want, but if it's still formally a children's song, it's still a fucking children's song.

Non-western """""""""classical""""""""" musics = Glorified folk music.

>> No.11793366

Ultimate schmuck with no aesthetic sensibility pleb opinion right here

>> No.11793571

They're actually saying "gucci gang"

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>> No.11793661

am i a pseud for liking this?

>> No.11793684

wouldn’t the best music be something that doesn’t require an acquired taste? Because classic music certainly does require one to get familiar with before you can say you like it.. for the vast majority of people anyway.

>> No.11793691

Germany is the #1 country for music, period

>> No.11793739

That's exactly what I said, but that doesn't make him a non-romantic. He still took a lot of influence from the romantic composers and loved them dearly, especially Mahler. Furthermore his performance preferences were all in the romantic style.

>> No.11793752

>reading theory
>rationalizing music
>not listening to music in a purely phenomenological way.

>> No.11793761

ofc not Emancipator are based

>> No.11793768


>> No.11793793

>placing the entire genre "above" the rest of music only reveals a subconscious authoritarian fetishism in the person doing so.
100% true word by word

>> No.11794513
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what do I do if I'd like to be a cool kid that plays the bass but can't even read music

>> No.11794575

Reading music isn't that hard.

Pro-tip: Practice the rhythms and not the pitches.

>> No.11794595
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Greetings from /classical/. Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin is the greatest composer of all time. That is all.


>> No.11794621

I recently started listening to trash rap music. Until then I strictly stuck to classical and folk. I feel guilty but it's seriously good. I don't even care anymore.

>> No.11794656

Those are good symphonies but that list is a terrible beginner's overview

>> No.11794668

>implying there's anything wrong with authoritarian fetishism

>> No.11794714
File: 6 KB, 200x200, 1417967849743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw enjoy listening to classical and trash indie pop music equally
>have my library on shuffle and went from beethoven to boredoms to fausto romitelli to annie
>tfw probably more musically educated than anyone on this board

>> No.11794747

>putting your library on shuffle and listening to individual movements rather than the entirety of the piece

>> No.11794756
File: 1.86 MB, 1280x1313, feels good man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i listen to (and perform) complete works all the time but sometimes it's nice to just listen to a bunch of random shit whilst shitposting on 4chan

>> No.11794765

>using compositions as background music
double gross

>> No.11795870
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>> No.11795904

I know quite a lot of classical music that I listen to semi-regularly but I mostly listen to stuff like Lana del Rey.

lately i have just been listening to the song Between the Bars by Elliot Smith on repeat because it calms me down imemnsely and I am like right on the verge of panic or mania or something that I cant quite define.

>> No.11796328

>If you listen to jazz you a cuck beta soiboy faggot
~ Theodor Adorno

>> No.11796863


>> No.11797592

What would Adorno think? (11:16)

>> No.11797610

What would Adorno think? (2:21)

>> No.11797617

What would Adorno think?

>> No.11797707

I think this was written for Adorno.

[Verse 1]
Come here you freak
I saw you crawling last night
Big erection in your hand
You rule the world
You're gonna murder somebody weak
You're gonna murder somebody weak
Strong men win at violence and abuse
Strong men win at violence and abuse
Strong men win at violence and abuse

[Verse 2]
I'm not scared
I'll take what I want
Something for nothing
I want what you've got
I want what you've got

>> No.11797738


I like goin out dancing sometimes : >

>> No.11797751

You deserved to be dead! JK!

>> No.11797775


>> No.11797799

I did something very similar with 'til I die by the beach boys for about 3 months

>> No.11798538

>Elliott Smith
>Beach Boys
Good pop taste.

>> No.11798848
File: 14 KB, 300x297, ipod-clipart-A_Colorful_Cartoon_Middle_Aged_Man_Listening_To_Music_on_a_Ipod_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_101124-158156-758053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not too much of a stuffy-duddy to indulge my death drive every once in a while.

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