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Why didn't Tolkien write a book about Bullroarer Took?

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He ran out of time perfecting Silmarillion. Maybe if he'd been graced with another decade or two, he could've gotten around to it. Alas.

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Well at least the fall of Gondolin came out after all the hype around it

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That's ironic, because unless I'm mistaken, the fall of gondolin is one of the first stories he wrote for Arda that he didn't trash later.

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This just came out

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thanks for reminding me. just ordered it.

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>Tolkien began writing the story that would become "The Fall of Gondolin" in 1917 in an army barracks on the back of a sheet of military marching music. It is the first traceable story of his Middle-earth legendarium that he wrote down on paper. While the first half of the story "appears to echo Tolkien's creative development and slow acceptance of duty in the first year of the war," the second half echoes his personal experience of battle.

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Based Christopher

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Redpill me on Christopher edited/written books. Are they any good? Is he noticeably bad or different from his pop? Is he adding a lot of his own or is he mostly based on JRRT?

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Reading the History of Middle-earth is like walking through a museum: there are almost always notes and commentaries, but they are separate from the pieces on display, which have themselves been modified virtually not at all. The Silmarillion as published as one book is different; it took quite a bit of effort to get into a consistent state. "Of the Ruin of Doriath" is the only chapter in the book to have much written by Tolkien Jr. and Kay, though.

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I forgot to actually answer your questions. Yes, they are good; there's nowhere that Christopher's style becomes important; the most he changes in the text itself is adding punctuation where his father forgot it, or changing the names, spellings, or accents to stay consistent throughout a given passage.

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