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Essential right wing philosophy recomendations? Looking for works regarding traditionalism, fascism, libertarianism, monarchism etc.

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Start with Marx.

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suicide of the west - james burnham

not the shitty new book with the same title by that national review writer

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All you need is Spengler but /lit/ goes full autism whenever he is mentioned.

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Start with the Greeks.
Proceed to the Counter Revolutionaries.

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A good repository of related work and writings about such work is www.Counter-Currents.com

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So we looked at the data

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Was Sam Hyde kicked off Instagram? Why can't I find his handle anymore? Was like Tube96 or something.

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dude make your own opinions about shit
read everything and then form ideas your beliefs will be stronger then

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Yeah, he got all edgy again, he's got a new twitter now though I think.

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Edgy on Instagram? How? His shit isn't even political and I'm pretty sure I was following up until he was banned, but I think I just forgot he existed for a while. Did he mention it in a video or something?

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I could be wrong but I think he posted his original meme vids on charlottesville on Instagram and that might've been the straw that killed the camel. Also his 2018 Beat a bitch contest vids probably didn't' help.

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>his 2018 Beat a bitch contest vids
Ah, I completely forgot about that. Makes sense now, that was pretty hardcore content.

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the Qu'ran

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moldbug's gentle introduction, perhaps

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Did he already got suicided for that video he uploaded one month ago

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Schmitt, Hobbes, de Maistre, Nietzsche, Thucydides, Plato (lol), Yockey, Hitler you’re done. Its pretty fucking shallow
this is a bug religion for sub humans
he meant like right wing thought not conservative nostrums

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>Traditionalism, monarchism, libertarianism

Those are all in Conservative Mind tho

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You should reprint that damn book

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Evola, giovanni gentile, spengler to name a few

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What’s wrong with Spengler?

Also Evola is pretty cool

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what? no.
no you fucking idiot

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But really, read Murray Rothbard.

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Carl Schmitt, start with the Concept of the Political.
Giambattista Vico, start here:
Richard Wagnar: The Art Work of the Future and On Jewishness in Music.
Xenophon: Oecomonics
Aristotle: Politics
Biology text books on group selection theory and sociobiology: Kevin MacDonald, Frank Salter, E. O. Wilson etc.

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Guenon, Lasch, Heidegger, Dugin, Jünger, Nick Land, Girard, Sloterdijk. Keep in mind that some of these writers are debatably right-wing or were left-wing and became right-wing later on in life.

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Guenon p good too if you’re going with evola. De Maistre is fair game

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Not a single one of these is right-wing. All the Guenon shills are just embarrassing themselves.

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There are a few books about the Ancien Regime. See if you can grab a collection of their writings.
Read the Moderns. Start with Machiavelli and Descartes as a foundation, then move on to Hobbes, Spinoza's (especially his Theological-Political Treatise), Locke, and Rousseau. Hobbes and Spinoza can also be applied, at least in part, to monarchism.
Heidegger is the closest thing I can think of, and he was disillusioned with the Nazis by the he started writing. Maybe Junkers too?
Montesquieu and Tocqueville are the closest I can think of for Western traditionalism.

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which anime???

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This. Or at least your beliefs will be truly yours

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even my normie friends find that video hilarious

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So Heidegger wasn't right-wing? What the fuck kinda crack you smoking

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can someone review how to bomb book?
also what is a literature equivalent of his comedy style

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Heidnigger was an entryist first and foremost, and had nothing interesting to say about political economy. If you think national socialism and Fascism are right-wing you are simply embarrassing yourself.

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i give it a: don't read books written by comedians/10

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>If you think national socialism and Fascism are right-wing you are simply embarrassing yourself.

oh dear god

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i've heard it's mostly meme images as in text on images or extended captions kind of stuff

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Not him and a general note here, but you should peel your brain from jewish labels and framing. There is no left and right. There is the natural order of an Aryan society of which Heidegger and many others are representative, and then there is the devolving and deconstructive force of the jew who as an outsider wishing to rule over that society tries to weaken it and break that order down through the corruption and inversion of its norms and values.

The struggle is one between people, not abstract ideas.

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>also what is a literature equivalent of his comedy style
Deleuze and Guattari

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>The struggle
what do you mean by "THE struggle". Do you think that contemporaneously there is only one struggle happening in the entire world? Do you not realize that there are many struggles: some in the world of ideas, some between races, some between cultures, some within races, some within cultures, some by individuals against their circumstances, some economic, some political, some social etc. Not everything is da joos. That's only one particular contemporary issue, albeit not an unimportant one.

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''Sam Hyde'' is neither rightwing nor a comedian, ''Sam Hyde'' marks the final schizophrenic collapse of both comedy and right wing politics.

>Sam Hide (listed in some sources as Sam Hyde) is a historic or apocryphal character in the folklore of New England, used in the folk saying "to lie like Sam Hide".[1] There is no record of the death of a Sam Hide in the records of Dedham, Massachusetts though he is said to have died in 1732,[2] however Sam Hide is noted at age 105 at Dedham as being a sachem, chief or sagamore who first and last were, to a greater or less degree, land-holders, and leaders of the multifarious tribes of New England.[1]

>Hide was said to be a Native American, a great wit, and an infamous cider-drinker and liar.[3] It has been speculated by James Wimer that Sam Hide may be a composite of several early anecdotes and stories.[4]


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>collapse of right wing politics
are you blind to what's happening in the world right now? Right wing politics is resurging big time while left wing politics is collapsing on itself without the right wing having to lift a finger against it

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Nature = group struggle and competition for resources, and the current struggle is between whites and jews. It's not about abstract ideas, it's about white consciousness with regard to the behavior and strategies of the enemy inside our gates, that is happy to tell whites to bicker over abstract bullshit on a spectrum they pretend to hold ideological grounds on as they fleece us.

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he's a christfag monarchist just let him have his moment, they're useful more often than not.

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>group struggle
group selection isn't real. Its never been observed in nature and is completely against everything we know about how selection works which is often at the level of individual genes and groups of genes.

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ok retard

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group selection is true in a very abstract way. the gene pool itself competes with other gene pools as species die off or prosper and continue

this is not at all the meme idea of 'for the benefit of the species' but on the macro scale of evolutuion groups that have individual genes that promote group efficiency can enter into a meta-level of natural selection wherein the power of the group as a whole contributes directly to the success of the gene, because the individual becomes dependent on the group structure for survival

all social animals display this to some degree

and of course it's a small contribution in contrast to the 'selfish gene' idea which is how it actually works, but it's worth thinking about. The idea of an organism, or of two sexes, is actually the same type of idea. these larger coherent structures are ways that the individual genes can further their reproduction through ever greater abstractions of entitty

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>group selection isn't real.
You don't know what you're talking about, you're just repeating something you've heard.

Groups most definitely select for individuals, which is why people and groups are so different. That's not even debatable.

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he means the classical idea of group selection, which has all but beenbtfod by the guys arguing about gene selection

Groups are a real thing, but they are not the item that evolution uses as the reproducible thing, they are an extended phenotype of the gene pool, which is in constant interaction with itself, even if the actual unit is ultimately the single gene, which is vaguely define, as a group of genes can be selected for given how reproduction works

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Could just be for research purposes. I'm not a commie but I've read marx.

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gravitys rainbow

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>and of course it's a small contribution in contrast to the 'selfish gene' idea which is how it actually works, but it's worth thinking about
in the sense that some rw illiterates think its really not worth thinking about, people within a "racial group" are competing as are genes within an organism and members of the same family. Hobbes war of all against all never ceases even with the brain itself with different genes coding for different neural processes and cortices all competing for resources. Its really not useful or interesting. I get what you're saying and concede that yes these gene pools are "competing" its just nothing at all like a race war of well defined groups that all have really consistent "in-group bias" which is exactly what he and all the other pseuds mean when they say that.
No, you're just fucking stupid man.

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I'm not a libertarian but Robert Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia should be read based on its influence on contemporary American politics alone, I found it to be pretty comfy reading though besides.

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>captialism and schizophrenia
>pleateaus as opposed to hierarchical relations
i-i don't get it
kinda ironic of this recommendation being in a thread about right wing and traditionalism

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It's semantics and framing, largely by jews like Steven Pinker and his ilk, who try to frame it solely around Trivers' concept of altruism. Groups obviously select for individuals depending on environment and various other factors, and hypertribal urban swindler groups like jews evolved very distinct behaviors that give them a group advantage, one of those being the ability to deceive other groups as to their own intentions, which is the motive behind the previously repeated statement that "group selection isn't real."

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no you should only read whatever reaffirms your existing positions

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No, its literally not fucking taught in evolutionary biology even at the graduate level you stupid fucking faggot layman.
he doesn't know what he's talking about, people just said Sam Hyde was post-modern without even thinking about it.

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>its just nothing at all like a race war of well defined groups that all have really consistent "in-group bias"

Jews have a well-defined group strategy that has been documented for thousands of years. Who are you trying to fool here?

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You must be really naive to not realize how corrupted the social sciences are in academia, corruption that has come largely at the hands of jews a la Boaz.

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wait so is this rhizome shit useless? Because i've already started digging into it

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the anglos and french were doing that shit for centuries before the jews came in

i know the jews are particularly bad because of their propensity for talmudic and tribal thought, but it was already a shitshow when they were let out of their ghettos in the 19th century

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do go on...

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And Stephen Jay Gould.

These are prime examples of how jews corrupt our fields of study and subvert them to make them safe for jews and jewish interests. Convincing the goyim that selection only matters on an individualist level and that there's "no such thing as group selection" is a good example of this as well.

Jews like Boaz and Gould pulled similar tricks that their tribesmen like Pinker are now. Jews and judaism has selected for individuals who will protect the tribe at all costs and twist reality in whatever way is required to ensure jewish interests are protected. That is *group selection in action*.

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confirmation bias

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It's not the same or even comparable. Platonic or Heideggerean critiques etc. are not the equivalent of the hostile ethnically motivation strategy of hold destruction jews engage in to weaken the host and strengthen their position.

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you overestimate the difference between us and Jews. Ive known many Jews and ive read up on how Jews are, and i know they are not that different, they are just 'more' in those couple categories on average

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fuck off hitler

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The Boasian anthropology example is covered very well in the Culture of Critique, which if you're white you should read. The Gould example has been covered as well by people like Sailer.

You underestimate the difference and show yourself to be quite the naive little fellow pretending your personal interactions with jews are indicative of anything. Part of the jewish strategy involves pretending to convince members of the host group that they are just like them, and many like yourself fall for it because your understanding of jewish behavior is limited. Jews are very, very different than whites.

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please shut up you fucking imbecile. I hate Jews too, that doesn't mean i'm going to contradict tens of thousands of PhD biologists because it suits my political world view. Fuck off and read a book.
he doesn't know what he's saying he's just talking about social science now, he was talking about evo bio ignorantly.
Its schizophrenic; Deleuze was a pedophile fraud who pretended to understand mathematics but barely understood calculus and trigonometry, his works have been ripped to shreds by analytical philosophers, physicists, biologists and mathematicians. Its literally make believe nonsense which was done to support Marxism after the economic and political side of that movement failed. It has no purpose at all. There are points within ATP which are really intriguing and certainly artful, i enjoyed reading it. But, its not useful and you're again just sort of making shit up. the problem with philosophy is they don't even attempt to test things against each other, they just use rhetoric and verbal iq to brute force guillible college students. Anyone can say anything is deleuzian or dialectical. if you call something like idk fitness reducing or negentropic and don't know what you're talking about someone who is trained in those fields of evo-bio and physics can actually prove you wrong and then prove themselves to be the correct observer. Anything which can't actually do work or be verified either with deductive or inductive logic is a scam. Its fun but Sam Hyde is just an absurdist faggot (v funny, i like him as a person and as an artist) who happens to say ridiculous things and to have existed in a similar milieu as Deleuze. Granted, there are indeed similarities between his style and Tim&Eric's and Deleuze's thought just like you actually can find "Freudian" shit in politics and culture, in fact tons of movies both purposefully and accidentally are Oedipal, its just that this is mostly coincidence and not v useful as a whole. Like doing a Deleuzian schizoanalytic commentary on Decameron or the Bible would be cool and I would certainly read it, but its not really valid intellectually, no one thinks that's good religious studies or literary critique. And even those are specious fields. You're opening up Pandora's Box as explaining why Deleuze is bullshit actually leads into a larger criticism of the Humanities in general which is that its lots of just pretty words and convincing gullible know-nothings you really know something.

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fuck off back to /pol/, dipshit

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Oh look, it's the wall text sperg again.

>> No.11694238

I also mentioned what ive read. I doubt you could rec me anything im not aware of, ive read extensively on the JQ

you guys are always calling me naive, but i see you as being the honestly naive ones. you realize europeans just kicked jews out for centuries or put them in ghettos, what do you think allowed them to come back into society? Leftism. It's way more fundamental

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You don’t understand

>> No.11694257

Never even posted there. The jewish problem has thousands of years of history behind it. Pol is irrelevant to the larger issue.

Jews kept themselves in ghettos. What made them come out was their elders releasing them in the early 1800s like a bunch of locusts that have been wrecking our countries with the same type of universalist ideologies they destroyed Rome with 2000 years ago. Christianity, communism, and post 60s leftism are all jewish ideologies with the same principles in different moulds.

This is a group strategy in action.

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sure you havent ;)

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I've never posted on pol and had an advanced awareness of the JQ before I knew 4chan even existed. If you're white don't let others make you think the jewish problem is some new shit that began on pol. There's nothing further from the truth.

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he actually has never posted on /pol/ he's our in-house anti-semite, there was another much more intelligent one who used to post here who had a good sense of humor and was well read. This is our leftover high functioning nazi retard. I wish the old /pol/fags would come back but they all post on twitter now.

>> No.11694285

Donald Trump twitter
Richard Spencer videos
Culture of Critique
David Duke newest book
Jordan Peterson videos

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Incel American imbecile, keep fapping to traps while preserving the west by posting on a chinese imageboard you fucking bitter white bitch

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yeah but the leftism that started with the Reformation was not down to Jews. Martin Luther hated jews

>> No.11694342

"Leftism" doesn't mean what you think it does and isn't the problem. There would never have been a Reformation without jewish Christianity poisoning the west for centuries before. The problem is universalist ideology in various forms spread by jews because it gives them room to operate. The Reformation was nothing more than an attempt to make changes to something that never belonged in our culture to begin with, and much of it was exacerbated again by jews, and especially later by Venetian jews with control over printing presses.

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You can either keep repeating this like it means anything to anyone anymore other than some pathetic cry of wolf from someone who shouldn't be here, or you can just leave. We recommend you do the latter.

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>right wing

>> No.11694815

>not monitoring non-aligned news wires
>he doesn't know about the mass revolt of conservatives against Trumpism et c, typified by the reaction to the classless brainless disrespect to McCain

>doesn't know Farage and Le Pen were utterly btfo 5eva
>doesn't know about Mexico going left

Haha OK kid

>> No.11694837

>right-left italian populist government
>afd becomes largest opposition party in bundestag
>sweden democrats polling second in swede
>hard brexit imminent
>USA abdicating global leadership and following America First foreign policy

It is you who is blind

>> No.11694848

god damn man. Anti-semite, someone who is hateful, prejudiced, discriminates against and seeks injury or annihilation of Semites, typically applied to anti-Jewish racialism but can be cultural, religious anti-Jewish and may extend to Semites as a group (it does because you are an anti-Semite)

the funny part is i don’t like Jews or Israel at all but say one thing against him and he’ll go on and on like a robot for hours.
this is ridiculous man.
retarded fag
Hungary, Poland, Russia and China; its over for liberalism.

>> No.11694851

I'm going to enjoy the assblastage coming in November when Trumpism is flushed fully down the drain.

>reminder Cohen made a deal with the Prosecution and Manafort was found guilty and is heading into federal trial number two while Russian asset "Kk" in Manafort documents has fled to Moscow avoiding prosecution

Ah yiss, gonna pay dearly for raising the flag like a miserable bitch instead of lowering it for McCain like a fucking reasonable man

>> No.11694860

Mixed-economy "Communists"
NazBol at best, Neoliberal East at worst
>Hungary, Poland
Literally Who

>> No.11694872

The Chinese are hybdrid Fascist-State Socialists they’re an ethnostate which is working on a genetic engineering eugenics program and they viciously repress mudslimes, give them some credit
this is the best we can ask for they’re slavs man.
>literally who
Stop being a dipshit, if Austria has a crypto-fash PM, Italy as well, Afd is coming up in the parliamentary elections, Sweden is seeing a resurgence, Hard Brexit is a sure thing, Trump will probably win 2020 and finally we have biology on our side, just wait for the trickle down from these GWAS studies; nyt already had to run a piece from a geneticist about race being basically real. There’s a beautiful hurricane of retribution brewing, even Israel is courting nationalist states to help justify their incipient fascism. We won’t get 1933 but we will get an end to the syphilitic illegitimacy of the old regime. Euro is done, EU is done, DNC and RINO’s are done, neo-cohens are hated by all, Corbin is continuously doing god’s work and making Jews look insane. Gen Z thinks Hitler is hilarious and no one except genetic sludge is lining up to become leftist. This is a moment of true fate, tides are shifting, we’re all getting ready to claim the available power structures. Just have faith.

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Good lord, retard. Stop kvetching about "that's /our/ anti-semitic retard called X" nonsense to try and frame it as if all those different people posting about the JQ are just one silly guy. I've seen your trickery for months now in pretty mcuh every "problematic" thread. At least ask the JIDF to update their memes. But well, I guess we can't expect too much from a two-digits population.


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>afd becomes largest opposition party in bundestag
They have less than a sixth of voting intentions in latest polls.
>hard brexit imminent
Which isn't even necessarily a right-wing thing. Corbyn supported it.
>USA abdicating global leadership and following America First foreign policy
Trump is broadly unpopular and the alt-right has like 10% public support tops since Charlottesville.

>> No.11694888

the average iq in Germany is 99 and the average American jewish iq is 107 which is higher than east asian iq. Im not JIDF you fucking retard i support basically everything the rw is doing nominally and have no love for Israel by any means. You are a notorious anti-semite who makes the rw look retarded, you push books no one in the public part of the movement thinks are a good intro to the JQ and you behave like a ravenous schizophrenic mongrel. You’re literally doing 2012 stormfront raid tactic shit rn by blindly aggressing and posting videos about jews. Idc at all what you think of me personally, all that matters is representing rw thought intelligently and with tact. Jews are not complete parasites, they are capable of fending for themselves when they need to. That’s not praise its just an observation. Im calling you an anti-Semite because you have nothing to fucking say about rw thought besides whining like a schizophrenic house wife about the Jew in the attic. Ive never seen you demonstrate numeracy, life science literacy, any sense of historical or political knowledge beyond shit you cribbed from aryan skynet, stormfront and iron march. Just an embarrassing loser who is probably in his 30’s and ugly as shit, fat and retarded. You reek of porcine whignat plebeianism

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>comparing a highly mixed population with 75 IQ turks like germany with a small minority of jews
Typical trickery. Why don't you take the average IQ of Israel, considering it's an ethnostate? Oh, it's 94, I nearly forgott. Askenazim are only higher in IQ because they intermaried with europeans, retard.

>You are a notorious anti-semite
That's the second time I even post about the JQ on here and I'm not the "guy" you were texting with. Nice trickery you're falling back to.

I'm a Polak, I know very well what your people did to mine after beeing safeguarded from the nazis. You are the notorious backstabbers which you were through out human history. The eternal menace.

>Just an embarrassing loser who is probably in his 30’s and ugly as shit, fat and retarded.
Wew, I seem to really have rustled the heeb.

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>le smarty farty jew

>> No.11694951

Autistic WN incel.

>> No.11694958

>kvetching continues
I'm simply showing your tricks and lies. It's not my fault that you do not have any thing else to bring to the table.

>> No.11694965

I did a project on Germany all quarter last spring and studied their demos and political system. They’re well over 90% white germanic anon
>ashkenazim are only 107 iq because of intermarrying with Germanics and Italians in the fucking 7-15th centuries

German and Italian iq weren’t above 100 at that point there was a massive boost in iq well after the ashkenazi admixture stopped. All pop gen studies of ashkenazim show they stopped intermixing after they arrived on the Rhine. Again, you’re a retarded animal who doesn’t know anything.
>im not him
ok schiz
Lynn’s estimate for Jews is 107, ive fucking read Sailer’s blog and seen n/a and Murray talking about this you massive fucking dipshit i have Lynn’s books on my HD. They’re not 115 iq that’s absurd, they’re 105-107 like east asians. And ofc nobel is somewhat political that doesn’t mean most of it is. The Ashkenazim only number 2.5 million and as of 2018 the populatikn js over 8 million. that’s not 40% at all its 30%. The arabs and sephardi and mizrahim dramatically lower iq. If you removed all shitskins from america our iq would go up like 4 full points and whites are still around 70% of the population. Now imagine if whites were 30% of the population. Israel would be up there with Singapore if it wasn’t for the mud peoples. Jews didn’t steal their fucking inventions or their contributions. You’re such a snake nigger. Im almost convinced you really are just a fat sociopath who isn’t an actual nazi

>> No.11694966

that wasn’t me sperg, i wouldn’t call you autistic because you aren’t autistic you’re very clearly lower iq and spergs are almost always at least 1.5-2 sd’s above normie scum.

>> No.11694968

white people are subhumans ruled by the jews hahaha your god trump is controlled by the superior jewish race you fucking american mongoloid hahahahahahah whites are dying out hahahahah

>> No.11694969

>They’re well over 90% white germanic
Wrong, over 20% are non-germanic, having a migrant background.

>well after the ashkenazi admixture stopped
The point is that lower IQ arabs (Askenazim) migrated throuh eruope, intermarried with locals (that's why Askenazim are looking much "whiter" than Sephardic jews) and through that got a much higher IQ than those Jews which stayed behind in the Middle East.

Meanwhile Askenazim are over 40% in Israel and their IQ is nothing like they try to present to through picking American Askenazim (a minority in a minority no less).

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Pic related.

>> No.11694981

And this, my friends, is why the Jew always pushes it so far as to get purged. He is never satisfied with power alone, he always needs to boast which sooner or later the native populus understands for what it really is and btfoes them. Gods curse for the heeb, a Volk without soil till the second coming and their firely embrace.

>> No.11694984

you’re wrong and reading off of a site with bad information
>low iq arabs
Jews aren’t arabs they’re caananites and they have always had higher iq than other semites, that’s why they were put in administrative roles in MENA and were prolific merchants and scholars of linguistics and religious studies all over the ancient Asian world. Again, admixture for Jews largely stopped for a long long time in the 7th-11th centuries when they moved into the Rhine from Italy. We don’t see serious intermarriage showing up again until the mid-late 20th. Their iq is their doing, they probably got some help capturing genes surely, but they were already necessarily smarter than most european ethnic groups and certainly the native german population. Idk why you can’t just accept they’re smart tribalists who have parasiticial propensities to subvert european culcha. Its embarrassing cope

>> No.11694985
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>> No.11694992

>Native populus
That's why you're still a virgin you pathetic incel poltard. Jews dominate your entire countries while you're a balding manchild who jerks off to traps and shitpost all day on a forum pretending to save your race. Truly pathetic. White People deserve to disappear.

>> No.11695006

>you’re wrong and reading off of a site with bad information
That's literally the german goverment page for statistical data. And that data is now 2 years old.

>Jews aren’t arabs they’re caananites and they have always had higher iq than other semites
Haplogroups disagree.
Also Jews aren't "Jews". There are multiple different Jews, all but the Askenazim obvious Arabs, like the Sephardics. Even if you would claim that Askenazim aren't Arabs (which they are genetically, despite having been whitewhased by the last couple centuries) they would still only be the smallest minority within the Jewsih Volk. That's like taking Kashubians in Poland and claiming they represent whole of Poland while beeing a distinctivly different group, culturally as well as genetically.

>admixture for Jews largely stopped for a long long time in the 7th-11th centuries
So what, are you telling me that the previous millanium somehow didn't contribute? How else do you explain how curiously Askenazim got europeans features and gens, especially eastern european ones, which currently even get falsely calles "Jewish admixture" in DNA tests?

>but they were already necessarily smarter than most european ethnic groups and certainly the native german population
Unsubstancuated claim.

>Its embarrassing cope
I'm myself Mensa-tier, no cope necessary. I would accept a rise of 2-3 IQ in that time frame but even that is concentrated in the linguistic sphere, not the abstract-mathematic part of the general IQ, meaning they can talk and subvert better (proven through the IQ Data). But it's laughable that a "race" with obvious inbreeding anomalties should be a whole s.d. higher than a native populus which matches the selective pressures for rising IQ.

The only one cping here are those clutching on the exorbitant hig IQ points of a small part of the jewis Population to represent them all.

>> No.11695007

Are you trying to prove the Statistical Bundesamt wrong through a out of date Wikipedia snapshot? Really?

>> No.11695013
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>> No.11695159

>not monitoring non-aligned news wires
>implying non-aligned news wires exist
>locking yourself in the bugman bubble
lmao, when was the last time you had a conversation with an average person?
>he doesn't know about the mass revolt of conservatives against Trumpism
>implying neocons ever liked trump at any point in time
were you locked in your cuckshed during the entire republican primary?

>> No.11695176


>> No.11695214


>> No.11695386

unironically this. if you want to strengthen your arguments for something, do so by reading the arguments against.

>> No.11695736
File: 1.68 MB, 2426x2676, ancap studies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For lolbertardianism

>> No.11695739
File: 2.05 MB, 1728x4608, :lrg: reading levels and categories.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This too

>> No.11696854


>> No.11696928

Only primitivists are true traditionalists.

>> No.11696939

You were doing great until the Jewish part. All you retards do is replace the labour theory of value with the Jewish theory of corruption.
The Jews are your bourgeoisie, or leftists/lumpenproles in this case.

>> No.11696943

With that aesthetic? Damn shame it wasn't sooner, how the fuck did he end up post-ironically larping his hipster vid?

>> No.11696969


>> No.11696972

Shit thread with shit recommendations
There is nothing inherently right-wing about Nietzsche or Heidegger much like there isn't much left-wing about Baudrillard and Derrida, hell Derrida's entire work is a continuation of Heidegger's.
Any recommendation that is not strictly political philosophy e.g Hobbes or Schmitt ought to be discarded as pseud name dropping

>> No.11696983

>Implying you can't have levels of tradition
>implying civilizations don't have a ciclical nature and we can only conserve the tradition of the last cycle.

Sure is Zoomer around here

>> No.11697118

Jews are the alien race running the most important western institutions in their own interests and against those of whites. They are the problem, period.

>> No.11697138

Why look for the living God in the tombs?

>> No.11697159

The Greeks are overrated. Most of their books is just who can bullshit the best.

>> No.11697245

>in their own interests and against those of whites.
They oppose Agape. Their's is a way and methodology that goes against all. Including themselves. Why do you think they are atheistic and they still cut their genitals?
They are blind men stealing sight seeing spots from others. Not just whites, blacks, Muslims and Asians as well. The millions of dead Iraqis got the same mercy as the Finnish tribes in USSR.

>> No.11697271

They also installed this cuck religion in your brain, dupe.
>Not just whites
Whites are the only people who matter.

>> No.11697309

>They also installed this cuck religion in your brain
Agape is anything but. Being weak helps no one.
>Whites are the only people who matter.
"Whites" stopped mattering to the world when they started ignoring "that cuck religion". You want to be a jew with our skin and bone structure. Disgusting.

American cattle-apes don't really qualify as Christians. Cutting your genitals and offering your children to Jews, tsk tsk.

>> No.11697345

I haven't read but always assumed he is a meme cuz 14 yo youtubers cite him
Besides austrian economics being anti-empiricist, what is up with him?

>> No.11697353

normies dont read that though, only ayn bland

>> No.11697362


>> No.11697364

Siege by James mason

>> No.11697469

Jacques Barzun

>> No.11697529

Rothbard is a bit like a right-wing leftist. He's the intellectual backing of people like Ron Paul.

All is a state of central bank evil from a Rothbardian perspective. He's one of the more interesting libertarians.

>> No.11698412

Red Symphony. The existence of the original manuscript is a miracle in and of itself. Its a missing link for the 20th century. Every question thats left to ask, answered here.

>> No.11699456

My diary desu.

>> No.11699919

Stop breathing.

>> No.11700459

anybody got some share link for Evola books

>> No.11700474


>> No.11700930


>> No.11700953
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>> No.11701859

WrathOfIncel is shit.

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