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ITT Controversial recommendations

this was insightful and I learned a lot from it even though at first I thought I wouldn't like it.

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The only people paying for this book are white

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I'm imagining this book is like believing you're a certain way due to your "sign"

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it feels like racial guilt has become just another form of marketable spiritual self improvement for middle class whites, kinda like yoga.

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are you suggesting non-whites are stealing it?
I'm imagining you do more imagining when it comes to books than reading.

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>tfw we've gentrified anti-white racism

We took their precious "hip hop"
We took their "Trayvon Biggins"
And now we've taken "kill whitey"

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>are you suggesting non-whites are stealing it?
Yes. Try the redpill

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>It's hard to talk about racism with whites because they don't believe in my snowflake idpol

Wow rly makes u think

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>I noticed that white people kept completely disagreeing with what I told them. Why is it just so hard to talk to white people about racism?

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Stop making the same thread over and over again you're not fucking up this board aswell, you jew-shilled nigger.


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Reading is for gays

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Nice try at bumping your shit thread but it's a no, nigger.


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Exclusively white black nationalist states in Africa soon.

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It was always that way.

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Sumin ain't right.

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announcing sage is against the rules, bro

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>"White Fragility: n. A state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include outward display of emotions such as guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress inducing situation."

I think you're proving the point of the book tbqh

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lmao I love how they add an explicitly insulting charge to all these socially conscious terms like White fragility or male fragility, atleast try to hide the resentment

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>Defensive moves.
>"Ayo whiteboi, watchu think about dat trump? HUH WHITEY."
>Uhh, yea, he really is a terrible man, fellow American citizen. Good day.
>*Drives home to his wife and children*
>Last time I get gas downtown again, jesus, what a nightmare.

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>The nigger thinks any of his ouga bouga shit makes sense.
I am absolutely not avoiding racial confrontation you low IQ. Now quit samefagging, you done your job well goyim, master will give you bananas.

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>whites don't like it when you threaten, blame, and hate them for their race
Fuckin bigots

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okay, this is epic

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Ooga booga

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>if you respond to my taunts, challenge the veracity of my accusations, or defend yourself in any way, you only confirm your guilt
Reminds me of Kafka

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I find your post to be very Kafkaesque

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Do I have to say it

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>tfw referencing Kafka in any way whatsoever is automatically considered pretentious and inappropriate, even if the situation at hand is eerily similar to those described in his stories
how.... how Kafkaesque

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>Arguing against the premise of white fragility is white fragility

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Ironic how it's his tribe who are the progenitors of this anti-white propaganda.

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At that point the only legitimate response is some variation of "Shut up, nigger."

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Or flat out admit you are racist, and ask them what of it, or fuck with them some more by saying "Now listen here nigger. I'm not racist."

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Or kick out the jews who are the ones actually pushing this agitprop. Attack the source, not the monkeys repeating it.

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That's easier said then done. Set small goals and work your way up.

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I wonder why there are so so many people missing from the list in your image?

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it's probably because he's retarded

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Cat's not going back in the bag, juden. You're Haifa-bound.

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Like most progressive terminology, its primary purpose is a rhetorical one.

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I talked about this concept with a co-worker of mine who's indigenous.

"So, all you are asking is that I accept that my entire family, most of the people I've ever known or loved, and the people most responsible for shaping me to be who I am, are at worst, evil, and at best were complicit in a vastly racist evil system. And you're calling any resistance to that idea, 'white fragility'?"

She said she saw the point.

Now, I haven't read the book; it could be it's like the term "privilege". It's a great consciousness exercise. "What do I not have to deal with because of who I am? What do you not have to deal with because of who you are?". Popular discourse has turned it that into "You are white, shut up".

Similarly, the book might be saying "Look, you are asking white people to radically redefine everything about themselves. You literally cannot expect them to be as comfortable as this as you are." In which case fine. The problem is, again, the popular discourse which has turned it into another catch phrase that you can use to dismiss anything other than total agreement with your position.

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dumb post

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yikes and *snap*ed

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Do you have an explanation for your incomplete chart?

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You mean an eternal constant.

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> the people most responsible for shaping me to be who I am, are at worst, evil, and at best were complicit in a vastly racist evil system.
Wait, so am I more fragile if I submit to that idea or rebel against it?

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sounds like you and this women who bought your strawman are both retards.

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The point is that "fragility" is a deliberately misleading term to describe what is a natural human reaction.

As an example:


Coming to terms with ancestral shit is HARD. When the author of this piece talks about her ancestor, the slave trader, and her cousin saying:
> me that she feels anguished when she watches movies about slavery. “I cry and cry and ask God to forgive our ancestors,” she said.

Is her cousin "fragile"? Is coming to terms with this "fragility"?

That's why the term kind of rankles me.

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>Doesn't know how to pluralize "Woman"
>On /lit/
>Calls someone else a retard.

This is moron fragility anon.

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prove him wrong

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>tfw ancestors didn't do any fucked up shit that I can gloat about to prove that I'm not fragile
But hey, at least I know they were all straight

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does it really matter? she's probably not real anyway.

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It's the same for stating trigger warnings, and saying "triggered," which is misleading, and can potentially offend someone who has honest to God PTSD.

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not really, some of the women were were probably lesbians who were raped.

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She shouldn't feel too bad. The Africans are already enslaving each other again in Libya.

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The real issue with that is the domination of the slave trade by jews, and the fact that today it is primarily jews who are trying to collectively guilt trip whites about it.

You can't take this stuff at face value or you'll miss the plot. There is a foreign group trying to manipulate and weaken us because it makes them stronger.


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Unlikely. Lesbians did not exist before 1988

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Want a huge redpill? You probably don't, but I'm about to give it to you anyway.

"White" people are statistically the least racist, sexist, and generally bigoted human beings on the planet. This is cold, hard fact. The proof for that is our societies being the most livable and peaceful in the world for anyone, even outsiders.

At the same time, we are being attacked more than anyone for being racist, sexist, and generally bigoted. From a psychological standpoint, you can point and say that there exists still millions of white racists in our countries that need to be dealt with, one way or another. From a rational standpoint, numerically and structurally speaking. this targeted attack does not seem to make sense. Logically, wouldn't it be wiser to divert resources into fixing the more intolerant parts of the world like Africa and the Middle East?

Then what is the motivation for this attack against us? This is why groups like /pol/ have fixated so hard on Jews and see them as the enemy. It's their version, their rationalization of this problem. Are they wrong? Very possible.

But what disgusts me most of all are the masses of people who do not even want to acknowledge this. This targeted attack and the disregard for its existence by spectators is fucking fueling an eventual counterattack by the far-right. Far-right movements are being created all over the glove and are growing. It's a terrifying thought.

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Your post was making sense until you got here:
>Then what is the motivation for this attack against us? This is why groups like /pol/ have fixated so hard on Jews and see them as the enemy. It's their version, their rationalization of this problem. Are they wrong? Very possible.

There is no question that these attacks on whites, the guilt tripping and constant penance we're told we have to pay, stem from the jews running our media and academic institutions.

>Far-right movements are being created all over the glove and are growing. It's a terrifying thought.
What you call "far right" is the natural order of white societies. We are being attacked and flooded with nonwhites, of course ethnic awareness among whites will rise as a defense to such attacks.

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>tfw you craft your post hoping to get replies from leftist to try and bridge the gap, the reason you come on /lit/, but it's always just insufferable /pol/niggers instead


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Whats the word you can call white people that will make them chimpout on command?

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There aren't any. Infamous words like nigger trigger blacks so hard because there's grains of truth in it.

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There aren't any.

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white people usually only chimp out if they think a minority is being treated well or their privilege is being eroded


>> No.11529881

>white people usually only chimp out if they think a minority is being treated well
If you thought those chimpouts were bad, you should see what happens when they think a minority is being treated poorly. This is when the bombs start going off.

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notice how these sort of politics remains at the level of affects, its not about 'changing the system' but about feeling very bad about it and openly expressing how bad you feel while telling other people to do the same or else out themselves as bad people. i'd even be fine with world communism and open borders if there wasn't any emotional blackmail or mawkish violations of psychic privacy involved

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>divert resources into fixing the more intolerant parts of the world like Africa and the Middle East?
It does seem a little disingenuous to be demanding reparations for the 150 year old slavery of someone you never met, when there are still, right now, 1,000,000+ black people held in chattel slavery. Not, "tricked sex worker" or "forced labor", but the you and your kids forever will be our slaves kind! (Including the other kind and there are tens of millions of slaves.)

The left is out of ideas. What did you expect?

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this is the 4chan I love. Fuck book fags. probably live holding pieces of paper or even worse "e-readers" because it reminds them of holding dick

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The real answer to this is that whites don't chimp out. Whites do not act collectively violent without the approval of a larger entity like the state unless shit gets really, really bad.

This is due to group morality. Whites are afraid to go against the collective moral globohomo diversity paradigm jews have set up where being "racist" etc is the ultimate no no. The larger group still castigates its members for straying from this moral acceptability model, and the way we're wired, evolutionarily speaking, this moral castigation likely meant expulsion and death, so we obey.

Whites need that moral green light before we act, and jews know this, which is why they are doubling down, attacking random whites who do so-called racist stuff, and trying to keep us in line. Because once that moral paradigm shifts and critical mass is reached, it's game over for these jews.

It's inevitable too, the internet has exposed the smartest kids of an entire generation to the jewish problem.

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>It's inevitable too, the internet has exposed the smartest kids of an entire generation to the jewish problem.
this has to be satire

>> No.11529983

No, you're just one of the dumb ones.

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Replace "jewish" with "leftist" and it's pretty much accurate. Leftism has imploded and become a joke. An intelligent person can only assent to it for reasons of self-preservation.

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It's jews, man. They are the ones controlling the institutions that enforce this moral paradigm.

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If you deported every Jew, white people would still be leftist. They're true believers, Jews are just disingenuous about their leftism. Churches and the secular priesthood in academia would pick up where Jews left off.

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you're embarrassing yourself

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only in that he thinks they're willingly doing what he claims they do. I like to think of them as dumb gypsy-like animals playing the part of cultural parasites. They don't have agency.

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No, whites would adapt to whatever new moral paradigm the new leadership instructed them to, which is what they're doing now, but under foreign leadership. Many of the things you associate with "leftism" are simply white values to begin with, like environmentalism, freedom of choice, being nice to people, creating clean healthy neighborhoods, etc.

This left and right dichotomy you're using is a deceptive frame created by our enemy.

Good argument.

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>at best were complicit in a vastly racist evil system
I don't think race is a particularly large part of it, but yes, the United States of America has a pretty brutal history. Wiped out the natives, repeatedly conquered parts of Mexico, spent a century installing brutal, authoritarian puppet governments throughout Central and South America, our recent spate of Middle Eastern adventurism, etc. Historically, people that refuse to trade with us have a tendency to die.

Of course, every other country on Earth is either doing the same shit currently or did in the past when they were on top.

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Jewish behavior is evolutionary but they do not deserve the pass you're giving them in claiming they have no agency.

>> No.11530070

You have to get rid of British influence too, you can't stop at Jews.

>> No.11530076

This is high school history propaganda-tier analysis, go back to weddit.

>> No.11530082

Jews are the foreign agent here. They are middle easterner swindlers and vagabonds.

>> No.11530090

agreed. no culture on earth has so thoroughly absorbed the spirit of judaism as anglo-saxons have. They're crypto-jews at this point.

>> No.11530131

Which parts do you disagree with? That we repeatedly displaced the natives and told them to fuck off to increasingly desolate locations? That we repeatedly went to war with Mexico and saw our borders increase in the aftermath? That we don't have a history of funding rebel groups across the Western hemisphere and propping up brutal dictators as long as they allow "free trade?" That we haven't been engaged in a near two-decade long Middle Eastern conflict that was predicated on lies and misinformation?

>> No.11530154

You're repeating talking points created by jews to browbeat whites. Nature is group struggle and no one is more respectful of their opponents whites, which is why after we defeated the savage Indians we gave them their own land and named many things after them. Much of the later global meddling you referred to is also a direct result of jews shifting global power to the US from Britain and using the state apparatus created by whites to further their global agenda and blow the fuck out of Israel's neighbors.

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I agree, socially interacing with non-whites is indeed top cringe

>> No.11530226

>smartest kids of an entire generation
But they're sheltered and without proper research/critical thinking skills.

>> No.11530388

because of fbi statistics

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they just need to stop being fragile.
you have no idea how many of us are out there, we just don't go all out like this dude.

>> No.11530417

You are a certain way because of you sigh tho

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A reasonable stance, however you need to understand that in the muggy political climate of the last few years being "outed" as a white nationalist is like false rape allegations: they may be entirely unfounded and false but your reputation will still be blackened, your name turned to a byword to be cursed. As a reaction, most people dealing with this problem will get defensive, and as a result it only strengthens the convictions that they must be bad to the accuser.
It doesn't matter what you truly believe: only what others believe that you believe, and it can be hard to convince them that your differing opinions doesn't make you what they believe you are.

>> No.11530498

oh absolutely, we don't say shit, but we are connected, it's like early zionism in a way.

>> No.11530511

/leftypol/ pls go.
And die.

>> No.11530528

>Kafkatrapping: when someone defending himself from an accusation is used as evidence that he's guilty

>> No.11530561

>fellow American citizen
Pretty racist to assume they are American citizens desu

>> No.11530586

>implying lesbians exist now

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>having privilege is bad
>being racist is bad

>> No.11530663

>It's inevitable too, the internet has exposed the smartest kids of an entire generation to the jewish problem.

The internet has created tumblr and twitter and allowed for niche American academic ultraliberal positions to become absolutely mainstream amongst young people in the west

>> No.11530765

Put me in the screencap

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I love how people go into a thread about controversial books and proceed to either post about why the OP book is controversial or start yelling about not allowing threads about said book. The first option I understand because discussion but I’d like to see people also contribute to the actual topic (ie post an example of a controversial book).

The second option is just insecure people being triggered by a controversial topic... in a thread about books that cover controversial topics. In other words pointless posts.

But since you should be the change you want to see in the world, here is pick related. I find that whenever I bring up the topics that Carr covers in this book with anyone who enjoys tech or are addicted to social media they have a tendency to get a pretty defensive.

>> No.11530987

That any of that is immoral or that it shouldn’t be celebrated in order to affirm some vague conception of humanity.

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Well, there's a reason it's an effective counter measure.

White people discussing racial differences with non-whites are like rich people discussing money with poor people; you're not getting anything we have, and even if you did, you wouldn't know what to do with it.

>> No.11531046

Why are dumb americans so obsessed with race

>> No.11531071

Every single culture has smelled weakness in our compassion and idealization of the sovereignty of the individual over any other group identity, and has sent their most vile and dangerous ideologues to sniff out the source of the blood. To bring us to ruin out of resentment and hatred for the success of a better class of person.

>> No.11531104

Because they actually live in a multiracial country, unlike most of the world.

>> No.11531142

embarrassing post

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But is it right? You are showing a worrying preference to take the moral lowroad by assuming that it is okay to ruin someone's good name and social standing just to maybe confirm whether they may be racist.
If they are not racist in your fair and impartial judgement then what is the upshot? What do you gain that is worth their loss? Was burning down the entire granary worth the one bag of rice you walked out with when the miller offered you more?
What's worse is that people are dynamic. You wouldn't want to be put on trial for saying something dumb about girls when you were 7 years old, as your opinions have likely changed since then, so why assume that an opinion someone holds now (however poor an opinion it is) is set in stone never to be reformed?

>> No.11531996

But what if they're actually a witch?

>> No.11532006

It doesn't matter. White culture is dominated by the self evident legal and philosophical axiom that the individual is sovereign over the collective. Groups can't suffer, individuals suffer.

When the rest of the world catches up they can join western culture in the sunlight.

>> No.11532274

can anyone "redpill" me on why /lit/ is filled with racists now?

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If this thread is proof of anything, it's that /pol/ users need to be put down.

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Mods have serious cleaning up to do

>> No.11532632

We've always been racist. Go look in the archive if you don't believe me, whiny black literature always received groans and eyerolls, this has historically been the most elitist of all media boards, and a heavy undercurrent of reactionary thought (often related to Catholicism and the Russian Orthodox Church ) has always been present.

There used to be a more vocal minority of Marxists and leftists, but they've long since fled to leftypol and r/socialism. Can't say I miss them. Combine the loss of lefties with the tampering up of ethnic cleansing in Western nations and the 2016 election, and now the beliefs we always had are getting more discussion and attention because they're more relevant to our daily lives and literary culture in general

>> No.11532649

see I have been here since 2014. I went to prison last year and just got out. When I read your post what I see is
>"A lot of us came here in 2016 when r/theDonald linked us to /pol/ and we decided to come explore the rest of the website."
is that about right?

>> No.11532690

what the fuck? Not anon but I came here from /pol in late 2016 after that board got flooded by moderate republican types. I was there for the edgy racism and antisemetism, not libertarian politics. There used to be a small group of intellectual type posters there but they dissapeared long ago when it blew up in popularity among the magapede crowd, hence my migration here.

>> No.11532705


>I have been here since 2014

all I needed to read.
fuck off back where you came from, newfag cunt.

>> No.11532714

socially interacting with blacks or hispanics is cringe. I would love to socially interact with a native american because in the back of my psyche I have this idea that they are medicine men with magical powers, despite the fact that logically I know that they are now just a bunch of drunks. I want to absorb their magic.

>> No.11532718

2003-2010 = oldfag
2011-2015 = newfag
2016-2017 = oldfag
2018 = faggots

>> No.11532720


>> No.11532723

what the fuck did you just fucking say? I'll give you one chance to apologize anon. Don't waste this, I've known many men who would have traded their wives for such a chance. Perhaps you will be one of them if you fail to take it.

>> No.11532742

talking about astrology is the quickest way to get girls to like you anon. I'm an aquarius

>> No.11532752


anyone who arrived here after '07 is a newfag

t. newfag


you didn't even claim to be a marine.
hang your heda

>> No.11532763

Got any evidence for that?

>> No.11532764

I'll take that as an apology. I accept kid, you don't know how lucky you are.

>> No.11532773


>i accept kid

pedo cunt

>> No.11532801

There are none. You can call them honkies, crackers, racists, make mayonnaise jokes, and other stupid shit but there is not a single word that will make whites chimp out because we are better than that. We realize that words don't hurt you unless you let them. No other race thinks this way except for maybe East Asians.

>> No.11532808


>> No.11532851

I thought many prisons were offering literacy classes these days

>> No.11532861

>because we are better than that
no it's because you all were never enslaved and/or colonised like other certain minorities. you never had a word used by the oppressors in power to demean you and keep you down (of course along with social/economic policies). Think of why black people "chimp" out over the n-word. There's no historical equivalency for white people because they've always been in power

plus white people, at least around here, get triggered by 'privilege' because they refuse to accept its existence

>> No.11532870

my ancestors were historically kidnapped and sold by turks. In the US they call us Ruskies and think of us as evil drunks. It doesn't phase me not because we've never been weak, but because I know in my soul that we are better than the soft, effeminate anglos. Stop keeping yourself down with pity.

>> No.11532897

>I see I was almost forced to admit the inadequacies of my argument but you named the jew so back to /pol/ with you.

>> No.11532900

What is "redneck", Alex?

>> No.11532909

being from a retarded bible belt state I can say that people here somehow take pride in being a redneck

>> No.11532972

Posting le jew images is not an argument. Please just admit you have autism and fucking leave

>> No.11533353

it's posts like this that cause the triggering. you are saying wrong things, but you will never admit that you are wrong

literally anyone who came to america from anywhere that wasn't a colonist descendant was discriminated against. polish, irish, italians, russians, canadians, literally all of them you stupid ignorant fucking nigger

>> No.11533408

You should leave the white country you're currently squatting in.

>> No.11533998

i agree whites are a buch of faggots who obsessed with morality that makes them fragile.
imagine if they took the master morality as they way of life

>> No.11535170

Fuck off chimp I've had family here since colonial times on both sides

>> No.11535174

>autistic screeching

>> No.11535267


you're a total dumbshit

leftists like you are exactly why whites have reacted so badly to progressive ideology

a shitload of them are immigrants/refugees who came here on a dime and worked their asses off to get where they are, they don't want to hear some chai latte drinking college fucking faggot tell them they are privileged

>> No.11535339

>What is a Kafka trap?

>> No.11535357
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What's it like having literally no clue how the world works?

>> No.11535365

>People who create a society are more likely to benefit from its incentive structures
How fucking dumb are you? You seem completely unable to articulate how a society is actually formed.

>> No.11535440

>ignorance and indignation invalidate privilege

>> No.11536438

The problem was never about overt displays of racism or the white indulging in racist behavior, but the shear volume of ignorance and apathy to those less fortunate than them but upon which their priviliged lives depend upon, and walking through life on their part in relation to their priviliged states of material and economic excess that they get to enjoy as the result of hundreds of years of racially defined and motivated assaults and arbitrarily imposed access upon other ethnic groups in the world through their momentary superiority in martial and technological prowess. The question that should be asked is not how the world is at present today, and whether if white societies really are the most developed on earth in aspects of culture and "acceptance" but how it could have been if historical development of the majority of the world had not been suppressed by active intent by the predominantly white societies that sought to conquer, divide, rule and then profit from.
The fact that this is still going on and that a big part of the priviliged class still thinks that everything they get to enjoy is solely the manifestation of their self perceived competence and their ancestry is what underlies the white hubris and apathy (at least those that choose to believe in it) that still looms large over the developed world. Blind privilige is detrimental, especially if taking action is ignored in favor of self-deception of what is deservedly and rightfully "yours" to begin with.
To me the sad state of racial discourse is that it starts and ends at whos right anf whos wrong, but seemingly no one is talking about the actual imbalances of opportunity for happiness and wellbeing in this completely shared world of ours, most of the people that refuse to see white privilge are also blind to the sources of their comfort and the way they can live and keep living comfortably upon the imposed conditions of those less fortunate without any attempts at self-reflection or empathy towards those that are afflicted by their selfish lifestyles, because even the less fortunate in the western world are standing on top of countless hours of work for next to nothing due to the hegemony of the west (predominantly white). To me complicity and inaction in a system of vampiric privilige is as bad as being a stupid and ignorant racist that just see beyond the surface of things. And resisting confrontations with meaningless backlashes that lead to no change but self-preservation of false ideals is even worse than that.

>> No.11536488

I remember reading Diangelo's original paper on white fragility. It started with her recounting leading a corporate diversity training course and completely misreading the social dynamics of the room. Had a hard time taking the rest of the paper seriously. Why would she think calling white people 'fragile' would help her cause?

>> No.11536534

>completely misreading the social dynamics of the room
The spectrum again.

>> No.11536536


A spectrum is haunting America.

>> No.11536541

Then the law can deal with that, and so can those around said witch who are against their hexing.

Now I ask you, what if they are not a witch?
How can you justify stomping the innocent even if you didn't know they were innocent? Because even though you get to say "whoops guess I was wrong haha, sorry bud" the guy still must go through life dealing with the aftermath.
We can all agree that it is wrong to send a drone strike on a walled compound somewhere in Syria if we don't actually know whether the people within are civilians or insurgents, so what is it that makes this witch hunt more just than that one?

>> No.11536543

>waaah! other people are more successful than me!!! I want their power! Unfair! WAAAAAAH!
Hmmm I wonder why Jews and Asians don't seem to have major problems rising to the top despite not having "white privlege"

>> No.11536544

You need to go back

>> No.11536552

I suppose, though I am lost as to whether you intend this to support or refute your previous post.
Individuals suffer but groups do not, so why is that justification for the group (or even an individual) to conduct the witch hunt against the accused individual?

>> No.11536588

They have a culture and society that is resilient to manipulation and control and that cares for them and their development.

There is a world outside of America if you can believe it, which every american must depend on to even sustain their lifestyle.
You seem to be completely indoctrinated into the idea of personal success, this is an illusion that you need to see past if you want to understand what actually makes a society livable. Hint: it isn't power and singular accomplishments.

>> No.11536611

>other people are poor, therefore nobody becomes successful through their own merit!
Be honest. You only believe in the "white privlege" conspiracy theory because you don't want to admit the real reasons why blacks and Hispanics are poor and stupid. ">muh poor Chinese factory slaves" has nothing to do with it.

>> No.11536662

I. Autism is already acknowledged by all American powers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that Autists should openly, in the face of the whole world, post their memes, their waifus, their tendy recipies, and meet this nursery tale of the spectrum of Autism with a manifesto of the party itself.

>> No.11536720

fairness in judgement and actions does not preclude personal success, especially if your own success comes from taking away the opportunities for growth of other people to keep yourself satiated, I can't change your apathy and spiteful attitude, but if you want try defining success, then ask yourself how your definition of that term relates to you as a person in the context of things. I doubt that you will be truly happy unless you find a suitable answer to that question. Best of luck to you

>> No.11536730

this seems interesting, will add to reading list

>> No.11537665

>Foreword by Michael Eric Dyson

Into the trash it goes

>> No.11537686

Your first sentence proves just how ignorant you actually are

>> No.11537811

>tl;dr The people at the top indirectly and unknowingly benefit from the labor of the people who built society and keep it running
Wow, how fucking insightful! It's almost like you can take the words white, black, and racial and replace them with rich, poor, and class respectively, and it would still read the same way.

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