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A skilled author in one or more aspects releases a garbage work. These are those works.

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Any books from women, non-whites, and liberals, really. Glad you picked Delillo, he's pure leftist shit

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That has to be the most pseud post I've read on this board

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The Stranger
Phenomenology of Spirit
The Sound and the Fury

Were all pot-boilers written for a quick dollar.

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Finally, some Delillo hate thread. He's pretentious as much as it is humanly possible, his prose is nothing special and his books never go beyond some well-thought social critique in terms of meaning. Both Pynchon and Wallace went beyond him in terms of beauty of prose, complexity of structure, depth of social criticism - all this while adding a philosophical layer to their books which makes them relevant also outside the US and beyond the time they were written.
You're done, Don.

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Is that why Phenomenlogy is literally unreadable? I thought The Sound and the Fury was great though

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Cormac did the western genre no favors with this shitpile.

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>hurr durr I'm a gay low test faggot: the post

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hurr durr i'm yet another brainless shitpost on /lit/ who doesn't know what he's talking about or even reads.

BM was a mid-wit grimdark anti-western and a painfully inane Biblical sermon, soiled by Cormac's writerly self-indulgence. The author's hubris and obsolete words fill every page. Yeah, the visuals are Apocalypse Now. But nobody fucking says anything worth saying, and none of the gang deserved to live. It's literally nothing. I hope McCarthy reads this post because I am disappointed and he should know.

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So you think all women, non-whites and liberals are good authors? That’s very tolerant of you, anon.

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Tolerance has nothing to do with it, its a fact

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good thread

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Good post
I hate this book with a passion

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Replace Dubliners with Portrait and please take sound and fury off that list sweetie

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White Noise is a very funny book, I don't know why it induces such hatred in litbros. Maybe they recognize themselves?

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White Noise has some poignant commentaries about contemporary society. It's craftily subtle, and, as has been mentioned, often funny.
Sound and the Fury? Faulkner wrote a few cringe-inducing novels, but that is the absolutely not one of them. Dubliners? Sure, let's throw away a short-story collection that doubles as a bildungsroman for an entire city.
I hope this is just bait.

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bad post

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That looks like the cover to a chicken soup for the soul book lol

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>White Noise
Are you joking?

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>he missed it
Read it again, brainlet

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