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Mythology edition.
Mythology is fantasy, what good books featuring mythology have you read?



NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

SF&F author listing with ratings and summaries:

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first for sanderfag a hack

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lol fuck off you pathetic retard mythology isn’t fantasy or sci-fi, disgusting ruminants trying to bring Virgil and Homer down to the level of spastic autists

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is pretty great.

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Time to vote on what to read next!

Roadside Picnic,
by the Strugatsky brothers

by Stanisław Lem

The Dying Earth,
by Jack Vance

Elric of Melniboné,
by Michael Moorcock

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litrpg where the guy is a fucking loser who wants to get "revenge" in a video game is a goddamn joke

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Any fantasy where Gods play a big part? Like Troy or someshit.

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Aside from the obvious Conan, are there any decent barbarian fantasy books?

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first for GRRM will never finish ASOIAF and has all but admitted it

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Not fantasy in the traditional sense, but American Gods is pretty much entirely comprised of gods.

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Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

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Eh, not really sure that's what I'm looking for.
Cheers anyway.

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Pure mythology: The Gods of Pegana
Mythology with Christian overtones: The Silmarillion
Mythic science-fantasy: Creatures of Light and Darkness

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Why is Kingkiller Chronicle so popular? Kvoth is a shitty protagonist who is also a white knight that constantly bends over backwards for a literal whore who uses him. Is this the kind of fantasy that people want to read these days? And don't even get me started on Sanderhack and his series.

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it has some decent waifus
Denna a massive shit tho

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I got bored around the time he joined Hogwarts.
>dropped before he got cucked

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you know its weird. ive noticed a change in a lot of fantasy in recent years. weirdly enough traditional romance seems to be frowned upon nowadays. there always has to be some backstabbing or manipulating. i dont know why but NTR sells apparently. i avoid such books but because theyre so popular its hard to actually find a good series to enjoy. i enjoyed codex alera which i started reading a week or so ago and im on the fourth book now. its great in my opinion. its getting increasingly harder though to find a fantasy series where mc doenst get cucked or is a limp dicked faggot who bends to the whim of every cute girl he comes across.

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The Crimson Queen had some slight "cucking" but that got handled surprisingly well

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Can't believe I'm doing this...
Does anyone have the audiobook for pic related?
PRIVATE doesn't have it, and all the public ones have 2 leechers and 0 seeders. It's not on youtube either.

Is the book so shit that no one wants to seed the book?

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yes gods are very important in malazan series

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Its top comf honestly, book 1 atleast

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Help. I can't help the feeling that everything written in VALIS is actually true and that my reading VALIS was meant to enlighten me

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What? I read that a couple months ago what are you talking about? I assume the keilan/xin/nel thing but keilan is a literal child and nel is in her 20s or something.

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BUMP. This is the first time I can't find an audiobook that was made.

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I think a lot of writers think that the old fashioned fantasy romance is "boring" because of how overdone it used to be. Ironic now that these days that type of romance is the rare one while all these melodramatic bittersweet romances with are the norm. I don't really care for romance, but if a book I pick up does have romance then I have some standards. The series you mentioned Codex Alera had a main romance I liked due to the simple and straightforward romance between Tavi and Kitai. No cucking, no love triangles, and while they had arguments here and there it was nothing too dramatic. And their romance had a satisfying conclusion too. I go through and see enough relationship drama in real life, I don't read fantasy to read about it in fictional settings too.

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Any recommended William Gibson's books ?
I highly enjoyed Neuromancer and want more.

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>decent barbarian fantasy books
You might try "The Assyrian" and the sequel "Bloodstar" by Nicholas Guild. They are not fantasy but historical fiction, but they come really close. If you like Conan you will almost certainly like Tiglat Assur.

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I wouldnt mind if hee was just sick of writing, but he has apparently plenty of time for every other shit book under the sun - the retarded wild card series, the dumb histories of Westeros, all those mediocre anthologies ...

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>Any fantasy where Gods play a big part?
The Shadowmarch series by Tad Williams. Holy shit do they ever play a big part.

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>there always has to be some backstabbing or manipulating
Game of Thrones has left its mark on the world of fantasy.

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go baq

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>highly enjoyed Neuromancer and want more
Well, I'd check out Gibson's sequels to Neuromancer first ...

Also, if you liked Neuromancer check out Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams.

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I don't think anything else he wrote is nearly as good.

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I like the Blue Ant series a lot. Technothrillers about coolhunters and retired punk rockers working for a eccentric Belgian advertising exec to find secret brands or the source of a viral video shouldn't work, but they do.

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Anyone read this?
It was fun, but nothing special.

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The rest of the sprawl trilogy is pretty nice though

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What am I in for?

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All of the Latro books by Gene Wolfe. Start with Soldier in the Mist

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I've already read them, great stuff. What I'm looking for is a different fantasy world where gods and goddesses interfere in human affairs.

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Warbreaker is actually quite good, even though it's by Sanderson.

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>female protagonist

>> No.11122084

>look at me talk about books I have not read

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hur hur got me
Except I've never been there, you fucking munter.

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John C. Wright has a Trilogy about Greek gods and Titans in the modern world which is pretty wacky and fun. Definitely a difference in tone from Latro, but having read and loved the Latro books, I still enjoyed Wright's Trilogy. The first book is Orphans of Chaos.

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that's one of the worst things about the series. Kvothe gets mad puss and Denna is like the worst character in the book(s), nevermind the worst waifu. just fuck around and then wife some chick who isn't so "complicated".

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Well maybe you should, instead of shitting up this thread with your never ending shit posts.

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>shitposting to my honest opinion
>lol stop shitposting
Hang yourself.

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The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu.
It's okay. But the gods role is very similar to those of Greek Myths. It actually kind of reads a lot like old myths/classic tales.

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>Hang yourself.
Why don't you do it yourself, you giant pussy?

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I tried and fucked it up. Now I'm not allowed out of eye sight.

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>he couldn't even do that right

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I just reread Wizard of Earthsea and it was so good. I remember not liking Atuan but I was pretty young when I read it so it's next on my list to reread.

>> No.11122554

I am reading WEBNOVELS and noone here can stop me

>> No.11122569

what are webnovels

>> No.11122573

novels released a chapter at a time on some website
notorious for being so bad that they aren't even being self-published on Amazon hahahahaahaha

>> No.11122607

They are novels whose independent spirit has not been ironed out by a jewish editor.

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Is the witcher books any good? I've stalled out in the middle of the wheel of time series and I need something to restart my interest in reading. If the witcher is any good I'd like to read it before the Netflix turd comes out.

>> No.11122683

nah they get bad and the witcher stops even being a character in his own story

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Are there any decent fantasy books about pirates?

>> No.11122700

pirates are villains

why would you want a villain for a protagonist

>> No.11122712

Severian is a villain and half of /sffg/ loves his books.

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>Wizard of Earthsea
classic bildungsroman and monomyth.

>The Tombs of Atuan
one of the best fantasy books of all time IMO.

>The Farthest Shore
inferior to the other two, but still solid.

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even though elric of melniboné is in the selected chart i've heard the first books aren't terrible because of passable writing.
is it really that good ?
going to read it anyway, but i unfortunately have a traduced version

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Currently reading book 2 of the kingfountain series. I'm used to more generic swords/magic/coming of age while this is more historically and politically driven with a touch of magic. pretty good so far

>> No.11122973

I think it declines in quality enough that I dropped the series

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I can't finish this Bakker shit guys, I'm sorry. I'm a quarter way through The White-Luck Warrior and there is just no light at the end of this tunnel. Yeah yeah, no light cus it's grimdark, mirite?

I've been reading The Second Apocolypse for the last two or three fucking months. Onto non-fiction for a while. Take care /sffg/, I'll see ya when I pick up some Greg Egan or PKD or something shit. No fantasy for me for a while.

What was the No-God? Some metaphysical Platonic Form of hate/anger/rape/torture? Good one, Bakker. And I bet Kellhus loses in the end anyway, cus grimdark. And I must be thick as a rock, but other than the Oh-hey-humans-aren't-free-we're-bound-by-genes-and-culture-and-social-shit was there more philosophy 101 that I was missing from these books?

>> No.11123050

Agreed. Decent start then turns into another mediocre generic series.

>> No.11123085

by what book? Like I said I'm used to and actually enjoy the more generic fantasy as opposed to 99% of what gets posted here so I don't think that should be a problem

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>Mythology is fantasy
It's a little more complex than that but I guess the brainlet definition of fantasy is "it didn't really happen" so maybe you should all write a diary about the great books you've read to create new fantasy novels.

>> No.11123098

Just read it, its not terrible, it just doesn't really evolve into the sorta fantasy you hoped it would be

I don't recall much more than that

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Reminder that "pulp" was a derogatory term for poorly written garbage and that the authors attempting to brand their stuff as "new pulp" are essentially saying that their works are bad and aren't worth reading.

>> No.11123260

Why is modern fantasy so awful?

>> No.11123267

too much liberalism
too much pandering to female sentiment
WAY too many female writers/protagonists, who start trying to trick you with male pseudonyms

>> No.11123282

>WAY too many female writers/protagonists, who start trying to trick you with male pseudonyms

That always bugged me. Most Fantasy readers tend to be women anyway so I don't understand the reason why they even do that.

>> No.11123335

Even the anons that like this make it sound like garbage. I don't understand how people can lurk here and decide it's for them.

>> No.11123444

The Scar, Mieville

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Jesus Christ I can't find a free copy of this book fucking anywhere does anyone here know where I can find it? I've been to several libraries and the shit is out of print everywhere I go. You know I would think a recent nostalgia of women authors forgotten by time was a thing now, but I guess that's not at all the case is it? Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.11123490

>Found it in 5 seconds on libgen.io

why are women allowed on 4chan

>> No.11123525

The one that is just a collection of short stories is alright. The trilogy(?) is not great

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Does anybody here know of a decent literary agent for fantasy? Even if they rejected you outright, as long as they bothered to reply, name them.


>> No.11123643

selfpublish on amazon.
someone will contact you eventually.

>> No.11123651

Did that with my last book, nobody fucking contacted me. Also I've been told that self-publishing is a red flag because it limits the potential publisher's legal rights to work going forward.

>> No.11123756 [DELETED] 

>>WAY too many female writers/protagonists, who start trying to trick you with male pseudonyms
>That always bugged me. Most Fantasy readers tend to be women anyway so I don't understand the reason why they even do that.
A few self-publishing authors were contacted by an agent after their books hit it big. take everything as a grain of salt

>> No.11123760

>Also I've been told that self-publishing is a red flag because it limits the potential publisher's legal rights to work going forward.
A few self-publishing authors were contacted by an agent after their books hit it big. take everything as a grain of salt

>> No.11123853

obviously only successful works will get you attention. this way is however your easiest way to get attention of agents or publishers without having connections. maybe make friends with authors that write similar fiction to you. they might be able to put you in contact with someone. writing books more often than not is a thankless job where you are on your own. being a writer is hard. the writing part is the easiest of the whole industry though.

>> No.11123888

It's better than it have any right to be. Making it slightly above average if you ask me.

>> No.11123928

Check out Burning Chrome

Some short stories are just as innovative as Neuro

>> No.11123975

c'mon dying earth. VOTE

>> No.11124422

someone suggest a book please
something fantasy with monsters and magic and shit, but it HAS to be adult oriented, with death and sex. but none of that female romance/fantasy stuff, it has to all go together nicely. preferably something considered a classic or cult classic at least
thanks buds

>> No.11124428

Bakker, much more so in his second trilogy than the first

>> No.11124433

It's a coming of age story about a magical kid written in an easily digestible way. Those sell well, especially when given the right publicity.

>> No.11124440

is stephen king a hack? thinking of reading the dark tower

>> No.11124457

yeah but the early books are good

>> No.11124589

The Dark Tower is good. People get a little pissy about the ending, but it's not so bad. Good series though. Lots of dimension hopping, and worlds which have moved on.

>> No.11124594

he'll most likely tap that chinese girl

>> No.11124599

do you tend to pick up fantasy books written by a female?
yeah me neither

>> No.11124608

Of course not, books written by a female tend to be awful.

>> No.11124609

The fact that Bakker has an advanced degree in philosophy was initially appealing.

>> No.11124624

there are obviously exceptions to that but i'd rather be inclined to check out a book when it's written by a male.
That's why they use male pseudonyms.

>> No.11124701

Just means I have to do double the work and look up the author's name to check and see what gender they are.

>> No.11124749

Just recommend my drug dealer get Blindsight for his brothers birthday.

Have I completed life? Should I just kill myself and go out on a high note?

>> No.11125009

It's YA, but I have fond memories of Epic by Conor Kostick from when I was younger.

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>> No.11125180

Library at mount char

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>author makes up their own swear words
seriously, I've never read a book where the made up swear words weren't cringey

>> No.11125206

This came close to ruining the otherwise pretty good Count to a Trillion books for me.

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I should have read this series earlier.

>> No.11125379

Night watch by sergei lukyanenko

>> No.11125386

"By Klono's carbon claws!"

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There is a few reasons I am not going to read these

>> No.11125453

Seconding this >>11125379

>> No.11125469

its not from a book but its good

>> No.11125526

>blood and bloody ashes!

>> No.11125565

suicide yourself

>> No.11125574

I don't get it

>> No.11125581

no tits

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Fuck my shit up, Seriously why the fuck are people asking hundreds for out print Fantasy Masterworks. I either take gamble and get possibly grossed up used copy or pay the shitty prices.

>> No.11125593

Are you bloody implying something, cunt?

>> No.11125598

You're a pig

>> No.11125607

That's a naughty word Jordan, wouldn't want your wife taking the cane to you again now, would we?

>> No.11125610

I'm sorry, Brandon. There's no need to get Harriet involved.

>> No.11125632

i think master works books have been limited edition prints. some of them have special covers that no other edition has. also theyre not all paperbacks. some of them are actually hardcovers.

>> No.11125682

There's a girl in the class. Her name is Amy. She's really nice, and seems like the shy and quiet type. For a long time I'd looked at her and thought that it would be really nice to talk to her, but I was afraid to do that. I sure would think it was weird if a total stranger wanted to strike up a conversation with me

But, today, in class, I spoke to her! I said, "Hi, Amy!" and she said, "Oh, hi!" She didn't seem bothered at all. It was a huge relief

And during break, I said more things to her. I asked her things like what she'd done today, her plans for the summer. I've asked people things like that dozens of times over the Internet, but it was totally different in real life. I liked it so much more

The best part is, when I ran out of small talk to make and took out my 3DS to play it, she said, "Oh, is that the 3DS?!" And she was excited about it!

I visit videogame websites frequently, so I rarely meet people who've never seen a 3DS before. I asked her if she liked video games, and she said that she did, but she didn't play them very much anymore because she was more busy these days. She said her favorite game was Super Smash Brothers Melee, and that she was anxious for the sequel

She kept on calling the Switch "NX". I wondered if she didn't know that it was named the switch, or if she just preferred to call it the "NX" instead. I told her that "Revolution" was just a codename while it was in development, and that "Switch " was the official name. She was so shocked! She said that it was a really stupid-sounding name. It was like a timewarp back to a month in the past when the name was announced and people made a big deal out of it. I didn't like the name, either, but I don't care anymore. But I really wanted to agree with her and for her to agree with me, so I pretended that the name bothered me, and we made fun of it for a while

Then she made a comment about Nintendo starting to "go down the drain", and then I hear this voice right next to my ear, And why do you say that

I recognized him by his voice alone, it was that annoying kid who always goes around making mean comments. -_- He saw me playing Fire Emblem and he made fun of my team. "Why didn't you level up your peg knights? You're pretty stupid." He's really annoying and has a LOT of acne. All he ever does is say mean things. I never see him hanging out with the others - I don't think he has many friends

And then he started arguing with Amy, because he was a rabid Nintendo fanboy and didn't want her dissing his system. I was so upset!! I was talking with her, and he totally interrupted ;_; I was jealous that Amy was now ignoring me and talking to another guy, and HIM of all guys. He didn't deserve to talk to her. They were just arguing, anyway. I wanted Amy to think of me in a special way, maybe something along the lines of the only guy in the class she can relate to with video games. But then she knew that there was another video game guy. And he was just a jerk

>> No.11126057

The Unhewn Chronicle had a couple that were made up and they actually worked pretty well once i realised they were just shortened slang for certain gods. I think they also worked because the author used cunt, fuck and shit frequently so they actually appeared naturally alongside real words

>> No.11126221

Bad opinion desu taffer

>> No.11126223


>> No.11126233

I've noticed this too. It couldn't be just because of Game of Thrones, right? I mean that shit is popular sure but it there's no way its that influential to cause normies to become all obsessed with getting mc's cucked.

>> No.11126234

Just the first Elric book or the whole saga?

>> No.11126360


>> No.11126524

The one in the link is the first book.

>> No.11126580

my suspension of disbelief completely broke after mercenary used his sword to cut food while having a knife.
magic and merry sue stuff can happen but using sword as food knife no

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does anyone know any good books about nercomancers?

>> No.11126793


>> No.11126867

does anyone know any good books about narcomancers?

>> No.11126980

lol I bought a copy of Three Hearts and Three Lions for $1.98 at a used book store two weeks ago.

Got the Gollancz hardcover of Lyonesse for $25 a few years ago.

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>be at the pub with a couple of friends
>start talking about books
>one of them mention that he read Ready Player One and really liked it, recommend it to everyone
>I manage to conceal my power level, don't say anything
>later one of my friends mention that it was weird that I was so quite during the conversation as he know that I'm passionate about books

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>Fantasy Masterworks
The Broken Sword and The Conan Chronicles are both fairly inexpensive on Book Depository, might pick them both up.


>> No.11127124

>The Conan Chronicles
Daily remainder to only buy the Del Rey editions of Conan. It's the original texts without editing and with extensive notes, art and extra material.

>> No.11127144

If you’re in /sffg/ you probably have normie enough taste to recommend it to friends.

>> No.11127211 [SPOILER] 
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Here you go my dude:

I'm reading sign of the labrys right now and it's pretty good so far. Nice to see fellow anons who are into obscure sci fi.

>> No.11127216

Nice digits. My taste is normie enough to recommend decent books but not normie enough to comment on the books they like to talk about.

>> No.11127220

>female fantasy author
not even once

>> No.11127232

I already spoonfed the sob, you didn't need to literally read him a nightie night story & tuck him in

>> No.11127245

Is it good? I read the broken sword and hrolf kraki's saga and didn't like either of them that much.

>> No.11127388

I wasn't that impressed to be honest, but it wasn't bad either and it's also a ~150 page standalone so you aren't really investing that much. If you didn't like The Broken Sword I don't think you'd like 3H3L.

>> No.11127540

>only audiobook on the internet that can't be found

>> No.11127613

Any ultra grimdark gay rape and incest fantasy books came out since 2016?

Other than my buddy bakker that is.

>> No.11127743

>Science Fiction & Fantasy General
>98% of posts are about fantasy garbage

>> No.11127751

Last few threads were heavily sci-fi, pendulum is swinging the other way now. If you don't like sharing you can always go and make your own sci-fi thread, just like the last guy who kept complaining about fantasy discussion.

>> No.11127756

i've got a better idea
*heems you*

>> No.11127819

Go to where you truly belong not where you currently post.

>> No.11127888

Kill yourself.

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prime schaub would heem ngannou

>> No.11127968

I haven't read any sci-fi except the book of the new sun, are there any classic sci-fi books that focus on exploring new planets?
Sort of like intergalatic colonisation

>> No.11128059
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Book club meets tomorrow, and its my turn to choose what we read.

Any suggestions? We read pic related and its actual shit, so the bar's been set pretty low

>> No.11128073

Why didn't you tell them about female authors

>> No.11128124

The main character of my novel is an Unlikable person. how doable is this?

>> No.11128143

Sounds like drug use?
Dragon safari by Anthony Ryan
Promise of blood
There are a few others

>> No.11128151


>> No.11128176

I see this a lot in fantasy fiction and it always puzzles me. Did people ever use weapon knives to cut food?

>> No.11128184
File: 345 KB, 1600x1067, 1471968300267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is with the increase of outer lit recently? I thought they left us alone and we ignore them?

>> No.11128305

why act like this general is any better? 3 or 4 well known authors and 10 or so books from the 60-70s are the only thing that get mentioned here. Most people here act just as pretentious which is funny because some of the best conversation has been about books like Eragon

>> No.11128365

>Finally, the book is ridiculously sexist.

What do you do when you encounter this line in a review

>> No.11128368

put down the new york times

>> No.11128371

Add it to my wishlist and hope it's on KU

>> No.11128387

> female author
really? wtf man

>> No.11128465

Tried to read this. Who knew a book about gods could be so boring and mundane, as well as completely jumbled to unreadable.

>> No.11128510

Just finished this one yesterday. Adare was an annoying cunt but Bretty gud senpai, pleasantly surprised

>> No.11128522

That fucking picture slays

And then nynaeve tugged her braid

>> No.11128543

i think it means sleeping
a guy who does magic while asleep

>> No.11128546

Flat chicks are the best though.

>> No.11128646

Read Joe Abercrombie yet?

>> No.11128769

Thanks, these look great

>> No.11128779

IIRC it has to do with automated listing software that goes "there aren't many listings, better crank up the price"

>> No.11128933

Accelerando was a fucking ride and a half, jesus christ

Also what are we reading this month, did we decide on Solaris?

>> No.11128980

>do my work for me
no but i'll give you advice.

google janefriedman + find + literary + agent

fantasy is a big genre. look up the agents of similar books in your subgenre (urban fantasy, grimderp, historical fantasy, etc.) and see if they're taking submissions. if not, check which company they work for and see if the other agents are accepting submissions.


>> No.11129059

There's gotta be some Discworld part about that

>> No.11129062


>> No.11129070

Tits are for boys, asses are for men

t. Space Dandy

>> No.11129101

Asses are for peasantry. Tits are for aristocracy.

>> No.11129105

>cult novel
ok the style is cyberpunk but it's not sci-fi at all, it's fantasy.

>> No.11129109

>a good thing
No war but the class war

>> No.11129112
File: 131 KB, 1024x737, 1413733552952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you catch aids.

>tfw got tricked almost a week ago and still mad about it

>> No.11129119

necks are the truly patrician erogenous zone

>> No.11129128
File: 25 KB, 500x375, g9ke6Pi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11129134
File: 57 KB, 564x477, 4b27acbe4788b7d02bfdaeef55e433227dbe6fee5ee029969d9ecfcb590983cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11129169
File: 80 KB, 295x214, Bs2SMEGhw3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11129178
File: 3 KB, 114x125, 1389738509443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11129191

The Lathe of Heaven

>> No.11129214

What level are you on?

>> No.11129219

>3 or 4 well known authors and 10 or so books from the 60-70s are the only thing that get mentioned here
>conversation has been about books like Eragon
Did you read your own post?

>> No.11129227

Still voting. Solaris is one (1) vote ahead of Roadside Picnic: https://www.strawpoll.me/15659062/r

>> No.11129346
File: 484 KB, 500x619, head1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Lahey is kill

>> No.11129379

Any of you guys read the Dresden Files?
I used to read it and reached the 7th or 8th book, but that was a long while ago. I was very fond of the series; have any of you finished the books? Would you recommend I finish them?
Sorry, am new to /lit/ so don't know the culture of this board all too well yet (mostly browse /his/ and /fit/).

>> No.11129448

>tfw /fitlit/ is gone forever
Anyway, I've only read a couple of Dresden Files short stories and I honestly found them quite mediocre. From what I've seen in this thread that is also the general consensus about the series as a whole.

>> No.11129480
File: 132 KB, 743x288, throne-of-glass-series-banner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arguably the most underrated series?

>> No.11129496

Only on 2d

>> No.11129501

I'm sorry, but N.K. Jemisin is the queen of /sffg/.

Back to your grotto, fool.

>> No.11129504

the undisputed queen of /sffg/ is obviously angela merkel

>> No.11129507

>super sales
>library and mount char
>and now this throne of glass bullshit
Why do some people suddenly decide to spam some random crap in every thread for a while?

>> No.11129541

If you've only read the first two I agree (those ones kinda suck). But after the third book all the built up histories of each character, and their relationships with one another, just make it so much fun to read. Granted, the author does have parts in every novel where he drags on for a while, but he does improve with every sequel novel.
Now I think I've convinced myself to finish the series. I hope I'm not just remembering it better than it actually is, though.

>> No.11129550

danke mutti

>> No.11129577

some people genuinly enjoy the books. then theres this one guy who always spams things because he know it riles people up. just ignore the spam and avoid discussion if you dont like it. if you make a bigger issue out of it the trolls just win and itll be even worse.

>> No.11129592

It does not bother me, I'm just interested in why someone would do it. Like would you really spam a book you like? I'll most likely never read any of the books mentioned because I've unconscionably categorized them as simply memes because of the spamming.

>> No.11129605

ive shilled a book before but never spammed it. sometimes i post audiobooks or epubs of new books that i enjoyed but thats about it.
im pretty sure you mean the guy that always posts the "sffg approved ltrpgs" picture where only one book actually is one.
yeah that guy is annoying.
>I've unconscionably categorized them as simply memes because of the spamming.
that is his goal im pretty sure. either he didnt enjoy the books or he likes to ruin the fun of others who enjoy them.
dont let others dictate what you like or dont like.
i actually respect people a lot who can just like a book for what it is despite its shortcomings.

>> No.11129606

You forgot one
>girl protag

>> No.11129607

The start of "Tears of a Heart" by Chase Blackwood is pretty good.

>> No.11129637

'please' respond

>> No.11129695

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

>> No.11129706

Mote in the gods eye; the sparrow; randevuse with Rama (not exacly new panet); ring world; left hand of darkness; solaris ; speeker for the dead.

>> No.11129770

Lord of Light.

>> No.11129778

Create a trial account on amazon prime. Use a US proxy and Us billing address if need be.
Download your book.
Decrypt your book through any of the available methods.
Refund your book and use your credit to buy another book.
Get as many audiobooks as you please.
And then cancel your subscription.

You basically get unlimited free audiobooks.

>> No.11129789

theres a certain irc channel on a certain server that does exactly that. they have ddl bots for every audiobook on audible neatly indexed. the guy keeping the channel actually pays for an audible subscription, downloads everything. organizes them in folders by author then subfolders of series and then subfolders of books. inside the individual book folder is an m4b file, the epub version and hi rez cover art.
you need an invite into the channel though because its hidden. the only pointer into the right direction i can give you is ask around on rizon.

>> No.11129796

that one guy is a dedicated autistic god.
My aspirations are nowhere near that high.
Why does 4chan let me post without captchas most of the time?

>> No.11129801
File: 42 KB, 333x499, 51XK55NCVBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im thinking of reading the tiger and del books. is there any cucking in it?

>> No.11129803

I listened to the elric of melnibone audiobook.
Do others exist in the series?

>> No.11129950

It's inception the novel.

>> No.11129957

You can't finish a series when the author hasn't completed it himself.

>> No.11129971

>Why does 4chan let me post without captchas most of the time?
You're logged into Google. They don't want to get in the way of your generating more data for your consumer profile.

>> No.11129974

>the general consensus about the series as a whole.
You realise it's a vocal minority that makes the most noise about anything right?
We majority are too busy reading, to fight the nay sayers. That is why you get tricked into botns and dinosaur books.

>> No.11129980

It seems you want the treatment spammers receive. Continue spamming.

>> No.11129992

>From what I've seen in this thread that is also the general consensus...
>From what I've seen
Meaning that it might not actually be the case.

>> No.11130028

I have paper money, but no e money. Can't start a trial without a trackit card, i mean credit card.

>> No.11130035

Since you know about it (and presumably have access), can you download the m4b file and put it on mega or something?(rename it of course)

>> No.11130043

Yeah, I sometimes wonder if the Author intentionally wanted us to think she was a dumb bitch.

>> No.11130054

You realise that newfags take one random anon's word as gospel all the time right? They will read your statement as "the general consensus".
You expect people to read and properly understand your statement? Where do you think you are?

>> No.11130068

Getting real sick of authors tragically killing off the protag's main love interest. It's almost so unnecessary most of the time. fed up with these feels i feel when it happens.

>> No.11130072

does illum count? but i was told to not read the sequel

>> No.11130076

I assume even newfags have some basic reading comprehension and if they for some reason trust something a single anon write on 4chan it's their problem desu. Also, since I consider the series not worth reading it doesn't really bother me.

>> No.11130213

pls respond.

>> No.11130224

Who are the most literary fantasy and science fiction authors besides wolfe and le guin?

>> No.11130258

Sarah J Maas

>> No.11130371

I honestly don't know. I only read the first book and that was years ago.

>> No.11130380

would you recommend it based on what you remember?

>> No.11130418

Yes, in fact the reason modern blunted cutlery knives exist is because Louis XIV banned his dinner guests from using their daggers to eat food.

>> No.11130450

Wow she speaks like a person with an 85 iq. Is this how all ya authors sound?

>> No.11130462

Mervyn Peake, Tolkien.

>> No.11130531

Partly to curb the almost constant dinner stabbings that ensued.

>> No.11130559

The spoiler warnings are really good in that video.
Their fucking laughs though, I should have stayed gay!

>> No.11130705

stop posting about this series
its not remotely amusing

>> No.11130723

Question: Does anyone in Wheel of Time end up just snapping and smacking the shit out of Egwene?

>> No.11130744

I haven't read the WoT series solely because I've been told that the female characters are often annoying as fuck and get on the tits of pretty much everyone who's read the books. Is this just heresay?
Should I read WoT?

>> No.11130746

Night watch by sergei lukyanenko

>> No.11130764

a few WoT books are good. however the sentiment over the female characters is accurate. a vast overwhelming majority of the female characters in the books are vapid annoying cunts. they make stupid decisions and act retarded. it really boggles the mind at times.

>> No.11130765
File: 128 KB, 231x353, 16096824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe her most underrated piece of work.

>> No.11130777

It's not that bad, it's mostly people getting mad at the female part of Jordans "men from mars, women from venus" writing style. For some reason the series seem to attract people who are triggered by it.

>Should I read WoT?
Nah, epics are a waste of time, the middle books are quite bad and it's basically unfinished.

>> No.11130805

>who start trying to trick you with male pseudonyms
jesus christ this

>> No.11130824


>> No.11130825

If you want schlock try the Daniel Black series by E. William Brown

>> No.11130841

I have seen more posts here with people complaining about being tricked into reading modern grimdark than dinosaur.

>> No.11130847

I wish OP fucked up like last time and post this general on /tv/ again. It was the best thread in years.

>> No.11130876

To the anon who recommended Armor by John Steakley a couple of threads ago... Thanks. It was good.

>> No.11130906

>they make stupid decisions and act retarded. it really boggles the mind at times.
That they never learn from and continue to act that they are the be all and end all.

>> No.11130911

hmm you're really not selling it

>> No.11130923

It's fantasoy my dude. Avoid.

>> No.11130987

gotta admit i laughed harder than i should have.

>> No.11130989

you know just fucking read them and see for yourself. just dont come back crying that you wasted your time and that we should have told you so.

>> No.11131025

Fafherd & Gray Mouser (currently reading, its great)
Wizard Knight

>> No.11131034

Lyonesse is fantastic, but its also on libgen

>> No.11131043

The fact you've heard about the series and are even asking should tell you something. It was probably the most well known and best selling fantasy series before ASOIAF.

Anything popular will have people who hate it and those that love it.

>> No.11131080

The leeches have jumped from 2 to 7. It seems there are people ITT that also want to read it.

>> No.11131113

that ending is way too sad

>> No.11131162

>tfw just got into tpb 2 weeks ago
>tfw just read this post
>tfw looked it up and it's true
Holy shit that's saddening. RIP.

>> No.11131249

4 dropped out as soon as I mentioned this

>> No.11131407


>> No.11131475
File: 1.44 MB, 2063x1062, Forks_Susa_Louvre_MAO421-422-431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The original table fork was basically a weapon too.

>> No.11131612

I don't remember any cucking in it. I haven't read the 7th one though. If you are interested in the series then I say go for it

>> No.11132116

I finished the Malazan Book of the Fallen the other day.

Never before have I devoted so much time to one series. I have nothing to read now and every fantasy novel I read is probably going to feel inferior by comparison.

>> No.11132214

I'm from poland and have read them both in polish (all of them) and in eng (2 iirc).
Honestly - it's not worth reading if you're not polish and don't speak the language. The translation was alright, but a significant amount of flavour and cultural (poland has no culture kek) in-jokes was lost.
What remained was mediocre and slightly pulpy folklore fantasy with a lot of sex and alcohol.

>> No.11132220

Severian did nothing wrong.

>> No.11132267

>there's nothing wrong with betraying your guild

>> No.11132303

Shit taste

>> No.11132321

You might like his Vampire$ book too

>> No.11132638

>mediocre and slightly pulpy folklore fantasy with a lot of sex and alcohol.
>not worth reading
Pick one

>> No.11132706

I got 5 percent. I hope whomever be thy kind anon, that they seed tonight.

>> No.11132803

Doge bless you anon <3
me love you long time

>> No.11132888

What are you sad sacks reading atm?

>> No.11132901

shitty lit rpg's

>> No.11132914

the state of the art by funny scottish commie

>> No.11132945

Just finished Before They Are Hanged, moving on to Emperor's Blades and after that I'll finish up the Mistborn trilogy by reading Hero of Ages. After that I guess I'll finish the First Law trilogy, though I'm pretty lukewarm about it so far.

One of the most perplexing things I've found about First Law is the bizarre mishmash of early modern and medieval concepts, especially in the military. The Union has 19th century military ranks and organizational structure straight out of the Napoleonic wars but everything else about them feels very late medieval. It's just jarring to see somebody referred to as "colonel" and troops moving in "regiments" or "divisions" when they consist mostly of peasant levies armed with spears or farm equipment and there's no artillery.

I dunno maybe he's just using the terminology to sound cool and my own knowledge of military history is actually impeding my enjoyment of it.

>> No.11132981

Tears of a heart by Chase Blackwood
Good first 100 pages or so.

>> No.11133014

Destroyermen series, book 5

>> No.11133208

Way of the Shaman.

Absolutely delightful.

When did you read book 1?

>> No.11133257

The Corum series

>> No.11133276

canticle for lebowitz
since this book is about catholics im good for my church visits until august right?

>> No.11133326



>> No.11133344

what book are you referring to

>> No.11133349

literally every friggin book

>> No.11133350
File: 100 KB, 854x640, 1512295774148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know any books based around the paranormal/occult/mythological creatures?

I want sort of episodic books, e.g. investigating a different demon/creature every book. Sort of like the x-files but in book form.

>> No.11133351

That's the real irony of it, most of them have little or no real experience playing RPGs of any kind, they just choose the setting because it's easier to write.

>> No.11133360

No you're not you're just mad at that one black dude

>> No.11133371
File: 26 KB, 190x194, 1491214485985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>super sales 2
>author is impressed and gracious to audiobook reader
>puts the narrator's name in as a high school student
>narrator dropped him and his contract to start up his own company
>my name is jeff is still left in

>> No.11133372

Just read x files books then.

>> No.11133383

The fuck are you saying? Are you implying these people are sheep? Because typically, when you call someone a ruminant you are implying they take time to digest information, which is a complement, hence the word ruminate.

Learn English before you shittalk.

>> No.11133386

>When did you read book 1?
I think I read it a couple of years ago and read up to the 6th book (the last one at the time). Since there are 12 books now I started rereading the whole thing so I can catch up. It's a fun series.

>> No.11133393
File: 115 KB, 616x954, orcs-first-blood-omnibus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got Orcs on Audible. It's the first three books in one. Which means either each of these three are rather short or The Final Empire and Promise of Blood are rather long, because those two books and this collection are both about 24 hours long.

Finished the first book and already into the second. Pretty interesting so far. Though the text never showing orcs being truly monstrous and humans as being the main source of problems for the setting is kinda annoying. I get it, these orcs aren't Always Chaotic Evil monsters, but come the fuck on. At this point it seems like the myths humans made about the orcs being monsters were made up out of thin air.

And I'm sorry, but I've never liked stories that just completely shit on humans either. I guess I'm a bit of species chauvinist that way.

I also wasn't expecting how magical realm this story could get at times. It doesn't happen often, but holy shit, the third chapter had the evil sorceress raping a guy (not a "fade to black" either, it describes the whole thing), and I swear a later chapter mentioned her using a unicorn's horn as a dildo.

I'm not a huge fan of the religious conflict in the story. I'm sorry, but the Unis just sound like the author is an edgy teenager who lived in a oppressively religious household and having broken away from the faith is using this book to piss all over Christianity. I'm a hard Atheist, so it's not like I'm a fan of any religion, but it gets a bit heavy-handed at times.

Oh, and I wish the Unis wore a color other than black. Small thing, but when you hear for the twentieth time "They were dressed in black" you start praying they put some other colors into their wardrobe.

>> No.11133408

>I'm a hard Atheist


>> No.11133417

Every day I wake up and thank god for my kindle (and the availability of "free" (wink) ebooks)

>> No.11133429


>> No.11133431

capitalize that G you filthy heathen

>> No.11133467

Having read The Final Empire, I have to ask, do the Haze Killers ever get fleshed out? I found it really annoying how they were talked up as being Misting-killing badasses, yet they always got slaughtered by Kelsier. And why do they have that name anyway? Shouldn't they be Mist Killers?

>> No.11133468

The Dresden Files might scratch that itch.
It's about a wizard private detective who chases down cases involving paranormal entities.

>> No.11133602

Emperor's Blades was surprisingly good, enjoy senpai.

>> No.11133614
File: 55 KB, 482x599, 482px-METALBOXES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Metal Boxes by Alan Black. So far so meh and all I can think about when I remember the title is pic related.

>> No.11133622

Anthony Ryan: The Waking Fire
only just started though

>> No.11133643

>Coming of age can be hard for anyone. But for Blackmon Perry Stone it is life threatening. At 15,
>he barely manages to graduate from the empire's cadet training by a talent for unusual problem solving.
Oh, he has a special natural talent. Shocker.
>He has trouble settling into navy life, but life becomes harder when he uncovers a ring of thieves aboard the huge ship. Life becomes difficult when they killed him.
I hope for the writer's sake this was a typo or editing error.
>Stone is ejected into hyperspace in an escape pod without hyperspace engines. Fully expecting to die, he reconfigures the sub-light engine to escape the inescapable.
Of course he does, because he's special. But wait, this means he wasn't killed as the part above said.
>To his surprise it works, but only well enough to do little more than crash on an uncharted planet. It will surprise him if he can make the engine work again, but not as much as it will surprise everyone else if he can come back from the dead.
So the entire story is just him, alone, trying to get back to everyone? Yeah, this doesn't sound all that exciting. But I honestly had to look this up because I assumed it would have to be a parody from the name alone.

>> No.11133658

>Blackmon Perry Stone
what a shit protagonist name

>> No.11133670

>I hope for the writer's sake this was a typo or editing error.
kek'd irl

>> No.11133687
File: 486 KB, 980x1600, c824e907132c87e7e4ee1e6ecf2f3bc1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post the current book you're reading followed by the previous 4 you read and a short review

>Solaris in expectation of the /sffg/ reading month
It's uniquely disturbing, I can't remember the last thing I read/watched/played that struck me with this level of uncanny surrealism
Reminds me of Lovecraft's better stories but better articulated
>The Voice From the Edge Vol 1
I got into it only for I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream but goddamn if I didn't stick around for the rest of Ellison's work, I don't know why I hadn't ever read any of it before
A Boy and His Dog and Grail were particularly good
Wack ass fucking book, absolutely loved a lot of it and how it was kind of a deconstruction of boundless transhumanism
The sentient corporations and economics beyond human understanding particularly fucked me up
>New York: 2140
Classic KSR, might be my favorite by him so far, if not in setting, at least in the storytelling style
All of the characters were really intricate and aside from ONE I really liked them
>Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said for last month's reading
Was slightly more grounded than the other PKD stuff I've read, but the explanation at the end was really unneeded
Liked the Epilogue though

>> No.11133702

I just don't understand why else "life becomes harder" and "life becomes difficult" are so close to each other like that. Not only because they're so similar that it just sounds repetitive to have them so close, but "difficult" is positive while "harder" is comparative, so it doesn't even make sense to have "difficult" follow "harder".

I didn't even notice he had three names until after I posted it. Perry Stone is alright, but tossing in Blackmon is just weird. Unless it's some sort of description, like that's the particular kind of soldier he is, but the text doesn't imply that, so I just have to assume it's part of his name.

>> No.11133708

Pretty much my thoughts too, but someone recommended it and I'm trying to gather ideas for a story I'm writing about young people in a future army.

>> No.11133739

Well, good luck. Though I hope your story isn't up to anime levels of "You're 15, but you're our last hope and you'll have to pilot this weapon of mass destruction and save us all." Or if it does, at least provide a good explanation beyond "Oh shit, it's locked to your DNA. Well, time to get training."

Though I did have this idea once for Halo-type supersoldiers in a sci-fi setting. They were all physically adults and highly competent in combat, but outside of combat had the mentality of children, since they were all really only about 5 years old.

>> No.11133743

don't forget being bullied in school

>> No.11133780

>Ray Ikari's life had always been difficult. Bullied in school and neglected by his father after his mother's death.
>He was a complete nobody, worth nothing to anyone, even himself.
>But his life became even harder after he fell into the cockpit of the most powerful mecha ever created.
>The world's most powerful weapon locked to his DNA, he'll have to rise up and defend a world that never cared about him.
Am I missing anything important? I wanted to toss in a reference to a tsundere love interest, but I couldn't think of a good way to do it.

>> No.11133786

needs at least 2 girls lusting after him, one shy and doesn't speak much, the other some sort of slutty 1000 year old demonness

>> No.11133787

Nah, it's more like "raised in a secret government school then recruited into the SPACE CIA and trained to do some morally/legally dubious CIA-type shit."

>> No.11133789

>mothers death. The only thing that kept him going *love interest bit here*

>> No.11133799

And she has to be the original pilot of the mecha who now has to teach him how operate it.

>> No.11133804

Naturally. Reminds me of these South Park spoofs for some reason.

>> No.11133809

Reminds me of Ender's Game (the movie, never read the book).
>"You're going to Battle School, and you're going to help us kill the shit out of these bugs."

Actually, that also fits Halo. How many times has this plot been used?

>> No.11133816

Oh totally. I imagined the whole thing being read in the parody trailer narrator voice when I was writing it.

>> No.11133905

Yeah, it's not the most original start but it works. The school I had in mind wasn't necessarily a military academy but more like the government collecting a bunch of orphans and raising them to be "ideal citizens" who would have all the right habits, attributes, education and training to excel in the interplanetary government. So rather than super soldiers, they're just really specifically trained people ordained for high positions in the military, administration, or scientific sectors.

The MC is from a prototype batch and gets recruited into the CIA-type organization, but later on they meet fellow students who've become politicians, celebrities, innovators, etc.

>> No.11133968

I wouldn't know, I've only read the first two Mistborn books. The Haze Killers were so irrelevant I forgot they existed until the second half of book 2 when suddenly they existed again, and posed basically no threat to Vin. As for their name, Sanderson probably just thought it sounded cool.

>> No.11133974

Just started it tonight and it seems pretty interesting. Lots of world building and plot threads dangled in just the prologue and first few chapters, this author knows what he is about and I anticipate enjoying it a lot.

>> No.11133986

So, basically a government orphanage were social and behavioral scientists use the kids as test subjects? Eh, I can kinda see that.

And I didn't mean to shit on your idea or anything. It just suddenly occurred to me that I'd see a similar plot before.

>and posed basically no threat to Vin
Well, there goes that very faint hope. I didn't even like TFE, and have no intention of reading the other books (or really any of Sanderson's work), I was just curious. As for the name, you're probably right. It just kinda bugs me now how close it is to Mist Killers and how much better that name would be because it actually makes sense.

>> No.11134004

>It just kinda bugs me now how close it is to Mist Killers and how much better that name would be because it actually makes sense.
He probably felt that calling them "Mistkillers" would imply they were another subset of Allomancer, in keeping with the mist naming convention in "Misting" and "Mistborn" referring to different classes of Allomancer. Hazekillers are just specially trained Allomancers, so he probably wanted a distinct name that didn't implicitly tie them to the mist.

>> No.11134017

>I didn't mean to shit on your idea or anything
If you don't shit on bad ideas, they stay bad ideas. I really don't mind. Anyway, the school is just the opening and a way to link all the characters later on. The real meat is SPACE CIA having interplanetary shenanigans.

>> No.11134037

Emerilla is fucking terrible, shame on whoever recommended it

>> No.11134044

>He probably felt that calling them "Mistkillers" would imply they were another subset of Allomancer
>Hazekillers are just specially trained Allomancers
I think you messed up here, since Hazekillers (sorry for the mispelling, I was listening to an audiobook) are not Allomancers. Which honestly is kinda why I wanted them to be not useless. I really like the Badass Normal trope, when done well.

Fair enough. So, what does space CIA do? Prevent Zeon uprisings and colony drops?

>> No.11134049

Any opinions on Shannara Chronicles and The Magicians? Tried watching them on Netflix, but I just couldn't get into them.

>> No.11134108

>what does space CIA do?
Same stuff as the real CIA, mostly. Undermine governments, support rebellions, crush rebellions, snatch & grabs, work outside the law when needed, enforce the law when needed, steal information, assassinate people. All in the name of their government, right or wrong.

Aliens exist in-universe but haven't made contact with people. They just bump into each other now and then, then vanish. All politics happen between human planets which operate like Greek city-states.

>> No.11134134

Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett.
pretty good so far. probably gonna read a long time until now next.
im on a time-travel binge.

>> No.11134139

not a typo. basically when he "disappears" hes declared dead.
thats what they meant when he was "killed".

>> No.11134144

meant to reply to >>11133643

>> No.11134182
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Because it's not like I have anything better to do right now.

>> No.11134189

>Comic Sans
It's like the flies on top of a pile of shit.

Nice touch. Would rate 3 stars on Amazon.

>> No.11134248

Not /sffg/ but really got into Conrad. Read HoD on a train and then burned through Lord Jim in a day. ATM I'm halfway done with Nostromo and will be reading Nigger on the Narcissus next.

>> No.11134291

Is The Silmarillion required reading in order to get into The Children of Hurin or can you just jump right in if you've read LoTR?

>> No.11134437

Dagger and Coin book 4. Might as well finish it. Not a masterpiece but entertaining enough.

>> No.11134466

New thread

>> No.11134569


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