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Need advice, this book is so boring, I am 40 pages in. should i drop it?

also, which book should i read next? herodotus histories or in cold blood?

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I dropped this after 5 pages

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Currently reading Blood Meridian and it's one the finest books I've ever read

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It's shit. It was a mistake if you chose that as your first mccarthy

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is it similar to the road?

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A big part of enjoying that book is accepting its general tone of desolation and monotony. Then, when some small bit of writing provides color of some kind, it really stands out and you enjoy it quite a bit.

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I dropped it after the first paragraph

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It's not boring if you're engaging with the book as an active reader. McCarthy creates a space for you to reflect on the themes yourself, he doesn't spoon feed it to you. Fool.

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I would have read it in one sitting if the cafe hadn't closed. Incredible book tbph

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The Road is great. Stop worrying about your next book and read the one you fucking have.

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>also, which book should i read next?
All the pretty Horses

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>dropping a book that takes 4-5 hours to read

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I wouldn't know I've only read Blood Meridian and No Country.
Blood Meridian is honestly a lot of walking and staggering pockmarked and punctuated by violence but I guess that just describes westerns as a genre.
It's incredibly well written and has some of the most tangibly horrifying scenes I've ever read or seen.
I love the biblical motif and I swear to god every other sentence is a song, album, or band name.
It often reads like lyrics as well

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