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>be an avid cinema consumer
>have 2000+ features and shorts under my belt
>being a filthy poorfag, never had a problem with locating a download source even for the most obscure material
>decide to catch up with literature classics
>struggle to find any audiobooks of the most common titles imaginable

It's been bearable so far, but just as I moved away from "IMDB TOP 10"-equivalent listing I've hit a fucking desert of downloadable content. Where do you get your audiobooks, /lit/? I'm specifically looking for William's Stoner right now, but any quality database would be priceless in the days to come.

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I seriously hope you guys dont do this

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Just read the book you philistine

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>muh visually deciphering a series of characters on a white sheet is the superior way to experience long sequences of words and narratives

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It is.

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>itt faggots that don't know we are a verbal animal
We have relied on oral tradition for so long (and inversely, reading for such a short time) that the brain uses the same system for both. This means the same neurons are firing when you read and when you listen. Reading is obviously superior (faster, nonlinear). But if I spend 40 mins a day driving to and from work, why wouldn't I listen to an audiobook? If I'm working out, why wouldn't I listen to an audiobook? If I can spend 3 hours a week listening to audiobooks at times when I couldn't be reading, that's an extra book I can put away every month.

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Where is the best place to download screenplays for the best movies?

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>that's an extra book I can put away every month.
This is your problem.

Audio books for Harry potter, game of thrones, etc. should be readily available.

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It truly is, the process is definitely our heritage, even an aspect of our evolution.

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>muh oral tradition

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Reading an extra book every month isn't a problem by my estimate.
OP sometimes it's even easier to find narrators you like and try to find their catalog. Scott Brick is top notch for sci-fi. A good amount of classics have a LibriVox recording, but more modern or obscure works can be rare or non-existent.

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Since I'm asking for help on a literature board, I am not going to insult you for being an elitist faggot with your patrician passion for remaining stationary and having your eyesight chained to a piece of paper for hours just to obtain a piece of verbal information that's easily accesible via your auditory apparatus which doesn't restrict your mobility and allows you to perform automatic, brainless activities and enjoy your literature at the same time. I'll just say I prefer the audiobooks.

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This is 10/10 bait right here.

But if you actually believe this you are a moron.

Listen to podcasts or lectures, not audibooks.

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Try analyzing an audio book. Go on.

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Go to the audiobook board. We read books here.

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>implying I don't listen to all three
95% of podcasts are pleb tier mate, anyone who genuinely argues for podcasts being better than audiobooks is a confirmed brainlet.

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>he fell for the multi-tasking meme

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You can't truly dig into or study anything being read to you on a recording you fucking moron

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so you admit that you're a fuckin pleb. go fuck yourself off to librivox and suck it up, bitch.

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>>be an avid cinema consumer
> just as I moved away from "IMDB TOP 10"-equivalent listing
try a little harder next time

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Damn, I wish I could see a reading person's brain activity graph, it sounds like you're into some next-level neuron voyages with that "reading the words from a piece of paper" thing

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Podcasts aren't a superfluous version of themselves, regardless of quality. Reading books is also way faster, even a 400 page book because like a 15 hour audiobook.

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I'm not saying audiobooks are better than books, I'm saying if you really love books you should take advantage of audiobooks in situations where you can't read (commutes, exercise, ect.). If I can read 3 books a month, or read 3 books and listen to an audiobook, why wouldn't I choose the latter?

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for someone like OP who is accustomed to film as a medium, it makes sense for him to seek out audiobooks. In both, the pacing is dictated by someone other than you. You are brought along for a ride and if you miss something or have a brief moment of confusion, you are more likely to let the ride continue than to pause, rewind, watch it again. Written literature may contain the same words as an audiobook but it is a different experience because you control how you take it in. I won't say that this is a "better" way of experiencing things, just that it's different. There are definite advantages to being able to easily, EASILY slow down, pause, reread or reflect. Especially if you are reading something complex or nuanced. This is one of the advantages that literature has over film--don't discard it by listening to an audiobook instead (unless it's something simple like YA scifi/fantasy junk food. you won't need to pause to think about that anyway).

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>We read books here.
Anon, where the fuck do you think we are?

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Good post. I have to admit, I do not consider audiobooks superior to reading, it's just that I'm this lazy piece of shit that takes no joy in reading as in process itself. And it's not about being unable to focus, impatient Gen Z teenager. It's about this seemingly redundant ordeal of having to remove little bits of dust from the painting before I can actually look at it (that's the best comparison I can come up with). I accept the fact, that the audiobook takes some value out of quality literature, but in my case it's the price I'm willing to pay in order to be interested in it in the first place. So far I do not feel anything missing, but that's because I listened to simple, narrative-driven stuff (Brothers Karamazov, Catcher in The Rye, Of Mice and Men, Lord of Flies, Slaughterhouse V, Catch 22 etc.), and I'm sure I'll get rekt if I take on something like Ulisses. I have no reason to boast, I just want to be able to consume literature in a satisfying way, without the "getting this off my list" attitude.

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By the way, I hope that Stoner falls on the acceptable side of audiobook materials. Correct me if I'm wrong tho.

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Yeah stoner may be fine, but the karamazov brothers is not

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I for one think In Search Of Lost Time is superior when listened to.

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>muh brain scans
literally fake science

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Audiobooks are okay but your retention is better with actually reading the books. I think if the prose is simple and read in an articulate way by a good performer it can be an enjoyable experience, but I wouldn't do anything overly complex and dense through audiobook. Joyce (maybe excluding Dubliners), Pynchon, the big dick postmodernists--that's a no go. Books that come out of an oral tradition or short stories are alright, I think. Serial Victorian writers like Dickens used to have their works read aloud to illiterates upon each chapter's publication. Homer of course was blind and Greeks would memorize and recite his epics in their entirety. There's certainly something to be said for oral readings.

Also, please consider listening to Cum Town, which is a very funny podcast and the highlight of my week.

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Why is that? I finished Karamazovs something like a month ago, and I thought it was very enjoyable listening experience. I do realize that the story itself is just a backdrop for stuff that comes up along the way and during the trial, but it didn't require any elaborate analysis and was pretty straight-forward. Why do you think this one in particular calls for text format?

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Audiobooks are worse than books, so replacing a book you would otherwise have read with an audiobook is a poor choice. But listening to an audio version of a book you otherwise wouldn't have had time for can still be better than listening to a podcast.

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>whines about the scarcity of audiobooks


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You watched Shawshank Redemption and Fight Club and you think you're hot shit. Give us a break, pal.

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this nigga think karamazov is an episode of law and order svu lol

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Have you at least considered picking up a book and reading a few pages a day? You can keep doing your cancerous audiobook thing but at least work that muscle somehow. You aren't going to spontaneously train yourself to read, you have to do it.

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If you come to my house you can raid my HD? There is a lot of high quality content available and I probably have one of if not the largest personal collections of audiobooks on the planet right now, but I've shelled out a ton for audible tokens over the years and spent a lot of time ripping CDs from libraries. You're probably going to have to pay for most of the good stuff. You can still find some on TPB, but even that is nothing like it was five years ago. There is also audiobook bay but the selection is pretty trashy overall (though a few gems for sure) and many of the links are broken.

>A good amount of classics have a LibriVox recording
This is true but about two thirds are utterly unlistenable (at least if you have standards). The best way to navigate Librivox is to browse by user profile. User: Expatriate for instance has a really commendable catalogue full of excellent selections, well produced. If you want to read Balzac, Bruce Pirie has posted most of the La Comedie Humaine and its very listenable.
There are some users who only have a single work that are still definitely worthwhile. A recently posted reading of Henri Bergson's "Creative Evolution" is probably my favorite work on the site.

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OP here is an answer that isn't some form of bait or counterbait:
Go to your local library and see if they use an app to loan out e/audiobooks, then you can have anything they have whenever you want it. My local library uses Overdrive, and I generally keep one or two books there to listen to while doing other things

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>be an avid literature consumer
>have 2000+ novels and short stories under my belt
>be filthy poorfag, never has a problem with locating a download source even for the most obscure material
>decide to catch up with cinema classics
>struggle to find any scripts of the most common titles imaginable

It’s been tolerable so far, but as I moved away from “BuzzFeed Top 25 KANGZ novels”-equivalent listing I’ve hit a fucking desert of downloadable content. Where do you read your scripts, /tv/? I’m specifically looking for Nolan’s The Dark Night Returna right now, but any quality database would be priceless in the days to come.

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Don't listen to these haters.
Get an account on myanonamouse.net
It has most of the popular literature in both text and audio formats.
I live in a noisy environment and have adhd, so I read text and listen to the corresponding audio at the same time at 1.5-2x speed, it helps me keep focus on the book and recognize who's talking.
I don't know what the people are on about here about not comprehending books, I've listened to plenty of books at work and had no problem visualizing them to the fullest.

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Not bad man, you could have chosen Transformers for you epic bantz, but you went for the self-proclaimed cinema buff starter kit, very nice, I am sure you are the ultimate cinemaphile yourself.

Funnily enough, one of my favourites is Un Homme Qui Dort, which is basically an audiobook accompanied by sound and images. You could argue that adapting Perec's works into other format is butchery, since it incorporates word play and constrained writing, but I still believe that this one in particular was more engaging outside the wrtitten form.

Here's a sample if the idea of "audiobook accompanied by sound and images" escapes your imagination:



I don't think I said anything like that, I meant that there is nothing that requires having the text laid out in front of you in order to comprehend it. Mind you, I am aware that there is a whole lot that missed me, but it had nothing to do with the format, rather me being a struggling brainlet. But then again I am not dumb enough to treat it like a story-driven thing and be disappointed with ambigous ending because of muh plot. But I don't think you really care about discussing it, you just had to provide some epic bantz since someone dared to undermine the necessity of spending 10 hours reading a single page in order to "fully understand it".


Thanks for actual contribution. The worst thing about it is that it's actually easier for me to find audiobooks in my native language (Pooland), since I guess there is less interest in executing copyright law, but why would I listen to them, when I can go with original english version. Unless it's of non-english origin, then I don't mind going through my native version. Thanks for help anyway.

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>oral tradition

You wanna know how i know this bait was written by your mom?

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>Needing audiobooks

I bet you need someone to wipe your own ass for you.

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>when the prose is so good you have to read the sentence again to truly appreciate its beaut-
oh wait fuck wheres the rewind button

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> relying on the IMDb top list for anything, a list of overrated films rated by a community that, in mass droves, votes a 10 for a film they sort of liked and a 1 for a film they weren't particularly keen on
> expects to find an audio book for Stoner

I mean, there might be an audiobook available somewhere (Youtube is genuinely a good source for audio books/readings), but outside of the popular contemporaries (because audio books will actually sell if they're on 50 Shades or whatever) or popular accessible classics (There's probably more Wuthering Heights audiobooks and radio plays than there is of any Yukio Mishima's works), but otherwise you might be stuck, mate.

Honestly, just read it if you have time free on the weekends.

Also please don't solely rely on IMDb's top list of movies because a lot of the greatest films don't make an appearance there (for example Kobayashi's Hara-Kiri, The Human Condition, Kwaidan)

If this thread is just bait though then I'm disappointed, but I'd rather have given a sincere response still just in case if you do actually need some help or whatever.

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the correct patrician list is TSPDT top 1000


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>Also please don't solely rely on IMDb's top list of movies

As for someone who advocates reading stuff, you have some poor visual comprehension skills. I used the IMDB's top list as an example of cesspool filled with easy to find, common shit. You'd assume that this type of accesibility would be reflected by literature and audiobooks, but it isn't, and I struggle to find even the most common stuff (equivalent of IMDB top listing) in audiobook form. I am complaining about it, because I can't imagine looking for quality literature in audiobook form, when even the basics seem inaccessible, you dum-dum.

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OK, my mistake, thanks for clarifying, anon.

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