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Hey /lit/, how many books do you plan on reading this year? I've placed 55 on my goals. Read 8 so far.

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is there still a /lit/ goodreads group?

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That would be cool. I don't have any friends to discuss books with, and I really wish I did. Just finished Young Werther

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same here. I just checked and the group I was in has been dead since 2016

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How do you decide what to read next? When I finish a book and want to start a new one it takes ages for me to decide since there are too many books on my to-read list and it's wasting a lot of time
I'm down to 'Crime and Punishment' and 'Catch-22' and I spend an hour reading reviews to decide what I'm in the mood for and I'm still not any closer to a decision, why am I like this

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I have to finish the challenge of my prev year first of all, but I tend towards 100

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lmao, I'm the same. it helps to just choose one and start reading anyway, then normally I change my mind and that's the one I go with

as an overworked underpaid grad student, I'm jelly

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I lost my e-reader and I've been too disappointed to read the last month. I think I view my own failures too hard.

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I put 200 and I'm already like 15 books behind. I might be screwed.

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use thegreatestbooks.org and http://www.toptenbooks.net/ just pick the book that's higher ranked.

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Do you guys want to start a little book club on goodads? I'm down to start with Crime and Punishment, or TBK

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sure, but I'm afraid of other /lit/ users seeing my 'read' shelf on goodreads since it's mostly trash

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I'm interested, might recommend starting with something reasonably short

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That's probably smart. Crime and Punishment isnt that long, but perhaps King Lear or On The Road by Karuouac would be better? Whatever we can all agree to really, as long as it's not garbage formula fiction or something stupid like that
Dude, I'm not going to judge you as long as you contribute something of value to the group

My goodreads.com username is Connor Cavazos. Colorful painting is the prof pic

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20. I’m reading the 6th now. I don’t trust people who read more than 100 books a year

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goal is 120 read 18 so far.

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added you, I'm the weeb

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put the bar pretty low at 35, read 5 so far will hopefully read more than the goal though

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7/25 here on the challenge
pledge 2 each month+1 cause I'm traveling around and intend resuming that pretty soon and will probably read way less while hitchhiking around (until idk when), but hopefuly I'll reach more than the goal as well

>caring about what people will think

not that active, but the group is there https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/67886-lit

If you wanna start with Crime & Punishment I'm down to it as well (already read TBK, don't intend to read it again soon)
this is my profile: https://www.goodreads.com/vwvwv

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I'm not planning on reading any books, but I can watch a season a day and there are a lot of great series that I'm about to watch.

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Like what?
Not judging you man but most TV/anime I've seen I've been let down by, in both narrative and visuals.

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no serie will give you the quality that a Thomas Mann book gives you

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There is literally only one (1) television series worth watching and that is the remake of Battlestar Galactica. Watch that then delete your tv forever

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NEET with a 4chan addiction, managed to get 2 novellas out of the way, was gonna start with the Greeks and had all that set, but then I unironically got a job and now all I want to do when I get home is get my fix of 4chan

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I have read three books so far, and I spend about 4 hours per day reading when I'm not working.

4 hours at least.

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Mine was 20 but I upped it to 40 after tearing through a bunch of Japanese novellas.

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24 books.

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50, read 6 one of which is a comic book

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so barely around 10 books, let's say around 15 if you renounce proust

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I've got 20 overall and they're most likely going to range between 100-300 pages each. I know I won't have much time for reading this year as I'm returning to university for a masters and I'm about to become an uncle, but my brother with the baby is unable to afford his own place at the moment. Plus, when I'm not reading I'm either on 4chan or, more productively, trying to further my own career.

20 books seems like a good attainable personal target, although I'd love to do 40 books a year again.

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20 and I am halfway through the first

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Set my goal to half what I read last year, 21 books. I've read 8 so far.

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> 2018
> still reading books

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What about the sopranos

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I'm a little like this. I have a stack on my desk I rifle through for what I fancy reading, and the book I tend to say I'm going to read next is never what I'm really in the mood for and I tend to only find out what I want to read by reading the first few pages of something and seeing if I fuccs wiv it.

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i'm sorry anon but fuck right off with that weak shit

twin peaks, the sopranos, the wire, bojack horseman, the US office, master of none are all worthwhile and not some gay ass sci-fi poom poom bollocks

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>bojack horseman

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I'm the exact opposite. I'm halfway through a book and I already know the next few books I'll read and the order.

If you have a hard time picking one, try and read the first 5 pages of both, keep reading the one you liked better

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