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Hey /lit/, it's been a week now since I have embarked upon my year of writing in my grandparents' cabin on the outskirts of Oshu in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. I've already written 3,000 more words of my novel; It's such a incredible feeling knowing that I have absolutely no responsibilities other than to work on my art. I feel like a landed 19th century aristocrat, a relic of a bygone era where men like myself with superior taste and judgement were given the ultimate affordance of leisure time in order to bless the arts and letters with our genius.

How is your own writing coming along /lit/?

Did you have a pleasant weekend?

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Ur a lucky spoiled kid who has limited limitations on the pursuit of happiness.

My week was ok thanks

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A glib facsimile of what was itself a strained meme.

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>3000 words
>one week

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>men like myself
doomed to failure

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Why do you make this exact same thread once every week

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Beforehand I never really imagined life could be this joyous and so vitalistic. I can feel it all around me in the smell of the rich earthy soil, the fresh clean air, the beautiful bucolic Japanese countryside with its evergreens and plum blossoms, the rattling of the train as it passes by in the night and the whirring of the cicadas under the placid sun during these cool winter days. All of these things in conjunction have done wonders for my health and have been a wellspring of inspiration for me. I feel like Hans Castorp from The Magic Mountain. The only thing that's getting me down are these h***ing centipedes and wasps! I'm glad you had a good weekend, pass those good feelings along brother

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"For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that."

Stay strong friend, we all have our own special talents.

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I'm only just getting settled in, and there are also those qt rural jap girls to distract me. I imagine my pace will pick up somewhat, but when you labor every sentence in the way I do it's very difficult to "churn out" words as if on some sort of assembly line the way writers like James Patterson and Young Adult authors commonly do.

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I write more than that in a week and I only write on my breaks at my blue collar job.

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Churn out the words. Sometimes, by small strokes of genius, they will be good and that is nice, but not necessary. Editing is where you need to sweat.

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I'm thinking of spending month visiting my ex gf in Japan and doing NaNoWriMo.

Good idea or bad idea?

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I already commented on the distinction between quality versus quantity and other forms of feminine complacency, thankfully I am in a position where I do not have to be a Jack London-esque writer constantly putting out new material for pulp magazines and rental bookstores, instead like all great prose artists each word is painstakingly considered, the sentences crackle and pop off the page as they fire off the synapses in your brain, each sentence cramfilled with allusions that only Learned Men and fellow aristocrats of the soul will be able to recognize and appreciate, each page an aesthetical revolution of its own. Some of us do strive for greater heights you know, even though we may reach them alone and unaided, and though the mob below may jeer us as we scale peaks beyond their comprehension.

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>when you labor every sentence in the way I do it's very difficult to "churn out" words as if on some sort of assembly line the way writers like James Patterson and Young Adult authors commonly do

oh my god i'm so sorry i didn't know you were the next fucking pynchon
forgive me for even questioning your prose
please enlighten us with your genius, and post a paragraph here

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I really doubt if you actually lived in Japan you'd describe it that way. It rains 5/7 days of the week where I am and I have heard Iwate is worse.

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"Whenever I close my eyes or let my attention drift I'm convinced that the whole house reverts to this kind of under-structure which supports the whole building, the roof over the exterior walls and loadbearing partitions, the weight distributed down into the foundation, the ghost neurology which upholds and haunts it, flickering just a scintilla away from pure abstraction or those originary lines lying on an architect's drawings, the pale sheets of engineering paper on which it was conceived so that when drifting in that state between sleep and waking it is easy to believe I inhabit a monochrome x-ray world from which I might have evaporated, flesh and bone gone, eaten up, not by any physical rot or wasting but by some metaphysical virus which devours and leaves nothing of me behind but my own heartbeat suspended in mid-air, nothing but a fat systolic construction of the light, waiting for the dawn and the sun to shine upon it so that I might coalesce around it once more, flesh and bone.

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Post your work

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One period. That's not even a paragraph it's just a run on sentence with no variation in the text. I guarantee you normie eyes would glaze over and no one would give this the time of day I did. Comma comma comma chameleon. Absolute word vomit you larping fagola.

His trips beat your dubs kek.

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That's not where the sentence actually ends, it continues for another 3 pages but you only asked for a paragraph so I added a period there for the sake of readability.

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Fuckin' "LITERARYâ„¢" writing. Pretentious rambling, like your try-hard romanticism ITT

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are you that boy who was in that foodie documentary on netflix? the one with the parents that dealt in gold jewelry? he was stuying shakespeare i believe. i bet you're either that guy or the silly one who frequents lit that has a different persona each time he comes here.

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Real nice of you to give all the context like that before then huh? Well, how about you post a little bit more for us then. Go ahead and continue with flesh and bone.

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oh man, where'd you find that image, it's great! mind if i borrow it? hahaha

seriously though, i fucking love it, where did you find it? here's one of my favorites.

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By all means anon it's yours. All yours.

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If you are actually doing this and not roleplaying you shouldn't be wasting your time on here. Every hour you have free from concern is precious. Turn off the internet and do nothing but read or write.

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mah nig.

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Are you a supreme gentleman?

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If you are inquiring whether I am a virgin due to being a sensitive cultured gentleman in an age when virtue and civilized conduct is spat upon then my answer is yes

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>If you are inquiring whether I am a virgin due to being a sensitive cultured gentleman in an age when virtue and civilized conduct is spat upon then my answer is yes

this can't be op
it's too fucking perfect

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Oh how I long for the days when subtle flirtation could last an entire year, and a relationship was formed over an extended period full of sincere conversations, gradually more conspicuous displays of affection and finally a formal proposal to consider one another as both friends and lovers. This is not an age for spiritual aristocrats such as myself. I'm the perfect guy and yet women throw themselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the epitome of a gentleman.

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It was alright, thanks for asking
I envy your freedom, OP. I think my greatest dream is to be wealthy or carefree enough to live in a secluded home as a man of leisure--spending my time advancing my own projects by myself. I haven't the time or space to regularly throw towards furthering my inventions

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What sort of projects and inventions?

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Impressive work, Mike.

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It doesn't. I'm not OP but I also live in Iwate, and it mostly snows. it's only rained twice in the past two weeks. It's snowing right now.

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Holy shit dude. I don't want to call you out on your bullshit, but none of those things would be happening in Oshu at this time of year. It's heavy snowfall at the moment, and there are no cicadas that have been awake since September last year.

And all the wasps are gone as well.

I have been living in Iwate for 6 months and you have no idea what it's like.

Why are you lying?

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What the fuck?

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Thanks for doing your part of making /lit/shitposting great again, although I do have to admit your work is a bit derivative.

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Is it pessoa anon aka Norwegian cabin anon etc at it again or is this a copycat?

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does it matter?

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i think this is a copycat, it's too obvious this time and the "humour" is r3ddit-tier

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For the new and uninitiated, this is a /lit/ meme. OP is not in this heavenly bucolic setting; he's probably not even writing. Don't envy him.

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you betray yourself here, by admitting you compare yourself to these authors you dismiss, and not the greats you admire

gl though

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did you just learn this word or summin'?

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Literally snowing in Iwate today. It is snowing outside right now. Stop the lies man.

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