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What's your MBTI and favorite philosopher


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> Unironically Nietzsche

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Lacan was a charlatan trickster fraud, not a philosopher

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Found the INTJ

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>Ayn Rand

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Why haven't you ascended to Stirner yet?

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Tell me more.

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INTJs are able to think metaphorically. You're thinking of INTP

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read The Ego and Its Own really slowly

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>Philosophy is for pseuds

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>last time I took it I got ENTJ
>As of now, the Land

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Checks out

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when will you people learn that stirner is just discount nietzsche

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Fuck outta 4chan brainlet.

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I can’t decide, when im done with N’s corpus and i’ve digest all the Dialogues i’ll probably know. Mayb not tho

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ENTP is objectively the best personality. Debate me.

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Immanuel Kant

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Looking into this guy and he seems like a crypto Marxist & nihilist.

Are you trying to ruse me?

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I still haven't found a philosopher i liked better than Socrates.

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Heraclitus or Seneca

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>I'm an ideas guy - I don't take the time to think over my ideas but I sure gotta bunch of em!

Fuck outta here

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Hell yeah my boy.

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People still use MBTI when Socionics is infinitely better? Why?

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that's a portrait of Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi - a critic of Kant who often has his likeness confused with the transcendental idealist himself

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ENTP Nick Land

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I don't have friends.

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>Hegel, Lacan, Zizek (can't decide. Which is not a problem since they are a trinity)

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Also, it's past bedtime, Chomsky.

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>Will die alone, head swimming with incoherent ruminations
This is coming from another INTP

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Stirner triggered the fuck out of Marx

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Nick Land, obviously

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My MBTI changes whenever I do one of these.

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So basically you've never read Hegel.

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>Burke :^)

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Don't really have one, but if I were to point out someone who affected my worldview the most, it'd be Hegel.

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David Benatar, but I equally appreciate a lot of other people's work too.

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>oh yeah I am a true intellectual who only comes to logical conclusions
>that is why my favourite philospher is some bloke whose only works are second hand accounts of him destroying strawmans
>this essentially fictional persona is then used as an inspiration for nearly every fucking western philosophy of the last 2000 years, many of them in direct contradiction with each other
>this mythical incoherent mess of ideas forced on an A E S T H E T I C suicide is the base of my moral compass

Please actually compare Plato and Aristotle when reading them

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Meant for >>10425087
and >>10425388

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Siddhārtha Gautama

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Bookchin and Stirner

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>be ENFJ
>Memerson mixed with Judith Butler and Joseph Goebbels

>girlfriend is Hitler Osama Lenin in one person


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>Taylor Swift
>shit taste
>smug. gif

You have to go back

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I'm either ENFP or ENTP. Favorite philosophers are Diogenes, Aristotle and Socrates.

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>Epicurus got it right all along.
>I also like daddy peterson. Am I disabled?

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Oh shit my mbti changed, that's disappointing, I liked being INTJ, but I guess it's not a real test of anything anyways.

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I find him therapeutic because I'm a little sissy bitch.

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>Loses 15 IQ points

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I have always absolutely hated this personality identification bullshit

It's the most pathetic narcissistic ego trip shit that exists and the fact that it keeps showing up on this fucking retarded anonymous site is just mind blowing because you're not even ego tripping with people you actually know in your fucking life so it's even more pointless than what you might initially think it is

If you've ever posted authentically and genuinely in one of these stupid threads you belong in r9k or preferably six feet under

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>Nietzsche (tho secretly Plato)

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Let's take over the world together and stroke each other's cock.

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ENTJ but only like 51% E. favorite philosopher is aristotle, who was also an ENTJ

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Just imagine being the person who made this chart.

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>Stonewall Jackson
>Richard Nixon
Not bad, I'll take those

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>Brainlet that has only recently begun an investment in books and philosophy. I choose Aristotle seeing as we share similar views and I find him to be an interesting fellow.

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I'm INFJ and I like Wittgenstein best.

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nah they just think mechanically in a way that kinda simulates abstract thought the same way a chat bot simulates conversation: in a way that won't fool anyone who isn't a chat bot

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George Orwell

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cuz muh public-shitting hobo

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Lao Tzu

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what the fuck does that mean

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Data so far compared to general population

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You don't need data to illustrate the fact that the loser types convene on a loser website. It's plain as day.

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No but its fun :)

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Fight me

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ENTP here also diogenese

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Also, why are there so many other INTPs in here?

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Because there are a lot of INTs here and then it's 50/50.

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Its the pseud personality

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Anyone got a link to a decent test? Not some memey one for normies.

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my nigga

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Say it ain't so

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We are only good once we focus, or we have enough minions to do the work to follow through with our ideas

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>charlatan trickster fraud
I hate this trend of chaining words together and passing it off as a real sentence. Eveybody who does this is a brainlet that read some big words in a dictionary and wants to repeat them back without a deep knowledge of what they mean or even what part of speech they are. It's like you've tossed aside grammar and retreated into the stone age where it's acceptable to just fire off a barrage of rough concepts without any structured thought. Grow up and stop the word spam.

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This one is meant to be the most accurate

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Elder God tier philosophers

God tier philosophers

Mediocre tier

Bad tier

Garbage tier
>Eastern philosophers

Virgin tier

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its the only human personality type and this board is filled with real human beans, albiet insufferable retards but you take the good with the bad, no?

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But ISTP is the real human bean personality

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this poster is an insignificant, fearful, unbelievably pretentious crow of a person whose desire to police the language of others, and others who are expressing displeasure at poor taste at that, has clouded their own understanding of diction and the beauty of bombasticism. its likely that they’re incapable of producing any thoughts worth repeating to other humans, this of course assuming that they themselves deserve the title of human.

id suspect that such a man, probably effette, most definitely flamboyant in manner and speech irl, is completely unworthy of attention beyond such a castigation as is being delivered herein. Here’s hoping they get run over by a tram or accosted by a pack of raving niggers and beaten to death. I’ll pray for you charcoal black, glass shard of a soul.

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>sartre, Jung, and Eastern philosophers that low
>Marx medicore tier and not garbage tier

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Sartre should be garbage tier

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who should be God tier and
who should be Bad tier and
>rest of Post-Kant Idealists
should be mediocre tier

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The only issue is Wittgenstein and Eastern should be switched.

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