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And you say millenials don't read

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>muggle in the streets, witch in the sheets
God, I wish I didn't have this autistic disgust towards social media and people's manifestations on there

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You must be fun at parties.

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I am, I contain it in public. Alcohol helps. So does having had parents who socialised me before the developmental deadline. Thanks for the concern though.

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You must be real fun at parties.

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I am, I contain it in public. Alcohol helps. So does having had parents who socialised me before the developmental deadline. Thanks for your concern though.

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You dun be real real at art pies

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do you have new years plans

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u sure r enjoyable company @ gatheringz

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Yeah, pre-booked a chalet near a ski resort with some old friends. Looking forward to it. I've never been perceived as a turbo-autist, so this bullying is pretty new to me. Just not a fan of social media and the type of content that comes with it like OP pic related. Calm down.

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Anon will never understand that being drunk does not make his autism invisible to others (especially women), only to his mind.

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But I have a decent sex life. I really don't understand why I'm perceived this way here. Not even normies react this way to my rejection of social media.

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Because this place is a hellhole of autists pulling each other down by trying to give each other more insecurities.

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>witch in the sheets

She would be allowed under the right circumstances to wingardium my leviosa if you are aware of what I am speaking of.

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>Ayo boi tame like me a hippogriff

Fucking tinder

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The vast majority of people here are fucking millennials.
If you were under 40 and above 20, in 2015, you're a millennial now.

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>lumping 41 and 21 year olds together as if they have anything in common
What a nonsensical categorisation

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You must be fun at reddit

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that sounds cool hope you have a nice night

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Like something a millenial would do

Imagine telling someone who grew up with ZX Spectrum that he's the same generation as ones brought up on Xbawks 360 noscope.

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