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A challenger approaches.

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>Nicolas White

Too bad he'll never get published. He should pick new themes too. Snow isn't very diverse.

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>a warm bed
>not his own bed

What a little slut.

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the tiger guy was better

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>snow tastes good
>now take some
Is this saying that the person offering the snow *bites* the recipient, or is it demanding the person "take some bites" of the offered snow?

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chalky white was black

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>When your done
Guys, was he trying to emulate Joyce here?

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Kids are the best poets.

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Do you think in composing that he counted all numbers up to 710,711, and 712 and those just happened to be the first 3 consecutive numbers whose syllables make a haiku?

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that's unironically the best haiku I've ever read
not that that is saying much

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Pretending these are good is the worst /lit/ meme.

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top kek

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I love this

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guess you haven't read
very many haikus dude
you should go read more

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I hope you get eaten.

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They're not particularly good but they are cute coming from children.

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why are kids so good at writing poems

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Kill yourself

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The Tiger is actually good, the rest are just a silly meme

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They are alive, unlike adults.

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It's actually not bad. I mean the indentations are meaningless and IDK about bringing up kites in a poem about snow but it invoked that snowy-day feeling.

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Fucking kek
This kid is dedicated

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When it's snowing it's time for snow, not kites

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Go away, Rupi. Nobody here likes you.

They write from the heart without pretense.

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really when i was a kid everything i did was full of pretense...

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Post some of your writing.

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From my childhood? I might've, if I had access to it. From 6 to 8 years old I wrote a lot of stuff that was inspired equal parts by Tolkien, Deltora Quest and Warcraft III - moreso by what I thought they represented than their actual content, I'd only had the Hobbit read to me by my dad. Every time I tried to read Lord of the Rings I only made it a chapter in or something, even though I had two friends that had finished the books when I was 8. I remember getting good marks for using the words "horde" and "exodus" in an Australian state-wide student assessment thing. One of the characters in my little notepad stories was called 'fag'.

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This is great.

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>One of the characters in my little notepad stories was called 'fag'.
Was the character autobiographical?

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The tiger is an actually good poem, the rest are merely good for second graders

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just gonna take this time to remind the newfriends of the greatest piece of literature ever written by a child:

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The snow it is
Not time to fly kites
Try to sled

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That second YES has daddy's handwriting

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The last line should be the first. Other than that it's golden--or should I say pearly white?

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>your done
It is indeed joycean wordplay: a reference to the river Jordan, its baptism waters frozen, the dove of the Holy Ghost merely an absent cardboard figure (the kite), the cold tomb turned here a warm bed, for death only may soothe the icy pain of barren bites from the flesh of a fallen god. The likes of Pound or Yeats might have felt pride had their nib outlined such lucidly distilled playful agony. Alas!,--the muse has favoured Nicholas.

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Holy fucking shit dude I am dying of laughter.

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Perhaps crimson?

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Forgot about this, thanks. That OP was based.

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Lick my dong
Very long dong
Snowy longer dong

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nicholas white is a hack

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lmao I did turn out to be a faggot unironicall.

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when you eat snow, it is bitingly cold. He's making a play on words obviously...I wouldn't expect you to understand

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will you be my gf (male)?

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Holy shit, just noticed that the capital letters spell the title of the poem

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