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I'm really fucking smart. As in, I got ranked first in the entrance exam at the école normale supérieur in maths, by far the strongest in France and the world, which has as many fields medals as the entire US, before two guys that got medals at the maths olympiads and I didn't even work that much nor do i like maths that much; I prefer poetry. As in, it's been several months that I'm in the best scientific and literary institution in France with about a hundred ancient greek speakers and the best school of maths in the world and I've met about 3 guys at my level, including one teacher. Will this help me to become poet?

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No, you're better off being a traveling laborer or craftsman

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Become president and save france pls. Or just start to write some good books

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Poetry is just a game like anything else so yes.

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Peut-être serait-il temps pour toi d'arrêter de te targuer sur 4chan à propos de cette soi-disant intelligence (comme si la chose devait ou pouvait insuffler à ton souffle poétique l'unicité, la puissance nécessaires) et commencer à aller poncer ces sonnets. Seule te distinguera ta sensibilité émotionnelle et ta méthode. Allez, maintenant - au travail, mon vieux.

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seules te distingueront* pardonne-moi

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>me smash rocks and sticks together well and say Greek like sage say

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je suis d'accord. deux questions : ton style est truculent, es-tu québécois ? que veux-tu dire par : au travail ? à part lire des poèmes je ne sais trop quoi faire

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If you're so smart, why hasn't there been a Poetry 2 yet???

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>I’m smart, how well can I do X if I bother with it?

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>es-tu québécois ?
J'en ai bien peur.

>à part lire des poèmes je ne sais trop quoi faire
Mauvais départ. Que dirais-tu d'en composer ? Il faudra faire comme tout le monde : imiter ces deux ou trois poètes à qui, personnellement, tu reconnais l'autorité, le titre de Maître. La première chose à faire - et je comprends ce que cette remarque peut avoir de banal, mais je te prie de croire que c'est le contraire -, est de trouver ton propre souffle.

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I don't like the sciences. I'm wondering if smarts dont kill poetry. I think I hate Hegel

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>I'm really fucking smart. As in, I got ranked first in the entrance exam at the école normale supérieur in maths
>I didn't even work that
>je ne sais trop quoi faire

Je parle 5 langues et je ne me considère pas intelligent, l'intelligence ne se mesure pas en fonction de ton école, calme toi bb.

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>I think I hate Hegel
Highly doubt you can understand Hegel on a real deep level, Heidegger or even Descartes for that matter.
Please go to sleep.

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je parle aussi 5 langues, toutes sauf le français apprises à la sueur de mon front. je profite du fait qu'ici on est anonyme pour jeter les données du problème sans risquer le procès en orgueil. pour ta gouverne seulement puisque tu ne sembles ni disposé à, ni capable de m'aider, le fait de parler un certain nombre de langue est, par rapport aux succès (je voudrais ici utiliser le mot achievement) intellectuels que j'ai eus, terriblement dérisoire

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Yea poetry is for idiots only steer clear lol

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>je parle aussi 5 langues
lesquels ?

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literature will destroy your soul my man. Don't do it.

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that's why I said: I think. I've only read his volume 1 on aesthetics and secondary sources on other subjects. I don't claim to understand it in any depth, I'm too young. I just intuitively feel repelled

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français anglais russe latin hébreu

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Non c'è niente di particolarmente intelligente nell'imparare un linguaggio. Al massimo imparare tanti linguaggi può essere considerato segno di dedizione e buona memoria.

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not what I meant. People like Renan or Poisson were probably miles beyond Rimbaud in intellect; we've yet to see their verse

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אחשלי מה אתה מבלבל הרבה את השכל?
לך תקרא שירים של לאה גולדברג.
Или Пyшкинa, пиздит мнe тyт нa /лит/ кaкoй oн блять yмный.

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be glad you werent born an americlap, we have so many 'smart' people and so many 'world class' institutions that theres almost no chance any of the brilliant minds actually end up in the same place at the same time.

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why are smart and world class in quote?

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If you were smart enough you would understand

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לשירים בעברית אני תקוע עם התנ״ך להיות כנה, אולי יום אחד

putain c'est très dur d'écrire avec un autre alphabet sur portable

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i'm fully aware of this friend

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how to become a poet: write poetry. if you're just talking about it, you're not a poet.

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makes sense why you are so good at maths then.

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Your English is far from perfect.

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I know, what should I fix. there's many typos 2bqh

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The second sentence is a bit too long but the thing that was bothering me was
>As in, it's been several months that I'm in the best scientific and literary institution...
should be
>>As in, I've been attending the best scientific and literary institution in France for several months...

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Oh ok yea, I just translated the french into english, my bad. Although wtf is the problem with you anglos and long sentences? as a frenchman it literally kills me every time I put a dot in what I write

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Writing is a discipline that can be learned as much as any to which intelligence can be applied. "Natural ability" whatever it is, is nothing to worry about before beginning and maybe after, nor is a distance between one's area and poetry. Especially now that much of the best writing draws on expertise in other disciplines, the literary institutions degraded and the old modes of literature insufficient to capture the modern world or human. We're seeing fine work from poet neuroscientists.

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Please recommend me some poet neuroscientists.

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you like punking niggas by fucking them in the ass?

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I think English is spoken a lot slower than French, so long sentences seem relatively longer.

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oh ok

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You can be good at maths and still be a complete retard.
Study poetry, practice writing, post in critique thread, use feedback to make another poem, repeat.
For every 1 poem you write you should read 10.

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No Shakespeare had only a basic education. And he is superior to most other poets in English, including poets that are very well educated like T.S. Eliot, who has a doctorate from Oxford. A genius is born. School is simply a waste of time if you're self-motivated. Otherwise it's simply a means to an end, namely a stable income.

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Writing long sentences is an art form in English. Most people fuck it up and sounds really shitty so we yell at them to use shorter sentences. Also, for variety, gotta have shorter, punchy sentences as well.

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Yeats had 110 IQ and wrote pretty good poetry. Goethe had 200 and wrote one half of a decent closet drama and some passable lyrics. So yeah, go for it I guess lmao

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>you are smart.

>poets are smart

I see no problem here

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>לשירים בעברית אני תקוע עם התנ״ך להיות כנה, אולי יום אחד
This sentence makes no sense and seems google translated, what are you even trying to say?

>Или Пyшкинa, пиздит мнe тyт нa /лит/ кaкoй oн блять yмный.
пyшкинa дoлбoёб

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this sentence is perfectly valid

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>je parle latin

avec qui, j'aimerais bien savoir?

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La psyché, fort probablement.

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mec je connais genre trois cents locuteurs qui dorment dans un rayon de 50 m autour de moi

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C’est putain de parisiens !

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Ces putains* (j’ai honte, pardon)

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...and you're asking this on 4chan. Tsk.

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oui d'accord des locuteurs, mais j'espère sincèrement que tu ne considères pas le fait de s'amuser à l'exercice de communiquer en utilisant le latin comme égal au fait de discourir en français

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No mathematician has ever become a serious poet, and I'll doubt you'll be the first.

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Probably some old, early polymaths ? Idk...

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Khayyam and Lewis Carroll came the closest, but neither was a serious poet.

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