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Hey /lit/, I'm half-Japanese but was raised in America. My paternal grandfather recently died and left our family a cabin in his will which is located just outside of Oshu in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. My parents have no use for it so I've decided to live there in 2018 to focus on my writing.

Has anybody here done something similar?

What tips do you have?

Pic related: it looks similar to this.

Also: do you know any other well-known writers who spent a period of their lives living alone without a job in order to focus on their art?


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Which half? Do you have one squinty eye and one normal one? Or maybe you're white with a small penis?

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My father is Japanese, he came here to study geography in the 80's and ended up staying and getting himself an American wife.

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do you go to uni in vermont, by change? I know someone in the exact same situation.

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are you gonna write walden pond?

so deep. i am impressed please use my sister

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He spent a long time in siberia, I bet if he wasn't writing manuscripts he was atleast thinking of ideas/themes he wanted to explore

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I like Thoreau, yeah. Your sister can tag along for free if she's willing to be my concubine.

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You'll certainly be getting away from it all in Iwate. You're going to have to really try to ingratiate yourself with the local villagers.

I'm mad jelly. I'm planning on buying a cabin up in Iwate or Aomori myself actually, but that's a longterm goal. I want to go on writing retreats during the holidays. Until then I'm stuck with the hustle and bustle of Chiba.

I've written a few novels and seclusion is the way to do it. Work on the aspects of writing that you can do now while distracted, like plotting, taking notes, researching(!), gathering vocabulary and reference, thumbnail sketches of chapters, logline, treatment, act structure, maybe some roughing, etc. You don't want to go into it with just a blank page. Maybe even try to finish a rough draft first and use the seclusion to edit, but you can do it with notes and sketches, and the seclusion would help a rough draft along immensely.

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>any other well-known writers

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I forgot to mention Mishima.

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PS are you interested in renting out the cabin for summers after 2018? Not many people with a cabin in Iwate who'd rent to a gaijin.

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>norwegian cabin anon is back on his bullshit

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yeah, Pessoa-anon strikes again

OP, why do you keep doing this? I don't get it

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LARPing is a lifestyle.

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Someone spoonfeed me on this "Pessoa" anon

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>Live Action Role Playing

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Hey I live in Iwate at the moment. It's a pretty chill part of Japan.

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>I'm half-Japanese but was raised in America
>That means I get my noodles at McDonald's!
>pause for laugh

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haha good one, friend

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>i am a mongrel look at me

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u mad brah

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>Has anybody here done something similar?

Yeah someone literally used to make the exact same thread except it was in Norway.

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any other half polish half korean anons from milwaukee or am i the only one

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Very interesting. How'd it turn out?

Here are some additional writers:
>William Styron
>J.K Rowling
>David Foster Wallace
>Douglas Adams
>Harper Lee
>Henry Miller
>Tao Lin
>Joshua Ferris
>Phillip Meyer
>Tennesse Williams

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Uncle Tom's Cabin

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go to japan, slay nip pussy instead of threatening to further dilute the aryan genepool

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I'm Jomon, I'm more Aryan than you'll ever be.

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Seek help. Seriously.

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You need therapy.

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But what does that mean?

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Ugh, it's 2017, I can't believe that there are still people that think like you out there. Y'all need some help, seriously, for your own and everybody else's sake. Go to therapy sweetie.

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I'm gonna kill you

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Alright honey, just remember that y'all folks need to stop being so hateful and get on the right side of history.

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Purely psychosomatic

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wow you're actually quite good looking nohomo desu.

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pleb taste

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You bourgeois fuck, I'm jealous. My family is poor as dirt. Make the best of it. Also, Walden by Thoreau

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That's a youtuber called Hiding in my room.
Nice try though

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