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So have any of you read this stuff or not? I spend too much time on this hellhole in order for me to not to develop some sort of literary, academic interest for 4chan. Is this going to be an objective read or being heavily biased towards normie-eqsue anti-4chan sentiment?

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I think you already know the answer to both of your questions. I think I'll read it today. Too tired to focus on what I'm currently reading anyway.

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It's a woman author, anon.
Women authors are only good for man-hate click-bait. You can get that shit for free at Salon or Jezebel or The Guardian. Spending shekels to read a book of that shit is batshit insane.

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What I've read of Nagle's essays I don't think are too far off the mark. She is a "normie" but she's also not stupid or a knee-jerker.
Don't go in expecting it to be *about* 4chan anyway, as the subtitle makes clear it's a wider topic than that.

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>damage control
what are you so afraid of?

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You forgot to wear these:

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I haven't read it yet but the title pisses me off. I only tend to see this phrase on /r9k/, to act as if it some kind of creedo of 4chan is bizarre.

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I've been boycotting women authors ever since the women only showings of Wonder Woman.

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Her book might be futher mythologizing even popularizing 4chan.

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>If further proof that the anti-PC taboo-breaking culture of 4chan is not just ‘for the lulz’ is needed, after the November 2015 shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, a video emerged of two of the men involved, wearing balaclavas and driving to a Black Lives Matter protest, saying: ‘We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on /pol/… Stay white.’
The 'If further proof...' comes after talking about the start off the beta uprising and the guy that posted his strangled girlfriend on (I assume) /b/.
>If these two premeditated murderers don't convince you maybe these idiot kid counterprotesters that were forced to defend themselves from savages after stupidly going to a protest that they knew would be heavily populated by savages will!
It's not as bad as I expected so far.

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The author has said the book is basically already out of date, which at least means she understands the problems writing about internet communities.

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it's an edgy title to get the attention of its demographic (people who kind of know what 4chan is)

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a brilliant little article which is already proving completely correct

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Nobody who comes from the outside with academic pretensions will ever understand 4chan. They can't differentiate between seriousness and sarcasm, they always take things at face value and don't see the humour in obvious joke posts. They have a biased attitude right off the bat; they expect to find a vile den of hideous extremists and radical misanthropes, and that's exactly what they perceive. They almost never come to accurate conclusions. It would be like me observing gorillas at the zoo for a week and then claiming to be a primate expert.

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I think a far more interesting analysis would center on 4chan's anonymity. People on here can say what they really think. Anonymity provides cover. 4chan is like the internet equivalent of the human unconscious. You'd need to develop a particular method of analysis. It would immensely difficult. But worth it. 4chan provides a unique opportunity. It may in fact be easier to reconstruct a sort of model for a mass group unconscious (a set of repressed emotions, instincts, fears, resentments, etc), then to attempt a reconstruction of your own unconscious structures/ You need a mirror. This reconstruction might serve as a mirror. But again. The problem may be too complicated. Anyway, the book only focuses on "culture wars." Something that in me view is rather stupid. All it ever boils down too is something along the lines of "of course people deserve rights, but I really don't like those people, and I need to take out my aggression and frustration at them so I'm going to complicate the question by nit picking and dehumanization. I'm not a bigot, just concerned...blah blah blah"

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>human unconscious.
>repressed emotions
You sound like a Freudcuck

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>humour in obvious joke posts
/pol/ is sincere, obviously so. It isnt like going here and getting "start with the greeks" or going on /fit/ and getting told to GOMAD when you are 50 pounds overweight.

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she basically conflates /b/ /r9k/ and /pol/ with the whole of 4chan. It's written exclusively with a soccer mom moral panic audience in mind
>Johnny Johnny
>Yes Mama
>Browsing 4chan?
>No Mama
>Telling Lies?
>No Mama
>Open your browser history

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wait, "start with the greeks" is a joke? FFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK

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It frames the whole thing from an outsider's perspective, more interested in the political changes affected through the medium of sites like 4chan than the sites themselves. So there's not really any exploration of "chan culture" beyond how it has been weaponised in the past and present.
I'd say it's fairly unbiased, in so far as the writer seems as unsympathetic to the ultra-liberal sensibilities of tumblr as the transgression for the sake of transgression style of 4chan.
It's honestly an alright read. It certainly won't be the definitive work on the topic, but as a freeze-frame of the whole situation as of mid-2017, I'd say it sums things up quite well.

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It's even got a click-bait title you pathetic numale cuck

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> People on here can say what they really think.
That hasn't been true for some ten years.

If you can't *Post CP (Mods are Asleep)*, you don't say what you really think. Heck, you are being monitored by Cloudflare at this very moment, and everything you've read and posted has been put through at least a number of classifier algorithms.

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>hyphenating "clickbait"
wew lad

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This. You have to be here for a long time to see the humor and satire.

>/pol/ is sincere
not really. pol is a vent board. and theres a lot of different types of people on pol actually if you ignore stormfag larpers.

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You won't learn anything you didn't already know. Nagle basically rephrases the 4chan wiki and calls it a day. She doesn't take an interest in the subject itself; she only cares about it for political ends.

Also, this: >>10161960

It's an extremely lazy book.

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No one gives a shit about what government or tech companies have on them. They can't release it en masse to people's friends/family most employers without facing major backlash which is as good as real anonymity as far as most are concerned.

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>normie-eqsue anti-4chan sentiment
If you have any sentiment other than negative towards 4chan, I can only imagine you're newly arrived and in your honeymoon ''board culture'' phase. There's not a single silver lining about this place, it's completely unsalvageable and indefensible. No one here is even smarter than the average dumb teen on reddit; they're just better at censoring their own stupidity.

The fundamental aspect of 4chan dynamics is initiation. Each board has a number of shibboleths and expected behaviors, and half of the posts are calling outs of those who don't know them or how to apply them. I haven't read the book in the OP, but the most interesting avenue to approach 4chan academically would be to analyse the workings of an esoteric community.

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You seem to be a simpleton who really likes his one-size-fits-all solution.

Do you know that a lot of users have seen Myspace, Facebook, and other social networks in exact the same way you describe? No real life friends, family, co-workers there. Are they just big 4chans?

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pol is satire

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/pol/ is an internal feeding ground created after 4chan trolls became fat enough to stop bothering about external feeding grounds.

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Yeah I read it, not bad and surprisingly balanced look at the alt-right. She appears to have some sympathies against the so-called outrage culture.

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>go to a place looking to start trouble
>trouble happens
>b-but it was self defense! fucking niggers!
Oh yeah, I believe it.

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It's a joke about how you didn't start with the Greeks and you are way out of your depth making pretend you understand concepts because you understand the words.

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I just went to the MGTOW website trying to figure out your picture....


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Why would an anonymous forum encourage more self censorship than a forum based on community awarded points

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They didn't go there to kill niggers. They went to be idiot kids. If they weren't chased like that no one there would've gotten hurt.
Either way I wasn't defending them so much as I was pointing out her strange logic. Even if you think all blacks are innocent angels all the time you have to admit that the BLM shooting is a whole lot more ambiguous than the other two.

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>denying black people responsibility for their actions

das raycis doe

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>denying white people responsibility for their actions

totally fine

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You're not responsible if some one gets offended at you to the point of breaking the law.

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Elliot Rodger only killed the people he did because they prevented him from killing the women he wanted to, he did nothing wrong.

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It's not the same kind of self-censorship. In /lit/ there's a series of guidelines you have to follow in order to be taken seriously, and a list of things you have to omit lest you be outed as a normie, a cuck or a newfag. And the attitude is completely different, sure on reddit they sound stupider, but it's a matter of rhetoric: here most are more or less just as ignorant but are good at sounding like experts, if only because of how unflinchingly they defend their absurd points.

>that anon on /lit/ sounds so confident that I'm a brainlet cuck who should kill himself, he must know what he's talking about!

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It's whitey's civic duty to get beaten to death by a swarm of 'groids. Shouldn't have said all those nono words; exercising your right to free speech means abdicating your right to self-defense :^)

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4chan's collective attitude is heavily influenced by hipsterism,equating popularity with 'otherness' or negativity. And people still fight over petty social standing within the micro-world of their threads, despite it being anonymous.

The whole irony thing and playing around with the idea of intent is really just a way to MASK their real thoughts of feelings. In other words the defining trait of the weighted average within the community is cowardice.

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>being this triggered over independent men

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I was triggered by the grandiosity of self suggested by that picture. Anyone who makes that their wallpaper is holding on to embarrassing childhood hopes of unlimited success.

The fact that such success is assumed to be the product of "choosing" to be single is just the icing on the cake.

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In other words the defining trait of the weighted average within the community is cowardice.


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>get chained down by roastie
>can't achieve
>calls people who can deluded

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Extremely vapid post

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That's also why the activities on 4chan will never amount to anything. Because they are too cowardly to make the nessiary steps. These are people that are afraid of using any sort of identity at all (which also makes organization of anything complex impossible) and probably don't even leave their rooms.

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White people should use a form of civil disobedience against them. Do a "sit in" in the ghetto asking black people to stop committing so much crime.

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I heard a group of 4channers trying to communicate on Ventrilo, and it was like listening to a legit Special Ed class. All the kids that were picking and eating boogers, outcasted and loners, come here to waste.

It's cringe.

It's no wonder they have to hide. There's nothing to reveal.

Fast food workers, graveyard shift security workers, welfare and autists on antidepressants.

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yeah but /lit/ can grow and develop in a more natural way because the top-down censorship is so much more lax

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> probably don't even leave their rooms

As if it ever was a negative attribute.

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It is. Living on the internet is unhealthy.

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Don't you see the humor in a group of people who lack the health and drive to leave their rooms trying to change the world?

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>some of these people were extremely sexually frustrated and had mental breakdowns after women rejected them
Also I thought da Vinci just simply preferred men rather than decided not to be with women?

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you have ashit humour


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> a thousandth thread about clickbait-titled book
> no one wants to discuss the real scientific works like https://www.academia.edu/34440904/WTF_is_a_Cuck_New_Media_New_Masculinity_and_the_Rise_of_the_Alt-Right

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To me this is somewhat insightful but still psychobabble. That's also the problem with Nagle, I enjoy reading her articles but when I do I think of them as just ideas. Whatever it is by Nagle or (You) 4chan is interpreted with a biased lens. It is all just-so stories.
I'm fine with that. But your use of language seems to imply confidence in your claims which puts me off. Same with Nagle though.

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Seeing people playing catch up and trying to explain this stuff as outsiders to outsiders in such a serious manner make me snicker and glad I gave up academia. Just ridiculous.

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I was hoping for something anthropological which seems the most scientific it can get.

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>This thesis, written for my Gender & Queer Studies Minor in Spring 2017, uses the ‘Alt-Right’ as a case study to explore how ‘toxic technocultures’ utilize ideologies of hegemonic masculinity and neo-fascism to promote hate and…

Scientific? This is undergraduate stuff from a MINOR in a bullshit field!

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Hmm, this hasn't been posted in 2017 yet: http://twentytwo.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-158-tits-or-gtfo-the-logics-of-misogyny-on-4chans-random-b/

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You vent to get things out of your system, but people who visit pol seems to have an opposite reaction, getting even more angry.

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> talking to stale ribbons of dried dough

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>Jean Paul Sartre

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I like how fags like you will criticize Nagle for not understanding chan culture by not being immersed in it but you won't immerse yourself in /pol/ culture to know that you're totally wrong about it

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I'm not criticizing her, I think she's fairly observant, but you can't deny that pol has a radicalizing effect on some.

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>tfw 4chan is now an "alt-right" website
I want all these fucking regressive newfaggots to die for being the final nail in this place

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Doesn't matter what normies think, on 4chan it's definitely not a settled matter. Go back to /pol/ is a pretty common insult after all

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I'm pretty sympathetic to /pol/ I just don't like how they try to make every thread about the JEWS. There's a separate board for judenhass for a reason.

>> No.10162876

8 years of an establishment democrat will do that to a counter-culture board
commiechan probably was never gonna catch on

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flap away cunny

>> No.10162900

But there's no board free of the Weltjudentum

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I can't wait till the counter culture shifts towards radical Zionism.

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>if you ignore stormfag larpers.
Maybe in 2012/2011 you could easily ignore them. They own the board now.

>> No.10162923

maybe the norks have one on their intranet

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Tesla was in love with a pigeon, why would i wanna be like him.

>Di Caprio
He fucks more 10/10s in a month than this website combined. He is not MGTOW.

MGTOW is retarded.

>> No.10162947

>cant get GF
>i i i i lll make my own movement you r r r roastie

>> No.10162949

>MGTOW is retarded
Words to live by, anon.

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>/pol/ is satire

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>They can't differentiate between seriousness and sarcasm
Native channers can't either. If you think you can you haven't been here long enough. I'm not even sure if my posts are serious or not most of the time.

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Fredu dindu nuffin you closeted catholic faggot just go eat jesus flesh you fuck be one with him erotically drink blood wine

>> No.10163036

wow you're just starting with the greeks when you finish with the greeks! wtf lol

>> No.10163045

OP here,

This is a genius post. Keep it up, anon.

>> No.10163049

no it's only you faggot

>> No.10163063

I thought MGTOW was mostly about marriage and relationships, do these guys really refuse to even have sex? I think commitment with women is dumb but I need to fuck at least once a month to stay sane. As long as I get my release I really don't care about women

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There'a a level of which their analysis is completely accurate though. They see posters here as vapid and destructive, and they are right, just not for the reasons they might think. Because we have destroyed all form of identity on here, and most people on here, on most boards, have a pathologically cynical outlook on things. Healthy people don't come here.

>> No.10163104

Actually, most posts over 3-4 lines are genius here. keep it up, lads.

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>4chan is like the internet equivalent of the human unconscious.


Do you know your demographic? It's the opinions of trailer park trash and drug addicted NEETS with vidya anime lives.

>> No.10163114

My greatest wish is to know how to 4chan like an oldfag pro...

>> No.10163119

wtf I love literature now

Seriously though, I'll put this on my wishlist and will read it soon. Haven't even heard about it.

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I've always saw 4chan (or the chan as we in the know affectionately refer), as a dumping ground for the increasing anomie stricken outcasts of the West.

>> No.10163148

In my early days it was more sparsely inhabited but those who did free-quent were more autistic, both more and less introspective but incredibly insular and I suppose this is a result of 4chan breaking into the public conscious.

>> No.10163156

Over time the chan has become vitriolic and ironic. There was once a call to return to the days I've mentioned, but they never really existed.

>> No.10163165

people thought duckroll and demotivationals were funny
occasionally you would click on a thread about gurren larg and then worry the fbi was on their way because some guy dumped his cpfolder to derail

>> No.10163169

The idea of a golden age was forgotten when the influx of newfags settled into normal users. These newfags became oldfags and treat the new newfags they came across in much the same way the old guard had.

>> No.10163186

However they had never experienced the fabled golden times and thus the traditions of posting they passed fourth were tainted. The true oldfags (if they ever existed) faded away from their old playground, now irrevocably tainted by jaded social con-traria and into myth into legend and into eternal disillusion.

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>trying to over analyze 4chan

>> No.10163209

this is actually spot on desu

>> No.10163213

In short was there an intelligent introspective group at 4chans origin? Maybe. Was there also actual hardcore degenerates who have either been arrested or scuttled off into a real dark corner of internet.

The current culture is mainly just young people who sort of fit in but are very much at the fringes of wherever they find themselves. They feel too intelligent. They feel cheated like the world doesn't treat them as the special person they are.

They tear down any other posts because they cannot tear anything down in life.

They are alone but in the Chan they are a collection of radicals who all agree

>> No.10163220

Why not just refute them?

If they're so stupid it should be so easy

Distill their points down to the origins and debate them. Are people equal? Is mass immigration of third world peasants of a radically alien culture good for the average citizens of the countries they colonize?

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Nah I'm only here because any alternative fucking sucks. I want to discuss topics without the hugbox that infects other sites, and I don't mean I want to post nigger without any backlash, I just hate having to walk on eggshells talking to people online like I have to talk to people irl, trying not to be in any way offensive, controversial, upfront, not reveal your autism. I want respect for the topic at hand not for any specific poster. I use 4chan to get a fix I can't get anywhere else, even if it means having to wade through piles and likes of shit to find something good. Or maybe I'm exactly like what you described, idk, there's nobody around me where I can talk about the same topics of history, art and literature and I go to the best public university in the world

>> No.10163247

The first and only step is to not steep down to their level
Ignore and report nu/pol/ shit

>> No.10163257

>old hags

>> No.10163264

STEMspergery is invalid nonsense.

>> No.10163276


That's because you don't have any real arguments. They only way leftist viewpoints survive is with shaming tactics, bullying, appeals to authority, and pleading. Then you bitch like a little faggot that they don't work on this one website.

>> No.10163277


>> No.10163327

She outright misunderstands the purpose of anonymity. Otherwise not a bad book

>> No.10163335

what a joke

>> No.10163366

>gender studies
Don't try to shove them to us peaceful STEM autists. This shit is humanities tumor

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Underrated post, as you get to the heart of the issue. Most of us are so used to the 4chan style of communicating that you can't really have a clean distinction between "serious" and "satire". It might be more accurate to say that 4channers don't take themselves too easily, but are still serious in most of what they say.

Does that make sense? The communicating I see on this website is particular and, again, doesn't fall neatly into the "serious" or "satire" classification. I almost want to say that 4channers speak "in jest, but dead seriously"

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>> No.10163431

it's because most of us (there are some retards that are genuine) like to entertain and argue ideas even if we don't believe in it, the actual thought of truly believing in something is alien to this cynical and sightly above average intelligence userbase. It's the type of people who would even spend time in a place like this. If you want to understand the philosophical and social dynamics of a strip club on a Tuesday afternoon, you first have to ask yourself what type of person would even be in that environment. Everything I just said was made up on the spot to entertain thoughts I hold to make myself feel better about my situation

>> No.10163434

You might have gotten a perfect caricature of me but at least I'm not chained to some beef curtain whore
I can't keep this façade up

>> No.10163438

I would say that's accurate
There's also little potential for a closed discussion to understand another persons opinion (difficult for a number of reasons on an open thread with no IDs and little incentive to stay engaged) so the development of beliefs aren't often the result of an ideology based on premises but instead on board culture
then you get guys, like jontron, who express these views openly for the first time and in opening up to critique finds himself unprepared to defend many of his beliefs

desu users would benefit from a critical examination of to what degree they sincerely hold beliefs and it's only upon entering into the real world is there any incentive to do so

>> No.10163466

How would a good book on 4chan be structured?
I'd imagine something like this:
>Part 0. The Basics of 4chan
Tripcodes, Gets, Greentexts, ect., as well as attempting to explain general attitudes and thoughts on 4chan by 4channers, such as TITS or GTFO, 4chan is not one person, Anonymity, ect. Maybe introduce a few popular or infamous boards, /b/, /v/, /pol/, /mlp/, /soc/, ect.
>Part 1. The Origins of 4chan
Explain how it began and the formation of its culture. Maybe go into some 2003-2006 drama.
>Part 2. Growth
Explain events like Chanology and /new/ turning into /pol/, explain how and in what way the culture started to change. Illustrate Obama's affect on 4chan and the beginning of the new prevalence of feminism. Talk about memes.
>Part 3. GamerGate: Before and After
Begin with something around the time, like the Fappening or Ebola Chan, show how its emblematic of how things were and would become and begin elaborating on GamerGate and how it even split 4chan somewhat with Eightchan, heck the name is still filtered on 4chan, and /pol/ harbor. Explain the importance and consequences of GamerGate, one being it made 4chan even more political and right-wing than it already was.
>Part 4. Now
Explain moot leaving, Hiro, PizzaGate, ect. But especially the Election of 2016, maybe even make that the subtitle of the part. Explain 4chan's influence on the Election and the Resurrection of the Far-Right/Rise of the Alt-Right. Talk about Pepe and how memes have changed.
>Part 5. Reflections and 4chan's Future
Reflect on 4chan's attitudes and influence, whether it is unique or just emblematic of our society and stuff like that. Reflect on what 4chan says about culture and anonymity. Think about 4chan's future and the future of the Alt-Right, objectively, of course.

>> No.10163531

>In short was there an intelligent introspective group at 4chans origin? Maybe.

I was here doing it's second year and I knew a guy who was there during the first year. 4chan was about humor for it's own sake. There was no trying to get to the back of the poster and find out who he was. ie no one can be a normie/virign/a jew/a leftist/a femon annon/an X_poster because no one cares to investigate who was posting. They were not that stupid to waste their energy on such things are trying to form tribes on an anonymous board.

You were supposed to be funny. Not funny in a way trying to promote politics or say which nerd thing was better than another but genuinally funny. For example let's take cock-mongler. If he was made today it would be a meme about gay degeneracy or an insult you throw at someone *you're a cockmongler*.

/s4s/ is probably the closet thing to old 4chan, but way more wussy. /pol/ is pretty much the polar opposite of old 4chan.

Also everyone on old 4chan was a weebu. Everyone.

>> No.10164255

> I was supposed to make an example of anonymous users communicating on anonymous imageboard, but instead of that, I chose some group of socialfaggots additionally filtered by their desire to use some mainstream mean of communication

What could go wrong?

>> No.10164838

>the importance and consequences of GamerGate, one being it made 4chan even more political and right-wing than it already was.
So what you're saying is that 4chan became right-wing because GG was banned from 4chan and as a consequence all the lefties emigrated to Eightchan, where /leftypol/ is?

>There was no trying to get to the back of the poster and find out who he was
"Spotted", "detected", etc.

nice spelling also as if /pol/ and /v/ aren't full of them

>> No.10164977

>I'm only here because any alternative fucking sucks. I want to discuss topics without the hugbox that infects other sites, and I don't mean I want to post nigger without any backlash, I just hate having to walk on eggshells talking to people online like I have to talk to people irl, trying not to be in any way offensive, controversial, upfront, not reveal your autism. I want respect for the topic at hand not for any specific poster.

>> No.10165010

A real yooman bean posted this

>> No.10165014

>using "cuck" as an insult
Gee anon you really rustled us there!

>> No.10165125

This is true. If half the shit I've said here was public I'd have to move countries. It's made me intensely aware of my persona, I shed it like water here.

>> No.10165285

>Nah I'm only here because any alternative fucking sucks. I want to discuss topics without the hugbox that infects other sites, and I don't mean I want to post nigger without any backlash, I just hate having to walk on eggshells talking to people online like I have to talk to people irl, trying not to be in any way offensive, controversial, upfront, not reveal your autism. I want respect for the topic at hand not for any specific poster. I use 4chan to get a fix I can't get anywhere else, even if it means having to wade through piles and likes of shit to find something good. Or maybe I'm exactly like what you described, idk, there's nobody around me where I can talk about the same topics of history, art and literature and I go to the best public university in the world

Yeah, pretty much. There are so many obvious things that suck but nobody will just say it. At least here, there's a lower tolerance for bullshit.

>> No.10165636

>covering ears and screaming lalalala - the post

>> No.10165790

He's right, though. Women authors can be good but this one's got some weird harry potter name and I am 90% sure she's a chink.

>> No.10166004

she's an irish hag

>> No.10166041

t. redditard

As someone who only last year stopped posting on /pol/ after posting there for more than 4 years I can say with a straight face that all of 4chan is complete satire. It is why an actual discussion can never take place here, people will answer in either memes or sarcasm. This is the same case with /pol/.

Calling out shills is a joke. Naming (((them))) is a joke. Calling Hitler innocent is a joke. Only a hand few of resditards actually believe this garbage while they post it.

It is is the same thing as posting Start with the greeks or Install Gentoo. If you don’t see that you just don’t lurk regularly. Same goes if someone who doesn’t lurk /lit/ comes here and asks what to start with. He might actually believe the Greeks are a good starting point. It’s all just memes and inside jokes and each board has their own which only regular lurkers understand.

>> No.10166163
File: 76 KB, 770x551, iggy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Angela Nagle was on ChapoTrapHouse talking about this book. She understands 4chan quite a bit more than you think she does. I think the fact that you all believe that 4chan culture is an dense and incomprehensible swamp illustrates your lack of understanding of a broader internet culture.

Anyway, give it a listen. https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house/episode-86-fash-the-patriarchy-feat-angela-nagle-22617

>> No.10166176
File: 129 KB, 499x279, 1409681254397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10166190

You’re leaving out Habbo trolling and more importantly Atheism Plus. Atheism Plus was the first sign of third wave feminism joining and destroying a group by turning it into a politicial movement. Atheism has nothing to do with politics, vidya has nothing to do with politics and movies have nothing to do with politics. Yet you see feminists pretending to enjoy a format only complaining about said format.

>> No.10166222

The chair you're sitting on is political

>> No.10166243

I don't know how you could be posting on /lit/, the so called intellectuals board, and pretend that nothing was political before the feminists took over. You sound like a child.

>> No.10166251

>wanting to write a book about literal children and 20 somethings just shitposting on an internet board


>> No.10166277

It's not a joke any more. These activities have real-life consequences and have effects on the world outside the chan-sphere. The_donald is serious in its calling out of shills etc etc. And regardless, anti-semitism and racism aren't funny. On any level. If you think they are, you're either a racist or so naive. Hitler being innocent isn't a joke. Maybe put some effort into the humor instead of getting a laugh with your fellow bigots by making outrageous claims that would get people's attention

>> No.10166304

Women are vile. They have poison juices inside of them.
Stay pure my fellow anons. Don't let them contaminate you with their juices.

>> No.10166373

>These activities have real-life consequences
Who cares? Nobody said it didn’t. Everything has real life consequences. This has nothing to do with 4chan and with the argument that /pol/ is satire.
>The_donald is serious
Agian, who cares? Reddit has always been retarded and take things way to seriously.
>your fellow bigots
You’re not special by being offended by everything including some jokes.

>> No.10166383

>the so called intellectuals board

>> No.10166385
File: 532 KB, 1000x997, 1497648485401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always had a dream of assembling an art book, something like a poetry volume but only with 4chan greentexts.

The best, the funniest, the beautiful. Not all of them, but certainly the likes of "doesn't afraid of anything." A different presentation of language, and storytelling structure. A different take on how to more directly convey meaning. Gf is prego is another great example.

Would title it
Just the green meme arrow. If one of you want to right it first, go ahead. I basically don't have the time to research it, which would be where most of the edification would lie. An introduction would probably be called for, but not more, and realistically the artistic effect would only be potent if the author was Anonymous. Sure, edgy, but if done simply and without pretense, it could be fundamentally good.

>> No.10166386

>/pol/ is just a joke guys
Then why do these sad young white men throw away their youth by spending countless hours a day perpetuating this "joke"?

>> No.10166390

This was fun but I couldn't stand the two nerdy communists and burnt out stoner girl without any conviction.

>> No.10166391

Videogames were never about politics. Of course some games were designed to do just that but mostly it has always een neutral and just about making good games. Same goes for movies. Movies as a whole hasn’t had an actual political movement to push since the second world war.

>> No.10166397

>Movies as a whole hasn’t had an actual political movement to push since the second world war.
lol nope

>> No.10166399
File: 121 KB, 1593x2253, 1530677806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope the reason you're too busy is you're learning to speak English.

Also it has been done like 5 times already.

>> No.10166406

Culture is inherently political

>> No.10166419

Why do young men continiously throw away their life posting almost only “my diary desu” and “start with the greeks” over and over again. Why do people spend 3 hours per day ironically shitposting on /r9k/ about not getting any tendies from their mother? I don’t know. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a joke.
/pol/ is just as white as any other 4chan board. Mostly but not all. You can even look at the flags to see loads of Southern Americans, people from the Middle East, Japanese and even a couple of Africans.

>> No.10166426

Good post.
No, it isn’t. Especially nowadays in this multicultural society. Society isn’t tide down to one political belief or one religion anymore.

>> No.10166433
File: 1.03 MB, 500x408, tumblr_oqs3quxznP1qh9o2do1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've received this comment quite often, but I've never really received a straight answer on how my writing style is different. If informed, I might try to fix it. I did replace a homophone in there (right for write), but I don't suppose that to be so serious an error that you were unable to resist argument.

If there really has been done, I'll read the reviews. I have my own folder, I'm really just interested in the cultural analysis and meta-analysis.

>> No.10166447

Hello tourists

>> No.10166455
File: 167 KB, 910x2024, 1508335406775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this. It has to be some social procedure happening. If you are new everybody is like "lurk moar", so you shut up and listen. After some time you start to get it, explore new boards etc. etc.

They just don't get it.

>> No.10166463
File: 184 KB, 350x350, 767130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably phone-posters since posting an ''/'' is kind of annoying on phones.

not that anon but you indeed got some words wrong. nothing serious. I, myself, have also been interested in compiling non-fiction novel of the early internet including 4chan and GG. not in the way of greentexts and not in a philosophical or political way. just stating facts and the weird adventures I have been on this shithole. Stuff like Dashcon and the guy who filmed himself going there and taking a piss in the ballpit.

>> No.10166470

I really don't get how this a refutation of my post. I didn't say culture had one monolithic political viewpoint.

>> No.10166473

Comical exaggerations don't make the whole subjects jokes. If you believe people hate niggers ironically you need to face reality.

>> No.10166477

You said ''Culture is inherently political''. Please explain to me how something can be political without it having a political viewpoint.

>> No.10166481

Top kek, no I don't. People hate niggers but that doesn't mean /pol/ isn't satire. There are people on /pol/ who actually hate black people and there are people on /pol/ who do not. Just like on on /lit/, /mu/ and all the other boards. Since /pol/ is the political board, of course they would talk about such subjects. This doesn't mean that the threads aren't filled with jokes and loads of people being ironically racist.

>> No.10166483

Please explain to me how culture expressing a political viewpoint, means there is only one political viewpoint.

>> No.10166484

>Why do young men continiously throw away their life posting almost only “my diary desu” and “start with the greeks” over and over again. Why do people spend 3 hours per day ironically shitposting on /r9k/ about not getting any tendies from their mother? I don’t know. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a joke.
Whatever you have to tell yourself buddy.

>> No.10166488


>> No.10166494

>filled with jokes
Comical exaggerations don't make the whole subjects jokes
>loads of people being ironically racist
you need to face reality.

Try to add something new in each of your replies.

>> No.10166495

Great point! People do stupid meaningless shit for hours on a day. Either to vent or to relax.

>> No.10166500

You write in a weirdly formal yet not exactly correct manner.

>> No.10166503

>Try to add something new in each of your replies.
Funny coming from someone literally reposting an entire sentence he posted in an earlier post. I don't have to add anything new because you haven't given me any arguments. And before you try to, saying I need to face reality is not an argument. You take the internet too seriously, see >>10166495.

>> No.10166512
File: 70 KB, 645x729, 1507297198227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Funny coming from someone literally reposting an entire sentence he posted in an earlier post.
You repeated what you said before and I already addressed you smart person.

>> No.10166516

Great job picking a single sentence and ignoring the rest of my post because you got BTFO. You need to face reality.

>> No.10166520

I didn't ignore it, it just wasn't relevant in regard to the claim /pol/ is a joke.

>> No.10166524

or *satire

>> No.10166528

It was. I stated how people use black humor and racist humor to vent. It doesn't mean they actually want all niggers gone out of their country. They're jokes and most of it is satire. When some muslim shoots up a gay bar half of the sticky was filled with people making jokes. How is this not related.

>> No.10166541

>They're jokes
> most of it is satire
I disagree. If it was satire it would be poking fun at those attitudes, while they are actually represented, even if not in the most extreme degrees.

>> No.10166556

I care. The 'real world' matters to those who live in it. Politics and the shading of political dialogue has meaning in a democracy. Trump's election MATTERED. The bigots generated and empowered by /pol/ etc MATTERS. Jesus Christ.

>> No.10166557

This is such a stupid fucking post, and this attitude is shockingly prevalent throughout this website. The belief that "nothing is politics, nothing says anything" is a load of a horse shit teenager-tier nihilism. You are really revealing the extent of your critical thinking if your argument hinges upon that there is nothing beyond surface.

Notice how this person suddenly stopped replying once pressed about their argument. It's rooted in the idea that nothing beyond surface matters, so naturally when you begin to peel back their argument, there is absolutely nothing there.

>> No.10166558
File: 54 KB, 615x276, satire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it would be poking fun at those attitudes
This is not necessary. It does poke fun at attitudes, but at different ones. Sometimes people make ''dindu nuffin'' jokes to make fun of black people stating that someone who got shot after violently robbing a convenience store was innocent and didn't do anything. Sometimes people make fun of NatSoc people by jokingly stating that the jews are the mastermind behind everything. They make fun of multiple groups and multiple ideologies.

>> No.10166564

You won't sit through a discussion of the book with the literal author, but you'd rather shitpost in a thread with 80 other dudes that haven't read the book. Gotcha.

>> No.10166567

>Notice how this person suddenly stopped replying
I'm still here, bud.

>Trump's election MATTERED. The bigots generated and empowered by /pol/ etc MATTERS.
If you actually think /pol/ got Trump elected you are out of your mind. Trump got elected because the silent majority got sick of the democrats after they got screwed over. Now that Trump is president for either 4 or 8 years the pendulum will swing again and a democrat will be chosen. Trump has majorly lowered the bar to the point of people actually claiming they would vote for Zuckerberg and Kanye West.

>> No.10166575

Yeah but those aren't all the same people. There are different ideologies and depending on those different satirical posts are made and others avoided. For example I don't think someone who makes a thread pretending to be a Trump supporter only to expose how stupid they are in his opinion would post threads about how a dead nigger "dindu nuffin". All I'm saying is people talk about their earnest beliefs in one way or another and it isn't all satire.

>> No.10166578

why is the marketing thread still up ffs

>> No.10166582

>Yeah but those aren't all the same people.
Says who? You? The person who doesn't post or lurk on /pol/?

>> No.10166594

>The person who doesn't post or lurk on /pol/?
Why would you think that? I think it's pretty obvious that it's easier to make fun of beliefs you don't hold than those that consitute your worldview.

>> No.10166604

Its very interesting when you examine the nature of anonymity on here and its effects on youself. But even more interesting is how i think some of these algorithms have a hard time detecting irony or sarcasm.There have been times i bet when these algorithms have been purposefully fucked with. Even still theres alot of "quality assurance" and PR fags that post here and source info by posting threads. I think theres also a fallacy here where people like to stereotype things to understand them. Yet anonymous is more an ameoba of opinions hidden by shitposting,phishing, and authentic posting and not only the intentions of the OP but like
>>10161727 said you also have to consider the respondants interpretation as well.
Also I have to ask this question; by coming on here what makes people think that they havent become anonymous just by the simple act of posting in a thread?

I think its an amazing thing that you can make an anonymous image board anything you want it to be. Its also interesting how we need to be part of an anonmous group that focuses a whole hell of a lot on sex, and particularly psychosexual disfunction like
>>10161758 says.

>> No.10166617

Your putting your own personal opinions into this conversation to prove you are right. You're clearly out of ''arguments''. Stop posting anytime. As to answer your question: no.

>> No.10166618

Yeah but you have to do some really stupid or fucked up shit to get banned from here.
I mean the rules get broken all the time, doesnt stop anons from getting (you)'s or it doesnt get them banned.

>> No.10166632

anonymity helps you imagine that someone decent is behind the screen

>> No.10166638

and there's no one decent around here, google 4chan reddit meetup you fucks.

>> No.10166639

You must be new here.
Or really have no idea how much the exchange of ideas on online forums have an effect on the world at large. There are times when people latch on to an idea posted on 4chan or somethingawful and the entire world catches fire.

>> No.10166643

Of course /pol/ didn't get Trump elected. That isn't the argument. /pol/, however is a large concentration of a new conservative identity. It's important to analyze where the this new identity fits into the broader culture, and /pol/ acts as an interesting petri dish. Stop misaligning the argument.

4chan is significant, and therefore /pol/ is significant. In the aftermath of the election, we have a literal Nazi as public figure now, which have admitted to using /pol/ and communicates with memes.

>> No.10166649

As for /pol/ having non-whites, a lot of those South Americans you mention are from Argentina.

>> No.10166656

>new conservative identity
You have no idea what you're talking about. /pol/ hates conservacucks.
>There are times when people latch on to an idea posted on 4chan or somethingawful and the entire world catches fire.
Name 1 (one) example.

>Argentina is white
Can this meme please stop.

>> No.10166661
File: 56 KB, 645x773, 1478652157413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why would you think that?

>> No.10166667

"4chan is significant"


>> No.10166668

>So what you're saying is that 4chan became right-wing because GG was banned from 4chan and as a consequence all the lefties emigrated to Eightchan, where /leftypol/ is?
Not really, GG being banned from 4chan did not make 4chan more right-wing, GG itself, the want for the end of corrupt SJW journalism and the anger it aroused, caused more 4channers to be right-wing. Though, because of GG being banned, Eightchan did become prevalent, which allowed lefties to make a prevalent board of their own, since /pol/ is unrelentingly right wing.

>> No.10166670

>A literal Nazi
For fucks sake, how many more times to I have to tell people
>Not every ethno-nationalist is a goddamn pan German fascist
Fucking hell

>> No.10166683

>I have no arguments and I must meme

>> No.10166692
File: 162 KB, 1000x1501, Rupi-Kaur-about.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone already beat you too it

>> No.10166694

It's not that the racism/misogyny/whatever is or isn't satire/trolling that's the issue, the problem is that everyone believes that they know which one it is. Everyone's just projecting their own signal onto the noise.

>> No.10166702

No, you don't know what your talking about. I don't care how you split straws- the vocal majority of /pol/ is conservative. Or if you are going to take the route and assume people are just memeing and don't mean anything they say- the rhetoric and general voice of the board is conservative.

>Name 1 (one) example.
I think in your hysteria you mixed me up with another poster, friend.

It is. It has largely shaped the logic of the internet. How could you use this website and not realize that?

If you have to make this distinction, you have proven my point for me.

>> No.10166714

I think the point that tends to go over alot of people heads since GG.
Is that movies and tv and video games weren't really ment to be taken seriously.
Or rather as serious as the mona lisa. In regards to just appreciating the expierence. I've at times suspected that the original opposition to tumblr was just a forced dichotomy created by anon posters just for something to post about to get anonymous interaction. But games could be as political as they want, but -and i shudder to say this- they should be appreciated as works of art, not political propaganda.

>> No.10166719

>I'm an ethno nationalist who wants to create a pan-european state
>I'm an ethno nationalist who wants a fascist economic system and a pan german state

How have I proven your point at all? Pick one faggot.

>> No.10166720

>the vocal majority of /pol/ is conservative.
This just isn't true. Right-wing, yes. Conservative, no.
>I think in your hysteria you mixed me up with another poster, friend.
You stated ''4chan is significant, and therefore /pol/ is significant.'' in your post. I asked for an example, because I think it isn't. And saying ''It has largely shaped the logic of the internet.'' is a complete lie. Just because some memes are posted on reddit and 9gag which once have been posted on 4chan doesn't mean that it has ''shaped the logic of the internet''. Most of the internet is inherently against trolling and shitposting now.

>> No.10166739

Conservative is to broad a term. There are still strong roots in libertarianism and non interventionist ideas. That's why you still see the Ron Paul memes everywhere. I'd bet dems like Tulsi Gabbard have more support on /pol/ than the songbird of Hanoi, Romney, Graham and so on.

>> No.10166741

You must be braindead. Just because 4chan is your anime haven, doesn't mean other people are influenced by it or fuck with it. Get a grip and move on.

>> No.10166748

4chan is where white trash, mexican weabo trannies, mentally ill service workers, congregate

All under the name of anime and pretending to act tough on the internet when they ain't shit irl

>> No.10166753

What group are you from?

>> No.10166759

The group that doesn't need anonymity :)

>> No.10166774

The group that has more than 4chan could ever offer.

>> No.10166791

What? Movies had been considered serious works of art for over a century. How fucking out of touch can you be to genuinely argue that movies "aren't meant to be taken seriously," when they have been, long before you've been born. Not to mention even making the comparison to the Mona Lisa, which has no discernible connection to movies as art, besides making a pointless distinction between "serious art" and "unserious art."

I would argue that games hadn't been taken seriously as art because they didn't have the technological ability or sophistication to convey narrative. Now that they can, they should be. And that absolutely means that it can be political. You've said repeatedly that political narrative isn't art- but so far you haven't provided a single reason why that isn't the case.

Nazi is a synecdoche for both those things. The only person that would bend over backwards to split hairs over these terms probably identifies with Nazis.

The modern conception of what a meme is came from 4chan, which has blend entirely into the mainstream. Beyond that, image embedding, anonymous posting, and other ritual behaviors like greentexting and shitposting have spread like wildfire to the rest of the internet. This is easily seen in Reddit, which aped much of the design of 4chan, and much of the behavior (besides the meaningless differences Anonymous continuously reaffirms) comes from the same logic.

>> No.10166811

The political narrative isnt art, becuase of the general conception that there is a delineation between art and life. That art is an artifact that life creates.
Politics is imposing limits on how life should create.
So what i am really saying is that media like video games and movies should be treated and appreciated like the mona lisa is appreciated, rather than appreciating them like the fucking communist manifesto or MLK jr's i have a dream speech or the french revolution.

>> No.10166812
File: 20 KB, 217x272, 03206398-a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you see the obvious difference between pan-european and Pan-German ethno nationalists
>You're a Nazi

>> No.10166824

think she's hairy /lit/? she looks like she'd be hairy

>> No.10166832

There is no delineation between art and life. Have you heard the saying, "art imitates life?" Or perhaps the opposite? Art and life is give and take. Art cannot be entirely separate from the machinations of real life. That doesn't exist.

A broad stroke such as "politics is a real life limitation," doesn't even make sense, because politics is so all-encompassing. Any sort of vague statement of human organization within a narrative could be seen as a political. There is no absolute way you could avoid this. It appears that it isn't political involvement in art is limited, but your own viewpoint on what constitutes art or not.
Well adjusted folks don't care about the difference, Nazi.

>> No.10166835

>Well adjusted folks don't care about the difference, Nazi.
Wow edgy much? I think there is a bit of a difference between people who argue in favor of biological determinism and exterminationists

>> No.10166842

>Well adjusted
>In modern society
So people who are maladjusted on an objective scale don't care about the differences in thought between groups who disagree with them and just amalgamate them into a single dehumanized entity not to be engaged with?

That's pretty dystopian desu

>> No.10166859

You are a troll.
How is politics not solely about collective morality. A set of rules to live by,or consequences to suffer from. Are you so far up stirners ass that you see everything as just aetherial ghost. Cannot you not see them anymore other than just vague blurs?

You are pushing goal posts which will eventually culminate in your admission that you have no idea what i am talking about. Quit your sophistry and provide me a definition of politics that says nothing of morality. Becuase politics only concerns itself with living things, and art was made by something living. And if you deny that tell me why you think a stone is the same thing as an ameoba.
Do all of this or suffer in pomo hell.

>> No.10166870

No, most people can recognize that biological determinism is a dogwhistle for white supremacy and don't give a shit to make a meaningless distinction between two ugly concepts.

>maladjusted on an objective scale
hmmmmm sounds dystopian to me my friend

>> No.10166883

What? That IS my argument. That anything regarding narrative will, in some way, blatant or otherwise, address politics in some fashion. This includes morality.

>> No.10166885

White supremacists aren't necessarily fascists

>> No.10166896
File: 9 KB, 684x498, HS2WZKR (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Biological determinism is a code word for white supremacy
The amount of sheer neurosis it must take to say this unironically
>Intentionally ignores the fact that he doesn't engage the opposition he just engages in anti-dialectical means of shutting them down
What a shock

>> No.10166907

> is a code word
that's not what dog whistle means. please read your google search results further and pontificate upon them

>> No.10166908

Wow what an informative and relevant chart you posted lol

>> No.10166927
File: 1.27 MB, 1280x855, 1504059280893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And i am say that , that isnt all there is, and perhaps you shouldnt make someone a president just becuase of some picture of a frog, and you shouldnt start burning down printing presses becuase someone got cucked by their sjw girlfriend who makes shitty video games.
I am saying that anyone taking their ideological cues from a morose frog in a comic is a more narrow minded and only following herd like behaviour. They are the most suggestable and i feel really sorry that they let their lives be led by bright and shiny colors.

>> No.10166929

>Code word isn't synonymous with dog whistle
It is, because according to this chart 90% of young Russian anthropologists are white supremacists according to Anon

>> No.10166932
File: 14 KB, 240x300, Mar06-albino_african_americans-240x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everyone in the alt right gets their opinions from pepe
The amount of idiocy I'm currently dealing with is reaching levels that shouldn't even be possible

>> No.10166933

You write like you think that you are being clever, but I can't understand a single thing you've written. Read a book.

>> No.10166952

Fucking knew it
You know the difference between reading the bible as the will and testament of god and reading it as a work of literature right?
I really hope you do.
Becuase there is.

Its like the only thing you can talk about is the alt-right and sjws.
Im really sorry if thats all you can see and think about anon.
Im sorry that you force politics to the foreground and let style, form and composition take a back seat.
Let me ask you this. What was the last thing you genuinly enjoyed just in and of itself?

>> No.10166961

>Creating such a long paragraph over such a bad strawman

>> No.10166997
File: 211 KB, 780x1040, This+is+what+you+sound+like+_adfba71569f693702d2d7adabd124659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All posts ITT

>> No.10167014

>buhhh you can't read my writing, i fucken knew u were too dumb to argue with me

Let's review what you have written

>And i am say that , that isnt all there is, and perhaps you shouldnt make someone a president

This is utterly incomprehensible, and it's only the first half of the first sentence. It's just obvious English isn't your first language. That's fine, but don't act like a smug douche because I can't read your shit.

>> No.10167021


Why are Eastern Europeans so uninterested in political correctness? What went right?

>> No.10167182

You sound fun

>> No.10167192

1. she's a marxist
2. it's normalfag, not normie so she's either a newfag or insincere or both

>> No.10167196

And so like the narrow minded they cant look beyond the only sentence that might be incomprehensible to a person spoonfed meaning their entire life rather than putting in their own effort to find meaning.
No if it isnt laid out for you in direct easy to understand sentences then you need to make a thread about it.

Why can't you look beyond the simple mistakes anon?
I mean i see people misspell shit all the time here and put things in even worse format, but i try to make and effort to understand without ragging on someones little faults, and if i have issues on the clairty of ideas presented i will try ask what they ment and not totally throw out thier argument like some bimbo on okcupid who says they wont read your shit if you dont spellcheck and use proper grammar.
But hey were all free to shitpost as we like.

But let me correct my error so you can understand what i am saying.

>And i am say(ing) ~~that~~, that isnt all ther is...

>> No.10167200


>> No.10167273

Yeah. A major challenge to analysis would be to decide the "stance." Irony/sincerity being the major duality. Honestly it would be a test for A.I. to be able to interact successfully on an anonymous messaging board. I do not know the identity of the person behind the message. All I have is the message. I have to reconstruct this identity (i.e. determine their attitudes like irony/sincerity, the rules governing human interaction in this context like inclusion/exclusion or dominance/submission, etc). And with a simple message I have a rough idea. And can respond appropriately. Also the psychosexual material is very good stuff. Look at alternative hentai. You have machine/human, animal/human, girls with penises, boys with vaginas, monsters, scenarios involving bondage, defecation, as well as fantasies of murder and sexual torture. It's a perfect window in human sexuality and the often tortured and deformed expression it assumes. God only knows the forces (biologic or cultural) are responsible. But the actual material is very good. I don't judge btw. I don't care. I only wanna see the fantasies.

>> No.10167278

>Chapo trap house

How is it possible to be so uncool

>> No.10167306

communist woman writing about 4chan without browsing here take a guess

>> No.10167455

I'm still waiting on an authoritative history of 4chan written by an actual anon who understands the culture of the site and inside jokes. Someone who doesn't conflate everything to just /b/ or /pol/.

>> No.10167463

ok look out for the next book by Rupaul the weeaboo

>> No.10167770

I read it a couple weeks ago. It is actually very well-written, the author clearly knows what she is talking about. It doesn't read like "John Johnson here at CNN will now analyze how the youngsters are engaging in hip and cool meme making" at all. You can tell she is trying to be as fair as possible with 4chan and actually has sympathies for them. This is especially noticeable in the Gamergate section, where she clearly condemns it but the tone sounds like she is reluctant to do so.

Overall good book, it's really short so I would say it's worth reading.

>> No.10167779

Meh, the honeymoon has been over for a while. They can write whatever they want. But I won't read them. Let the sisterhood support them. Independence means you're on your own.

>> No.10167792

>/pol/ is sincere
people say extreme things to see how they can be argued for/against. Some individuals really hold certain beliefs, for the most part it IS satire

>> No.10167935

~t. started with the greeks and went on gomad

>> No.10168085

Is using capital letters also “kind of annoying”, you low quality content provider?

>> No.10168092

Yeah, how about you go to /pol/ and try that without getting 150 replies consisting of "good goyim" and the classic "fuck off kike"

>> No.10168253

>normie-eqsue anti-4chan sentiment?
this book is literally that, except from a thinly-veiled "political rebel" perspective
blue-pilled morons will defend this

>> No.10168349

Hopefully christopher poole will hire a biographer.
Though i think theres enough youtube videos of him speaking at panels to give you a good idea of the culture from a relatively unbiased, or the most understanding source.

>> No.10168365

>Is this going to be an objective read or being heavily biased towards normie-eqsue anti-4chan sentiment?
What do you think?

>> No.10168386
File: 67 KB, 720x715, 1498553981384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/pol/ is sincere, obviously so.
I don't think you understand how 4chan works, newfriend.

>> No.10168477

The fuck are you on about dumb cunts. I could list a thousand things that were created through people on 4chan collaborating, like the core culture of the whole internet for one. I'll list a few to get the point across:
>various "hacker" groups with real-world effects
>arrests and information gathering related to various events and crimes
>80% of the memes on the internet
>creation of lots of offshoot imageboards (name, culture, boards, aesthetics), as well as other sites and content born from it
>books and other texts (/lit/ has made the most, I think)
>videos and other content (dubs videos, music videos, accent/language/humour sharing through vocaroo (especially on /int), the fucking wikis you find for every board - many of them very comprehensive.

There is so much shit brought about through collaboration, I don't even know of half of it. Also I've voice chatted with Japanese, Americans and Europeans that I've met on 4chan, all of whom were very agreeable. It is a mistake to pigeonhole what a "4channer" is, it is too varied.

>> No.10168519

this, /lit/ is possibly less intelligent and educated than most boards. the culture just makes its users very good at masking that (both board and general literary culture).

>> No.10168531

>I am not the typical audience for this title. This is a collection of stories collected from the website 4chan. If you don't know what 4chan is look it up. Some of these stories are laugh out loud funny, the IT guy who fakes it for one. Some are gross, some are bawdy and some are utterly heartbreaking. The last two stories will rip your heart out. But some are beautiful examples of human goodness.

>Not for the faint of heart these are adult stories, involving sex, adult language and adult themes. At the same time they are compelling, fascinating and addictive. It is a safe space to observe the denizens of 4Chan. And it is an an eye opening look at modern life.

>> No.10168568
File: 7 KB, 250x238, 1428994769253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4chan is only /pol/
kill yourselves you jew motherfuckers, fucking amateurs

>> No.10168767

Absolutely nothing on 4chan is satire. The sooner you realize this, the better off you'll be.

>> No.10168812

/pol/ mostly isn't satire. I've been here since 2006.

>> No.10168814

/pol/ has transcended the is/not satire dichotomy.

>> No.10168892

This post is Reddit.

>> No.10168991

t. (((shilll)))

>> No.10169041

>for the most part it IS satire
How do you know? Do you JUST know?

>> No.10169067
File: 73 KB, 205x274, 1495568873544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey! its kek!

>> No.10169076
File: 83 KB, 1261x223, VBSOMdZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So just admit it
you came on this site during the trump election didn't you

>> No.10169115

Imagine being a literal booger eating retard and then thinking your lack of social skills makes you unique. That's what being an oldfag is like.

>> No.10169155
File: 20 KB, 306x306, 1487267514472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think you understand how /pol/ works

>> No.10169599

this is one of the more subtle pepes. If you look a certain way it seems like he is like 1%-5% or even a bit more smirking. It is disappointed, the eyes say a lot in this one, they are angry, but it is all kind of angry, but there is a sweetness, kind of a 'oh look what you did again silly you'

>> No.10169607

/pol/ and 4chan in general is post-ironic

>> No.10169711

>le ebin /POL/ is 1 person may-may

>> No.10169800

tfw you're Elite on that site

>> No.10169824

charlottestville was all an ironic joke. at last i truly see

>> No.10169947

>/pol/ is sincere!
>no /pol/ is satire!
>implying it isn't made up of people with a range of sentiments

I thought /lit/ was supposed to be smart?

>> No.10170233

>some lunatic ramming his car into commies killing a landwhale is /pol/s fault

>> No.10170234

This isn't a fantasy land?

>> No.10170396

4chan is a shithole because everyone has always been retarded. It's not the "lmao we're just acting retarded" but a legitimate retardation. You're a fool if you thimk this bastion of ignorance and idiocy was ever good or is applicable to the quote about acting retarded and drawing actual retards in through obfuscation.

>> No.10170680

A stack of used aids needles searching for a sliver of hay

>> No.10170761
File: 50 KB, 512x512, 1499847057423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10171255

>And regardless, anti-semitism and racism aren't funny. On any level. If you think they are, you're either a racist or so naive.
Shut up you fucking nigger

>> No.10171284

I actually think my loss of identity stemming from my time on 4chan to be a good thing.

I'm not sure why so many people are convinced 4chan is bad for them. You don't have to be accumulating knowledge to be becoming better as a person. Destruction of ego and learning to not take yourself or others (especially authority figures) seriously can be extremely beneficial to your well-being.

>> No.10171326

This. The joke of 4chan is extremely complex.

Let's start with "start with the Greeks"

The joke is multifaceted and plays off the changing interpretations a person has of that statement over time as a function of witnessing it again and again.

1. It starts as an obvious joke. Who is this idiotic poster to say that you can only gain worthwhile knowledge by starting with the Greeks? You laugh.
2. You start to take it seriously. You see a lot of Greek threads and you recognize that the Greeks helped to shape Western philosophy to such a degree that ignoring them is foolish. You begin to see value in "starting with the Greeks". You start to become worried as you yourself did not start with the Greeks and are thus unable to legitimately philosophize.
3. You are convinced. You have seen the phrase so much and have seen so much evidence supporting it that anyone NOT starting with the Greeks is a pseudo, not even worthy of discussion. Not starting with the Greeks ruins peoples' ability to interpret all philosophy and thus they become lost causes. Your anxiety is either at maximum or you have reached acceptance of your own pseudo-ness.
4. You have reached epiphany, realizing that starting with the Greeks is completely unnecessary. Your greater grasp of philosophy has allowed you to see that there is no intrinsic need to start anywhere. Philosophy is not about "getting it right". You now see the humor of the joke. Again, you laugh.

>> No.10171362

Being on 4chan has made me realize that Academia was a mistake. If you are not part of the group, you are simply unable to understand it. Not a single academic has been able to adequately explain 4chan, and many have tried. It really makes me pessimistic about philosophy.

>> No.10171458

>baby. bathwater.

>> No.10171505

The line between sincereness and sarcasm is completely blurred. No one knows who is being serious and who is joking.
It's like Schrodinger's cat except its Schrodinger's joke. Were they joking, or were they serious? No one will ever know, every post is in a purgatory between humour and sincerity.

>> No.10171522

>Not a single academic has been able to adequately explain 4chan, and many have tried.
What field are you in where explaining 4chan is a priority? You should spend less time on 4chan, it's clear you have very little else going on in life.

>> No.10171536

4chan is a young phenomenon, and most people in Academia are old. Give it one generation and 4chan will be explained perfectly fine.
But of course to some people, 4chan will never be explainable because it's their secret speshul club and to name it and give it a true rendering would destroy it forever.

>> No.10172363

>charlottesville wasn't largely populated by nazi's from /pol/
it was all ironic though. I particularly laughed at the part where they chanted 'jews will not replace us' ironically. To think people actually thought they were serious, jokes on them!

>> No.10172367

Zero books has no taste, its all pop culture critical theory bullshit.

>> No.10172398

Maybe YOU don't understand the Academia

>> No.10172401

they're heavily shilled in most leftist internet circles though

>> No.10172410

Just because there is more than one person that makes up the board doesn't mean there isn't any kind of board culture you can make generalizations about you dumb brainlet

>> No.10172411


interesting, where is this? I may dl it

>> No.10172415


I have to be honest, I'm already insulted by the first paragraph dragging Wagner's name into all of this.

>> No.10172861

It was "you will not replace us". And this stuff is hardly new, is it?

>> No.10172868

t. reddit

>> No.10172964

Even a purely descriptive account of the inner workings of 4chan would be an herculean job (I've attempted to do it). Something that goes beyond that - a critique - is inherently biased and factually inacurate, even more so when your acquaintance with the website is so short-lived. I bet even oldfags miss critical details of how things came to be. Do you know the full history of how "cuck" became a popular derogatory here?

>> No.10172973

>they expect to find a vile den of hideous extremists and radical misanthropes
lol where do you think you are?

>> No.10172988

4channers are way above average intelligence
You must be one of the dum-dums that are unable to spot obvious satire and anons starting arguments based on absurd premises just for the hell of it

>> No.10173013

I just want to chime in and say that this is a really great thread.

>> No.10173357

I not know if you are being serious but I would add that 4channers probably have an average IQ similiar to academic departments.

>> No.10173369

4chan is for intelligent people who pretend to be stupid.
Reddit is for stupid people who pretend to be intelligent.

>> No.10173372


Reddit is for intelligent people who pretend to be stupid.

4chan is for stupid people who pretend to be intelligent.

>> No.10173373

>redditor pretending to be intelligent by spacing his lines out.

>> No.10173379

I enjoy her articles but I consider it more art as academic.

>> No.10173384

Delusions of grandeur all around. The average "4channer" is simply a pundit news/social media junky who takes part in masturbatory pseudo-intellectual discussion about things that really don't matter. Because others typically share the same lifestyle, mentality, and intelligence, there is typically a general conformity, which serves to reinforce the idea that one is correct.

One can hide behind their knowledge gaps or ignorance by shittposting, opting out of the discussion by closing the thread, feigning being a troll or "ironic", etc.

Most peopple on 4chan are probably university students, so they are probably more-or-less average intelligence. But they are generally extremely inexperienced with atrophied social skills and low emotional IQ, which basically makes them subpar manchildren with rampant Peter Pan complexes. So they turn to sour grapes and delusions of grandeur as defense mechanisms to cope with their massive shortfalls and lack of success in virtually all areas in life (mental health, career, finances, personal relationships, productivity, benefiting their family, community, and society, etc.).

These people would be absolutely destroyed if they tried to discuss things IRL with experienced people of above-average intelligence. There is a reason they hide here and live vicariously online, cherry-picking social media and corporate news pieces to encourage their pathological view on the world. All in an attempt to make them feel superior about their lack of interaction with the real world.

But it's all for the keks and totally ironic guys.

>> No.10173400

I think it is funny how 4chan is different for different people. You can't proof your vision or view is correct and the others ain't. Unless you have masses of data you can't actually say something meaningful about this. And yes, I have caught myself doing similar stuff here at times.
Also some of you do seem - I'm assuming - to swallow up the satire and myths that get propagated here as if it is truth and applies to 4chan a-whole. And remember memory is selective.

>> No.10173409

Be honest how much of this is just a projection of yourself onto a comments section.

>> No.10173413

Actually truth here is often determined by repetition than anything else.

You have to post your shit a few times or have a few anons agree with you or compliment you before it becomes "canon"

>> No.10173416

Don't you mean, "I know you are but what am I"?

None of this is projection. I am intelligent, strongly observant, and have a strong sense of empathy. Being able to describe patterns among people does not mean you share commonality with said people.

>> No.10173425

>Do you know the full history of how "cuck" became a popular derogatory here?
cuck has been a term of non endearment for centuries, probably churned back up as an insult with the prevalence of cuck porn on reddit, and then used as a metaphor politically and in general for you can be a cuck for being taken advantage of in anyway, weakness, harmful, delusional selflessness, naivete

>> No.10173426

I think you speak of 4chan in general. I mean that every single time channers analyse their own site/boards people cannot agree. Or do you think repetition applies to that as well? Or are you suggesting one should look at the repetition when analysing 4chan or something?

>> No.10173432

I always found it funny that perma-virgins were calling people cucks. It is a transparent sign of their fear of the opposite sex and personal relationships. They feel threatened, plain and simple.

But hey, .00001% of white girls have sex with a black guy and lots of women my age have different political views, at least according to the social media posts cherrypicked and posted on /pol/. That's my excuse for never being successful with women and lacking confidence to even try to bag a mate - what's yours?

>> No.10173435

So why do you put yourself above other anons? When you have no qualms about hitting the post button without a tripcode.

>> No.10173440

Thanks for that complete nothing of an answer.

Like a lot of things that 4chan users like to take credit for, 'cuck' came here from the SomethingAwful forums after some of their content creators wrote a couple of articles about cuckold porn that they found, thinking it was amusing. There are or were a lot of 4chan/SA crossposters and they brought it across, including alt-right posters like Sam Hyde. To find the earliest usage of it in its current context, SA is the place to look.

>> No.10173449

I was being completely serious. People who claim 4channers are retards either grew up secluded in wealthy areas, aways from the majority of society, or lack analytical skills.

>that massive projection

>> No.10173456

Well repition is a good way to find a common thread in all works of art.
Having something repeated by the artist generally means he wants you to pay attention to it.

Im saying that 4chan doesnt arrive at some noble truth through its d out discussions, and anons either feign or really do have a lack of critical thinking skills.
Evidenced by countless threads of "what did i/we/you think X?"
And that their "truths" come from social media tactics more often than geniune discourse or dialectic.

>> No.10173459

>they always take things at face value and don't see the humour in obvious joke posts.

hehehehehe frog posting is just a joke, man!! electing trump is just a joke, man!! charlottesville is just a joke, man!! dylan roof and elliot roger are just jo---

>> No.10173461

>So why do you put yourself above other anons?
Because I'm not an inexperienced 20-something shut-in who lives vicariously online.

>> No.10173464

So why are you even here then?

>> No.10173468
File: 713 KB, 2400x2400, DALElEP[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're both wrong. Of course, the term precedes 4chan by centuries, but I was asking how it became notorious here.

Pic related. After the wake of GG, /pol/ started hating moot for prohibiting discussion on 4chan. They started digging info on him and found out how he was beta-orbiting this girl who ultimately picked a jock over him. Cue in a minor spamming of "cuckold" and "cuck". Moot retaliated by fucking up /pol/: a series of filters, nonsensical animated gifs and a threat to close the board indefinitely. One of the filters turned "cuckold" or "cuck" into "CLUCK". That's how the word turned into a sitewide meme. It was majorly absent from our vocabulary previous to this event.

>> No.10173476
File: 954 KB, 1112x8402, qv2aZsX[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Complementing: pic related is what moot did to /pol/ kek

>> No.10173478

I thought it was austrailian shit posters bashing the brits becuase all their women were shipping AIDS from africa through the sex tourism thing.

>> No.10173479

>charlottesville is just a joke,

oi muh six garillion

give it a rest, Moishe
keep your fat ass out of the middle of the street and you'll be alright

>> No.10173492

Or ignore them. Wasn't there a few orders of magnitude more counterprotesters than 'nazis'?

>> No.10173599

>and probably don't even leave their rooms.
uh.. do you live under a rock and not see charlottesville? internet culture is the norm now, the shut in hermit trope may have been true 10 years ago

>> No.10173697

On /r9k/ normie is still used regularly. Though I've also seen norman, normo and yes normalfag.

>> No.10173706

how many of them used their car to murder the opposing side?

>> No.10173734
File: 161 KB, 1050x552, Micah_X_Johnson_Dallas_Murder_Cop_Killer_Black_Lives_Matter[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh single digit bodycount
By that logic, BLM is way more dangerous than white supremacists circa 2017

>> No.10173754

Wasn't the car being attacked? I saw a video that I think was that incident. Also if they weren't there they couldn't have gotten murdered, there would be no riot, most people wouldn't have known it even happened. The Klan still exists, has meetings regularly, talks about hating niggers and Jews, and get fucking ignored constantly because they are a bunch of fucking nobodies. Normies wouldn't have ever seen Spencer's face (or had a chance at hearing his message) if people would ignore him. Trump didn't win because of anime frog Nazis and their massive influence. He just wasn't Hillary.

>> No.10173868

your post has nothing to do with mine: I gave the reasons to why the term cuck is used and so much. You think people call people a cuck in political context, or as an insult (not for the reasons I expressed) but because they are sexually unsatisfied and so sex is so on their mind they insult someone by saying 'you likely regularly get sex, but you let your partner get sex with others!'? I dunno. People think cuckholdry is weird, lame, dumb, gross, they view marriage and partnership as important and special and personal and traditional (you must imagine its possible for people to do so) and so they use it as an emasculating term as they see it; your woman has control over you, your woman uses you, you let your woman get pleasured by other men, you cannot fully pleasure your woman

>> No.10173880

>Thanks for that complete nothing of an answer.
How did cuck become such a popular insult on this site (and internet in general), it must be some grand elusive mystery. It couldnt possibly be that it has historically been an insult and on the internet a few different people witnessing or doing something can quickly spread.

Oh but it is possible you want to find the exact first few posts the term as used, yea sorry cant help you. Maybe archives and search function by date someone can find out.

>> No.10173895


>> No.10173987

it's this. Everyone is so ironic on /pol/ that sometimes they are sincere and they are always so sincere that it can't be taken as anything other than a joke. The cultural renaissance of the West will come from people like those on /pol/ who understand that such limits such as those on sincerity or objectivity should not apply to the modern man

>> No.10173998

/r9k/ has been compromised

>> No.10174159
File: 68 KB, 177x240, 1508263357476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, 4chan is such a strange oddity in the grand scheme of modern day Digital Media. As someone going into Communications, 4chan and it's various boards are a fascinating case study.

You can't really write the 'content' and general idea and moods of 4chan and it's different boards down, as depending on the board the paradigm can shift very quickly. I find that if you really wanna put your nose to the grindstone, you have to study the processes of communities to really understand what the fuck is happening. And when you start peeling all the extra bits away, 4chan is pretty much working on the same principles as any other virtual community, just with the extra bits changed.

4chan has it's own dialect, and it's users can identify (Or think they identify) newfags by how they type or the opinions they spread. It goes through periods of constantly challenging whats deemed the usual (Defined that 4chan really never agrees on a usual), the larger a board or topic gets the more likely it is to split into sub-communites or cliques (/v/ was constantly splitting into General threads, which required making a new board just to house said General threads).

It's pretty neato

>> No.10174767

This is a painting of Voltaire you pleb.

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