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How can Rick and Morty inspire so many young men to go to McDonalds for limited edition sauce yet books can't inspire shit?

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That's so painful to read.

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We don't deserve to exist

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>implying shitty contemporary media didn't inspire men of all eras to do dumb shit
At least men went to war because of media during the victorian era. Also capitalism.

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I'm so ready for the caliphate

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redditors really do need to be stopped

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Sam was right again: the world is burning and nobody smells the smoke
this is the last step before collective seppuku, and I'll be the first to go

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The irony is though that before Rick and Morty every viewer would not even go to Mcdonalds because of the fact they view it as unhealthy but giving shit like this it's just amazing seeing how willing they are to flip-flop on their views because of something trendy.

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Truly this is the Kali Yuga

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Most of the viewers don’t even know if the sauce is actually tasty or not

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you're a brainlet and I agree with your position

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I saw a bunch of people congregating inside a big stone building today because some book told them to.

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Nobody reads books anymore. Back when they did, they inspired shit like communism that like half of Europe fell for.

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Now we can officially make fun of Rick and Morty fans for being rebels against the system when they do shit like this.

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Explain Rick and Morty to me

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I think basing their entire personalities around passively consuming a popular TV show is reason enough to make fun of them.

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Pop culture was a mistake and you know it.

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Now, what's more meaningful? Basing your life around the eternal concept of God or around a popular TV show that will be forgotten in 10 years.

And don't give me the liberal bullshit that both options are equally meaningful because suum cuique and shit. That doesn't fly around here.

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What are some books that convey the anger your feel at our civilizational decline upon seeing shit like this (and this Szechuan sauce phenomenon)?

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>pop culture is bad
>post on 4chan

4chan is the the degenerate pop culture you hate you hypocrites

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What happens when pop-culture crashes? It feels like we're in the exit stages.

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I can barely read books without getting restless or spacing out, even if I want to read it. It's pathetic, I read so slowly and even if I read for 4-5 hours of heavy text I'll get through maybe 50 pages?

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Bugs.... Easy on the carrots

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If you read your Greeks you'd know the answer to this.

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This is just pathetic

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No it isn't. 4chan's memes and meme culture evolves too fast for normies. People on here move on to fresh content as soon as something becomes stale. Redditors (who are synonymous with 'normies') latch onto the latest meme and suck all the humour out of it, or keep making continuously derivative and meta variations that prolong the life of dead memes.

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Normies are always six months behind on popular memes here.

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I know a book that inspired quite a few young men

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We are visual creatures, and most a have poor visualization. As in most people don't like to read.

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baneposting will never get old

it is eternal

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>At least men went to war because of media during the victorian era.

I guarantee tons of guys signed up because of COD

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Falcon lunch?

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Those didnt inspire anyone, right?

Poems inspire novelists who inspire philosophers who inspire dictators, presidents, and kings. The inspiration occurs, only not among the illiterate masses.

When Roosevelt came to the Amazon the only thing he always took with him was a copy of Burke.

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get this redditor hothead OUT OUT OUT

emphasis on "popular"

In case of abstruse memes like the navy seals copypasta and the "traps are gay" question it takes them several years

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That writing and diction is also tenuously good if you catch my drift

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>redditors really need to be stopped

I'd say this sums it up well enough

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>both options are equally meaningful

im not a religious person but holy shit, do people actually believe that

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i'm ready for the asteroid to come now

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>dude this is Kali Yuga
>dude the world is burning

is right, this place is no better than the people it makes fun of, it's full of neckbeards resorting to lofty sounding imagery because of every inconsequential shit that triggers them

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>resorting to lofty sounding imagery

the yuga cycles are cosmological/metaphysical; not "imagery". what are you talking about?

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Identify is partially formed by openly rejecting what you're not. Everyone does this to an extent.

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Listen, I don't care what that crank shit actually is, but you could stop resorting to it every time someone crosses the road with the red light on.

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I do. I don't want either.

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i deleted my post preemptively because i knew it wouldn't be worth into an exchange with a guy who very clearly hasn't even bothered to study what he is so confidently dismissing.

just think whatever you want my bro it's not worth the hassle.

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Gregor.... Easy on the carrots

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>people on this board will continue to defend capitalism

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To be fair, I think the book was not nearly as big an influence to those young men as was the political turmoil Hitler created. I wouldn't be surprised if less than 5% of people in Hitler's armies even read that book.

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This thread in a picture

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Is that a dog?

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Please do not

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What she mean by this

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Why are dog dicks so veiny

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>/lit/ - feet and bestiality

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>white women

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Didn't The Sorrows of Young Werther inspire a whole load of people to commit suicide?

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I just fucking love Rick and Morty, in the way that I fucking love science. It's so random and cool - it's like the show was designed for us Redditors, see? My mom says I have an unhealthy obsession with the show, but she just doesn't understand how funny it. I wish I could live in the Rick and Morty world and be their friends. Everything would be really and cool and funny if I did. Rick and Morty are so funny and I'm so awesome that it would make perfect sense, but it'd be even better if Bernie Sanders appeared. It'd be so awesome I'd turn up the TV in the common room of my dorm up all the way so everyone could hear the greatness of Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, bacon, weed, atheism, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sweden, Bill Nye, 90s cartoons, cats, and fucking loving science.

I run the Rick and Morty Club at my school - we come together, browse Reddit, make some Deadpool memes and watch Rick and Morty. We don't talk to each other but there's a cute girl there I'm gonna try and ask out. I'm a nice guy and I dress well (fedora + trench coat + brown-stained underwear + well-trimmed beard lightly seasoned with dust and corn syrup) so I just know I've got a good chance with her. I've already messaged her on Facebook, I just haven't got a response yet.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Rick and Morty! My favorite character is Rick because his style of humor perfectly reflects that of Reddit. I bet if I asked him "When does the narwhal bacon?", he'd know EXACTLY what I was talking about. Also, did you notice he looks like Bernie Sanders if you squint a bit and use your imagination? This can't be a coincidence; MLG Illuminati confirmed. Yeah, that's right, I look at montage parodies too. What good Redditor doesn't? Lenny face, Illuminati, and Doge are so funny. If I met Rick and Morty I'd be sure to show them all those funny and awesome memes and more!

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Rick and Morty is great, but it can't compare to Pynchon. Pynchons my fav writer for sure because my fav thing in books is goofs, gags, jokes and rambunctious behavior, and his books are full to the brim of it. Every novel is like one of those novelty snake cans, you open the book & POP you get a face fulla snakes and you fall back cackling. The mad mind, the crack genius, to do it! and then you think hmmm whats he gonna do next, this trickster, and you pick the book back up and BZZZZZZZZZZ you get a shock and Hahahahahah you've been pranked again by the old pynchmeister, that card. "Did that Pynch?" he says, laughing yukyukyukyuk. Watch him as he shoves a pair of plastic buck teeth right up into his mouth and displays em for you- left, right, center- "you like dese? Do i look handsome???" Pulls out a mirror. "Ah!" Hand to naughty mouth. And you're on your ass again laughing as he snaps his suspenders, exits stage right, and appears again hauling a huge golden gong.

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Nice books ladies :)
You are very attractive :)
I am mod at /r/theredpill. If you are tired of dating beta males,come talk to me :) Or. don't , I don't really care (I am an alpha male and we don't really care if you want us or not ). But if you DO decide you would like to talk to me, not that I care if you do , don't be surprised if I don't want to play silly games. I know what I want and I take it. I don't fool around trying to play mind games and supplement the ego of girls.

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Goethe BTFO

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C-c-c-consumerism morty
I *urp* hate it but I'm willing to embrace it ever y season on behalf of my good friend JUSTIN ROILAAAAAAAAAAAND

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>do something fun and quirky with your mates
>basing you life on a lie and follow strict, weird rules

they're both equally stupid

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Until a tv show can lead to the deaths of 80 million people in 80 year period dont come back

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The concept of God is only eternal because its definition is unclear, different from culture to culture, and unfalsifiable. It is empowered and given weight as a concept precisely because it evades definition while people collectively accept it and attribute all their success to it.

"No johnny, we aren't blessed because we have a social safety net that rallies around the concept of a man getting executed a long time ago. We're blessed because that man is very much alive in a place we can't observe, watching everything we do and ensuring it goes right because he appreciates us worshiping him."

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>im not a religious person but holy shit, do people actually believe that
some crackhead chaos "magician" does

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Effort. More effort than most people are willing to put in.

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Most pop culture was looked down upon for decades and decades was because it was seen as something that was not supposed to last for too long. But now it is all we have and most people just move on to the next thing and nothing really sticks.

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Here's the thing. You go to a (somewhat) esoteric place, and come up with (somewhat) esoteric meme-phrases for the precise purpose of masking your contempt for the so-called normies, who need I remind you, are merely people too busy with real life and real relationships to come to this bitter, sad place.

When normies inevitably find out about your meme phrases as they leak into the general public by way of your own memes, and start repeating your phrases because they find them fun and quirky, you get buttblasted and declare your own phrases "stale" and move on to finding some new esoteric way to mask your contempt. Your goal is always the opposite of communication, but you try to achieve it through memes, which by definition communicate info. This is why you're retarded.

The part of this social dynamic you're missing is that you've dubbed yourself and chan culture as the sole authority on what's fresh, ignoring the fact that these things are still fresh by the time they reach redditors and celebs; you just declare them rotten because you yourself are so spoiled rotten you can't stand anyone else enjoying your precious anonymous memes.

This is why you will never be happy with any outcome of your own anonymous subculture. Someone who straddles both worlds will always leak your shit to the public, they will find it quaint, and you will get so buttblasted that you call yourself a "trend setter" and reset the clock.

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>Szechuan sauce gag from Rick and Morty
>Not making you think as much as any book


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Woah, i might have to actually watch this show now

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welcome newfriend

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>Someone who straddles both worlds will always leak your shit to the public, they will find it quaint, and you will get so buttblasted that you call yourself a "trend setter" and reset the clock.
They don't find it "quaint" though, they think it's a cool and happening trend which they then follow.
That said, none of this shit comes out of a vacuum, "trend-setters" are just the initial copy-cats, copying someone who didn't really make it happen intentionally in the first place. The easy on the carrots poster didn't know that would happen, it was just an off-hand remark.

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Not true
Normie memes are born and die within weeks, sometimes shorter (ie shitty elf on the shelf memes that lasted less than 48 hours for those who have normiebook)

4chan memes stay alive for years, just look at /b/ that still spews the same memes even though at least 99% of the posters weren't even there when they first popped up

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>That doesn't fly around here.
jesus christ shut up

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>Fee-door Dostoyevsky
>Albert Camoo

Americans are so fucking goofy.

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Been here eleven years. The longer I'm here, the more I'm accused of being new. You'll see this is the case when you're explaining to young men in 2027 why this place never a successful node for cultural ouput, when it comes to the intent of the creators.

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Been here 11 years. First used reddit circa 2014. My dick. Your mouth.

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>The easy on the carrots poster didn't know that would happen, it was just an off-hand remark.
Correct. Which is why it is absurd that the person I was initially responding to was so attached to the alleged intent behind these memes, and the idea that normies were somehow soiling them. Clearly, that gentleman needs an Other to hate.

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>What are some books that convey the anger your feel at our civilizational decline upon seeing shit like this
Mein Kampf

>> No.10122428

Books inspired me not to kill myself. That's anecdotal, but I think you're underestimating the "average" person's ability to enjoy exceptional writing

>> No.10122429

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Fathers and Sons. The commentary is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of the Russian nobility most of the argument will go over a typical reader's head. There's also Arkady's nihilistic outlook, which is central to his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from his studies at the University of Petersburg, part of a new cutting edge academic intelligentsia whose radical beliefs alienate his father, Nikolai. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the timelessness of this sense of generational displacement and realise that despite the foreign names and funny hats its as applicable today, in an era where elders struggle with smartphones and post irony, as it was when they struggled with the revolution in philosophy brought on by the enlightenment- it says something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Fathers and Sons truly ARE plebians- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Bazaraov struggling to reconcile love with his nihlism, which itself is a cryptic reference to Kant. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Turgenev's genius unfolds itself as they unfold the book. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a hardcopy. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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this must be the fault of the jews I can feel it in my bones!

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I don't even know what is going on in the world anymore. I don't know what to think. Is the world beautiful? Hideous? I don't know. It seems reality is stuck in an uncanny valley between wonder and misery.

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Plebs gonna pleb, we're so decadent we don't care about anything save sauce and circus.

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>We don't deserve to exist
*(You) don't deserve to exist

>> No.10122725

maybe because rick and morty is shwifty as fuck and books are boring garbage?

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The only Nazi literature worse than Mein Kampf is that Goebbels novel.

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Honestly true. I'm always introducing my friends to memes months before they enter the normalfag sphere.

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>mfw these are your average materialists

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I'm not even reddit but I've been posting on 4chan for years and if you think 4chinners are categorically different or superior to redditors then seriously lurk more.
The people here are duuuuuuumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Shockingly so.

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It's like Family Guy but with SCIENCE!

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No sweetie. Memes are ephemeral and normies lack the self-awareness to keep up with the rapid evolution of memes and meme culture.They're cringey normies because they're constantly behind the ball. Its like wearing outdated fashion years after it was in style. For example: remember that swag snapback yolo streetwear trend around ~2012? Imagine wearing that fashion today. So 200-late. Not understanding how the meme economy works; where memes comes from; and what constitutes good memes, rather than stale, derivative reddity garbage posted on facebook meme pages; reveals you as a normie.

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thats pretty funny

yall are acting like a bunch of pearl clutching women

>> No.10123123

Read the post I was responding to. The guy asserts that memes are dead the second they leave 4chan and touch anywhere else. The truth is, that is when they stop being esoteric. He cries when they stop being esoteric, not when they're dead. He resents memes when they become popular because he resents communication. You do too, sweetums.

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>pearl clutching
>he watches Joe Rogan Jordan Peterson podcasts

>> No.10123145

is that what they say or something

seems you must watch to know

>> No.10123150

A pervading sense of contempt is really not so strange of an emotion after you've encountered the abject stupidity of the average person.
The only problem with 4chinners is that they erroneously overvalue themselves as above average when the truth is that they never even made it to average.

>> No.10123176

You even sound like >>>/reddit/

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Know thy enemy

>> No.10123192

dogs are stupid yet i dont have contempt for them

though maybe its because they cant vote and its legal to own them

what im saying is bring back slavery

>> No.10123196

>TV show that will be forgotten in 10 years
what if rick & morty was the second coming of christ?
if i were god, i could totally see myself do that desu
fucking bible thumping wingnut

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you sound like a silly marxist

>> No.10123202

Is szechuan sauce even that good?

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>fucking bible thumping wingnut

>> No.10123217

it's the same thing. media is a religion too. you're just butthurt because you want jesus to fuck your asshole

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>you're just butthurt because you want jesus to fuck your asshole

>> No.10123226

The one that ends in having fun rather then repressing fun

>> No.10123232


First of all I'm not convinced that dogs are all so stupid.
Second of all even if they are stupid you don't feel contempt for them because they are literally beneath contempt they are basically like court jesters they proclaim their servile station in life and in exchange they are the only ones allowed to speak the truth to you

>> No.10123233

*tips black cock*

>> No.10123237

is that a representation of you?

>> No.10123240

>First of all I'm not convinced that dogs are all so stupid.

That doesn't reflect well on your own intelligence

>> No.10123244


The problem with basing your life around "fun" is that eventually you get cancer (or in your case, AIDS)

>> No.10123246

nxt lvl

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>is that a representation of you?

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