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Amazing display of ignorance and typical /pol/ anti-intellectualism to recognize from which point Disraeli was speaking from, even though he was of Hebrew descent himself.

Benjamin Disraeli repeatedly warned Christendom against the world-revolution. Like Alexander Hamilton or Edmund Burke fifty years before, he saw "the design" behind it; unlike Lord Acton, who fifty years later spoke only of anonymous "managers" and did not name them; Disraeli identified these organizers in fact as Jews themselves.

Disraeli's two most significant warnings preceded and followed the revolutionary outbreaks which occurred in many parts of Europe in 1848. Based on the experience gained in France a half-century before, these represented the second of the "eruptions, concocted as occasion shall permit", and "the periodical explosions" which (as de Luchet and Alexander Hamilton had foretold) the world-revolutionary organization was to bring about. They failed everywhere, possibly because the memory of the French revolution was recent enough for governments and peoples to deal resolutely with them. Their suppression left Disraeli in no illusion about the future

So what exactly was the motivation of Disraeli or "chutzpah" to reveal such hidden motives or agitators?

Disraeli added, "The most skilful manipulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe". This, he said, was because they wished to destroy Christianity. Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely "a baptised Jew".

Disraeli was the product both of Sephardic Jewry and of England at that period; he could not, without both of these influences, have achieved that "absolute freedom from prejudice". His father, Isaac D'Israeli, wrote, "A religion which admits not toleration cannot be safely tolerated, if there is any chance of its obtaining a political ascendancy", and the Encyclopaedia Britannica says Isaac's reason for withdrawing from the synagogue was that Talmudic Judaism with its rigid laws "cuts off the Jews from the great family of mankind". His son's biographer, Mr. Hesketh Pearson, says the elders fined Isaac D'Israeli forty pounds when he declined election as Warden of the Congregation stating that he could never take part in their public worship "because, as now conducted, it disturbs, instead of exciting religious emotions".

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