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>*sniff* you see, within a lacanian analysis of avatar, the ability to materially effect the world, you know, ground, wind, fire, liquids and so on they never depict the use of these abilities for sexual pleasure. *sniff* In fact, this is implied when the blind one mentions how rough it is to go bareback. In fact, the archetypal character, the avatar, when he *sniff* controls all the elements, only when using all four simultaneously could true sexual pleasure be attained.

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I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but I can't stop refreshing this board. My work is piling up and I need to do it to pay the rent and food, but this whole crisis is giving me such horrid levels of anxiety. I can't even do my hobbies because I feel the need to get work done, but I just cant seem to force myself to do it. I'm normally the one to give advice to people who are saying this. I think a big issue is I can't differentiate where I work and where I shitpost. My apartment is small and there's really no place to go get work done that isn't on the same laptop I'm using to shitpost on. I'm literally bartlebe right now. I'm supposed to be doing legal research and clerking duties but I'd prefer not to. Someone please help, how do I make myself accountable, how do I focus, how do I get anything done? My apartment is a mess and I can't focus on anything.

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What does he even want?

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Thoughts on this mess of a creature?

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What's his best work/talk?

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Strategic communication, information warfare, misinformation, disinformation and not least of all fake news. The master narratives are found in quantity, dare to articulate them and you risk sparking a fire that will consume us all, you might have noticed the temperature rising the last decade. There are many players that are using our neural pathways as their own logistical highways, carrying narratives for a worse tomorrow. The most notable ones would be the Russian GRU and associated services, the eastern strategic communication team, Nato`s Stratcom, the purple haired auntie & the lonely basement dweller. There is no point in trying to get the names exactly right, there are too many self described information warriors to keep count or much less keep score.

Information warfare both defensive and offensive has become a popular money sink for the paranoid monetary elite and their deluded sense of responsibility. Its effectiveness measured by scores of data scientists & schizophrenics alike, their predictions almost indistinguishable. You could start mapping out the various battlefields on each side, but you will be scraping conversations, not the proverbial gunpowder residue. Narratives are not simple creations that are designed from cradle to grave, they take on a life of their own. The disgusting language used by self proclaimed experts in “misinformation” only serve to expose their own delusions of grandeur. Lies have always had their place in society, exposing a lie just by referencing the inherent fault in its perceived narrative is dishonest at best, suicidal at worst.

Soon we will be able to communicate entire bibliographies with the most subtle of hand movements, If we keep defining the conversations based on conceived ideological subversion.

just an exercise in articulation, let me know how stupid i appear.

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>when Zizek talks about bringing a fleshlight on a date and the woman bringing her fuck machine
I'm gonna use that line on a date

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is Zizek postmodern or neomarxist and what is neomarxist?

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St. Mary's

I'm in law school, I have no idea what the undergrad side is like.

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This guy is anti hegelian. His name is Slavoj Zizek. You'll love him! Good luck!

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What should I read to attract art hoes and appear deep?

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ty anon

>Isnt it time we move this over to /pol/?
pic rel but you raise a good point. the reason not to go into Awesome Opinions mode is basically b/c most Awesome Opinions are ultimately /pol/ territory, which is to say, the Winter Phase. this is why ranting is the poor man's essay.

one anon made a copy of this thread in the last edition and moved it to /pol/ to see how it would be received there (not well) and #3 was moved to /his/ with similar result. /g/ has been proposed also. /g/ is not where this belongs.

Land threads have been on /lit/ for a while but i will take your comments under consideration as a reminder not to rant. how's that? when there are relevant philosophy texts to discuss - and at least while Uncle Nick is releasing his own Black Ice &c, there are - i would prefer that this remain where it is, and i will update my journal accordingly v/Awesome Opinions, which are - i agree - unbecoming. for every rant there is a counter-rant, and ranting shows a lack of refinement.

this is what i'm talking about, although i feel like the down-curve on despair should go through the edges of the frame, with maybe a little red bit poking up to suggest the possibility of a return to the mean which is not guaranteed.

>We need deep time to think, the idea obviously does not come from the earth or sun but from the stars, from this infinite stellarity at the heart of the empty form of time, at the essence of immanent duration this moment ‘recurs’ for the first time and incipit everything, all of philosophy falls from the sky, the dust from a meteorite, an interiority crystallizing from contact with an alien macrobiota, a tiny fragment of another universe slowly transvaluating the cosmos around it.

>To do philosophy is to superpose a black hole and the brain.

>Philosophy is this black hole of time which cannot stop eating existence whole, it sucks insistently all of the vortex of history into its intersubjective hyper-interiority, its god-complex of constructivism which assembles a university from literally nothing, from empty air.


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Retarded thread
Retarded question
Retarded response
Stop making these threads on /lit/ scumbag


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What's the 21st century's pre-eminent philosophy book?

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Who is the 21st century's pre-eminent philosopher?

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Who is the 21st century's preëminent philosopher?

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What the FUCK is his problem?

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Lectures are /lit/. What are your favourite lectures and talks?

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