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>Existence is all that anybody has ever known
>lol dude it's just nothing 420 blaze it lmao
Why do people do this /b/ros?

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>Literally just came from class where we calculated Singular Value Decompositions of matrices.
wow principal component analysis so hard. How's your Intro to Statistics for Sociology class going?

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Appeal to the common narcissism and pathologies of the weakest members of society by bribing them to sterilize themselves.

Any breeding couple who would place monetary privilege and material comforts of any grandiosity, or power and authority over others, at any scale, is not worthy of reproduction.

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Unironically an exquisite post, I look forward to reading the idiotic, tonally pendulous response from the poster you thrashed.

Absolutely hilarious, what a faggot.

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His theory on feminine and masculine characteristics being extant in the manner reminiscent as described by Jung in his Zyzgy model is rather impressive for it's time.

His clinical approach to the analysis of woman is intriguing. However, he does miss many critical and key aspects of the female psychology as a consequence of his turbo virgin status.

I don't think you should be allowed to read Sex and Character until you are married. You simply won't apprehend the severity of the errors in his inferences unless you're in a long term relationship.

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