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I listen extensively to all of the following genres:

Classical Music
Hip Pop
Pop Music
Lo-Fi Hip Hop
Rock and Roll

I mostly use YouTube to listen to music, since I have a Bluetooth speaker and I don't like headphones, especially ear buds. I can bounce around pretty eclectically across an evening of listening. I can listen to an Ava Max or Sam Smith song one minute, listen to some synth-heavy electronic music the next, and then listen to a composition by Max Bruch or Antonin Dvorak after that.

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Literally ALL the smut I've ever written has to do with my own revolting, horrifying fetishes. I write it, I like it, and other people tend to like it too, and fap to it. And there's basically never any sex at all, since the thing in the stories that makes everybody cum is just the exploration of the fetish content.

So basically, OP, I cannot help you at all. Not unless you write fetish smut, too.

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Milbank is back! I remember years ago Milbank got spammed all over /lit/. He was the Jordan Peterson/Guenon of his day.

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At the very least, this thread has inspired me to do more bumping. I'm making it a goal of mine, from here on out, to search the bottom of the catalog for real literature threads and bump them all, multiple times a day. I'm going to do my part.

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>tfw every now and then /lit/ will have a really substantial Henry James thread, even now, even when the board is much shittier than it used to be

The fact that /lit/ will always take time out of its way to substantially discuss Henry James is one of the most charming features of the board, and it's part of why I keep coming back here, even when I can be largely disgusted with the state of the board these days.

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Reminder that the Theory of the Forms has NOT been disproven by anyone.

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I actually read The Shepheardes Calender a few years ago for a grad school class and loved it. It was instrumental in getting me interested in poetry again, and a major reason I started to write poetry again myself after a long time away from the medium.

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Poetry and prose is genuinely wonderful. There's nothing like reading a great passage in a novel or a moving poem. I've never understood people who think that film and television can ever replace reading, they're fundamentally different types of art and they stimulate your brain in different ways. The feeling you get when you're watching a good movie is totally different than the feeling you get when you're reading a great poem, they can't be compared with each other.

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Pretty well, actually. I got another poem published this past January, and I have another one coming up at some point. That brings the total amount of poems I've had published up to seven. I've only been paid for one of them, but I feel like my career is just ahead of me.

I also have a short story that I'm really proud of that's out for submission to several places, and they've been holding it long enough that I think they're taking it pretty seriously. Just getting the story published in one of these places would be a huge boost for my career.

Finally, I am currently working on the first part of what I hope to be my greatest work, a work I've had in mind since I was in high school and which I have gradually built and developed over more than a decade of thinking, reading, and writing. It's going really well so far. It's slow going, but I don't feel bad about that because I'm trying to be careful, and pay extra attention to what I'm doing. But it feels wonderful to finally start this big masterpiece of mine. Especially because I have immense pleasure writing the four main characters. They've rolled around my head so long that to actually write them feels like meeting old friends after they've been away for a long time.

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Reminder that it is impossible to successfully remove the spiritual/supernatural/phenomenological element from Hegel's dialectic. Marx didn't succeed in doing this, he only THOUGHT he did. Dialectical materialism does not actually exist. Socialism/communism has a spiritual component, which is why so many of its adherents for 150+ years have essentially treated it like a religion.

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>/lit/ is starting to post De Maistre again

Feels like 2015, it's a good feeling. A new generation will learn that democracy is a sham and revolutions always eat their own.

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I actually really like this, OP. I say keep going.

Although given that you assign dialogue tags and describe action in parentheses, it's really more of a closet drama than an epic, isn't it?

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>tfw have literally read all but the last two of those books

Thank you based Great Texts degree. I'll get to Gravity's Rainbow eventually. I feel no pressing need to read anything DFW ever wrote.

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