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wtf is wrong with you?

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>He won't debate Zizek
He just agreed to debate Žižek in case a debate is set.


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*blocks your ideology*

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This guy is a complete charlatan
Not even Land is such a hack

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Guys help, for a laugh I started watching Slavoj Zizek videos on YouTube ironically and now I'm starting to agree with him. How do I fix this!?

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Do this guy have some good arguments, is he just a meme or do the truth lie somewhere in between? I'm generelly leaning to the left but at the same time getting realt tired of all the tiresome political correctness being shoved in your face.

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How do I into Zizek mode? How is he so high energy? I'm already on wellbutrin but it is not cutting it

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Unfortunately, the leftist-liberal public space is also more and more dominated by the rules of tweet culture: short snaps, retorts, sarcastic or outraged remarks, with no space for multiple steps of a line of argumentation. One passage (a sentence, even part of it) is cut out and reacted to. The stance that sustains these tweet rejoinders is a mixture of self-righteousness, political correctness and brutal sarcasm: the moment anything that sounds problematic is perceived, a reply is automatically triggered, usually a PC commonplace.

Although critics like to emphasise how they reject normativity (“the imposed heterosexual norm”, and so on), their stance is one of ruthless normativity, denouncing every minimal deviation from the PC dogma as “transphobia” or “fascism” or whatsoever. Such a tweet culture which combines official tolerance and openness with extreme intolerance towards actually different views simply renders critical thinking impossible. It is a true mirror image of the blind populist rage à la Donald Trump, and it is simultaneously one of the reasons why the left is so often inefficient in confronting rightist populism, especially in today’s Europe. If one just mentions that this populism draws a good part of its energy from the popular discontent of the exploited, one is immediately accused of “class essentialism”.

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Always keep in mind that if a retard like this succeeded, you can do anything

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Hey /lit/, I keep seeing Zizek posted around here. I know a lot of his ideas are derived from Hegel and Lacan. I have a solid understanding of Hegel, but have no clue about psychoanalyzis. Do I need to read Lacan extensively (and Freud) to understand Zizek, or is he good at explaining psychoanalytical concepts?

Which book should I begin with?

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What is "pure ideology"?

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“There are known unknowns. There are things we know we don’t know. For example, I don’t know.”

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How do I get started with Zizek?

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how should I get started with this meme?

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*sniffs at you, and so on and so on*

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Who is this guy?

I saw him posted around here quite a bit. I want to know more.

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Because the westerners (mainly celebrities and hippies) view the east as if it has a sort of "exotic mysticism" about it that attracts them. They think that they will find some sort of secret wisdom by meditating in the mountains or something. It's just baseless fetishizing of another (distant) culture.

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The only answer

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>I am infinitely more afraid of people like Ted Cruz. Trump is a vulgar opportunist. Cruz is a monster. Do you think Ted Cruz is human?

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My cat just knocked my copy of the sublime object of ideology into the trash. I had just dropped several cum covered tissues in the trash and now my book is all cummy.

What is the universe trying to tell me? I feel there's some symbolism here.

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that this guy is a Trump fan

or at least preferred Trump to Clinton

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