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In this chapter I'm about to quote from a Tale of Two Cities, a mail-coach is making its way up a hill in the dark of night.

"What time, the mail-coach lumbered, jolted, rattled, and bumped upon its tedious way, with its three fellow inscrutables inside. To whom, likewise, the shadows of the night revealed themselves, in the forms their dozing eyes and wandering thoughts suggested"

Do you understand this passage immediately? Because after really analyzing it, I understand that it's describing the mail-coach going up the hill, and then saying that the passengers are seeing things in the dark that aren't there. The problem is that it's pretty much every paragraph that I'm struggling with. I understand what's going on generally, but find little meaning in most of the text and it's not an issue of vocabulary.

I can't say I've read much literature and I wonder if it's just that I'm not used to older styles of expression? Generally I would just keep reading since I understand vaguely what's going on, but it's hard to enjoy a book like that and I was really hoping to enjoy this one. Any thoughts?

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Now that London is gentrified, Dickens doesn't hold up.

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>Capitalism would be fixed if rich people asked "wwjd?"
Well, was he right?

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Dickens had 2 wives a mistress and 10 children
Leo Tolstoy had 14 kids i think
Mark Twain had 4

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Great Expectations. A Tale of Two Cities. Oliver Twist. Bleak House. David Copperfield. Little Dorrit. Nicholas Nickleby. Martin Chuzzlewit.

How did this fucking Anglo manage to write so many classic works?

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What is his magnum opus? Where do I start?What do I think about him?

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Does he really suck or is it just a /lit/ meme?

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Why is he so underrated on here?

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I read A Tale of Two Cities and LOVED it. But I was also very familiar with the French Revolution before ever picking up the book. If you aren't familiar with the conditions and events of that time period, there's a lot that would go right over your head in A Tale of Two Cities. And I assume most people that read the book and then rate it poorly are suffering from that lack of requisite knowledge. And so perhaps Dickens' reputation suffers because people today are idiots?

Our Mutual Friend is amazing so far. After Our Mutual Friend, I'll likely read another of his works.

What's the problem with Dickens? I catch a lot of flak for reading him, and I don't understand it. Anyone here actually enjoy his stuff?

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>"Henry the Eighth has been favoured by some Protestant writers, because the Reformation was achieved in his time. But the mighty merit of it lies with other men and not with him; and it can be rendered none the worse by this monster’s crimes, and none the better by any defence of them. The plain truth is, that he was a most intolerable ruffian, a disgrace to human nature, and a blot of blood and grease upon the History of England."

>- Charles Dickens, in a children's book

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Has anyone here had the misfortune of reading anything written by this "author" yet? I just completed the b&n leatherbound collection of 5 of his novel, and his books are the most horrendous and wretched pieces of literature I have ever read in my life. His writings were so incoherent that I had to read each sentence 2-3 times over just to understand wtf he was trying to communicate. The worst fucking part about reading his novels is that smack-down in the middle of a sentence, the paragraph just ends and a new one begins. He didn't even have the audacity to finish the sentence before deciding to go the the next paragraph. I suspect this was to make it look like his writings had individual paragraphs when they don't.

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Dickens has written more significant things than you fucking s()y spseuds in tranny liberal colleges will ever write in your life. We need to stop hailing autistic four-eyed losers and recognize people with real talent and ideas.

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any love for dickens on this board?

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Why don't people respect Charles Dickens on this board? Are his stories just not serious enough or is it because he is well know to have broad appeal? Or is it because he was paid by the word? He definitely knew how to write some pretty captivating stories. Also happy holidays

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>fanfic-tier protagonists
>every melodramatic conflict in their life is either bad luck or someone else’s fault, and even when they did something bad that they regret it turns out that actually it’s not really they’re fault anyway and they’re still a good person
>literally everyone else is either evil, deformed or retarded
>poverty depicted like an ironic exploitation film
>wealth depicted like something out of an antifa pamphlet (unless it’s a rich handsome good guy)
>virgin-tier depictions of romance and sexual attraction
>sloppily telegraph plot twists and character deaths hundreds of pages in advance because you’re more focused on virtue signalling than telling a good story

is chuck lowkey the most successful trans author of all time?

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How did this guy write so many door stoppers? He might be the most prolific author ever page for page

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Dickens thread. Do you guys here like him? What is your favorite from him?

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So I was offered Charles Dicken's entire works for a very low price and I impulse bought it despite not having read him or knowing anything about his work

Can you give me some pointers as to which of his books to start with and which aren't worth reading??

Also Dickens general I guess
>what have you read
>was it good

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Why did Victorian writers express themselves in such a complicated and circuitous manner? Were they simply a bunch of pseuds trying to make themselves look smart, or did people genuinely speak like that?

Also, if Victorian writers were alive today, would they find our written English easier to understand than their own?

I'm reading the English Constitution by Walter Bagehot and I feel that everything he writes could be conveyed much more simply and clearly. I can barely make out some of the points he tries to get across because of his vague descriptions and tendency to use extremely complicated syntax and sentences that span half a page.

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What books by Dickens are essential? Are there any I should avoid?

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ITT: Dishonest authors

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Is he a good writer or just a hack who was paid by the word?

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What the FUCK was his problem?

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