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>fat thighs
>thick waist
>plump forearms

She's almost certainly a fatty and I am 100% here for it. I love big girls.

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hnnnnnnng. God damn what a chad.

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Just finished Storm of Steel last night
>Mfw at the end he stands up after being shot in the long, feels better after the blood pours out of it, is surrounded and to told to surrender by two brits but pulls out his pistol and shoots one dead
>proceeds to make an absolute mad dash out of dodge instead of just letting himself be captured in the last days of the war

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Sono d'accordo con l'altro anon, le prime righe forse se la tirano un po' troppo con gli aggettivi. Ti riesce bene ma sono troppo dense. La lettura scorre bene e a mio parere hai creato un'atmosfera credibile(vivo in un paesino anche io).

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Great list mate

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Would lick boipussi no homo

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