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In his misogyny, Sade perceived that bourgeois enlightenment, carried to its logical conclusions, condemned even the sentimental cult of womanhood and the family, which the bourgeois itself had carried to unprecedented extremes.

At the same time, he saw that condemnation of "woman-worship" had to go hand in hand with a defense of woman’s sexual rights – their right to dispose of their own bodies, as feminist would put it today. If the exercise of that right in Sade’s utopia boils down to the duty to become an instrument of someone else’s pleasure, it was not so much because Sade hated women as because he hated humanity. He perceived, more clearly than the feminist, that all freedoms under capitalism come int he end to the same thing, the same universal obligation to enjoy and be enjoyed. In the same breath, and without violating his own logic, Sade demanded for women the right "fully to satisify all their desires" and "all parts of their bodies" and categorically states that "all women must submit to our pleasure."Pure individualism thus issued in the most radical repudiation of individuality. "All men, all women resemble each other," according to Sade; and to those of his countrymen who would become republicans he adds the ominous warning: "Do not think you can make good republicans so long as you isolate in their families the children who should belong to the republic alone." The bourgeois defense of privacy culminates – not just in Sade’s thought but in the history to come, so accurately foreshadowed in the very excess, madness, infantilism of his ideas – in the most thoroughgoing attack on privacy; the glorification of the individual, in his annihilation.

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>It's not postmodern neomarxism, Pete. It's managerial liberalism, mass media driven information overload and the resulting culture of Narcissism. If anything, you should be blaming Rawls instead of Foucault. Peterson manages to 'own' leftists only because he is defending middle class commonsense against the increasingly intrusive psychopolitical demands of the managerial globohomo leviathan. Try reading vox, the guardian or the nyt, grates like nails on chalkboard precisely because they are asking you to adopt a very specific kind of mentality that's full of internal contradictions. On one side, it's institutional realism, on the other, it's a mangled form of social constructionism. shrill moralism and the journalistic royal We deployed for the sake of an ethics of mandatory individualistic hedonism. All the traditional criteria of merit thrown out the window for a fixation on percentages and 'representation', and yet they still expect the deference accorded to traditional merit based institutions.

'identity politics' has been embraced by major corporations precisely because it's an effective instrument of post fordist human terrain management. Doesn't prevent Jeff Bezos from becoming the wealthiest man in human history. See Deleuze and Foucault on the society of control vs disciplinary societies and Lasch inspired paleocons such as Paul Gottfried and Sam T. Francis on the rise of managerial power.It is in the interest of managerial therapeutic state to define you as a victim who must be granted self esteem by the benevolent external agency of the system. Internet leftists are sadomasochists who use the heavily formalised discourse of social justice to inflict narcissistic injuries upon each other.

>The postmodern big Other is a Symbolic Order stripped of its symbolization of itself; not posing as God or History, it openly announces itself as a social construct - but this ostensible demystification doesn't impede its functioning, for it has never functioned more effectively

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We're not all so bad.

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>"stop believing the myth of progress"

What did he mean by this? And what was his problem?

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Stop posting about outrage culture.
Stop acknowledging outrage culture.
Stop participating in outrage culture.

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Stop engaging in outrage culture.

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what would he think of trump

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Why are you replying to me? Read the comment I was replying to. I agree with you. White middle class culture has become black culture.

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>all those YOUs
>all that unnecessary swearing

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Abandon the false ideology of progress.

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