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>this thread

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>Human preferences have nothing to do with what is/isn't sustainable.
So do you not prefer the sustainable over the unsustainable?

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when will they learn

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>Marriage has no value to begin with

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>phonetics aren’t Transcendent

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>there is no faith, i know god doesnt exist
have you read a single philosophy book in your life? Are you underage? Is your IQ below average?

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>If morality exists, then necessarily God exists

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>"And what is the purpose of pleasure? What is its reward?"
>"Pleasure has concentration as its purpose, concentration as its reward."

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>for He could have forestalled the occurrence of moral evil only by removing the possibility of moral good.
To do that which is good for you is moral, and this does not require an incomprehensible freedom from causes.

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So the point of being moral is to make ourselves happy, yes? Isn’t that the true good-in-itself? Will and freedom are only means to that end. But Kant doesn’t think consequences of actions are important, or that we should strive for happiness. What a confusing mess. Hegel was right: Kant wrongly places reason above our subjective, irrational nature, as if the foundation of everything we do isn’t based on irrational desire. Reason’s only goal should be to assist our irrational nature. With reason alone, there is no reason to do anything.

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>he doesn’t derive his morals from God and God alone

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>it’s the right thing to do because it’s the right thing to do

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>it’s the right thing to do because it’s the right thing to do
>consequences? irrelevant. It’s only a coincidence that doing moral actions is beneficial to you
>why be moral, you ask? what are you, a psychopath?
>human emotion and personal experience? that has nothing to do with morality...
>you think the most moral action is that which benefits you the most? But that means you support rape and murder!

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>Your system would let rapists and murderer free if they can demonstrate that they are not in the same mental state to do that again
No because this would not deter crimes if the punishments were not carried out. So regardless of what the criminals think, they must still do their time. Otherwise, everyone would do whatever they wanted and start crying once they got caught and get off free.

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>this thread

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>I do what my body tells me to do therefore I have free will
No, you have a will.

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>/lit/ discusses free will
I suppose I’ll have to make a thread soon to clear up all this confusion.

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