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guenonfag was mainly one person, he's still here

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>An interesting trend I've seen is that the so-called "Dualists" are salty, whereas the so-called "Advaitans" and "Neoplatonists" are calm and collected.

This is an actual post by /lit/'s resident nondualist
>It's been 24 hours and none of you ming-mongs have replied to this. All the more embarrassing considering YoU CaN't HaVe Up WiThOuT dOwN mY dUdEz loooooollzzlz lmafaooo :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!1!111! was intended to be the epic GOTCHA retort. Writhing animals.

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And this is how they behave on /lit/

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he's still here, he just doesn't make fifty threads a day

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A couple people have joined him over the years, usually as a joke, but yes it's one main guy doing the vast majority of it

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He has been getting worse over time.

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Shit, meant to reply to >>14990688

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/lit/ has a resident theosophist named guenonfag who admits he is not Hindu and lives in the USA but claims to be a Hindu and fan of the caste system

He's also totally insane (and possibly loves "girlcock," he was semi-doxxed but not 100% confirmed)

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Guenon himself is a decent writer apart from his schizo ramblings (atlantis is real, we live in the kali yuga, there's a world tree supporting the earth, etc.). It's just that his reputation has been tarnished by an 80 IQ retard who keeps making the same 'wow this guenon dude is a genius where do I start' threads with himself posting on his phone minutes later with 'well of course he's the greatest you can start with...'

The sad part is that he has been doing this for about 2 years and he hasn't attracted anyone into reading Guenon (otherwise we'd see actual discussion of Guenon instead of guenonfag making cringe memes and pasting the same wall of texts from his notepad).

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WARNING! WARNING! Guenonfag is now in "spamming the board with Guenon/Eastern Thought threads" phase!

Guenonfag meltdown is underway!

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you haven't seen anything yet

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I don't think advaita or guenon should even be judged in the light of this guy's autism. Both can be interesting in their own right, it's guenonfag's childishness and mean-spiritedness that makes them look bad by association. There used to be good discussions of traditionalist authors before this faggot showed up.

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>How to verify metaphysical knowledge claims?

Listen to this guy on the internet, he knows all the answers!

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>spend literal years picking e-fights with buddhists and pushing tradshit
>only result is humiliating yourself and getting guenon/traditionalist threads banned on /his/ and /lit/
>still come back every day to do the same things that never worked in the first place, only making it worse

poo in loo

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>guenonfaggotry finally reveals its true colors: tripfagging, discord tranny "acc/general" threads, forced memes

in a word, reddit.

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Beware Guenonfag!

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