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Watch this guy

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Are there any conservative political books that have arguments that could actually hold up in a debate?

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Just watch this guy

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Unless, you are a gaming content creator. Checkmate.

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He would lose to this guy easily

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Watch this guy's videos. He created omniliberalism the most rational ideology.

"A political ideology created and developed by Oxygen Not Included player, Steven Kenneth Bonnell II. It seeks to ground moral axioms by employing hyper-rationality in order to maximize happiness for all and in turn for the self.

This ideology rejects morals and is often described as moral anti-realist.It also rejects Kant and all other forms of deontology. Omniliberals are pure consequentialists. Depending on the question at hand, they can be either rule utilitarians or ethical egoists.

Omniliberalism is also concerned with human sexuality and relationships. The omniliberal must be open minded in their own and other's sexuality and relationship choices. However, despite being open to all types of relationships, omniliberalism assigns priority to polyamory. It is also not concerned about age differences between participants.

The goal of the omniliberal ideology according to Bonnell, is to be a superior form of neoliberalism that rejects the nonsense of the right, while embracing the positive aspects of the left to create a capitalist utopia with greater social safety nets that is free from the tyranny and stupidity of both fascists and tankies.
As an omniliberal, I have to ask because I'm super curious; why the fuck do you give a shit about some dumb cat being thrown when you're not a vegan?"

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Who can I read that's in the vein of Steven Bonnell? Like someone writing about omniliberalism?

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What do you think of when you see this face?

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Reminder that if you think cursory readings of wikipedia articles and gleaning bits of information from literal sophists like pic related are a sufficient substitute for actual reading you are a fucking retard and you don't belong here

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Watch this guy

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Are you a moral realist? How did you come to the conclusion that morals are objective?

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>has never once been implemented correctly.
This is true and can't be refuted but what you are looking for is this man who's in his recent lefty arc has crushed every single socialist that has talked to him using logic and economics.

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What do you guys think of this guy? How is he so good at debating?

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Butterfly what do you think of this man?

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You ever watch this guys videos. His name is Destiny on YT. He debates people who make the same exact arguments you do word for word. I think you should watch his videos. I'm not telling you to watch them because I want to destroy your arguments. The arguments you make are not strong ones even for nationalists. If you watch his videos you will see the underlying problems with the arguments you make. If you do you will make your arguments for nationalism stronger if you see the holes with your current line of thinking and make a more well thought out functional system. Just search up Destiny debates ethnostate or race realism whenever you got some free time.

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