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I'm sure one of you fags live in Minneapolis go outside and take a picture for us to this post

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I kind of think you are trolling
The superman is an idea and not a goal, we current humans can't become the superman *but* we can be the bridge that will pave the way for future man to get to that goal. Really what he is advocating is self-improvement at a very ambigious optimistic way. An example of these bridges to the superman are Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Grothendieck and so-on. It has actually nothing to do with being "superior" but rather live a life devoted to your work and becoming better. To understand this you have to compare to the fact that the opposite is "The Last Man" which is the typical mediocre dad sitting on couch watching sports with a 6-pack of beers not doing anything meaningful because he is comfortable in his situation.
Yeah I think he's just trolling

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