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>start with the Greeks
>ancient Greek writers have low regard for craftsmen and business (banausia)
>devote life to studying politics and philosophy
>I am now a wagie making 1/3 of what my computer science friends make
>at least I’m not banausic

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>I have read Karamazov, I'd argue that did a better job of getting that idea across though.
Oh for sure, but imo Dostoevsky is untouchable, and Camus was working from a different angle.
>I do think that whatvi said about authorial intent not coming through is still a valid point, however I hadn't thought about it in the way you just described at all so thanks a lot for that, that's really interesting. I might have to re read it
One of the issues I find with discussing authorial intent is cultural context that surrounded the given work. Without having a solid idea of Camus’ direct relation to WW2 at the time, as well as his relationship at the time with the Parisian existentialist scene you can’t really grasp much of what he’s saying unless you’re very good at reading between the lines. He also meant for this book to be read with an accompanying essay and play, which most people don’t even know. One of Camus’ friends, Merleau-Ponty discusses this problem in a letter to Sartre titled Indirect Language and the Voices of Silence. It would be like reading Nietzsche and not knowing about Christianity. And you’re welcome.

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It's called reallyindisbitchaenia.

No, but seriously I guess you're inducing a mildly disassociative state.

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I gotchu bruh pic rl8ed

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because despite being entry tier commonsense philosophy of action (pick up after yourself, don't leak your damage everywhere, don't surrender your soul to resentment, procedural progress is valid and feeds into itself, don't let yourself get hijacked by mind-viruses) it calls out the /lit/wit on all his sins

personally i don't mind him. i just wish he'd shut the fuck up about politics and do some heavier reading so his lectures could come to be what they could be



piaget + jung + william james + a sprinkle of behaviorism and kierkegaardian fideism = ???

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Get off the edge, jeans are perfectly acceptable (and fashionable) for men of all ages.

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3 in the past month and a half, starting on my 4th. 5 if you count the text books I had to read for my master's course work this summer. I'm working as a substitute teacher atm and I basically get paid to read only taking short breaks to yell at kids or walk around to room to make sure they're on task.

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Some close to the mark ITT

A lot of sad but real truth in this post, ty anon. It is capitalism in a sense, and largely in the sense you describe: in how as the state instituted mass education, and that education became the de facto standard, and then the state liberalized and ceded standards to markets, we now lack any means of stable, sensible pedagogical directives, and are left with a really pathetic set instructing children.

But none have yet brought up the issue of our technological paradigm having shifted massively with the receding centrality of text as primary means of mass information dissemination, with the rise of kult ov broadcast television etc. My perspective is probably coloured by getting into Heidegger recently, but I think this technical shift is the real crux of the issue of so flagrant intellectual degeneration we're now witnessing. I don't think that average people were really dropping Horace on each other in passing 200 years ago, but where we have sitcoms and HBO dramas, they had serialized Dickens or Dumas or some such; ingesting the next installment of an epic text was a thing that average people did on a Tuesday evening at home, whereas as now the same demographic passively ingests a couple episodes of Game of Thrones and calls it literature. And that plebeian standard trickles up to the supposedly more educated classes, which as has been pointed out above, already over esteems STEM subjects (probably also due to technological circumstances).

As a person raised in the countryside with very little exposure to television, but always an ample supply of books to keep one occupied, moving to the city at 18 (that was over a decade ago now) and only then first being really immersed in the culture of common to sub/urban people, the difference in a typical mind made of broadcast television is really staggering.

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>mysticizes 'beings'

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