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Sowell is a genius, no doubt. And quite a few blacks have showed themselves exceptional, refined, and intelligent. But they're not reflective of the total community.
Presuming, for sake of argument, that the racial IQ question is farcical, blacks still have an inherent problem worldwide, and that problem is cultural.
Anthropology, unlike psychology, has actually made some stringent and repeatably accurate statements, compared to the other social sciences. Culture is a a weak word. But culture is a strong force for majority, because it's mostly intuitive, and is the most pervasive way people derive their worldview from.
Subsaharan Africans (with some exception) have exceptionally violent and tribal cultures. Actual tribalism, as observed in primitive societies, and not in the liberal misuse of the word, suppresses the kind of complexity that a large group of people needs to from civilization. Tribal peoples tend to stay that way, unless affected by outside forces. Civilization is not linear, it's something borrowed.
American blacks have a defined and unique culture, but in its current form, it actively discourages education and glorifies violence, materialism, and hatred for any legitimate authority. What do black kids listen to? Rap and hip hop. How are they raised? Mostly by single mothers, and in urban schools where actually trying and being intelligent is a vice, and avoiding reading, having sex, and doing drugs is a virtue.
It's even in their language. A job isn't a job or a career. It's a "hustle." What words do blacks use, even level headed ones, to perceive daily activities? Whatever reflects being a thug.
All of the problems in the black community are directly related to their culture.

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