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Forgot to post picture.

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Don't forget to mention how the Brahmins interpolated the Upanishads to compete with the Shramana movement.

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Yes Rajesh from the comments section of a Youtube video on ayurvedic binaural beats, we know what you think, that's why I differentiated between you on one hand and disinterested academics and non Hindu nationalists on the other. Read a book about it some time that doesn't have a blurb on the back saying the author is the smartest handsomest guru in all the land.

Example, read Max Müller who you like to cite sometimes as an "important indologist". Pic related. Remember you yourself cite Müller as an authority.

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you should maybe read some of those books you're so hostile to, since you have a cartoon conception of history where everyone acts in the same completely transparent way, and nobody has ulterior motives or incentives or biases. kind of like a brahmin actually

here's the 101 "literally everybody knows this" answer to your question. i could have gotten it from any of ten books but i got it from doniger because i know that will piss you off as a hindu nationalist.

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